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The kick had connected to his hip, making him let out an agonized yelp before he curled up again. That hurt quite a bit, if he were honest. But he prevailed due to his ignorance, immediately fighting back with a swift blow to his copy's head once again.
  Sonic / ghxstlytccn / 2y 256d 7h 16m 6s
Ignoring his current injuries, Metal's scanners came online as he analyzed the wound on Sonic's arm. Upon further inspection, it became obvious that his whole body in and of itself wasn't in the best shape. [i Perhaps this could work out to my advantage.] The mechanical being thought to himself, as he rushed towards Sonic, attempting to deliver a swift kick into his side.
  Metal Sonic / AskTheStaff / 2y 262d 8h 2m 48s
Immediately Sonic had braced for a fight, ignoring the stinging sensation in his arm as he balled his hands in fists. His blisful arrogance would be the end of him for this fight, presumably due to how his body's state was after the events with the fight with Infinite and the others.
  Sonic / ghxstlytccn / 2y 274d 5h 30m 37s
Did Metal really care about Sonic's words? Hmm...maybe if he wanted to care at the moment, he would have. However, the twin's words bounced off of his metallic surface like a beam of light reflecting off of a mirror. He continued to stomp towards the flesh-twin with his flickering eye, giving no attention to the damage. He slowly reached out his claw-like, artificial hands and gave a gesture that was meant to say "Come at me." as he continued to get closer.
  Metal Sonic / AskTheStaff / 2y 306d 2h 42m 45s
The flesh and blood humanoid had landed on the ground with a whump, and he winced, gripping his arm before he straightened up, glaring at his metallic copy. "Keep on coming closer and I'll do more than that, so back off."
  Sonic / ghxstlytccn / 2y 306d 2h 48m 41s
Right as Metal's thruster was finally reaching its full power, something suddenly collided with him at high speed. It was Sonic, as the hedgehog had apparently turned around and rammed into him while curled up. Although the impact was a hard one, Metal was able to get his artificial hands around his flesh-twin and throw him off. Afterwards, a large mark could be seen on the side of Metal's head and one of his eyes was flickering due to the damage. If he could snarl, he would be doing so right now as he was approaching the flesh-twin once more.
  Metal Sonic / AskTheStaff / 2y 316d 4h 10m 29s
He turned around, his lips once again curled in a snarl as he lunged at Metal, curling up in a ball as he hoped in vain that he would hit the copy. He closed his eyes tightly as he envisioned that he had hit Metal, and his heart pounded more at that thought.
  Sonic / ghxstlytccn / 2y 316d 4h 20m 41s
As Metal thought things over while he flew after his flesh-twin, he remembered a few recent events as to why he was even in the plant in the first place. When Infinite had come into the world with all of his...illusory copies of others...the mechanical hedgehog had been completely replaced. Deactivated and kicked out, even. Luckily, Metal had a backup starter that he engaged on his own to reactivate and escape.

Now he had been only scavenging for what he could find to keep his circuits going, until Sonic had appeared out of nowhere. That's what he recalled happening before it lead up to this. 'Just peachy.' He thought to himself sarcastically as he started gaining on Sonic. The thruster was almost at full power now, and he would soon be flying at a velocity fast enough to catch his flesh-twin.
  Metal Sonic / AskTheStaff / 2y 317d 53m 33s
Sonic heard the noise of the thrusters still on, and turned his head to look back, seeing the metallic doppleganger. He cursed under his breath, looking forward again as he ran quicker. That metal scrapheap was on his tail, and now he was kind of more or less screwed by what he had done, giving away his position. He wasn't entirely in the mood, still slightly anxious over the fact that Infinite caused all of this ruin to the world, and thus, also thinking that the metal being was an illusion.
  Sonic / ghxstlytccn / 2y 317d 5h 18m 38s
Just as Metal's scannings were at their highest, a blue form dashed out from the pile of scrap metal and ran in the opposite direction. His artificial hands clenched themselves as he recognized who the figure was. It was Sonic, just as his assumptions had told him.

Was his fleshy twin really trying to evade him? Perhaps. However, what if he wasn't? Either way, Metal had already made his decision as his thruster increased its energy and he started following Sonic at full speed.
  Metal Sonic / AskTheStaff / 2y 317d 7h 27m 11s
His lips curled back in a snarl as the metallic model neared closer. "Keep on getting closer and I may just end up fighting you once more. This place is already ruined due to Infinite, and I'm already sure that you're just another illusion worked up by him." He curled up a bit, tensing up by every inch Metal had gotten closer. [I Oh, how he didn't really like this thing.]

By the time he had heard the sound of the rockets holding the robot up in the sky, he bolted for it, running straight away from the metallic doppleganger to get some sort of advantage.
  Sonic / ghxstlytccn / 2y 317d 7h 55m 47s
Metal's ears slightly twitched in their sockets as his audio receptors picked up a voice. It was very quiet, which meant it wasn't too close. However, he could easily recognize it, despite him only hearing it was a whisper. It was his copy...Sonic.

Well, Metal knew that he himself was the real copy...which was infuriating to him. He could do everything just as well as his fleshy twin, and yet he would still be beaten every time they fought. Why did he always lose? Those accursed emeralds...Sonic always seemed to have them on him when he could. They were always the cheapest way out of defeat, despite there most likely being other options.

Metal slowly began to fly over to where he had heard Sonic's voice, inspecting the area. There were mostly just piles of garbage and scrap metal, although his scanners sensed otherwise.
  Metal Sonic / AskTheStaff / 2y 318d 5m 53s
The rough glint of metal in the sky was what caught the flesh and blood mobian's attention, and he narrowed his eyes as he hid right in the scrap, the metal uncomfortably brushing and hitting against him. What did this guy want, another fight? The thought made him bristle with fury, and he curled up his fist, restraining himself from going out there and . bashing the metallic vignette to pieces out of fury and spite.

Once more, Sonic looked at the messed up metallic portrait of himself, and he narrowed his eyes. "What do you want now, tin-can?" He muttered to himself.
  Sonic / ghxstlytccn / 2y 318d 14m 1s
Emotion. It was the one thing he shouldn't feel. He wasn't built for it whatsoever...and yet, he could feel the emotion that wasn't ever meant to be a part of him. It emanated through his mechanical circuits and wires, as if it was an integral piece of him. However, the thought of how it shouldn't have ever happened has stuck in his mind for however long he's been living on Mobius with his creator, Dr. Ivo Robotnik, or otherwise known as Dr. Eggman. He didn't care about whatever name was used to address his creator, the man was still the same person all in all.

Metal Sonic was currently flying through an abandoned, run down chemical plant. Barely any of the buildings were still intact, although a small portion of the facilities in the Northwest sector survived pretty well. He slowly flew around through the air, looking at his surroundings. Nothing at all...or at least nothing that he could see.
  Metal Sonic / AskTheStaff / 2y 318d 19h 35m 10s

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