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-An expedition turns awry when a violent storm shipwrecks our characters; armed with little more than the soppy clothes on their backs, what little floatsam they can recover from the tides, and (perhaps) the broken weapons of the accompanying mercenaries.
-With the understanding help will not come for months, if at all, they endeavor to find shelter and a supply of water. As days lapse into weeks, the typography of the island morphs, revealing its hellish creatures and existence.
-Ideally, it will operate in an RPG style, as in, we actively keep track of the inventory and skills our characters possess, earning greater gains based on enemy drops and kills.
-Through the documents and journals of recent and previous inhabitants, we begin to understand the preternatural origin of the island, and how, if possible, escape can be achieved.

Think the Witcher meets Dark Souls. Medieval period.


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