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“Whoa!! Are you alright? Wake up!!!”
I woke with a start. The sun was shining right on my face. When I opened my eyes, a Fennekin stood over me.
“A Fennekin!!” I rasped.
“Uhhhhhhhh...are you okay?” the Fennekin asked me. “You just gasped at seeing a Fennekin, and you’re a white Eevee.”
I frowned. “I’m not an Eevee; I’m a human.”
The Fennekin laughed. “A human? Humans only exist in fairy tales!!! As for you being an Eevee, look in the pond at your reflection.”
I walked over to the pond. “I don’t see…”
I gasped. Staring back at me was the reflection of a shiny Eevee.
“WHAT THE HECK?!?” I screamed. “How the heck did I turn into a shiny Eevee?! WHERE AM I???”

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