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Hello! After taking a really long break from roleplaying, I decided I wanted to try and get back into it! Naturally I just need to find a partner or two to join me on this endeavor.

Currently I'd be really interested in a Persona roleplay, specifically P5. I replayed the game with my friend and am working on cosplays from it so now I just really want to roleplay it.-

What I'm most interested in is either Akira/Yusuke or Akira/Makoto, though I'm totally up for other things as well. I just really want to be my shitty boy Akira. I'm open to main plot, AU's, whatever your little heart desires. I don't have anything currently in mind but depending on what you'd like to do, I have a plethora of prompts on a blog somewhere I can dig up.

If anything I said interests you then please, shoot me a PM! I don't hop on super often since I have no roleplays going currently, but I'll try and get back to you!


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