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"It nothing." He said walking behind everyone and taking time to think about there next plan. As they need to keep on the move but also find food for everyone. He need to find a way to do this and it would take time. Time he didn't have.
  Ryker / Mended / 244d 49m 54s
Arya stood up with his help and nodded. "Thank you." She softly said as she smiled slightly. She glanced at the other wondering what their thinking about all of this. She didn't care as long as she got food and water at the end of this journey. "I'm okay with walking.." She said pulling away from him as she started walking with the others.
  Arya / Angel_love94 / 247d 13m 45s
"No it fine we have to slow down anyways for Hans injury." Ryker said helping her up and leading the walk. "Plus it not right to just leave some one out here all alone.
  Ryker / Mended / 247d 27m 53s
" If I'm going to hold you back I don't have to come with you.. I'm sure i can find my way somewhere." Arya said not wanting them to slow down just for her.
  Freya / Angel_love94 / 249d 44m 24s
Ryker thought about it for a minute. "Until a little before sun down. We would have made it quicker but i don't think you will be able to keep our pace so we will have to slow it down a bit." He said looking at how tired and unhealthily she looked.
  Ryker / Mended / 252d 57m 34s
Arya nodded and took a few sips of the water and a few bites of the food She wanted more but knew that she had to listen to him and slowly take her time. " So how long do we have to walk?" She asked looking around a bit.
  Arya / Angel_love94 / 258d 1h 4m 58s
Nodding Ryker pulled out the last of his food and handing it to her. It wasn’t much but it would have last him another day. Taking back his other canteen he handed her his other one and said. "Drink slow as it is the only water we have until the lake about 15 miles up the road." He stood up and offered his hand.
  Ryker / Mended / 293d 22h 30m 11s

Arya looked at him taking a risk and trusting him. " Okay..." She said knowing that food and water was where he was taking her. " Can I have more food and water.. I really have been with out for days."
  Arya / Angel_love94 / 306d 49m 2s
He let out a small laugh. “It fine. We have some more but not a lot.” He explained. He looked at the other two. They both looked around making sure no one would attack them again. “We are headed back to fatherland and that America taging alone until we find someone from his unit. It safer if you come with us.”
  Ryker / Mended / 309d 30m 15s
Arya took the water and chugged it in seconds she was so thirsty and looked at the food and scuffed it down. She looked at him and turned her head wiping her mouth. "I'm sorry I haven't had food and water for a few days." She told them. Arya glanced at him and then to the others. "What now.." asking them not sure what they would do with her.
  Arya / Angel_love94 / 310d 1h 52m 25s
“You don’t look so well Do feel alright.” He asked reaching for something on his belt. He pulled out his canteen that was still about half full. “Here drinks some water.” He then pulled out a his lunch rations. “You should eat too.”
  Ryker / Mended / 310d 3h 42m 24s
"No Im far away from home.." Arya said and sat down feeling a little light headed. She been with out water and food for a few days now.
  Arya / Angel_love94 / 310d 23h 41m 17s
“We are both from German yes but he was part of the SS or the nazi party. I fight with the Wehrmacht. We and the Nazi have never liked each other and what they tried to do was unspeakable. I had do deal with them.” He explained. His eyes where gentle but ferm. The eyes of a man who away was in control his action. “You have a very lovely name Arya. I guessing you aren’t from the fatherland by the way I scare you.
  Ryker / Mended / 310d 23h 46m 49s
" Arya... My name is Arya.." She said looking into his eyes. "Why did you shoot those men.. arent you on the same side?" She asked confused
  Arya / Angel_love94 / 310d 23h 54m 15s
Ryker singled for the other two to stop moving. “I’m not going to hurt you I promise.” He said showing his open hands. “I just want to help you.”
  Ryker / Mended / 310d 23h 58m 18s

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