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[font 'Calibri' [center I'm so sorry this took so long ;;]]

"You certainly sound like you need help though," he said as he caught the bag and watched carefully as his amulet was tossed back to its original place. "Thank you for returning it instead of running with it. Its important to me." He grinned as he grabbed and carefully pocketed it. He watched as the would-be thief started to leave, hearing - then feeling with much anticipation and [i mmm] pretty sure he just shivered there - the thunder that shook the house. He lounged back on the bed, crossing his legs. "You wouldn't believe what all I could do with this," he said, holding up his whip.

"Aside from that, yes, you can stay until the storm passes. Can I interest you in a towel so you're not dripping all over my floor? Maybe some dry clothes? My house is your house. I don't mind sharing. Pretty sure...I have something that might fit you," he murmured as he went through not the wardrobe he had hidden in but a simple chest. Pulling out a few choices of loungewear. "Take your pick." Then he pulled some towels out of the adjoining bathroom.

He laid the choices out on the bed and moved out of the room, whip still in hand [i just in case] as well as his forgotten hot chocolate back to the kitchen. He poured it out - nobody likes microwaved hot chocolate after its been cold - and made two fresh cups. Shalius would have to figure out which room he could clean out, not that it wasn't...clean? It could be cleaner. Shalius couldn't help but laugh, he didn't even know the name of the guy attempting to rob him. He guessed he should check that if he was going to be staying there on and off.

"Got you some hot chocolate," he yelled into the other room. "I figured you might want something to warm you up." He sat the mugs down on the center table in the living room, another crash of thunder shaking the house. It was really coming down tonight.
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[font "calibri" Rhys couldn't believe his ears. Was the other tiefling actually believing his lie? He saw the other relax slightly, the once deadly anger now shifted away into something else. Rhys himself felt some of the tension in his body slowly unwind as the threat level lowered to a more manageable level.]

[font "calibri" When the bard tossed him something, he quickly caught it in his free hand and studied it. Gold? Not to mention a similar amulet to the one currently clutched in his other hand. With furrowed brows, Rhys tried to make sense of the situation. ]

[font "calibri" "Okay let me get this straight..." He started, pulling some of his scarf down from his face to be heard better. "You're just gonna give me this coin, which is a pretty fair amount, and then just offer to let me come back here?" He scoffed and tossed the first amulet onto the bed in its original place. "No offense to you, but is that really a good idea?"]

[font "calibri" The thief tossed the small bag up and down a few times, pondering his course of action. He didn't particularly care about the gold, but taking it wouldn't be a bad thing. He could give it to the real Myrion anyway in hopes of getting the other to try and better him for good or whatever it was he was always trying to do.]

[font "calibri" "Eh..." Rhys sighed heavily. Instead of pocking the bag, he tossed it back at the bard and shrugged. "Keep it. I might be a thief but I don't really need handouts. As for your other offer though, can't say its not up for consideration. You look like a fella who could keep a man entertained," He said slyly. ]

[font "calibri" After he did, however, another large clap of thunder hit, shaking the floors. Rhys groaned. He was already soaked from head to toe and going back out in the chilled rain sounded like torture. "I do hate to ask though, but would it be possible to wait out this storm here. I never did take kindly to the cold."]
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[center [font 'Calibri' It December 10th.]]

Could a day get longer? The offender very gently had pushed open his wardrobe - which Shalius had surely damaged flinging the door open the way he had - and stepped out, hands up. And there was his amulet, hanging limply from the fingers of the would-be thief. He went to attempting to study the face of the tiefling before him, but with the dark room only lit by the lightning outside and the hood over his head - curse him for not turning on the light when he ran in - it was difficult.

"Myrion?" he didn't personally know the name but it did help him calm down just a little bit at the explanation. There was nothing more to trust than a death order. They were fairly set in stone. And it made sense, no less. Shalius was a bard, and there were plenty who wanted bards dead. The name Myrion could easily fade into obscurity with the amount of people who wished for a dead bard. "Even if that plan would have worked, word gets around fast. Myrion would find out I was alive sooner than later and then both of our heads would be on the line. You don't need that," he said calmly, keeping his whip in one hand and kneeling down slowly to grab a small bag from underneath his bed. It sagged from the weight of coin, small but probably significant for someone so desperate.

He threw it over to the [albeit very hot] thief as well as another amulet, similar in shape, and reached out his hand slowly. "If you're so bad off, lie to Myrion and come back here to stay. Or you can just keep that money and never see me again. Or...well, my whip. Your choice."

Storm still raging, and Shalius more trusting and relaxed, he hoped there was little more to his day. He's never gotten an assassination order placed on him, so imagine his surprise that the first he ever got would be carried out by someone who didn't even like to kill!

[center [font 'Calibri' Merr December 10th.]]
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[font "calibri" At the sound of the door flying open, Rhys's heart began to pound loudly in his chest. It was incredibly painful, and he feared the sound might give him away. Never in all of his years of thievery had he messed up this badly. He took too long in a job that should have taken mere minutes to complete. Now he risked either attempting to kill his target- something he would rather not do, too messy- or bluffing his way out of this.]

[font "calibri" Rhys chose the second option.]

[font "calibri" He combed his brain, desperate to figure out a lie good enough to hopefully save his hide. At first, he considered saying he was trying to return the amulet after the Tiefling dropped it out in the streets, but judging by the anger behind the whip cracks, the other would definitely [i not] believe that. ]

[font "calibri" After a few precious moments, Rhys found his lie. It was a risky one, but it was the only one he could come up with that might give him a chance to escape. With a deep breath and chest full of pure dread, Rhys pulled his hood tighter around his face and quietly opened the door of the wardrobe.]

[font "calibri" "Alright, alright." He managed to rasp out, "Tone it down with the whip, will ya?" Stepping out of the shadows and into the room, he kept his hands raised. In one of them, he held the amulet he was about to get killed over. "I get that you're uh...kind of mad and all, but I ask that you let a poor guy explain." Eyes traced over the whip in the other's hands. In other situations this could be the start of a great time, but frankly Rhys didn't want that anywhere near him for fear of marring his face.]

[font "calibri" This is when Rhys began to lie through his teeth. He was quite good at it, so it prayed to whatever false gods there were that it would get him out of this mess. "Here's the deal. I was paid by a man named...Myrion, to come and kill you. See the thing is, killing really isn't my thing." It wasn't entirely a lie. He did know a Myrion, and he really did hate killing, so Rhys thought that might help his case.]

[font "calibri" "The deal was I had to bring back something close to you to prove you were really dead. Hence where you're little trinket here comes into play," he said, waving said object back and forth a bit. It was a good guess to assume the amulet was something the Tiefling always held on him and protected, judging his reaction to finding it missing. The lie was fairly believable.]

[font "calibri" "I didn't want to kill you," Rhys continued, "so I figured I could just snatch this from you and make Myrion believe you were dead, otherwise he might send someone a bit less...humane." Slowly, Rhys extended his hand with the amulet in his palm towards the other.]

[font "calibri" "Look I really don't want any trouble. I'm just a broke guy trying to feed his family, yeah?" He offered a nervous smile, praying the guy took the bait and he could book it out of here and be in the next town by morning. "I'll leave you be and tell Myrion you up and left and no one knows where you went, how about it?"]
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[center [font 'Calibri' It December 8th.]]

Long day. Maybe the longest he has had in a while since moving back to the city. The clouds had begun to gather in the sky, threatening a downpour like no other. Shalius had run the whole way home, bag hitting his hip with each bounce in his step, hoping to avoid the rain. Luckily, nothing seemed to happen before he reached the awning of the houses. It'd be later, then, when the clouds would decide to open.

Shalius pulled bag from around his neck once he got inside the housing he lived in and began unstrapping his armor as he made his way up the stairs, removing his shoes in the entryway so he might be able to clean them later [though he would never get to that point because he was lazy.]

The room he entered was the main living area where he spent most of his time writing and playing music. He passed it quickly, eager to start playing as soon as possible, and moved down the hallway to his bedroom. The armor practically slid off his body and onto the floor. He carefully started removing the amulet from his belt. Shalius examined it gently as he pressed it into the palm of his hand. No scratches, but a little more wear. He had gotten it long ago, it was to be expected. He laid it on the end of the bed, on top of the clothes he'd be wearing tomorrow. He moved to the bathroom afterwards to check his hair, rebraiding it to the side now that work had thoroughly mussed it.

And finally, after returning to the living room, he sat down with his lute and began playing.

Hours later, the downpour began. He had heard the crack of the sky and moved to look out the window as rain began pelting the window hard and fast. He took the opportunity to quickly begin composing a tune to the beat of the rain, the thunder, and the flashes of soft lightning soon to follow. Over the sound, it was hard to hear anything else. And when he finally put down his lute, he grabbed a mug of hot tea and moved back to his bedroom to lie down and sleep.

Well how could he when he heard an offending sound as he approached the door? He hastily swung the door open, it banging against the wardrobe that was next to it, and began looking around. The window was open, rain staining the sill and dampening the carpet. He ran over and leered out before shutting it tight and looking around the room once again. He immediately noticed the absence of his amulet.

It was an understatement to say he was angry at whoever had taken it, for the instant he noticed the amulet was gone, the whip on his belt was out. Whoever had come in surely had no time to get out. He snapped the cord tightly, making a sharp sound in warning. "Give it back," his voice was raised, and if the storm wasn't ominous enough, Shalius made sure to make a show that he wasn't going to let the thief leave without a fight. Specifically by casting the whip against the wall, another crack. Another threat.

[center [font 'Calibri' Merr December 8th.]]
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[font "calibri" //u get this picture while I draw Rice//]

[font "calibri" It was raining that night; the rain bounced off the rooftops and drowned out all other sounds. It was the perfect time for a theft, the sound of rain and thunder masking footsteps upon the roof. A figure crept carefully along the loose shingles, not wanting to risk a tumble into the alley below.]

[font "calibri" Rhys pulled his hood closer around his face to block the cold water that was falling harshly around him. Gritting his teeth, he made his way towards his target, a small window at the end of the alley. Earlier in the day he witnessed another Tiefling, a bard by the looks of it, enter the building but never exit. Rhys had spotted an amulet among the mans possessions, and he decided that he wanted it for himself.]

[font "calibri" There was really no reason for him to decide to steal from this stranger. He didn't seem particularly wealthy, nor was he someone of great importance from what Rhys could tell. No, the only reason the Tiefling had for robbing the other was simply because he wanted to. He liked taking precious objects from others and watch as they lamented at their loss. The gold he could get was only a plus, but he often didn't keep it for himself. He instead sent it back to his brother back home. A sort of olive branch after an incident in the past.]

[font "calibri" Rhys reached the end of the rooftop, and carefully lowered himself off the edge towards the window. Thankfully, it was dark inside, and there was no sign of movement. In fact, the room was completely empty, save for a few belongings here and there. [i Perfect,] he thought. Hopefully what he wanted was in the room and this job would be a breeze. He managed to get the window open without any trouble and quickly slipped inside.]

[font "calibri" Peering around, Rhys noticed the other's clothing laid neatly out on the bed, the amulet he was after tucked neatly on top. [i Too easy.] He reached out and grabbed the item, peering at it curiously. It was nothing special, as far as he could tell, but still he wanted it for himself. ]

[font "calibri" While he was busy looking at the piece, he realized he heard footsteps right outside of the room. Rhys realized he didn't have enough time to get out of the window, so in a panic, he threw himself into the open wardrobe next to the door, cursing himself for not being more careful.]
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