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This role play was made to help me think clearly for post's. Allowing me to draft post's, ideas out, or get my creative flowing again. So I'll be posting here when I'm trying to get past something that I don't know how to continue to work on or get around.


That's pretty much it.

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[center [h3 Darfting Zombie Storyline:]]
[left [center Katharina][pic]] Peeking from a rotting wall, the girl snuck a glimpse at the enemy's where abouts, before being nearly graced with a passing bullet to the cheek. At that moment, she immediately retreated once more behind the brick wall. [b “Boost me, coop!”] Katharina shouted with haste as rounds shot off in the background, while holding the comma button. Responding to the static signal, a patient voice came through: [b “Kitty, you're at your max limit.”]

Lifting her hand away from the microphone, Kat slammed her head up into the air as she leaned herself up against the wall. Thinking in her head through her teeth, [i “Shit~.”] She was so frustrated, she couldn’t see straight. However, just sitting there in the midst of gunfire; helped her lose concentration over her angry.

Gathering herself, she took a deep breath and exhaled to ease her mind. Raising her hand to her forehead, she revealed her wrist to examine the device that monitored her vitals. Her readings were off the chart. But, she had no other option left.

There was no escape, except the one that laid between her and the opposing team. She would have to fight her way out alone. Her only exit was blocked! She was cornered by their rival looters... The rest of her team had abandoned the mission, due to a severe wounds and lack of ammunition. Leaving Katharina behind to defend for herself, due to the interference with the radio. No one was coming to save her anytime soon.

With that- Katharina was the only one, who was capable of finishing the fight they started.

[b “Two more hit’s won’t hurt...”]

[b “If you push any further Kit, your going to give yourself a drug addiction. Or worse- a heart attack.”] The doctor of the group said out of concern for the child.

[b “Alley cat, retreat now.”] Cooper argued.

Radioing in over the conversation, came the old man Samantha: [b “Coop, are you a chicken or a rooster?”]
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[center [h3 Transcript drafting for introduction:]]
Coraline: Coraline watches as the boy walks out the door with a backpack. Jumping out from second floor window Coraline slide’s off the roof and lands right besides the boy. And begins following him.

Eliander: “Why are you stalking me?”

Coraline: “Well, it seems you're abandoning your home town.”

Eliander: “I Am not abandoning my home.” He snapped while turning to the girl.

Coraline: Coraline titled her head as she fold her arm’s behind her and walked with him. “No, reason to get so angry with me.”

Eliander: “Sorry, it just.”

Coraline: “It just what?”

Eliander: “That everybody keeps comparing me to my brother. Saying I’m weaker than him, I look nothing like him, I need to be smart than him and stronger. Which I’m not. So I’m leaving to prove them wrong.”

Coraline: “All by yourself?”

Eliander: “Yes, all by myself. Just me and myself and I. Nobody else, you got it?”

Coraline: “Okay. But, won’t you get alone traveling on your own and what happens if you get captured by a band of thieves or some kind of creature like ogre’s or goblins. Then what will you do?” Coraline said with curiosity.

Eliander: “I won’t get lonely. I have things to keep me entertained such as singing or hunting. And I also have a map to show me fun place to go to. And if something tires to capture me, then I’ll deal with it.”

Coraline: “All by yourself huh?”

Eliander: “Yep.”

Coraline: “So any specific place you're going to?”

Eliander: “Yeah. In matter of fact, I’m going to prove everybody wrong by entering the guild tournaments.”

Coraline: “You must be pretty brave to be entering that death match.”

Eliander: “I guess that does mean I’m brave after all...”

Coraline: "Or just stupid." she said finishing his sentence.

Eliander: Coming to a stop at the end of town where the sign lied. He turns a back to the town. He glances at his home. “Do me a favor please; Tell my mother and the doctor I said farewell and I will be coming back only when I have surpassed my older brother.” He spoke to Coraline in a low tone.

Coraline: “I’ll make sure the message gets delivered.” She said saluting him.

Eliander: “Thanks. Well goodbye.” He said waving bye and walking off into the forest.

Coraline: Mumbling under her breathe as he vanished; she said “Good bye...Eliander.”

8 Part: Monkeys and bananas.

Monkey: Climbs up on table and goes straight to Coraline; try's loving on her.

Coraline: “Aw~...Look it’s adorable. What is it Eliander?” starts to pet the monkey.

Eliander: “That my friend is a golden lion tamarin.”

Coraline: Stare’s at Eliander with a puzzled faced.

Eliander: “For heaven sakes, it’s a monkey. Coraline.” Says while pointing at the monkey.

Coraline: “Ooh... Well I’ll just call him: Gold.” Picks up the monkey and loves on it.

Eliander: Face-palms.

Coraline: “Dose the little guy wanna banana?” Coraline says like she's talking to a baby as she digs in her bag for the fruit.

Eliander: “Come on, it’s just a stupid monkey. It’s not like we're keeping him. So why give him our food.”

Coraline: Coraline ignores Eliander as she begins feeding the monkey.

Eliander: “Coraline?... Coraline... Coraline!”

Coraline: “What!”

Eliander: “You heard me. I known you did.”

Coraline: “Of course I heard what you said. It’s not like it matters to you. We splited up.”

Eliander: Get’s quite for a moment and just watches. “That’s why I sat over-.” Is interrupted.

Monkey: Snatch’s satchel form blue haired girl and runs away.

Coraline: “STOP THAT GOLD!!!” Yells while chasing after the monkey.

Eliander: “Coraline! Wait come back-!” Eliander yells while jumping up out of his seat.

12 Part: The sober mans reasoning.

Walker: “My eye is damage.” He turns the other cheek towards the young teen. Revealing a cloth patch that attached around the head of walker by an elastic band. In which, covered his right eyeball. Tapping the leather patch with his index finger to point it out to the girl. He then spoke once more; “You see.”

Scarlet: “Now you're just fabricating the truth, because-.” Scarlet cuts off as she couldn’t think of why the sober man was avoiding the guild tournament’s. Thinking back on the guild tournament’s, she could remember the survivor's being scared out of their minds to enter so foolishly again back into the tournament’s. That’s when it hit Scarlet; “Because...You have lost your nerves to fight?” Scarlet mumbled to herself as she looked up at the man, unsure of herself.

Walker: “I beg your pardon?” Walker questioned the girl's small comment to herself, while folding his arms and tilting his head a little.

Scarlet: She snickered with a smile.“You're afraid.” Scarlet said speaking simply, so that the drunk could understand.

Walker: Walker then let out a chuckle of laughter at the girl's comment.“First off, let's get some things straightened out between me and you.” He said patting his chest and then pushing Scarlets shoulder.

Scarlet: She wobbled back and forth from the sudden push.

Walker: “Second, I am not afraid of returning to that place you people call a ratcheted hell hole.” He said with a finger point out the door. “Third of all, I’ll give you a clear warning that; what’s underneath this eye patch stays under the patch.” He said in a bold statement at the same time flicking the eye patch once more.

Scarlet: “What are you hiding under their? Medusa head. Ha!” Scarlet said taking advantage of the situation. “Yeah right...”

Walker: “Go ahead, keep make jokes like that. And maybe you’ll ended up in my shoe’s some day.” Walker said sipping from his mug.

Scarlet: Scarlet stared at the drunk man, while she ponder about what he had just said to her. “If you really think it’s that bad, why don’t you just show me already.”

Walker: Shallowing down the wrong pipe; Walker began to choke on his own drink, due to the girls offer. Gagging while speaking at the same time; “No-. way Hosay!”

Scarlet: “So your eye is just a cover up after all. Then I should just go right ahead and tell everyone.” Scarlet said while leaving her seat.

Walker: “Wait just a second. I told you no because a young lady such as yourself; doesn't need to see a gruesome eye like mine.” walker spoke while grabbing Scarlet's arm.

Scarlet: Scarlet faced the man as she was grabbed. “I don’t care. I just want the evidence whether or not if I’m a female or a male.” Scarlet said whipping her arm from his grip.

Walker: “Very well. Then I guess you leave me with no other choice...” Walker said as he stood up out of his chair wobbly; while swigging the rest of the alcohol down and slamming the mug onto the counter.

Scarlet: She gulped as his gaze fell from above.

Walker: “Come and take a seat why don’t yah.” He said patting his own chair.

Scarlet: Scarlet walks slowly over to the chair as she stares down the man. Taking back her own seat.

Walker: Whacking the girl on the back of her head; Walker smashes the glass mug.
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[center [h1 [size20 Introduction:]]]
[center [pic]]

[center ⊰≈⊱⊰≈⊱⊰≈⊱⊰≈⊱⊰≈⊱⊰≈⊱⊰≈⊱⊰≈⊱⊰≈⊱⊰≈⊱⊰≈⊱⊰≈⊱⊰≈⊱⊰≈⊱⊰≈⊱⊰≈⊱⊰≈⊱⊰≈⊱]

[right [center Arachne:][pic]]
[left [center Aurora:][pic]]
In a husk voice the men spoke: “C'mon little red.”

“You're mother, -Aurora. Will be happy to see you awake child of dawn.”

[right [b {Part 0.1}]]

[center ⊰≈⊱⊰≈⊱⊰≈⊱⊰≈⊱⊰≈⊱⊰≈⊱⊰≈⊱⊰≈⊱⊰≈⊱⊰≈⊱⊰≈⊱⊰≈⊱⊰≈⊱⊰≈⊱⊰≈⊱⊰≈⊱⊰≈⊱⊰≈⊱]

[b ✔-Approved for official writing.] Settling into the witching hour, the orb of flare that gave daylight from the heavens above to the earth's soils down below was now submerging with the horizon. As the sun drowned into the black abyss; the twisting, whirling, and blending in the azure skies had change the pigment of the canvas; painting the atmosphere with warm and inviting colors of autumn. Within seconds, gold, crimson, as well as cherry blossoms and the delicious and tangy fruit: orange had now consumed the bright blue skies.

Stretching out in the distance, fluffy marshmallows loomed in the sky. Though, these clouds weren’t creamy nor white like a pillow promising sweet dreams of nothing. They were obviously ominous and threatening; in which if you were to sleep on this kind of pillow it would give you a horror as a fantasy instead. The white cotton-balls were covered from head to toe without exception of a shade of monochrome from silver. Grey and black clouds they were, but grim as a cemetery on halloween night...

Breaking that cimmerian in the overcast was a spectacle of lights, that moved and change throughout the darkened clouds sporadically. Though, the radiance of the light glowed just like the tips of a cigarette; igniting crazed fireflies that festered forth. Aimlessly wondering about, the red fireflies were born to die; or in this case to perish into the smoky clouds. It was only heat lightning for the moment. But behindhand, the lights that wavered beyond the horizon would transform into ferocious lightning bolts sent from the god zeus to wreak havoc upon the mortals beneath the deity's. Our improbable hero had to proceed with haste.

[b ✘-add transition scene before next paragraph. Not only that, surroundings plus character's description and emotion need to be improve down below:]

Pushing and shoving away branch’s and plant’s out of his way; a kid ran through a thick forest area. In the intervening time, the boy called out for somebody as he ran in hurry: “Echo! Echo! Echo!” Steadily and leisurely the kid came to a stop. Pausing only for moment to catch his breath, the young boy stood in the middle of the jungle. Hyperventilate still, the kid began to turn and turn. As he spun in circle, the kid circled even faster in search for the person he was looking for.

Screaming once more repeatedly, the 14 year old yelled again. But, even more rambunctiously and lengthier than before; he called for the girl: “Echo~!”. Within little seconds, he began to feel that something went dreadfully wrong to his partner. No, not just a regular partner that you work with, but a lover. “Echo? Echo. Ech-. Echo!” the boy cried. The boy then could feel small droplets of liquid forming in the sclera of his eye as no sight of the girl was to be found or heard.

Leaking down the side of his cheeks, tears ran. Death was bound to happen in the tournament's after all…
[right [b {Part 1}]]

[center ⊰≈⊱⊰≈⊱⊰≈⊱⊰≈⊱⊰≈⊱⊰≈⊱⊰≈⊱⊰≈⊱⊰≈⊱⊰≈⊱⊰≈⊱⊰≈⊱⊰≈⊱⊰≈⊱⊰≈⊱⊰≈⊱⊰≈⊱⊰≈⊱]

[center [pic]]

[center [center Lernaean Hydra:][pic]]

[center ⊰≈⊱⊰≈⊱⊰≈⊱⊰≈⊱⊰≈⊱⊰≈⊱⊰≈⊱⊰≈⊱⊰≈⊱⊰≈⊱⊰≈⊱⊰≈⊱⊰≈⊱⊰≈⊱⊰≈⊱⊰≈⊱⊰≈⊱⊰≈⊱]
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[center [h3 Drafting for Damsel In Distress RP:]]
[right [center Dawn:][pic]]
[b “Mommy! -Mom!”] Red called out to her mother as a swarm of spiders creeped in among the cavern’s wall. The girl's mother looked over her shoulder to see her child crying in angry to get out of there while she still could. [b “Mom run! Get out of there!”] Red cried repeatedly. Red tried reaching out to her mother, but Dawn couldn’t hear her from the distance she stood at. Running towards her down the jagged rocks, red stumbled and struggled to get close to her mother. Waving her mother down, Dawn gave a look of confuse. She was unaware of the danger that was surrounding her.

About to shout again, red was suddenly gagged. Preventing her from speaking freely or disseminating information to her mom, was Red’s aunt (Aurora). Aurora had restrained her niece from going any further, while keeping Red’s mouth sealed tightly shut. Shuffling backwards out of the mess slowly from the girl's mother with Red in her arms, Dawn curiously looked at the strange behavior of Aurora and Red, before taking note that something was going on.

That’s when Red’s mother turned in the nick of time to catch a leaping Arachne from the ceiling at her. Tackle her onto the ground, Dawn struggled to remove the spider woman from her as others fell and began charging everyone else within the vancity. At that moment, Aurora released Red and grabbed her niece by the hand and began fleeing from the scene. While nothing but scream’s of Dawn's child filled the air over the hissing of spiders as the two of them ran.
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