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Hello! After taking a really long break from roleplaying, I decided I wanted to try and get back into it! Naturally I just need to find a partner or two to join me on this endeavor.

Currently I'd be really interested in a Fire Emblem roleplay, specifically Awakening. I've been replaying the games like crazy and have been on a mega hype, so if anyone would roleplay it with me, I'd be forever greatful!

Otherwise, if Fire Emblem isn't your thing, I'd be open to just about anything else! I do prefer fantasy style roleplays, but I'm glad to do other genres! I also prefer M/M and F/F, and I'll tell you the reason. Often when I do M/F I play the male character, which I have no issue with. Its just my partners often play the same shy type of female character with no drive in the plot and it doesn't make it fun for me. The dynamic ends up being really cliche and done 100 times. However if you throw me a plot that sounds good or promise not do drag me through that hell again, then anything is fine by me!

If anything I said interests you then please, shoot me a PM! I don't hop on super often since I have no roleplays going currently, but I'll try and get back to you!


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