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Percy smiled up at his girlfriend when she gave him mercy. There were times when she definitely didn't, no matter if he was her boyfriend. Percy felt her strong pull as he regained his footing. Percy looked over her, laughing some. He loved when she was sassy with him. [b "I went easy on you..."] He said, trying to inflate his ego some after she'd completely destroyed him. Well, it wasn't the first time she'd taken him down on the sparring field. She was actually quite good at that. Percy scratched the back of his head a bit awkwardly as she teased him about his method of asking her on a date. It did come out awkward, but Percy was an awkward guy. It was just in his genes. At least she liked him, right? Percy fell into step with his girlfriend, walking past the fields with her. [b "I don't know we could go grab something at the dining hall or find a party to hit tonight."] He suggested, putting his hands in his pockets.

[b "My mother? No... I'm supposed to meet up with her in a few days though. I tried getting through to my dad this morning, but... surprise, surprise no answer. What about you, daughter of Athena? All knowing and wise... and pretty hot too. How are you doing?"] He said, checking her out and laughing. He loved every minute with this girl.
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Annabeth watched Percy cry out in pain. Part of her felt bad, for she was hurting her boyfriend. But he should've known better than sneaking up on her like that. She searched his face when he started yelling he surrendered. She smirked and just shook her head. [b "You're so cute. I can't stand it."] she mumbled. She held out her hand, a peace offering. She gently pulled him up. [b "I think the Sparing Training can be put off until tomorrow, since you are injured and all that stuff."] she said.

She grinned at him once more, when he mentioned going and doing something together. [b "Is that how you ask your girlfriend on a date, Percy?"] she asked. She thought for a moment and began to nod. [b "We haven't had much time together since the quest.. What did you have in mind?"] she questioned.

During their quest together, Annabeth had gotten to know the real Percy. Not just Poseidon's son. He was an amazing person inside and out. She was lucky. [b "Have you spoken to your mother lately?"] she asked. She loved the fact that Percy was able to have a relationship with his Mother. She herself, couldn't. Because her mother was a god. And she didn't have a relationship with her Father either.. She didn't even know if he was alive.
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Percy felt a sharp sting of pain run up his arm as soon as Annabeth's combat boots hit his right hand, the one holding Riptide. Percy stumbled backwards, feeling his hand open and the sword fall to the ground. Percy hardly had any time to come up with a way to grab his sword, so he just held up his hands. After all, Annabeth almost always won when they sparred. [b "I surrender Annabeth! I surrender..."] Percy looked at her, seeing her bright eyes looking back at him, being the only one armed between the two. Suddenly, Percy started laughing. He couldn't help it. There was just something about her facial expression that had him doubling over in laughter. She had this grin about her as if he was no match for her, and he honestly knew he wasn't. Annabeth was much better at sparring than he was, but he didn't really mind it. She was his girlfriend... it was hot. Feeling his mouth tug upwards into a grin, Percy searched his girlfriend's face. [b "So... if that's all we're doing for sparring today then we should go do something together..."] Percy tried his most charming smile and voice with her, knowing how driven Annabeth was in her training, but he also knew she was beginning to trust again.

They'd gone on an entire quest together, retrieving Zeus's lightning bolt and placing the rightful blame on Luke. When they'd first met, Percy knew Annabeth was different and special. She didn't cut him any slack. She didn't care if he was new or the son of Poseidon, and she didn't just like him because he was the son of one of the Big Three. Annabeth had his back throughout the dangerous quest, and he could never replace the bond he created with her and Grover. They all knew they would risk or even sacrifice their lives for each other, and Percy didn't remember the last time he felt so sure of someone in his life other than his mother. It was hard growing up as a demigod, especially with how long Percy had been in the real world. His mother shielded him from danger as much as she could. If it meant that they'd had to move, Percy didn't mind going with her. She'd even dated the potentially grossest man in all of New York just to hide his demigod smell.

But he was even more safe here. Percy knew he could count on the people in camp more than ever, but he had full faith in Annabeth. Annabeth was the one in camp who he couldn't stop thinking about when he'd felt alone for the majority of his former life. She was the one that he would pick first if he had to choose another quest team. After all, Percy didn't think they could have survived without her. He thought of all of that when he looked in those beautiful bright eyes of hers, Annabeth Chase... the daughter of Athena. He was lucky, and he knew he was.
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Annabeth Chase had been at Camp Half-Blood since she was twelve years old. Within the same year that her Father banned her from visiting her cousin, Magnus Chase. Their Father's had gotten into a fight. She believed that they hated her because monsters kept attacking their homes, because of her Demi-God smell. She was on her own for awhile, just wondering around. Then she met Luke and Thaila. She and Thaila became best friends shortly after. Grover somehow found them, and the four of them headed to Camp Half-Blood. Though, Thaila never made it into the camp...

Her hands were scribbling across the paper. delecite strokes with the pencil, the way the did every free minute she had. She was sitting up in the tree's, drawing Mount Olympus. Her dream ever since she would remember, she wanted to rebuild the beautiful building. It had been demolished in the battle with the Titans, and no one bothered to re build it. She'd gotten the widsom from her mother, but the love and passion for architure, had come straight from her father, Fredick. That was almost the only thing that she'd gotten from him, other than the wicked step mother and step brothers.

She just so happened to glance down at her watch and seen the time. She was meeting Percy to spar at Three p.m. sharp. She was never late. She closed the pad and slipped it into her backpack for safe keeping.

Being the daughter of Athena, Goddess of Wisdom, she was a very hard person to beat in Sparing. Though her boyfriend, Percy was pretty well of at it as well. Percy had so far, only beaten her once. His first day at Camp Half-Blood, during Capture the Flag. When Annabeth had first came to Camp Half-Blood, she didn't understand what her purpose was. Sometimes she still didn't. Was she just supposed to become the best sparer that the Cam had ever seen? Would she ever actually get to have a conversation with her Mother? Would she be able to actually restore the great Mount Olympus? What would happy with she and Percy? These were the questions she asked herself on a daily basis, and yet she still didn't know the answer.

She slung the pack over her shoulder and grabbed her sword, Drakon. She smirked as she twirled it in her hand, it felt her hand like a glove. She headed back into Camp, and just giggled. [b "Hey Grover."] she called as she seen he was below. Grover had became one of her best friends since she'd met Percy, though he was a huge flirt. Once she was at the battle ground, she set her pack up against the tree, and slid into her armor. Kyron was always preaching them that they must wear their protective armor when sparing and fighting. She didn't want to get on his bad side. She headed over to the other Campers.

She was busy socializing, she had no idea that Percy was even coming up behind her, until she seen his reflection from her silver sword. She smirked, but didn't say anything when she now seen his weapon, Ridtide in front of her face, she just shook her head. She swung her own sword up to his, and they clanked together. Turning around, she kicked his hand, the one he was holding the sword with.
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His eyes were closed. It was the way he liked it best when he was by himself, sitting by a body of water and feeling the power of the nearby water flowing freely in his veins. There was no one else there. It was just him and the water. It was just him and his father. A slight breeze pushed his jet black hair back and forth, and the water slowly rolled on the land then back into the water in a continuous cycle. Lifting a hand slowly, Percy Jackson focused on a command to the water. Percy could feel every particle of the liquid. It calmed him. It made him feel at home because it was his home. Well, a part of his home. As Percy lifted his hand, the water followed his fingertips and collected into a column of swirling droplets. Percy felt the power of the water surging upward, so he didn't need to see his work to know it was successful. That's when his alarm went off.

Jumping to the sudden sound, Percy's bright blue eyes flung open, and his hand dropped, effectively dropping his command on the water. It fell back into the lake as if nothing had happened, but Percy was no longer worried about water or his powers. He had to meet Annabeth to spar. She was the only real challenge in camp, and Percy knew that shortly after meeting her. He was still trying to find ways to beat her. Being a daughter of Athena, Annabeth was incredibly smart. She always seemed to see each attack or block before it happened. He wanted to learn from the best. After all, he had huge shoes to fill as he was claimed by Poseidon, one of the Big Three in camp. Percy was the first in hundreds of years from the cabin, and he didn't take it lightly. Percy was serious about becoming a hero. He had his father's blood in him, but he also fought for his mother. She brought him to Camp Half-Blood to ensure his safety. She was the person who raised him, and he just had to keep her away from her good-for-nothing boyfriend, Gabe. The only way he could assure that his mother was safe and protected was to sharpen his own powers. If Percy just sat back, the monsters on the outside of Camp Half-Blood would destroy him in seconds, and Percy did not back down.

Hurrying towards camp, Percy recognized several demigods chatting or training. There was always something going on in Camp Half-Blood. Grover was flirting with some pretty daughter of Athena, and Percy just shook his head and smiled. Grover was always finding some woman to talk to, and Percy didn't have time to be pulled in as a wingman. As soon as he got to the vicinity of the battlefield, Percy slowed down to soften his footsteps. He could see Annabeth there, and there were several other demigods around her, including newer camp members. Percy held the familiar, small ballpoint pen in his hand, clicking the end of it and feeling it shift into Riptide, his sword. Percy clutched onto the hilt of the sword, feeling it become an extension of his arm once more. He was ready... at least he thought he was. Percy snuck down through the battlefield, hoping to catch her off-guard. Maybe she wouldn't know how to react if he just jumped at her right? Maybe he could win. When Annabeth was facing another challenger, Percy waited for his opportunity. As soon as it seemed as if she wasn't looking, Percy lunged forward, attempting to grab her arm and hold his sword in front of her to force her to surrender, but there was no telling what would happen with Annabeth on the other side of the pointed edge of the blade.
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