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[google-font http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=La+Belle+Aurore][center [pic https://i.imgur.com/PCP3WDZ.jpg]]
[center [size11 [#f59fa2 group - drama - royalty - romance - betrayal - fluff - angst - fantasy]]
[size11 [#955d6c [b inspired by;] dandelion - harvest moon/rune factory]]]
[size11 Three hundred years ago war stuck the world of Zuosaix. For two long, gruelling, centuries, there was nothing but death, ash, blood, and blade. Clerics were wiped out and armies began to dwindle down. Eventually, kingdoms were recruiting any able man or woman from the ages of eighteen to as old as sixty. Many died, cities burned and lands were completely destroyed. War destroyed Zuosaix. The land turned into nothing, more than the ruins left behind filled with forgotten memories, ghosts, and children fables.

With no end in sight, members of each royal family gathered on a remote island, almost hidden to the ruin of the world, to come up with a solution. After several months, each member had come to an agreement to stop their armies and end the war. Instead of war, there would be a contest of sorts that each kingdom [u had] to sent their first born son and daughter to participate in. Failure to send the heirs would result in termination of that kingdom; its land, resources, and people would be absorbed by the surrounding kingdoms. The kingdoms soon to be heirs are to be split up and put on teams of three. Each 'team' would have to go against one another in challenges designed by the original royal members that signed on to the contest.

[size11 [b [u Rules of the contest::]]]
[size11 ●●Do not physical harm to any of the royal members outside of the challenges.]
[size11 ●●The contest is only conducted on the island.]
[size11 ●●When a kingdom wins, the winner is name the rightful heir while the other is put to death - if they are not married off first.]
[size11 ●● For twenty days at the end of summer, all the heirs will be sent back home to regroup. They will also be sent back to their kingdoms for twenty days at the end of winter.]
[size11 ●● The contest will go over the course of three years.]
[size11 ●● Siblings are forbidden to be on the same team.]
[size11 ●● Siblings found sabotaging their own team to help their other sibling get ahead will be found as a traitor, one of their hands will be taken as punishment.]
[size11 ●● Heirs that try to run away will be put to death as well as their sibling.]
[size11 ●●Not following the rules will result in [u death].]

Each royal, wanting their kingdom to win, reached out with the magic that was running rampant over the land to beseech help. Each royal family sought out to be blessed by an animal in their kingdom. The blessing would enhance their six senses and give them extra abilities. However, the magic was far too strong and went wild over the world. The humans of each kingdom were changed, no longer just humans, while the only bloodline to retain the 'blessing' was that of the royals.

After the success of the first contest, the royals that had constructed the contest and its challenges used the last of the wild magic into large crystal tombs. There they would slumber until the time for the next contest. These sleeping once-royals would act as counsellors over the future heirs and hold control over the contest. To awaken their kingdoms counsellor, the blood from both siblings must be offered over their tomb.

With the war finally over, Zuosaix rebuilt itself, emerging from the ruins to prosper as it once had. If one looked carefully they could see the hints to the time of strife but hard work and dedication have helped Zuosaix revive back into the blossoming world it once was. For three hundred years, there has been peace all over Zuosaix, however that peace is endangered of shattering and war to return the land. For the first time, the winners of that last contest are found guilty of breaking the rules. Three royals had died in the previous contest - nothing new. However, news that they had been poisoned outside of a challenge has come to surface.

The king of Eskil, the queen of Breyx, and the king of Striador have been found guilty of murder and breaking the rules of the contest. The heirs of these traitors have the option to save their lives, [i if] they can win the contest. If the heirs lose or chose to claim a resource instead of their parent's life, they will be beheaded on the day after the last challenge.]

[center [pic https://i.imgur.com/4mDY27q.jpg]]
[size22 [La+Belle+Aurore general]]
[size10 ➤ First things first, follow the [http://rp.eliteskills.com/r.php?r=425 [size10 ToS]]. This is something that is in every roleplay, so it should already be known. But of course, I'd prefer to be better safe than sorry. If you want to push the limits and see what you can get away with, this is not the thread to do it in.]
[size10 ➤Text speak and leet speak are absolutely not allowed. There are no phones in this roleplay, so there should be no reason for it.]
[size10 ➤In general, I would like one post every [b 9] days. If you have multiple characters, I do not require you post them both at the same time. Of course, sometimes things happen. If you're waiting for someone else to post, or if life happens, I do understand. If you're going to be gone for an extended amount of time, I ask that you message me and [u tell me] about it first.]
[size10 ➤Illustrated pictures. Make sure the picture accurately portrays your character.]
[size10 ➤ ● ⋮ This will have a mature rating. There will be strong language, violence, mature humor, alcohol reference/use of alcohol, blood, and intense situations at times. There may be character death as well.]
[size10 ➤ Since this is a group role-play I will have to make sure that everyone knows the rules and follows them as such. Because people are people... When you message me your application please title the message 'wicked hearts'.]
[size10 ➤ The character limit will be 2000.]
[size10 ➤ [u This is not 'first come, first serve'. I will tell you if you have been accepted or not.]]
[size10 ➤ If you have any questions, feel free to PM me or visit the [http://rp.eliteskills.com/r.php?r=148012 [size10 OOC]]]

[size22 [La+Belle+Aurore characters]]
[size10 ➤There are plenty of roles here. And while I don't expect them all to be taken, it does give plenty of choices and opportunities to make unique characters. Being a fantasy roleplay makes for even more chances.]
[size10 ➤For the sake of plotting and my sanity with plotting, I will only be accepting female and male genders. I completely understand if that if upsets you and I am sorry if it does.]
[size10 ➤ [u All characters will know one another.] There will be no 'oh, I'm the new kid here'. They are royals, they have been to balls and events together enough to have run into one another three or four times.
[size22 [La+Belle+Aurore magic]]
[size10 ➤Magic in a roleplay, especially a group roleplay, can be tons of fun. If done properly. So I'm putting some limits in place to keep it diverse and fun. Your characters are only allowed to have one type of magic. By that, I mean ice manipulation, fire manipulation, things like that. Within that type, they may have up to two actual spells they use. ]
[size22 [La+Belle+Aurore technology]]
[size10 ➤This roleplay is strictly fantasy. That means there are no cars, there are no computers, there are no cell phones or tablets. Asphalt roads don't exist. Another thing to remember, the internet is not a thing. House phones are also a no. Now, with this being fantasy and magic being involved, there are plenty of ways around this. Items can be enchanted, for a price, of course, to make for easier communication. A mirror, for instance. Again, if there are any questions about any of this, don't be afraid to ask!]
[center [pic https://i.imgur.com/u279FAG.jpg]]
[size29 [La+Belle+Aurore Roles within the groups]]
[size10 For the contest, they will be slipt up into groups of three. Each team will have one of the three roles.

[b Leader] - They lead the group through challenges, make the hard decisions, telling the others what their goals should be, they have the final say in the group, plan out the strategy for the entire team for not just the challenges but for the balls and festivals, ect. (4/4) [b Full]

[b Spymaster] - Spying on other, spreading courtly rumours about others , sneaking into and out of places to get information, slipping poison to the guards, ect. (4/4) [b Full]

[b Ambassador] - Strikes deals with other groups/royals, plans out the strategy for spymasters, the only ones that interact with the counsellors, promotes activities for the groups , ect. (4/4)[b Full]]

[size29 [La+Belle+Aurore Engagement & Marriage]]
[size10 Can't be engaged to someone on the same team. That being said, feel free to have affairs with the people on your team. Political marriages are welcome. If you want to start out betrothed to a certain country/royal, by all means. (Though you [i must] clear it with the other party before stating it as a fact. That being said, you can also marry for love - if you are [s foolish] strong enough to survive the court's wicked gaze.]

[size29 [La+Belle+Aurore Blessings]]
[size10 ●The only ones that get the blessings are the Royals. The citizens of the world will also have animalistic characteristics, however, they are very limited. Maybe a tail or ears. Some scales. They will never have all the characteristics that the Royals have and they will not have any enhanced six senses or special abilities. There is still magic in the world, so there will be mages outside of the royal family.]
[size10 ●Blessings will generally give your characters a heightened sixth sense and /////. They will need a 'kickback' for their blessing. Meaning that let's say your character has super strength, after using it they have to eat their weight in food twice a month to get their ability/energy back. .]

[size29 [La+Belle+Aurore Character Journals]]
[size10 Normally, I don't care if you do or don't do them. However, since this is based on Harvest Moon/Rune Factory and there is no heart levels or flower colors for everyone to see where their affections/hatred levels are at, I [i will] be requiring them.]

[center [pic https://i.imgur.com/yXGewja.jpg]]
[size19 [La+Belle+Aurore Trepzeka]] [size10 [u Loser of last contest.]]
[b Roles:] [http://rp.eliteskills.com/vc.php?c=397048 Vaughn Glass] & [http://rp.eliteskills.com/vc.php?c=397047 Viviana Glass]
[size10 Bordered between huge mountains to the North, huge mountains to the South, a swampland to the East and a frozen sea to the West, the country of Trepzeka mainly lives of mining, weaponsmithing and armorsmithing. Trezpeka itself is mainly covered in caves and has a snowy climate, which has lead to a tightly concentrated population, despite the number of people, which means most of them live in megalopolises. The country's landscape is grisly; bleak, bare forests, unforgiving mountains, and snow covered fields. The people of Trepzeka are unreceptive towards foreigners and tend to welcome them with neutrality. They feel foreigners could further delay the country's well being. Trepzeka has rigid laws and law enforcement, which is to be expected. The people are satisfied due to their bond with nature, thanks to ancient, passed on secrets. ]

[size19 [La+Belle+Aurore Eskil]] [size10 [u Winner of the last contest]]
[b Roles;] [http://rp.eliteskills.com/vc.php?c=397248 Alissa Eve Wisteria] & [http://rp.eliteskills.com/vc.php?c=397247 Alister Lucas Wistera]
[size10 Bordered between a huge ocean to the North, a small mountain range to the South, a sea to the East and fertile grounds to the West, the country of Eskil mainly lives of crafting, farming and cooking. Is mainly covered in open fields and has a calm climate, which has lead to a sparsely spread population, which means most of them live in small towns. The country's landscape is elegant; neverending fields of green, cascading rivers and neverending farmlands of green. The people of Eskil are neighbourly towards foreigners and tend to welcome them to a place to stay. They feel foreigners could assist the country's well being. Eskil has calm laws and law enforcement, which is to be expected. The people are irritated due to distressed nature and wildlife, caused by lost skills and secrets. ]

[size19 [La+Belle+Aurore Ochus]] [size10 [u Loser of the last contest]]
[b Roles:] [http://rp.eliteskills.com/vc.php?c=397711 Xandria de La Forge] & [http://rp.eliteskills.com/vc.php?c=397712 Xerxes de La Forge]
[size10 Bordered between a canal to the North, mineral-rich mountains to the South, tall mountains to the East and large rock formations to the West, the country of Ochus mainly lives of jewel crafting, tailoring and carpeting. Ochus itself is mainly covered in deserts and has a dry climate, which has lead to a tightly concentrated population, despite the number of people, which means most of them live in large settlements. The country's landscape is hideous; large sand dunes, dark gloomy caves and concealed mountain views. The people of Ochus are kindhearted towards foreigners and tend to welcome them with friendliness. They feel foreigners could reinforce the country's well being. Ochus has docile laws and law enforcement, which is expected in their circumstances. The people are anguished due to lack of food variety, caused by greed.]

[size19 [La+Belle+Aurore Breyx]] [size10 [u Winner of the last contest]]
[b Roles:] [http://rp.eliteskills.com/vc.php?c=397686 Xingshen Jinlong] & [http://rp.eliteskills.com/vc.php?c=397699 Xaoi Jinlong]
[size10 Bordered between a large forest to the North, an ocean to the South, a canal to the East and a glacier to the West, the country of Breyx mainly lives of carpentry, herbalism and fishing. Breyx itself is mainly covered in grasslands and has a tropical climate, which has lead to a scattered population, despite the number of people, which means most of them live in townships. The country's landscape is colourful; cascading rivers, impressive architecture and dramatic mountain views. The people of Breyx are rude towards foreigners and tend to welcome them with disinterest. They feel foreigners could restrict the country's well being. Breyx has stern laws and law enforcement, which is predictable. The people are frightened due to spreading diseases, caused by old superstitions.]

[size19 [La+Belle+Aurore Flauyae]] [size10 [u Loser of the last contest]]
[b Roles:] [http://rp.eliteskills.com/vc.php?c=397688 Augustus Marcus Bronarch] & [http://rp.eliteskills.com/vc.php?c=397687 Adela Falena Bronarch]
[size10 Bordered between a sea to the North, a huge forest to the South, a large mountain to the East and large hills to the West, the country of Flauyae mainly lives of thieving, fishing and wood production. Flauyae itself is mainly covered in lakes and has a hot climate, which has lead to a fairly centred population, despite the number of people, which means most of them live in settlements. The country's landscape is quite frightening; somber hills, black, decaying trees and dangerous mountains. The people of Flauyae are cold towards foreigners and tend to welcome them with displeasure. They feel foreigners could disturb the country's well being. Flauyae has hard laws and law enforcement, which is fairly normal. The people are hostile due to a lack of skilled craftsmen, caused by lost skills and secrets.]

[size19 [La+Belle+Aurore Striador]] [size10 [u Winner of the last contest]]
[b Roles:] [http://rp.eliteskills.com/vc.php?c=397294 Loren de Faure] & [http://rp.eliteskills.com/vc.php?c=397233 Lisette de Faure]
[size10 Bordered between a swampland to the North, pristine beaches to the South, huge, open plains to the East and a river to the West, the country of Striador mainly lives of alchemy, wine brewing and hunting. Striado itself is mainly covered in large hills and has a warm climate, which has lead to a sparsely spread population, despite the number of people, which means most of them live in large towns. The country's landscape is elegant; gorgeous flower fields, pink blossom forests and sapphire lakes. The people of Striador are compassionate towards foreigners and tend to welcome them with food. They feel foreigners could contribute the country's well being. Striador has pleasant laws and law enforcement, which is to be expected. The people are peaceful due to great neighbourly relations, thanks to advanced techniques learned by passing travellers.]

[center [pic https://i.imgur.com/jIB7oSO.jpg]]
[size9 More to be added later on.]
[size25 [La+Belle+Aurore Spring]]
✦✦[b New Years Festival](1)
➜ [u First challenge](3)
➜[u Second challenge](4)
[i Alister's Birthday] (5)
➜[u Third challenge](6)
➜[u Fourth challenge](8)
➜[u Fifth challenge](10)
➜[u Sixth challenge](12)
✦✦[b Passion Gala](14-16)
➜[u Seventh challenge](17)
✦✦[b Flower Festival] (19)
➜[u Eighth challenge](20)
✦✦[b Cooking Festival] (22)
[i Vaughn's Birthday] (25)
➜[u Ninth challenge](28-30)
➜[u Tenth challenge] (33-35)

[size25 [La+Belle+Aurore Summer]]
✦✦[b Summer Festival/Beach Festival] (1-2)
✦✦[b White and Black gala] (12-15)
✦✦[b Starry Night Festival] (22)

[size25 [La+Belle+Aurore Fall]]
✦✦[b Masked Formal] (1-3)
[i Loren's Birthday] (7)
✦✦[b Full Moon Festival]
[i Alissa's Birthday] (42)

[size25 [La+Belle+Aurore Winter]]
✦✦[b Winter Gala] (5-8)
✦✦[b Star Night Festival] (14)
[i Vivianna's Birthday] (27)
[i Lisette's Birthday] (30)

[center [pic https://i.imgur.com/yCcQZxp.jpg]]
[size11 Feel free to add on more to it.
Blessed animals taken: Wolf, bunny, cat, fox.]
[+grey [size11
[#f59fa2 ● ━] [size8 [#955d6c [b NAME]]⇣] their name
[#f59fa2 ● ━] [size8 [#955d6c [b NICKNAME]]⇣] if they have any
[#f59fa2 ● ━] [size8 [#955d6c [b BLESSED]]⇣] animal they are blessed by
[#f59fa2 ● ━] [size8 [#955d6c [b ROLE]]⇣] role they will be taking
[#f59fa2 ● ━] [size8 [#955d6c [b AGE]]⇣] 16-21
[#f59fa2 ● ━] [size8 [#955d6c [b BIRTHDAY]]⇣] season and date
[#f59fa2 ● ━] [size8 [#955d6c [b GENDER]]⇣] gender
[#f59fa2 ● ━] [size8 [#955d6c [b SEXUALITY]]⇣] sexuality
[#f59fa2 ● ━] [size8 [#955d6c [b ENGAGED TO]]⇣] n/a
[#f59fa2 ● ━] [size8 [#955d6c [b COUNTRY]]⇣] country they are representing

[+white xxxxx][size8 [#f59fa2 *][#f59fa2 ♚] [#955d6c [b TRAIT]]] : [i explain trait]
[+white xxxxx][size8 [#f59fa2 *][#f59fa2 ♚] [#955d6c [b TRAIT]]] : [i explain trait]
[+white xxxxx][size8 [#f59fa2 *][#f59fa2 ♚] [#955d6c [b TRAIT]]] : [i explain trait]
[+white xxxxx][size8 [#f59fa2 *][#f59fa2 ♚] [#955d6c [b TRAIT]]] : [i explain trait]
[+white xxxxx][size8 [#f59fa2 *][#f59fa2 ♚] [#955d6c [b TRAIT]]] : [i explain trait]
[+white xxxxx][size8 [#f59fa2 *][#f59fa2 ♚] [#955d6c [b TRAIT]]] : [i explain trait]
[+white xxxxx][size8 [#f59fa2 *][#f59fa2 ♚] [#955d6c [b TRAIT]]] : [i explain trait]
[+white xxxxx][size8 [#f59fa2 *][#f59fa2 ♚] [#955d6c [b TRAIT]]] : [i explain trait]
[+white xxxxx][size8 [#f59fa2 *][#f59fa2 ♚] [#955d6c [b TRAIT]]] : [i explain trait]

[size11 [#f59fa2 ▇▇▇▇][#f59fa2 ⋮ ] [#955d6c [b BLESSING]]]
[size8 [#f59fa2 [b ♚]]] explain the blessing placed on the family

[size11 [#f59fa2 ▇▇▇][#f59fa2 ⋮] [#955d6c [b QUIRKS]]]
[size10 [tab] o1: a peculiarity of action
[tab] o2: or behavior
[tab] o3: or personality]

[+white xxxxx][size8 [#f59fa2 *][#f59fa2 ♚] [#955d6c [b LIKES]]] : [i what they like]
[+white xxxxx][size8 [#f59fa2 *][#f59fa2 ♚] [#955d6c [b DISLIKES]]] : [i what they dislike]
[+white xxxxx][size8 [#f59fa2 *][#f59fa2 ♚] [#955d6c [b FEARS]]] : [i what are they afraid of]
[+white xxxxx][size8 [#f59fa2 *][#f59fa2 ♚] [#955d6c [b HOBBIES]]] : [i their hobbies]

[size11 [#f59fa2 ▇▇▇▇][#f59fa2 ⋮ ] [#955d6c [b SKILLS]]]
[size8 [#955d6c [b O1.]]] They have been training for this contest their whole life
[size8 [#955d6c [b O2.]]] Should know how to do something.
[size8 [#955d6c [b O3.]]] Nothing super overpowered, like lord of the swords.

[size11 [#f59fa2 ▇▇▇▇][#f59fa2 ⋮ ] [#955d6c [b COURTLY RUMORS]]]
[size8 [#955d6c [b O1.]]] something
[size8 [#955d6c [b O2.]]] something
[size8 [#955d6c [b O3.]]] something

[size11 [#f59fa2 ▇▇▇▇][#f59fa2 ⋮ ] [#955d6c [b MARRIAGE REQUIREMENTS]]]
[size8 [#955d6c [b O1.]]] something
[size8 [#955d6c [b O2.]]] something
[size8 [#955d6c [b O3.]]] something
[size8 [#955d6c [b O4.]]] something
[size8 [#955d6c [b O5.]]] something
[size8 [#955d6c [b O6.]]] something
[size8 [#955d6c [b O7.]]] something
[size8 [#955d6c [b O8.]]] something

[size11 [#f59fa2 ▇▇▇▇][#f59fa2 ⋮ ] [#955d6c [b NOTES]]]
[size8 [#955d6c [b O1.]]] anything extra you want to add
[size8 [#955d6c [b O2.]]] anything extra you want to add
[size8 [#955d6c [b O3.]]] anything extra you want to add


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Roleplay Responses

[left [pic http://i64.tinypic.com/24ysftc.jpg]]
[size12 [center [font "Tahoma" [i Back, forth. Back, forth.]]]]
[center [size12 [font "Tahoma" The rhythmic swaying of the ship combined with the gentle sound of ocean waves was almost enough to put Xandria Elise de La Forge to sleep. The ship was rather close to their destination, though, so she decided to go above decks to watch their arrival. Leaning on the bow-side rail and looking out into the ocean calmed her stomach somewhat, though it still seemed like it was performing rather intricate displays of acrobatics. Today, she would start a competition that could take her - or her brother's - life. No, she couldn't think about that. Shaking her head slightly, Xan began to sing an old Ochian lullaby to take her mind off of the daunting task that lay ahead.]]]
[center [size12 [font "Tahoma" Xandria's lilting soprano traveled across the waves towards the island as she watched it grow steadily closer by the second. She was so lost in her own head that she didn't hear her brother, Xerxes, approach. She let out a loud squeal and nearly jumped over the rail into the ocean from fright as he placed a hand on her shoulder. The sound of his laughter was soon joined by her own, though Xan was only laughing to hide her unease.]]]
[center [size12 [font "Tahoma" "[#6A5ACD You're too jumpy, da'len.]" Xerxes said, grinning. "[#6A5ACD We'll be docking in a few minutes. Don't get [i too] lost in your own thoughts.]" He let out another chuckle before heading back down below-decks, presumably to finish some last minute packing. As nice as the ocean was, Xandria was relieved that her feet would soon be back on solid, dry land. While the ship's captain brought them into port smoothly and safely, Xan focused on making herself at least semi-presentable, fixing up her windblown hair and smoothing her somewhat wrinkled skirts. Xerxes reappeared above-decks with impeccable timing, so Xandria looped her arm through his as they walked down from the ship to the docks. Xan decided that she had made a good choice in supporting herself on her brother, because as soon as she set foot on the sturdy wooden planks of the docks, her legs began to give out from underneath her, a side effect of being at sea for several weeks. She was glad that her brother had found his "land legs" again so quickly, otherwise the both of them may have ended up sprawled unceremoniously on the ground. Grateful to get off of her unsteady legs, Xan ascended into the carriage they had been provided and settled herself, beginning to hum peacefully as it started towards the castle.]]]
[center ~~~~~]
[center [size12 [font "Tahoma" Having grown accustomed to the warmer temperature in the carriage, stepping out into the cool breeze came as a bit of a shock to Xandria. She let a shiver run down her spine and pulled her lightweight cloak closer to her body. Glancing around, it seemed that the de La Forge twins were not the very last to arrive, but a good majority of the royals had been there for a while. While studying the crowd, Xan caught a glimpse of Augustus, whom she was more familiar with than most. She tugged on Xerxes' sleeve to lead him towards the Fox prince.]]]
[center [size12 [font "Tahoma" While Xerxes began to speak to Augustus, Xandria heard Viv's approach much sooner than she saw it; a chorus of "why I never," "watch where you're going," and "what in the-" rang out as the Wolf princess raced through the crowd towards Augustus. She immediately latched herself onto the Fox prince's arm, laughter ringing out from her lips. Xan felt Xerxes tense a bit; she knew that he didn't like the Wolf siblings, but the reason why was unknown to her. Viviana stopped her vocal assault against Augustus only to turn to the Deer twins.]]]
[center [size12 [font "Tahoma" "[#3b5998 Hello, Xan! You look so cute today! Hello Xerries! You look like...you.. today.]" Xan smiled slightly, watching Viv's tail thump against Augustus' thigh.]]]
[center [size12 [font "Tahoma" "[#C71585 Hello, Viv. Thank you, I think you look quite nice as well. Though I do wish you would wear longer skirts sometimes.]" Xan said, squeezing Xer's arm, trying to get him to respond politely. All he managed, though, was a sharp nod and a quick "[#6A5ACD Good day, Viviana.]" A short, awkward silence followed, before Viviana spoke again.]]]
[center [size12 [font "Tahoma" "[#3b5998 How long have you guys been here? Someone in the Owl palace poured honey in my hair, so it took longer for us to get here. But they also put honey and feathers in Vaughn's - he looked like an ugly chicken.]" Xan couldn't help but snort at the image of Vaughn with honey and feathers in his hair. Xan couldn't say what her cousins had been thinking when they had done so, but one had to admit, it was humorous. "[#3b5998 Xan, are you going to decorate your antlers before the festival tonight? I could help you if you want. Oh! Ace! Willyougowithmetothefestival? Unless you already have a date for you. I have things to talk about.]" The last few words out of Viv's mouth were accompanied by suggestive eyebrow wiggles, and Xan had to resist the urge to laugh.]]]
[center [size12 [font "Tahoma" "[#C71585 You know I will. I would love it if you stopped by to help. I'll leave my door open for you.]" Shortly after receiving responses from both Augustus and Xan, Viv scampered off towards, she suspected, the Cat prince and princess. Adela had apparently approached during the conversation with Viv, and as soon as Xan had detected her presence, she skipped over to the Fox princess and gave her a big hug. Xerxes had also approached, and as Xandria backed away, he took her place, giving Adela a chaste embrace and then wrapping one arm around her waist. "[#C71585 Oh, Del, would you like to help me with my antlers tonight as well? I would appreciate the opportunity to catch up.]" Xerxes took this moment to lean in close to Adela's ear and whisper something, though Xandria couldn't quite hear what it was, and proceeded to approach and start a conversation with Xingshen. Adela, Xaoi, and Xan broke off from the rest of the group, gossiping about fashion and describing their outfits for the festival later that night.]]]
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[center [pic http://image.ibb.co/b4K4VG/Adela_Banner.png]]

[size11 Adela looked out of the window from her room, her right hand fiddling delicately with the locket around her neck. Land was just in sight. She was beginning to feel her nerves lighting up and going dead all in the matter of seconds. This was the time of her life that she had been training for, the one where she would be going up against majority of the friends she had made over the years. It was also a year where she'd be going up against whoever killed her father.]

[size11 She still wasn't sure who did it. The Royal Advisor -Kristoff- was leaning more towards one family, but Adela couldn't be sure that any of them had the capability to do such a thing. After all, it was because of her father that she met any of them. He was no tyrant. Perhaps he was a little strict, but that was because of the kingdom and the expectations heavily placed on him. He was leagues better than the woman he was made to marry long before his children were born.]

[size11 King Markus and Queen Adellina, their parents and namesakes, were the rulers people wanted, but very few knew what that woman was like. How she thought she was treating the twins like her own children, but she was quite mean spirited. While kingdoms were difficult to run, Adela wasn't the most difficult child to reign in. Augustus might have been, but not her. She actually tried to uphold to her name and title. Yet, because she looked more like her birth mother, the Queen seemed to like to remind her that girls like Adela don't win. Her engagement to Xerxes was a sham in the queen's eyes and because she looked like her birth mother -easy and accessible- no one would take her seriously. Why else would she have to ask a second time for a proposal to go through?]

[size11 If only it was common knowledge that they weren't her children. Perhaps she would have some humility then.]

[size11 After such mean words, Adela usually just walked away and pretended everything was fine. She would just take the material gifts that the queen gave her to show the court that they were perfectly fine. But they weren't.]

[size11 Perhaps that's why she had no issue equating love to material objects. That's what the queen asked of the King, after all.]

[size11 "[b Princess?]" Adela looked behind her at her room's door to see the Royal Advisor and a handmaiden. Kristoff was a tall, skinny fellow with blonde hair, matching fox ears and tail, and a full, blonde beard. He was probably in his late thirties or early forties; Del never thought to ask. He had beady, gray eyes that stared coldly at her, but his eyebrows arched in a quizzical way. "[b You've been very quiet since we departed.]"]

[size11 They had been sailing for quite some time, a couple of weeks maybe? They were, thankfully, not too far away from docking, but it was longer than she would have liked to seeing as seasickness was very much a thing after being on water for a few days. Kristoff offered to keep her company in case she needed someone to hold her hair back, but she felt that was far too forward of him. He might have apologized for it, but she knew he didn't mean it.]

[size11 "[b It's a shame that Prince Augustus couldn't join us,]" he stated after the princess hadn't responded to his earlier assessment. He had walked into her room at that point, seeing as she also hadn't turned him away. "[b I sure hope he doesn't arrive too late.]" She could hear the [i again] that hanged on the end of that sentence, but she didn't say anything. She couldn't keep making excuses for her twin, especially when she envied him making it there on his own time.]

[size11 Not wanting to leave everything on a rude note, she finally replied to Kristoff. "[b [#a85800 Yes, it is a shame. I'm sure everyone is looking forward to seeing him after so long.]]" She felt her nerves clench again when she thought about seeing everyone together again. It had been months since she had seen some of them, but it felt like a lifetime.]

[size11 She was especially scared to see some of the other princesses. She had cut off so many people out of grief that she was certain she hurt them and now, she had no idea how to make it up to them. A simple apology wouldn't suffice and no simple object gifted to them would convey her feelings. She had sent hired hands to scour markets for the right gift, but none seemed to appropriately convey her feelings.]

[size11 And what if she sent a gift to the person who killed her father? Wouldn't that just tell them that they held her completely in the palm of her hands?]

[size11 The ship gradually came to a stop before a voice magically sounded in her room, "[b We've arrived, your highness.]" The Royal Advisor smiled his wide grin at the princess before offering his hand to lead her outside. She looked quizzically at him, seeing as he had never seemed this familiar with her before, but warily gave in. She felt his gloved hand wrap tightly around her own before leading her out of the room and onto the loading dock, the handmaiden grabbing her bags and shuffling out with them quickly after.]

[size11 After taking her first step on the island's docks, she snatched her hand quickly away from his. She felt incredibly uncomfortable holding his hand and definitely didn't want to repeat the process. Kristoff looked like he was about to say something, but the princess began shuffling away as soon as servants from the castle had arrived with a carriage and grabbed her luggage.]


[size11 When she finally stepped out of the carriage , she felt a small amount of nausea hit her and she had to stand aside to allow the cool air hit her face. The servants of the castle were very quick to come to her aid so that she wouldn't have to move her bags. One offered to give her a glass of water, but she refused and just asked them to allow her to cool herself. After all, it was probably just remnants of the sea sickness rising up again.]

[size11 They bowed to her respectfully and gave her some space in the chilled air.]

[size11 The air wasn't that cold to Adela. She quite liked the cold and was quick to remove the headpiece from her current [https://orig00.deviantart.net/fd0e/f/2017/033/c/e/outfit_adoptable_54__closed____by_epic_soldier-dawxla5.png ensemble] so that more cold air would reach her cheeks. Her ears twitched when the cold hit them and it in turn made her shiver a little. And her long, black hair was slightly shaggy from the head piece but that was easily remedied.]

[size11 As she fixed her hair, she noticed the amount of people who were there and tried to find some familiar faces. And when that didn't work, she examined her would-be home for quite some time. She had read things about it and had some of the other royals detail it to her, but it was nothing like this. It was much more awe-inspiring and it definitely made her nerves react again. She was about to live in a place with people she could trust and couldn't trust. With people she loved, missed, and were frightened of. But she couldn't afford to let them know that.]

[size11 By the shuffling of more servants appearing and running to the transportation platform nearby, Adela figured that someone would be arriving soon. And it was then that she felt her nerves clench again. She didn't have Augustus there to lean on if something awkward went down. She would have to do it all alone, which would've been feasible, but she really didn't want to.]

[size11 Straightening her outfit of red, black, and gold, she tried to look a little more deserving of her role. She was pleasantly surprised to see Augustus appear, stumbling out of it like he was hungover. But at least he had remembered to dress nicely for the occasion. Regardless of how put together he was, Adela rushed over to him and smacked him in the head.]

[size11 "[b [#a85800 I cannot believe you made me sail for weeks all alone, just for you to come through the platform!]]" She sounded upset, but she was just relieved to see her brother on time. She half expected him to be late.]

[size11 "[b Ow, Del... I told you it was gonna be a gamble. I didn't even know if she had enough magic to do this after last night.]" So he had been drinking [i and] sleeping with someone. Yeah, that sounded like Gust alright. "[b Besides... I'm sure if that Kristoff did something, you would've kicked his ass.]" He winked at her, but she knew how much he hated that guy. Just because he was so prim and proper.]

[size11 "[b [#a85800 Whatever, Gust. Where's your luggage?]]" Within seconds of her asking that, two large bags suddenly appeared on the platform, with a note tied to them. She rushed to read the note before a servant grabbed the bags and was disgusted by what she saw.]

[size11 "[i Come back anytime, Auggie...]" was written above an obvious kiss mark and Del had to roll her eyes. "[b [#a85800 Really?]]"]

[size11 Augustus just shrugged with a sly smirk on his face before pocketing the note and looking moving towards the castle to get a good look at it. He let out a whistle, just as Adela heard another servant rush to the platform. Not wanting to risk it this time, she pushed Augustus and herself farther into the crowd.]

[size11 She was surprised to see the serpent siblings appear first, which made her nerves loosen up. Her three best friends in the world had arrived and now she felt able to take on her nerves with ease. And it made her heart soar when Xingshen made his way swiftly towards her.]

[size11 The serpent prince exclaimed her name before wrapping his arms around her and she found herself reciprocating it. It was true that it had been far too long since they had truly communicated, but she was elated to know he still cherished their friendship after that long. But it should've been obvious what he'd do next, which was lightly bite her. However, it had been a long time since she'd seen him and she was shocked by the feeling.]

[size11 "[b [#a85800 X-Xingshen, Xaoi]]," she said happily as she tried to play off the sensitive feeling she was getting from her neck. Such closeness was very intimate and while her brother was used to that, she was still quite bashful of it. So much so that her cheeks turned a shade of pink. "[b [#a85800 It's so good to see you two!]]"]

[size11 She relaxed when he released himself from her and asked about Augustus as if her twin wasn't there. She found herself smiling at the joke and even more so when Augustus decided to joke back with Xi.]

[size11 She was actually quite shocked to see Alissa and Alister so close to them. Perhaps it was the nerves or the amount of people around them, but she didn't smell them approach. It was possible that they arrived next to her right when the serpent siblings entered through the platform and she was distracted, but that was kind of embarrassing. [i I have to up my game once the challenges start], she thought to herself.]

[size11 She bowed to both the bunny prince and princess with a smile on her face before greeting the both of them. "[b [#a85800 Alissa, Alister! It's been too long! How have the both of you been?]]" She ignored the comments to Alissa that Augustus made as she attempted to converse normally with them. And she tried to act normal once prince and princess of Trepzeka appeared through the platform as well.]

[size11 Adela felt her heart ache as she saw Viviana, her nose stuck in a book, and her brother as he looked over the castle. The two of them used to be so close, but she pushed her away after her father's death. She pushed the sweet, innocent girl that probably would've helped her move on away... because she thought it would hurt less to be around such a positive light. And obviously, Del messed up.]

[size11 The fox princess looked away as the girl gave away her book, trying to avoid the wolf royal's eyes so as to not have to worry about what to say or don't say. Vaughn was something gorgeous to behold after he started growing into a man and he had been kind to her, regardless of how cold she became over the years. And he had seen her cry. He had seen her weakness and she couldn't afford for him to still think her fragile. Not for the next year.]

[size11 But it couldn't be avoided, even if she did embrace Xaoi and tell her how much she missed her or how she was looking forward to see what dresses she brought with her. Because the two came to speak with everyone. Viv asked August to the festival, which he lit up at the mention of that, they spoke of their time with the Owl Kingdom, which made her giggle a little at. Vaughn covered in honey and feathers must have been a sight to behold.]

[size11 They also spoke to Xandria and Xerxes, the latest royals to join. She smiled and bowed slightly to her betrothed, but didn't approach him as to allow him space. This was it for them, one way or another. And she didn't want to show her gratitude for what he'd done by overcrowding him. But she did want to give Xandria a hug, but decided to wait until Viv had finished speaking with them.]

[size11 While waiting, her eyes met with Vaughn, just as he invited people to walk around the rose garden with him later. As fun as that sounded, which wasn't really fun at all, she decided to decline. Their eyes met briefly as she spoke with a decline, "[b [#a85800 Thank you, Vaughn. It's good to see you de-feathered, but I think I would rather spend time exploring our new home some.]]" She smiled and bowed, seeing that Viv had now run off to welcome Lisette and Loren.]

[size11 Loren was Viv's best friend and Adela felt a little sour about that, but she never said anything. After all, it was her own fault she wasn't close with Viv anymore. So instead, she went to gossip about fashion with Xandria and Xaoi, asking them excitedly what they would be wearing for the festivities that night.]
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[center [size11 Thick velvet curtains blocked out any light that might have drifted into the lacquer carriage that carried the twin royal serpents of Breyx; Xingshen and Xaoi. The ride was silent, only the sound from the wheels against the dirt and rocks of the road beneath them reached inside. A scent of pine was carried by the hanging incense holder, it was meant to be calming but the serpent prince didn’t find it particularly so. In truth the only comfort he’d found on this trip so far was his sister’s presence, his head was currently resting on her shoulder. His red eyes were kept closed and he focused only on feeling the slight jolts of the carriage and his sister’s breathing movements.]]
[center [size11 Xingshen knew they were close when he heard the sound of metal moving against metal, the slowing of the carriage was another marker. The prince slowly opened his eyes allowing them to adjust to rather dark compartment. He let out a yawn, his lower jaw stretching apart and moving separately of the other side. Leaning to the side he pushed back the burgundy fabric that hid their destination, or rather the place that would take them to their destination. The island was too far from any of the mainlands but that didn’t mean it was completely cut off. Before them was an old temple nestled in the glacier mountain range, the highest and coldest point in all of Breyx. It was here that they would find the transportation platform which would take them away to the island. The temple was originally the home of one of the royals from so many generations ago but was changed to a temple to honor the blessed serpent that had gifted their kingdom.]]
[center [size11 A cold wind snuck through the small gap in the fabric making the prince drop his hand and pull his clothing tighter around his body. The twin serpents dressed notably different from those of other kingdoms. Xingshen was dressed in a winter kimono, something he’d never needed to wear back in the grasslands of Breyx. Three separate layers kept him from losing too much of his body heat; the inner most garment was pure white and had the thinnest fabrics, the next was a black padded kimono made of thick fabric designed to help seal in what little body heat Xingshen produced on his own it was tied in place with a white obi, and the last layer was a blood red Haori jacket with intricate embroidery on the back depicting a vivid landscape of mountains, forests, and lakes all in black silk thread. The prince’s long brown hair was loosely tied with strands already falling out, as it reached the tips the brown turned to red as if his hair had been soaked in ink.]]
[center [size11 The carriage came to a halt and the front curtain that faced towards the driver was pulled back by one of the servants. The two were ushered out and onto the platform that would take them to the secluded island. The ice and snow broke underfoot as the twins approached the large platform. The grounds surrounding it were ornately decorated and he recognized some of the trees as being fruit bearings, apples and peaches mostly. He was sure if it were spring it would be far more appealing to the eye. The platform itself was inlaid, the two had to step down into it. It looked simple enough but one could almost feel the magic vibrating in the air around them. In just seconds the twins had been spirited away from the temple, and from all of Breyx itself.]]
[center [size11 Once Xingshen’s eyes and mind readjusted to his position he saw that a golden palace stood before them, towering over them with spires and trapping them in walls that stretched out far past Xingshen view. The architecture looked nothing like the palace the twins had grown up in, he was used to red pillars, ornate walls trimmed with green and yellow accents, and roofs that curved towards the sky. ]]
[center [size11 Walking through the throngs of people Xingshen found his hands absently pulling at the amber pendant that had previously been tucked under his kimono’s collar. Xingshen could feel the weight of the competition already, normally he’d be more than willing to try his hand at the challenges but competition was different, now one of the prices was a life. His mother’s life. Should either his or Xaoi’s team succeed it would likely cause great difficulties for the twins as Xingshen doubted his sister had anymore desire to save their mother than he did.]]
[center [size11 The tall young man looked over at his sister, who stood a few inches shorter than him. [b [#D30100 “Xīngān, your hair ornament’s out of place,”]] Xingshen said, poking at the hair ornament his sister was wearing. Xingshen was the only one that called Xaoi by that nickname, it was a term of endearment in Breyx meant to be used to the most precious person without whom you could not live. For the serpent prince that was most certainly his sister as she was the only one he considered to be his family. Xingshen purposely didn’t touch the hair ornament, he’d probably only make it worse and end up agitating Xaoi.]]
[center [size11 Amidst the throngs of people Xingshen spotted a familiar figure, immediately his pace quickened to close the distance. [b [#D30100 “Adela!”]] Xingshen barely gave warning of his presence before wrapping his arms around her in a hug and burrowing his face near the base of her neck. On instinct he opened his mouth and bit, though it was more like scraping than biting as he’d gotten better at keeping himself from letting his teeth pierce through the skin. Even still he caught the familiar taste of metal and spice telling him he’d cut her. [b [#D30100 “Did Auggie already take off somewhere?”]] He asked, unwrapping his arms he moved to stand beside her and glanced over at those she was standing with. [b [#D30100 “Hello Alissa,”]] Xingshen didn’t know the princess too well but she was the fiancé of friend so he was always courteous to her, [b[#D30100 “Alister,”]] The serpent prince’s voice dropped noticeably, he’d never been good at hiding his emotions and thus he’d given up trying some time ago. And Xingshen simply couldn’t bring himself to like the rabbit prince when he always seemed so fake.]]
[center [size11 Not long after Vaughn approached the group, [b [#776d97 “Alissa, Alister. I see you are doing well. Hopefully your trip getting here was better than ours.”]] Vaughn spoke each word with careful thought and a conversational tone. Xingshen and Vaughn had been close for years now, their friendship had started after Vaughn kicked his ass in a swordsmanship exhibition as children and Xingshen responded by tackling him to the ground and biting him repeatedly. Somehow the two of them bonded over the scolding they received for fighting, though it was pretty much all Xingshen doing. The two met each other relatively often considering that Xingshen hated visiting the other’s kingdom. They mostly spent their time sparring, Xingshen had gotten much more skilled and held his own against Vaughn fairly well now; the wolf was still stronger than Xingshen without question but Xingshen was faster. The pale haired prince nodded towards the other three as he greeted them, [b [#776d97 “Xingshen, Adela, Xaoi. Did any of you have, problems with the Owl kingdom when you passed through? Or does anyone know their customs. As they seemed to think it is okay to put honey and feathers in people’s hair while they are sleeping.”]]]]
[center [size11 [b [#D30100 “Damn, Vaan I would have paid to have seen that,”]] Xingshen laughed at the thought of Vaughn covered in honey and feathers, [b [#D30100 “But Xaoi and I traveled from the platform at the Temple of Wang Shó, it’s the closest to Tiān Shi[sup 1].”]]]]
[center [size11 [b “Ladies and gentlemen. We will open the doors of the castle within the hour once they are open, please make your way into the crystal chambers,”] A voice called out silencing the talking crowd and giving instructions.]]
[center [size11 [b [#776d97 “On to other matters, does anyone have any plans for the festival tonight? I was personally planning on hunting down the rose gardens and spending it there – if anyone cared to join me. The invitation is open to all,”]] Xingshen guessed that Xaoi would be taking up that offer, he wasn’t totally sure what was going on with the two but he knew his sister well enough to know how she felt. Not that he cared, if she wanted to tell him she would, until then he’d leave the matter alone.]]
[center [size11 [b [#D30100 “My plans mostly consist of being inside, where it’s warm. But if you want to go freeze in the garden be my guest.”]]]]

[center [size10 [i 1. I was thinking Tiān Shi could be the Capital of Breyx.]]
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[center [pic https://i.imgur.com/9FAA6nE.gif]]
[i ‘His warm breath on her ear sent a shiver down her spine and started slow, weightless somersaults in her middle. Barely an inch of space separated their bodies. She sucked in air to calm her galloping heart. She should tell him to move. She definitely should. However, for some reason, she couldn’t remember why that was the right thing to do. His lips suddenly brushed her earlobe, the slid down the side of her neck, sending tingles racing over her skin. Heat swooped through her center.

When he reached the spot where her neck joined her shoulder, his tongue-’]
Suddenly, the novel was snatched out of her hands leaving them still molded into their once iron grip on her book. With wide golden eyes, Viviana looked up towards her brother who wore a face of indifference as he squinted his golden eyes while reading the delicious spot Vi had been on. Viviana watched through narrowed eyes as her older brothers mouth twisted in disgust. [b [#3b5998 “Give it back, Vaughn!‘]] She snapped, trying, no, willing her legs to grow just a little bit longer as she attempted to get her book back. Each jump leads to Vaughn holding the book higher. One hand was busy holding down the back of her skirt, while the over waved wildly in the air after her treasured novel. If it had been any old thing, she wouldn’t have minded. This one had been signed by the author [i and] had been a gift from the princess of Breyx.

[b [#3b5998 “Oof.”]] Viviana rubbed the spot between her ears briefly. In the limited amount of time, she reached out and snatched the book back from her older brothers grubby hands. [b [#3b5998 “You belong in the garbage.”]] She mumbled, wiping the invisible dust off of the old leather cover. A hand reached out, stopping short of touch the book. Vivina looked up, fully expecting to see her brothers disapproving face instead she looked upon a middle-aged woman who held no expression. [b [#3b5998 “Oh, right.”]] A feeling of dread built up in her stomach as she handed over her precious novel to the unnamed woman. Vi knew she wouldn’t be able to carry it with her when they went into the council's chambers, it had been explained along with the other hundred rules before they had stepped onto the platform. Viviana’s lips twisted into a small frown as she watched the woman disappear into the crowd of royals just a few feet away from them.

Just when she thought she was finally done with Vaughn, his monstrously large hand came down on her head, ruffling her hair and messing up her bangs. [b [#3b5998 “Why are you like this?”]] She grumbled, trying to fight her hair back into place. It had taken her a bit longer to get ready since she had woken up to find that a jar of honey had been poured into her hair. There was still some sticky strains that she hadn’t been able to get out in that morning's bath. That was the [i last] time, she would ever stay in the Owl kingdom. [b [#3b5998 “Ready, Cini?”]] Viviana asked, following after her brother, but where he went left, she went right. Truthfully, she had really wanted to greet the two Serpent siblings, but she had already spent several days travelling with her brother to the transportation platform and spending any more time with him by choice was [i not] something the younger Wolf was up for.

[right [pic http://i.imgur.com/5n1f2Vx.gif]] Much to her surprise, it was a lot harder to track the scent she had been after. A familiar backside came into her view, making that tail instantly begin to wag. A chorus of; “Hey, watch it, I never! and watch where you are going’ followed after the Wolf princess as she dashed through the crowd. Smacking everyone once or twice in her mad dash to the Fox prince. Small hands grabbed his free arm, pulling him into an odd circle dance as pure laughter rained from her lips, causing her to snort. [b [#3b5998 “Ace! Doyouknowhowlongitsbeen?! Months. MONTHS. I missed you! I brought the last sculpture that you made me, so I can think of you during the-”]] Words rushed out of her mouth and Viviana forced herself to stop as two strong familiar scents slammed into her. The other royals that had once been close to them had spread out to escape Viviana’s tail assault, giving them a wide circle of space. [b [#3b5998 “Hello, Xan! You look so cute today! Hello Xerries! You look like...you.. today.”]] Viviana’s hands let go of Augustus’ arm, drifting down to take the Fox’s princes hand in both of hers. Her tail thumped against Augustus leg steady as she shifted to stand next to him. The crowd around them shifting along with her.

[b [#3b5998 “How long have you guys been here? Someone in the Owl palace poured honey in my hair, so it took longer for us to get here. But they also put honey and feathers in Vaughns - he looked like an [i ugly] chicken.”]] Viviana happily rambled on about her honey experience. Her tail wagging so hard, that each movement sent her hips in the same direction making it look like the younger Wolf was doing an odd dance. [b [#3b5998 “Xan, are you going to decorate your antlers before the festival tonight? I could help you if you want.”]] She asked, mind already working out her festival route in her mind. [b [#3b5998 “Oh! Ace! Willyougowithmetothefestival? Unless you already have a date for you. I have-”]] She paused, wiggling her eyebrows suggestively towards the older Prince while she continued, [b [#3b5998 “things to talk about.”]]

[b “Ladies and gentlemen. We will open the doors of the castle within the hour. Once they are open, please slowly make your way into the crystal chambers.”] A sugary sweet voice drifted over the crowd while the wind shifted. Viviana’s ears went straight and her tail completely still as the scent she had been hunting earlier crossed her path.

[b [#3b5998 “I have to go!”]] Viviana gave Augustus hand a squeeze before quickly disappearing from the trio into the crowd. She could hear Ciri’s heavy footsteps growing further and further behind while the scent she was trailing grew stronger. Viviana’s tail went from a normal speed to ungodly the closer she got to her target. Unlike the Fox prince, this one had the misfortune to be facing towards her. Once close enough, without a sound, she lounged, burying her face in Loren's chest, knocking both of them to the ground from her force. [b [#3b5998 “Lorenlorenlorenlorenlorenloren!”]] She chanted, taking the opportunity to rub the tip of her nose with his. [b [#3b5998 “Hi.”]] She smiled brightly, tail almost invisible with the speed it was wagging. [b [#3b5998 “Hello, Liese.”]] She called to the Cat princess, not looking away from her prey. Vivianna could hear Vaughn's voice ringing in her ears; [i 'this is how those rumors of you two got started. Act like a princess. Make sure your skirt is down.'] The first part of that imaginary advice almost ruined the moment. However, she did comply with the second - for good measure too.
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[center [pic http://i.imgur.com/LZMzL7g.gif]][size11
The castle that stood before the Glass siblings was older than any bone left in the soil from the old war. Steadfast walls had been built for defense in an age that had been defined by jealousy, greed, and the lust for power. Past the giant iron gates that would have trapped would-be intruders, the sounds of the other heirs leaked out. This castle stood to inspire awe in a realm run on defense, royalty, to the title and social status. His mother and father had told them many stories of it when the two siblings were growing. However, Vaughn never expected to be in just shock of it.

Golden hues scanned the outside, the walls going on for miles. It was built to keep those inside safe and also to trap them. From what his parents had told him, the castle itself came to about four miles, two in each direction. When he was little, Vaan had thought such a castle to look silly. When faced with it, it looked eerier than his younger self could of ever imagine. The island itself was only eighty miles, once you reached the edge, nothing but never-ending seas and shape rocks greeted you all the way around. It would be impossible to run away unless one had the blessing of a water mammal. Vaughn looked to his sister to see if the majesty of the castle had affected her in the same way, however, he came to be disappointed to find her nose shoved into one of her foolish books.

[#776d97 [b “Vivianna.”]] No response. [#776d97 [b “Vi.vi.an.na.”]] He pronounced her name slowly with a little more volume. [#776d97 [b “Vivianna.”]] After the third time, Vaughn easily reached out and plucked the book from her little hands. Golden hues scanned the page that she had been reading, his mouth twisting in displeasure the further he went. The wolf prince held the book up a little higher whenever his sister's pitiful jumps came to close to touching the book. [#776d97 [b “This belongs in the garbage.”]] He stated finally, tapping the top of Viviana's head with the spine of the thick book. [#776d97 [b “Garbage.”]] Vaughn shook the book at her for less than a second before the tiny wolf princess snatched it away from him.

[b [#3b5998 “You belong in the garbage.”]] Vaughn couldn’t help but roll his eyes at the comeback. At least he wouldn’t have to worry about her getting into a serious verbal altercation with someone. Servants had been buzzing past them, taking their luggage away silently until all that was left on the transportation circle was the Glass siblings and Ciri. Vaughn’s golden hues glanced over at the mountain of a man that stood quietly behind the pair.

[left [pic http://i.imgur.com/1bk7zWQ.gif]] [#776d97 [b “Ciri.”]] Vaughn called, dipping his chin towards Viviana before continuing. [#776d97 [b “Make sure she doesn’t go to…”]] He trailed off, thinking of the right word to say about his sister. Luckily, Ciri fierce nod understanding completely where the older Glass sibling was coming from. [#776d97 [b “Thank you.”]] Ciri had been assigned as Viviana’s personal guard by his father two years ago after her epic love story had reached the king's ears. If anyone had to deal with his sister's shenanigans the most, it was his poor soul. [#776d97 [b “Behave.”]] He placed his large hand on Viviana’s head, messing up her bangs in the process before stepping off the platform and into the crowd. Judging by the masses, all one hundred and seventy-four kingdoms were already present.

It didn’t take the eldest Wolf long to find the group he was looking for. He had caught their scents the moment they had arrived on the island, the wind had been blowing in his favor. Casually, Vaughn walked up next to Alissa, placing his hand on the small of her back as watchful eyes of the other heirs glared in their directions. How it had gotten out that he had two engagements was beyond him. He had not told a soul about it and he had a feeling that his ‘Shimmer’ had let that tongue of hers dance to freely with another heir. [#776d97 [b “Alissa, Alister. I see you are doing well. Hopefully, your trip getting here was better than ours.”]] He gave Alissa a gentle side smile. It had been a few months since their last tea party, though he had sent her a package filled with several sketches and a few stuffed animals - more accurately stuffed ghosts. As soon as he came across them in a window display, he grabbed them. All seven of them.

[#776d97 [b “Xingshen, Adela, Xaoi.”]] Vaughn nodded to each of them in greeting. His ears twitched as he strained to hear just where Augustus had gone off too, but the number of people in the square had cancelled out any chance of the wolf prince placing him. [#776d97 [b “Did any of you have...problems with the Owl kingdom when you passed through?”]] There was no way of wording it nicely. The Glass siblings had stayed there, the night before since it had taken them almost two weeks to reach it. A mistake as both had woken up with hair filled with honey. [#776d97 [b “Or does anyone know their customs? As they seemed to think it is okay to put honey and feathers in peoples hair while they are sleeping.”]] Regardless of customs, Vaughn had already made plans to get them back for the mistreatment in the contest. It wouldn’t be hard to stage an ‘accident’ during one of the challenges. It was the one place that they could cause harm to one another.

[b “Ladies and gentlemen. We will open the doors of the castle within the hour. Once they are open, please slowly make your way into the crystal chambers.”] A sugary sweet voice drifted over the crowd, that had once roared with noise, now Vaughn could make out each person he had been looking for earlier.

[#776d97 [b “Beautiful.”]] Vaughn almost let out a sigh - but that would be inappropriate for him to do in front of the princesses. [#776d97 [b “On to other matters, does anyone have any plans for the festival tonight? I was personally planning on hunting down the rose gardens and spending it there - if anyone cared to join me. The invitation is open to all.”]] The New Year's festival was always the best and the worst in Vaughns opinion. The first half was a feast, followed by stall games and dances that were mostly done by children and his sister which carried on late into the night. When the moon was high, fireworks were fired into the dark sky. Most of the couples broke off to experience it together, making promises of their love for the next year. Those without loved ones normally gathering into groups and made promises about the upcoming year with them. Given his situation, being in a group sounded a lot less painful.
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