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Centuries ago, there stood two prosperous kingdoms, divided by the Eternal Forest, a forest filled with thick brush and tall trees that it proposed problems for travelers. On one side of the forest was the kingdom of Aralean. Reknown for its schools and vast amount of wealth the kingdom was peaceful, and the people adored their ruler, king Christopher. He was a fair man and a good king, who always showed hospitality towards all rulers in nearby kingdoms. On the other side of the forest was the kingdom of Omedia. Known for its advanced army and military state, the people worshipped their ruler, king David. Although strict and short tempered, David was a fair king, and respected nobles he saw as equals.

For years the two kingdoms lived in harmony, supporting each other. Over time Christopher and David became good friends, and helped each other when it was needed. However, one night at a neighboring kingdom for a royal birthday party, both Christopher and David met and fell in love with princess Isabella. At the tender age of eighteen, Isabella was ready to be married and set her sights on Christopher and David.

Both men proceeded to seduce her, unknown to the other that they were both after the same woman. Isabella thought long and hard on who she should marry. After deciding that she could not continued to play with the hearts of the two of them, she chose Christopher over David. Feeling guilty, she wrote David a letter, explaining her decision to marry Christopher over him. Anger and betrayed by the woman he loved, and his friend, David broke all ties to Aralean. Christopher tried talking some sense into David, but he would not listen. Soon war was declared.

Although Omedian had a stronger military, Aralean had an army that was strong enough to hold back David's army. As years went by, the war raged on as neither kingdom would fall to the other. The war continued long after Christopher and David's rule. The war soon became something that would be inherited with each new rule.

200 years have passed, and the war continues. While the two kingdoms still stand strong, the years of war has cost dearly. The death toll of Omedian and Aralean soldiers, as well as Aralean citizens, continues to grow as the Omedian army has slowly made its way towards the capital, where the castle of the royal family is. Although the Omedian army will be retreating back to Omedian soon to help with the gathering of crops, as well as rebuild its army, king Francis has decided not to risk it, and has planned to move the royal family to a safer place.

This is where the story begins.
You will play the crown Prince of Omedia, who is leading the battle. While your army is battling the Aralean army, you slip through the battle line with some soldiers and make your way to the castle. Your goal? Kidnap king Francis's heir, and only child, princess Rosalie. With you holding the princess captive, you plan to make Francis surrender and take Aralean for the win. However, that fails when Francis refuses to surrender. Now you're stuck figuring out how to claim Aralean, and what to with the princess.

-this will be a mature and literate rp. Swearing is fine. Since it revolves around war, expect there to be gore death. No instant love. This ks not a masterxslave rp. If it gets intense then either timeskip or take it elsewhere.
- anime pictures, please
- since it will be literate, please watch your grammar and spelling. I understand mistakes from time to time, so no worries.
- try and post at least 1000 characters. I understand writer's block, but please don't give me nothing to work with.
- post at least twice a week. I understand being busy, and having a life. If you can't post, let me know or else I'll think you ditched.
- if you have any ideas, let me know. I'm always willing to hear ideas to help improve the rp, or make things better for the both of us.
-if you decide to leave, please tell me.
- pm a writing sample when asking to join

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The city seemed empty, abandoned. Mal even saw a few doors that had been left open. The soldiers were going to have a field day looting the city if they stayed too long. With a slow calming breath, he continued towards the castle. It was still the dead of night and the soldiers were still far enough away from the city that he was sure he had a few hours before any of the fighting drew too close.

Reaching the castle grounds, the first thing he checked was the gate. It looked unguarded but it was also out in the open. If anyone was watching, they'd easily see him approaching and could shoot him down from the castle walls. Deciding that wasn't the best course to take, he began to circle around the grounds, quietly looking for a way in. Eventually he spotted a knight from where he was hiding and he saw where the knight had come from, an archway into a garden like courtyard. Quickly, Mal slipped into the garden and scaled the ivy covered walls to the first balcony he could reach. Trying the door, he found it locked and he laid down hearing the steps of a knight coming back.

There was a second balcony that he could jump to once the patrolling knight passed he just had to wait. It wasn’t more than a minute later when he was able to move again that he got other to the other balcony and found the doors unlocked. [i Finally.] He thought entering the dark bedroom and creeping half way through to the door before he noticed someone in the bed. There were people still here. Well of course there were still people here, the knights had proved it, but Mal didn’t expect there to be [b important] people still here. Who was she? A noble? A lady in waiting? One of the Aralean royals?! He didn’t know and didn’t want to risk waking her up to find out.

Quietly hurrying over to the door, he unlocked it and peeked out into the hall, nearly opening the door right behind two knights, both in full armor, apparently there guarding this woman and waiting for the order to come for them to leave. Neither of them noticed Mal and he silently shut the door again, turning the quietly lock so it was back in place and looking towards the figure in bed. Yeah she had to be someone important with capable protection like that. But sadly they were unaware that an enemy was already in the castle walls. But he couldn’t leave the room, not unless he wanted to draw everyone in the castle to him by breaking a window or trying to best a knight. He’d just have to see if he could figure out who this woman was and if she would be of any use to leave or take. Luckily she hadn’t woken up yet and hopefully she wouldn’t while he was still there.

She had a desk with a few papers scattered about next to the balcony doors so Mal walked, skimming over the words in the dark. That’s where he found her name and knew exactly who this woman was. [i The Princess, Princess Rosalie. Why the hell is she still here?] Glancing back towards her, the options of success in his mission became slimmer and slimmer and he sighed, settling on one of the final options. [i I should take her. There isn’t any way for me to quickly get into another part of the castle to search before the warring gets too close. So I might as well…] Readying the coils of rope he had specifically for tethering extra horses and now was being used for a less proper use, Mal quickly moved onto her bed, clasping a hand firmly over her mouth as she woke from the movement next to her. “[+16bb24 Quiet!]” He hissed in a low hurried voice and his other hand quickly bound her wrists, pulling her up into a sitting position a little roughly.

“[+16bb24 I apologize for the rude awakening your highness. But as of now you are relieved of your royal obligations.]” He then leaned close to intimidate her, adding in a low voice. “[+16bb24 You are now a prisoner of the Omedian army and if you try anything, I’m going to pull out your tongue, Got it?!]” Mal honestly wasn’t going to hurt her, he just wanted to scare the Aralean princess into cooperating so he could get away and back across the front line with her. He pulled her from the bed once he saw her nod, and he lead her over to the balcony, checking to make sure the coast was clear and forcing her out. “[+16bb24 Not a word, princess.]” He warned her again and tied a part of the length of rope to the railing, not trusting the ivy to hold both of their weight. After that he picked her up and scaled down the walls, reaching the bottom and hurrying her towards the garden exit. Rounding the corner they came face to face with one of the patrolling knights and out of reflect, Mal drew his sword and lashed out fast, cutting the man down without him uttering a word.

[i Shit.] He thought, hearing Rosalie gasping at the sight, but he still didn’t give her a chance to scream. Taking a hold of her bound hands, the young Omedian prince ran with his prisoner, bolting through the nearly abandoned city to where he left his horse on the forested ridge high above the city. Now he just had to get far enough away with her before the company of knights assigned to protect her found the dead knight, rope he’d left on the balcony, and their princess gone from her bed.
  Mal, Prince Mallory / BBJ / 141d 23h 53m 46s

Footsteps echoed through the empty hall as Princess Rosalie made her way back to her room. She had heard word earlier that day that a village had been attacked earlier that day, killing nearly everyone. Her father, the king, decided it would be better that he and her family be moved away from the castle to a safer location, since the enemies army was slowly advancing even though the walls of the castle had never been broken through and was probably the safest place in the entire kingdom. Her parents and most of the guards had left earlier that day with all the important treasures and documents towards the safe space. Rosalie and her company were the only ones remaining and would be leaving in the morning. However she didn't really want to leave. She wanted to do something about this, but knew there was nothing a princess like her could do.

Rosalie's heart broke hearing about the lives lost and the families torn apart due to the war. The war for Aralean had been going on for years, during her great grandfather's rule. It had been a problem that her grandfather inherited, her father had inherited and, if it did not end, she would inherit.

Walking down the hall she pondered the situation. She knew of the story behind the start of the war. The story of the two kings and a girl. Her great grandparents story against the king of Omedia. It had all started because the Omedia king could not handle the rejection. Still she wondered if her great grandmother had chosen her other suitor, would there still be a war? Uneased she tried to kick the thought out of her mind.

Once in her room, Rosalie walked out to her balcony and looked out at the view. Once a beautiful sight to look at, she could only see the destruction that the war had brought. [i It's only going to get worse before it gets any better.] With a sad sigh, Rosalie pushed some strands of her long violet hair out of her face; her hazel eyes clouded with sadness.

Tears fell down Rosalie's cheeks as she saw the black smoke fill the air, covering the black sky around her. People were fleeing the kingdom, hoping the escape the cruel fate that others had faced. Feeling sick, she walked back into her room and sat on the edge of her bed. Her mother and father were gone, most of the servants and their families as well, leaving just Rosalie and a handful of knights that were to safety take Rosalie to the secured location. As her father's only heir, he took no precautions ensuring her safety. [i Is that going to be enough though?] She had to wonder if her father was making the right decision at all.

There was a knock at the door and Rosalie turned to see a knight enter her room to inform her that they would be leaving early in the morning. Once he left Rosalie sighed a bit. Prepping herself for bed she silently prayed for a solution to end this godforsaken war already. Climbing into bed she laid there for a while before, eventually, drifting off to sleep.
  Rosalie / Poison_Ivy / 176d 18h 18m 16s
Two voices shouted back and forth at each other, one full of venom, the other, strained and exhausted. But neither one was going to yield. The attacker was the only princess of Omedia. Lilit, and her bitter words chased after her younger brother, Mal. He was about to leave the city to go fight in the 200 year old war, and she wasn’t going to let him leave without lashing him with her words.

“[+16bb24 Damn it Lilit. You don’t know what your talking about.]” Mal tired scowl held as he finally had enough of his sister’s shouting. Hoping she’d just let him leave, he turned way, beginning to stalk out of the castle when Lilit’s sharp voice snapped,

“[+orange [i Mallory!] You wretched little credent! Stay where you are! I said I know, and I do. You can’t make yourself kill them, man or child. And there will be children soldiers that you will face where you are going.]” This promise made him stop, standing still with his back still turned to the wicked princess who was now sneering at him. “[+orange It’s because you are weak, Mallory. You may have been named after a dead prophet but you are nothing special.]” With tightened fists, Mal turned back to face his sister, giving her a hardened look like he was considering walking over and striking her. But they both knew he would do no such thing.

“[+orange You are no great ruler,]” She continued slyly. “[+orange Or even a good warrior. You are weak, Mallory. And you are no king of mine.]” With gritted teeth, he turned away, feeling her gaze on his back as he stalked away.

These memories echoed in his mind as he crept along a forested ridge above an Aralean city. But it wasn't just any city. It was the Aralean capital. He’d managed to slip past the fighting and soon had a birds eye view of the evacuating city. On the far side of the city from where he was stood the castle, where the Aralean Royal family would be if they hadn’t escaped already. He didn’t know what he would do if he came face to face with any of the Aralean leaders, but he did know that they would be escaping with their lives, not paying any mind to the important documents that were going to be left behind. That is what he was after and he tried to keep that in mind as he slipped down from the forest and into the city.
  Mal, Prince Mallory / BBJ / 265d 2h 10m 20s

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