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Hello! As you know I’m Xchick. I tend to go MIA from time to time and I apologize. I’m back now and for good. I used many websites to try to roleplay and social media but I can never really find a place as classy as this. Here there’s people wanting a story. A plot. Others is just cybering and it gets very annoying.

I’m looking for someone literate to roleplay with. Anything to be honest. I really want to get back into the game haha. I do about any plot. I just don’t do Yaoi or Yuri anymore. Nothing against it, I just can’t anymore. I’m looking to double up, but we don’t have to. I have many plot ideas and I’m very excited to talk to you! We can roleplay here or off site it’s whatever you choose to do but dont be shy to message me or post below! I see myself as very mice haha.

I want someone literate or semi literate. Something where a story can be made out of. I play men and women but I prefer women though, we can double up as I stated before haha. I’ll be waiting!

I usually make it fancy but I’m not feeling that right now haha though, my posts will be!

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