The Art of War

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Centuries ago, there stood two prosperous kingdoms, divided by the Eternal Forest, a forest filled with thick brush and tall trees that it proposed problems for travelers. On one side of the forest was the kingdom of Aralean. Reknown for its schools and vast amount of wealth the kingdom was peaceful, and the people adored their ruler, king Christopher. He was a fair man and a good king, who always showed hospitality towards all rulers in nearby kingdoms. On the other side of the forest was the kingdom of Omedia. Known for its advanced army and military state, the people worshipped their ruler, king David. Although strict and short tempered, David was a fair king, and respected nobles he saw as equals.

For years the two kingdoms lived in harmony, supporting each other. Over time Christopher and David became good friends, and helped each other when it was needed. However, one night at a neighboring kingdom for a royal birthday party, both Christopher and David met and fell in love with princess Isabella. At the tender age of eighteen, Isabella was ready to be married and set her sights on Christopher and David.

Both men proceeded to seduce her, unknown to the other that they were both after the same woman. Isabella thought long and hard on who she should marry. After deciding that she could not continued to play with the hearts of the two of them, she chose Christopher over David. Feeling guilty, she wrote David a letter, explaining her decision to marry Christopher over him. Anger and betrayed by the woman he loved, and his friend, David broke all ties to Aralean. Christopher tried talking some sense into David, but he would not listen. Soon war was declared.

Although Omedian had a stronger military, Aralean had an army that was strong enough to hold back David's army. As years went by, the war raged on as neither kingdom would fall to the other. The war continued long after Christopher and David's rule. The war soon became something that would be inherited with each new rule.

200 years have passed, and the war continues. While the two kingdoms still stand strong, the years of war has cost dearly. The death toll of Omedian and Aralean soldiers, as well as Aralean citizens, continues to grow as the Omedian army has slowly made its way towards the capital, where the castle of the royal family is. Although the Omedian army will be retreating back to Omedian soon to help with the gathering of crops, as well as rebuild its army, king Francis has decided not to risk it, and has planned to move the royal family to a safer place.

This is where the story begins.
You will play the crown Prince of Omedia, who is leading the battle. While your army is battling the Aralean army, you slip through the battle line with some soldiers and make your way to the castle. Your goal? Kidnap king Francis's heir, and only child, princess Rosalie. With you holding the princess captive, you plan to make Francis surrender and take Aralean for the win. However, that fails when Francis refuses to surrender. Now you're stuck figuring out how to claim Aralean, and what to with the princess.

-this will be a mature and literate rp. Swearing is fine. Since it revolves around war, expect there to be gore death. No instant love. This ks not a masterxslave rp. If it gets intense then either timeskip or take it elsewhere.
- anime pictures, please
- since it will be literate, please watch your grammar and spelling. I understand mistakes from time to time, so no worries.
- try and post at least 1000 characters. I understand writer's block, but please don't give me nothing to work with.
- post at least twice a week. I understand being busy, and having a life. If you can't post, let me know or else I'll think you ditched.
- if you have any ideas, let me know. I'm always willing to hear ideas to help improve the rp, or make things better for the both of us.
-if you decide to leave, please tell me.
- pm a writing sample when asking to join

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Inside the carriage, Rosalie felt the movement from outside and knew they were on the move. She stared down at her necklace. Deep down she wondered if this war would ever end. Just how could a war that had been around for centuries come to an end? It seemed so unlikely to her. Sitting up, she clasped the chain of the necklace around her neck and let go of the pendant. Sitting back and closing her eyes, Rosalie laid her head back and waited for some word that they would be at the hideaway castle soon.

No more then a few minutes must have passed before a loud noise caught her attention. Sitting up in her seat, just as the carriage came to a halt, Rosalie was thrown onto the floor. Using one of the seats for support she sat up pressed her body against the door of the carriage. The noises outside were loud, and she could make out the sounds of horses whining, swords clashing and men fighting with each other. "Get the princess to safety" she could hear one of the knights say. Holding her breath, Rosalie was unsure of what to do. She had no weapon or any way of knowing just how many enemy soldiers there were. Stepping away from the door, she realized that she was now stuck in the middle of a dire situation.
  Poison_Ivy / 10d 22h 16m 22s
James hovered for a moment watching the woman leave, his gaze slid across her smaller frame in a way that was praising but rather assessing. She was smaller then him and this should make her easy to handle and so far it seemed she had no weapons on her, what an easy prey.

They took their leave and he let her lead the way to the carriage finding himself unable to recall how to actually get there on his own. Direction was not something he was gifted with. He held the door open for her but his gaze wasn't on the prize but the other men maundering about who where now taking interest in the princess who was leaving. He hurried before anyone could ask their questions, he had to get moving. Already he could see two of the men moving to take position at the back of the carriage to follow them out. He frowned as he climbed into the seat, now he had to get rid of them but a good bump should send them flying.

The gates where pulled apart and onward into the night they would go and the first few minutes would be fine until there was a battle cry from his left and right. James let out a cuss having not expected his men to be so close, he was going to try and route around the attack but now a small band was upon them. They dove down blocking the path of the carriage cutting out the line holding the team of horses. The carriage came to a brutal halt throwing him onto his feet. His sword was out flashing in the moonlight as it shielded him against the sword of his own man.

Frustration filled him, there was no proving he was their lord and prince, not after giving the rat his ring now he would have to defend himself against his men and still get the princess out of there all in one piece. Things had become far more complicated.
  Foreveryoung / 45d 23h 10m 38s
Hearing a knock at the door, Rosalie walked back into the room and allowed whoever was there to come in. Seeing it was just a guard, she nodded in agreement when he told her they had to leave. She almost didn't want to go. It felt wrong to abandon their home when the kingdom needed them. "Alright, I'll be out soon. Let me just grab something" she said as she headed for her nightstand. Opening the drawer, she took out a small box. Inside was a necklace with a pendant that had the royal finely engraved onto it. The necklace itself had been specially made after Rosalie had been born, and she took it with her every time she left the castle.

Holding it in her hands she turned to the guard. "Alright, let's go" she said, following him out of the room. She didn't worry about packing any other possessions, because she knew that there would be clothes and other things at the safe location. Following the guard through the castle, Rosalie knew there was a carriage waiting for her. Looking around as they walked through, no one seemed around. The staff had either fled at the news of the enemy advancing closer or had traveled with her parents prior to ensure the new location would be ready for her. The only people around seemed to be a few guards to defend the castle it need be. Going out to the carriage area, one of the guards helped her inside and shut the door. Sitting there alone, Rosalie looked at the necklace in her hands. It seemed as though this nightmare would never end no matter where she went.
  Rosalie / Poison_Ivy / 47d 2h 35m 26s
James knew his father would not be pleased the thought crossed his mind as he stood by the servant door. At least he wasn't trying to scale the walls and take out the guard men himself. He had gone the smart route, he found a mole who wanted to be on the winning side and the winning side was Omedia's side.

The door swung open and a small ugly man stood there peering at the prince as if trying to access if he was trustworthy but all James had to do was smile and hold up a purse full of coins, money could make anyone waiver. The man would snatch it from his hands and peer at the contents before glancing back at him.

"when your men invade how will they know not to attack me," the little man demanded making James sigh lightly as he removed the only ring he wore from his finger.

"Here when the men arrive show them this, they will know you are friend to Omedia," he informed. He decided it was best not to tell the scheming rodent that was a royal seal on a royal ring. He had also made sure not to inform the man that it was the sole heir to the Omedia throne that was sneaking into the castle, he felt the man was only loyal to the money and he would be just as sweet a prize as the princess.

The man reached behind the door and grabbed the uniform that would be his. He shoved it as James who understood there was no time for chatter. James quickly dressed is the uniform Aralean guard. He was lead to the princess bedroom and then left alone. The rest was him now.

He knocked at the door, waiting a moment to be allowed entrance before stepping in. The helmet covered his copper hair but his golden gaze shined through as he took in the princess so innocent and unknowing before him.

"Princess we have to go now, the enemy is descending upon the city. Not yet but they would sooner then later. He personally wanted to avoid any more blood shed and that was why he was going this route. He was kidnap the princess and hold her for ransom, the war would end and life would be good.
  Lucilia Fang / Foreveryoung / 51d 7h 25m 42s
Footsteps echoed through the empty hall as Princess Rosalie made her way back to her room. She had heard word earlier that day that a village had been attacked earlier that day, killing nearly everyone. Her father, the king, decided it would be better that he and her family be moved away from the castle to a safer location, since the enemies army was slowly advancing, even though the walls of the castle had never been broken through and was probably the safest place in the entire kingdom. Rosalie and her company were the only ones remaining and would be leaving soon.

Rosalie's heart broke hearing about the lives lost and the families torn apart due to the war. The war for Aralean had been going on for years, during her great grandfather's rule. It had been a problem that her grandfather inherited, her father had inhertied and, if it did not end, she would inherit.

Once in her room, Rosalie walked out to her balcony and looked out at the view. Once a beautiful sight to look at, she could only see the destruction that the war had brought. It's only going to get worse before it gets any better. With a sad sigh, Rosalie pushed some strands of her long violet hair out of her face; her hazel eyes clouded with sadness.
  Rosalie / Poison_Ivy / 54d 18h 57m 19s

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