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[center [font "Letter" This takes place in World War II.

Lt. Colonel was abandoned by his own Platoon during the bombing of the small German town. His platoon left him because he was buried beneath the ruble of the explosion assuming he was dead they left with no return.

After His men left it seemed that the German army had come searching through the ruble to see if they could find anyone or anything left behind by the American Army. That is when they found the Lt. Colonel took him into their custody.

They tortured him trying to get information out of him for three months straight but it was useless even though he was beaten senseless and tortured he would never give up anything related to the American Army.

While his imprisonment for 3 months all he could think about was the man that he loved waiting for him back home. of course their relationship was secret due to no one accepting two men together anywhere in the world. His companion was able to avoid joining due to being enrolled in college.

After the long three months in captivity the American Army raided the bunker finding Evans sending him home the day of his funeral he limped being helped by two other officers.

What will happen when everyone sees him home alive.


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Ryan Evans

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A small snort was all David managed to give Ryan when he said he couldn't stay dead. David was afraid to really speak right now. He didn't know what was going to come out of his mouth. One very likely thing to happen would be his cursing Ryan to hell and back for his heroic tendencies or just word vomit followed by tears. Neither of those things he wanted to do especially with an audience. So instead he remained mostly silent.

“I'll be over once I grab my medkit,” He managed out when Ryan asked about him staying the night. There went his plans but he wasn't going to complain too much. Drinking and crying could be reserved for a later date. Plus it kept his sister off his back because since he returned home she had been buzzing around him. Speaking of his sister, Gabriella, finally managed to make her way through the crowd and pressed herself up against David's side.

“Mom and I drove in together but she can ride with Nicola and Luisa seeing how you walked here,” She softly said as they watched Ryan make his exit. She could feel David move to help Ryan and Mrs. Evans but Edwin was faster. “Mom are you okay with riding with Nicola and Luisa?” She asked before David could even speak.

Maria looked up at two of her five children and gave a faint smile. “Of course darling. I was going to have you stop by the weapons plant to pick up Beatrice but that would delay David way too long. Going with your sisters actually works out well,” She said as she left her spot and came up to the two oldest of her children. She cupped David's cheek in her hand and pulled his head down so she could place a kiss on his cheek. “Its okay to cry,” she whispered to him before kissing her daughter's cheek. Once she was done she looped her arms with her other two children and they began to make their way out.

David took a deep breath after his mother left. “Come on. We better go. I don't want Ryan to be in pain much longer. Whoever thought it was a good idea for him to be walking needs a nice long talking to,” He said to his sister.

The two of them made the quick journey to the truck that use to be his and was now Gabriella's. Once inside David let the cool and collected exterior crumble just a little. “He's alive Gabby,” he muttered as he rested his head in his hands. A small tear managed to make its way out as a short laugh did too. “Fuck I really want to punch him and then kiss him.”

Gabby let out a soft laugh as she patted David on the back and began to drive off. “Don't punch him. Now that he is home are you going to be in a better mood?” She asked.

All Gabriella received was a side glare as David spent the rest of the drive folded into himself. Once they were back at the apartment his collected facade returned in full force. He didn't even wait for his sister to get out of the car and instead made his way up the steps rapidly. It took him little to no time to find what had been his fieldkit and to change out of uniform and into something he was willing to dirty with some blood. When he was done he returned down the stairs to see his sister patiently waiting for him against the truck.

The drive to the Evans' household seemed to take forever. To busy himself David went through the kit to make sure he had everything he needed. Thankfully the still bloodstained kit was restocked and ready for nearly everything. The only thing he wouldn't be able to do was perform an amputation but that was probably not needed at all when it came to Ryan. That would have just been overkill.

The dirt road and part of the yard was filled to the brim with car. Everyone wanted to know how it was possible that Ryan was back as well as give some support to the family. David was able to ignore everyone in the crowd of people as he pushed his way into the familiar home. “Mrs. Evans I'm going to check on Ryan,” He called out over the loud buzz of conversation. He could see Mrs. Evans but she was currently surrounded by a mass of people. With his presence known he made his way up the stairs and to the very familiar room.

David only knocked once before coming into the room. The first thing David noticed was the uniform on the floor followed by the fact that it was covered in blood. “You pushed yourself too hard,” he said as he closed the door and locked it so no one would bother them. David looked up on the floor and finally looked at Ryan. The injuries were much worse than David had expected.

Making his way over to the bed David gently sat down on it and laid his kit on the nightstand. “I only have a little bit of morphine in my kit for the pain. Did they give you anything for the pain? If not I'll see what I can get.” He asked. All David wanted to do was kiss the man senselessly but business needed to be done first. Opening his kit he pulled out the small pack of morphine and uncapped the needle. He then proceeded to take Ryan's arm and gently turn his inner arm towards him. For a short second he caressed the skin beneath his fingers before pushing the needle into the vein in his inner arm. David pushed on the tubing to release the drug and sat there for a few seconds to let all of it release. After the last drop of morphine was administered he set the pack to the side and looked over Ryan's chest and legs.

“Ryan, why did you insist on walking? You shouldn't have even been allowed to leave your bed with how many wounds you have. Some of these are rather serious too,” He said, his voice starting to falter a little. Seeing Ryan in this state bothered him a bit. With one last glance at the wounds he got up and grabbed some peroxide and cotton balls from his kit. “This is going to sting,” David added as he started to unbandage and disinfect the wounds. The whole time he remained silent and just went through the motions of undoing the bandages, disinfecting the wounds, and putting clean dressing on them. Once he was done he had a considerable large amount of waste he needed to get rid of but he would worry about that later. “I don't want you moving around too much for at least a weak. You should be resting.”

David sat back down on the bed and rested a hand on an uninjured part of Ryan's chest. “I'm glad you are alive.” He softly said as he looked at the man he loved way too much. He was extremely happy that Ryan was safe and at home for now. So happy he could feel a few tears escaping but it was just Ryan. Ryan was one of the few people allowed to see him cry.
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[center [font “letter” Ryan held onto his mother holding back the tears the corporal still behind him watching the others who watched in shock. The blonde only broke contact with his mother when David had approached them. [#808000 “You should know better, I cant stay dead too long I have a couple people I have to take care of.”] he laughed but then began to cough.

[#808000 “Fuck, sorry mom excuses my language. Come lets just go to the house I’m sure you have a bunch of food prepared. Let’s take all these fine folks home and celebrate life.”] He stood up straight holding onto his mother his right arm wrapped around her waist his head turning to the younger Corporal. [#808000 “You join us before you leave ya.”]

[b “No I’m sorry Sir, forgive me but I was just assigned to bring you home and come back they are shipping me out next week so I wish to spend time with my Wife and family before I leave. Ma’am, Sir. I must excuse myself.”] He saluted Ryan and the Lt. Colonel stood at attention saluting back before coughing some more holding his side.

[#808000 Go spend as much time as you can with them. I properly relieve you. As I am wanting to spend as much time as I can with mine before I am sent out again.”] He spoke his eyes looking at David his mother grabbing ahold of him to help him to the car. [#808000 I hope you will be staying with us tonight David. I think I’m going to need you to look at my wounds to see if they reopened.”] he spoke as him and his mother walked for the car. Edwin ran to his side the young 17-year-old that admired Ryan for his bravery came to his side helping the male to his mother’s old beaten truck.

Ryan let out a sigh of relief once the door shut and he had a few moments of peace no one to make a sound no one to ask him questions. Ryan was alone. His mother opened the other side getting in starting the truck looking at her only son. The blonde looked at her as she tilted her head and wiped a tear from her face. [#808000 Oh, I’m sorry mom did you want me to drive home, it’s the least I can do since everyone thought I was dead.”] he spoke with a little bit of sarcasm which made her chuckle and shake her head.

The woman couldn’t speak she didn’t want to because she would just start to ball knowing her son is safe at home but filled with god knows how many wounds and from the looks of things he had many. She wanted to ask how he got home, what had happened but was to afraid to. Ryan placed his hand on her shoulder as the brown haired blue-eyed woman. The woman may have been 45 turning 46 she still looked no older that a 35-year-old. She was thin average height of 5’5 model figure.

Once the two had arrived at the house she rushed to his side of the car opening the door. [#808000 “Hey ill be fine just go unlock the doors our guests will be arriving soon. I am going to go up to my room and find something better to wear my uniform is to tight on me I’m afraid some wounds might open. Also, If David makes it send him up to my room so if I need to be patched up he can do it. He is a doctor.”] He spoke to her touching her face gently still in disbelief that he is here right now with his mother.

She nuzzled into his hand before running off to the door watching Ryan slowly make his way as people began to show up and park throughout the dirt road. Ryan didn’t greet the guests he let his mother greet and show them around the house leaving the upstairs off limits for anyone besides David. She trusted him David has always been like a son to her since the two have pretty much always been together.

As Ryan made his way to his room he looked down to see his uniform began to become stained with red and he quickly looked away struggling to get to his room stripping off his pants and then his shirt. The male had always been one to be proper and put his uniform on the hanger and put it away but the pain in his body was to great to hide any longer. Keeping a straight face with all the people at his funeral because he didn’t want to alarm his mother came pouring out as he fell to his bed. Ryan gripped to the bedding tightly before gaining enough strength to lay on his back he didn’t dare even look at his chest or legs where the stinging pain throbbed. He hoped that David would make it their soon not only to patch him up but he wanted to see him, he wanted David to himself he didn’t seem himself at the funeral.]]
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The train pulled into the station and David tossed his bag over his shoulder. He only had his duffel bag with him and the rest of his meager belongings had been shipped to his sister's apartment further in town. Thankfully it wasn't that heavy and the weight was oddly reassuring. As of right now it was the only thing grounding him to the world. With the bag sitting heavily on his shoulders he began his journey to the Evans' household. The journey to the house was something that he was very familiar because he had grown up only a handful of houses away from the Evans. When the depression hit they ended up moving into town and downgrading to something smaller so that they could save what money they had left. Even though they had moved David had made it his mission to visit as often as possible.

Nostalgia hit David full force as he walked down a well worn dirt path. It had felt like years since he had last made this trek when really it hadn't even been a year. Hopefully Mrs. Evans would be excited to see him. David had no time to send word ahead that he would be stopping by. In fact only one of his sisters knew he was coming home because he warned her that she would be receiving his stuff. Mrs. Evans' shouldn't be too put out though because David did make it a nasty habit to arrive unannounced. After all he saw the Evans' household as his second home and Mrs. Evans a second mother.

David took the last bend and the house came into view. What also came into view was two uniformed men and Mrs. Evans on her knees clutching a flag. David's heart came to what seemed to be a stuttering halt. No. Ryan couldn't be gone. That was impossible. If there was any man in the world that could survive almost anything it was Ryan.

The bag that was once on his shoulder fell heavily onto the dirt path. Without a thought or concerned for the few healing injuries he had he ran up the path. David got up to the porch just in time to hear that they found nothing of Ryan. Just hearing that twisted the knife that was already in his heart. But his feelings didn't matter right now. He would mourn Ryan his own way but right now he needed to be there for Mrs. Evans.

Pushing his way between the men he wrapped an arm around Mrs. Evans. “I'm sure Ryan has something up his sleeves,” David whispered to her as he placed a kiss to her forehead. Ryan had to be alive.

[center ~]

Three months was a long time to hold onto hope when it came to war. Every day David lost more and more hope for them finding Ryan. Every day his mood became foul too. David loved Ryan more than just brotherly affection and the knowledge that he may never see him again was killing him. Today was the day they were finally giving up on finding Ryan and having his funeral. Today was the day they were burying an empty casket.

David buried his face into his hands. The tell-tale sign of tears stung his eyes but he refused to let them fall. His tears would be in private and not at work.

“You okay Captain Rinaldi?” A voice called from the open door.

David looked up and made a move to get up when his guest waved him off. “Stay seated Captain. Today is Lt Colonel Evans' funeral isn't it?”

“Yes, sir,” David softly replied. Before him was his current commander Colonel Campbell was an older gentleman who had fought in the Great War. He had came back into the service when the call for physicians was too great. Colonel Campbell wouldn't be seeing the front line but he was overseeing the in processing of new troops. He was also not from the town and had never had the pleasure of meeting Ryan.

“Head out early Captain. I'll deal with any stragglers that come in,” The completely gray man said.

“Thank you sir,” David said as he stood up and smoothed out his uniform. He placed his white coat on the rack next the the door and grabbed his cover before making his way out.

[center ~]

David stood besides Mrs. Evans while his mom and sisters stood slightly away but still close enough to be a shoulder to cry on. Ever since they had found out about Ryan's death David had been by Mrs. Evan's side as much as possible. Even his mother had come to visit her friend more often, normally showing up with food and a bottle of wine. His mamma and him would trade off in keeping Mrs. Evans' company even when she didn't want it.

His breath hitched as the priest began to speak. It was real. They were giving up on finding Ryan. David's mother, Maria, must have heard or seen David's breath hitch because she pressed a hand to his shoulder. When this was over Ryan was going to get irresponsibly drunk and cry in his locked room.

Then Ryan crashed his own funeral because why not. Obviously the man had been through some stuff if having the Corporal help him walk was any indication. With a critical eye he cataloged everything he could find wrong with Ryan. Later he would be harassing the man to learn the true extent of his injuries so he could figure out if it was safe enough to punch the man. David also still intended to drink and cry in his room later tonight. Even if Ryan was safe there was a whole lot of pent up emotions that were threatening to bubble to the surface.

Slowly David approached Ryan and Mrs. Evans, settling for standing off to the side. “Welcome back from the dead,” he dryly said.
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[center [font "letter" Irene sat up every night listening to her radio for updates on the war. During these times she would read the letters her son Ryan would send her. The years wore on her since he was her only child and she did not have a husband the woman refused to find someone else because her late husband was her soulmate. Even David who was always around her before he was shipped of to the war as well.

The woman had opened her letter which read:

[I Dear Mother,

You will never believe that after four years I finally made Lieutenant colonel. I’m sorry I haven’t written to you in a while. Its been a little hard due to my platoon constantly advancing to the enemy lines. I fear that I may not have it in me to take control of my Platoon, I don’t know mom… just know I love you. How is David doing? Is he still in the states taking care of the wounded there or no? you might need to hear from me for a while but just know I will be coming home once we win this war. I love you.

Love your son Ryan.]

The woman teared up as she read her sons letter. It was defiantly shorter than normal but she was just glad she got a letter from him. Little did the woman know that her life was about to turn upside down. Irene put the letter down hearing a knock at the door. [b “Alvin, you’re an hour early for delivery. Not that I am complaining.”] she said her heels clicking on the wooden floor in her large plantation.

The dark and grey-haired woman wiped the tears from her face, upon opening the door two men in the Army’s class a uniform holding a folded American flag. She immediately fell to her knees screaming. [b "I have been asked to inform you that your son has been reported dead in Germany at 0700 on September 24, 1942. He died protecting a German civilian from a bombing. He Died a Hero Mrs. Evans. On the behalf of the Secretary of Defense, I extend to you and your family my deepest sympathy in your great loss”]

Irene screamed tears running down her face as one of the officers offered his hand to help her up. [b Will…Will you bring his body back to me please I want to properly bury him.”] she asked the men looked at each other before looking back at the woman.

[b “I am sorry ma’am but there was nothing found of your son.”]


Ryan hissed in pain as he was patched up and given plasma. The blonde laid there his shirt off and his chest wrapped up with gauze topped with wraps for his bruised and broken ribs. One of the officers came to his bed side. [b “Your one lucky Bastard Lt. colonel. To survive a torture…. Let alone not telling them anything. I commend you Sir. That German bastard has given us a lot of information, it was surprisingly easy.”] he spoke to Ryan.

Ryan Laughed to himself before coughing in pain. [#808000 “Fuck. That hurts. The bastard didn’t even last three days man I was off. A Day and he let out everything he knew damn. Hey I have been taken care off I’m taking in plasma… now tell me. My platoon how many survived the attack? Also… My mom… does she think that I am dead?”] Ryan bit his lip looking away from the officer.

[b “Your platoon. 5 remained but were sent back out to the front in a different platoon I don’t know who is still left. As for your mother… I’m sorry but it has been almost three months. She was notified in late September of your death. You have the next flight out of here in three hours. Thank you for everything you have done for us sir. Good luck back at home.”] The officer was about to leave when Ryan grabbed him by the arm.

[b “I will go home to reassure my mom that I am truly alive, but… I am going to come back to the front lines once I am better. I have not done enough for this country.”] he exclaimed. The officer nodded and left, three hours passed and Ryan was transported to the Aircraft.

It took Ryan two days to get home where he was able to get into his dress uniform. The limping male limped up to the door of his mother’s home seeing the note saying that she would not be in today because she would be attending her son’s funeral. [#808000 “Three months, three months and you finally have a funeral. Maybe you just wanted to believe I was coming back. Maybe it was your belief and strength that helped lead me home mom.”] he smiled as he whispered to himself.

His blue eyes looked at the car limping to it. [#808000 “Take me to the cemetery. I must attend my own funeral.”] he spoke to the corporal in the car. After thirty minutes they finally arrived there were men in uniform it also looked like the whole town was there as the priest began to speak. Ryan was escorted by the corporal as he limped.

[#808000 “Man, having a Funeral and not inviting the Guest of honor. Isn’t that quite harsh. And here I thought everyone in this town loved me. Hey Mom. I’m back from the Dead.”] He spoke loud enough and everyone looked his direction. His mother Irene screamed and cried more at first, she felt like she was just seeing him but then everyone began to talk. She ran to him hitting his chest crying.

[b “Don’t make those stupid statements… I knew you were not dead but they continued to say you were. Don’t leave again please don’t leave me again I can’t bare living without you and getting another flag saying you are dead.”] she held onto her son.]]
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[center [pic]]

“DOC! We have another,” A disembodied voice called out.

David spun around to see another man on a stretcher, crying out in pain with a missing leg. All he could feel was the ever present numbness that was settling deeper into his bones. This was perhaps the twentieth kid to be brought into his tent missing a limb. Honestly David wasn't sure though because he had lost track a long time ago. The continued fighting had lasted for hours and morphine was starting to run low. Him and Dr. Smith were dead on their feet as a constant influx of men came into the shoddily put together tent. Moments like this made David contemplate what life events caused him to be in the situation.

He had originally gone to medical before the war was even a thing for the United States and was still in its infancy in Europe. David had kept up with everything in Europe since his family was from Italy. He had multiple members of his family living under Mussolini's rule and every corespondent between him and his family was tense. His family loved Italy but did not love the direction it was going. Even with this unrest and Germany becoming a threat David never really thought it was going to be the United State's problem. It was always Europe's problem especially with how isolationist the country had been. But he still signed on the dotted line. Something compelled David to join the Army and he was happy he did because Pearl Harbor happened about a month right after he graduated OCS. If he hadn't already joined and had tried to tap out he would have been branded a coward. There was already mistrust among the community due to his heritage so he was grateful for his decision.

Before Pearl Harbor occurred he had been sent home to learn with a doctor at the recruiting stations. His planned six month tour came to abrupt end with him only having 20 days left before they shipped him out. During that time he spent all his free time with Mrs. Evans and his own family if he wasn't reading and learning more. As his time at home came to an end he was waiting for his next assignment. There was a small, very tiny, glimmer of hope that he would be sent to Europe. He spoke fluent Italian and was hoping it could have been some use to the Army. His other hope was that he could see Ryan again. David lived in constant worry for Ryan's life and it was only amplified because of the lack of contact. Sadly, the Army had other plans. He found out where he was going and it sent chills down his spine. The Pacific. From the stories he had heard about Pearl Harbor the Japanese were brutal and wiped out anyone and everyone. It put David on edge and had taken him until his last days stateside to write a letter to Ryan and tell his mom about where he was going even if it wasn't going to be for a few months.

The unit he got sent out with a unit of young men, a majority out of high school, who were bright eyed and hopeful. The Doctor he was working with was an old timer known as Dr. Van Buren who took David under his wing. That company lasted for about two months before there was nothing left but a few people and the Army sent them somewhere else. Dr. Van Buren ended up perishing on the island with the majority of the unit after getting horribly sick. For a few more assignments, most lasting only a handful of weeks, David was the only doctor with his own army of medics. Slowly he climbed the ranks, having not done anything exceptionally heroic in his opinion, since he was normal busy being arm deep in a patient. But he was a captain now after only such a sort time. A tired captain.

“Lay them down wherever you can find room Corporal,” David called out as he administered some morphine to the patient below him. The Portable Surgical Hospital (PSH) was barely anything more than a poorly put together tent with men moaning and groaning all around them. At the start of the Army's campaign to draw the Japanese out there had been two more doctors and two nurses. As the week went by the four other members had perished with a grenade being lobbed at the tent. The tent itself had been on a constant move and no longer bore the red cross. Sadly with the death of the other trained medical professionals that left very little room for any rest.

David turned away from his patient who was stable and went to the man that was brought in. A small sigh left David's lips as he began to staunch the bleeding.

The next thing he knew was there was ringing in his ears. Dr. Smith was dead and a portion of his tent was destroyed. They had been attacked.

[center ~]

Only David survived the attack. The Marines had gotten concerned about the radio silence from their location and went to investigate. What they were greeted with was pure carnage. Originally David didn't even come out of his hiding place and when he did he was jumpy. The Marines took pity on the gore covered man and took him back to the somewhat safest army post where the Colonel there learned the truth of what happened. The man was absolutely horrified and faced with a problem. He could send the somewhat seasoned doctor back out there to the front lines or send him home for some rest. David at this point had already been through five units, all of them being left in shambles and destroyed in a short period of time, with this being the worse deaths he ever witnessed. The colonel took pity on him and sent him home.

David's biggest problem was he didn't know what he was going to do when he got home. His new assignment was to help with the in processing of new troops for the next couples months but before he could do that he was on forced leave for at least a month.

A small sigh left his lips as he looked outside of the train. In the next few hours he would be back at the apartment he previously was renting and his sister was leasing. But first he was going to visit Mrs. Evans. The news on Ryan was little to none and David had a dying urge to know what was happening to him.
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[center [font “Letter” Ryan Evans was what society would call a normal teenager. He was popular with the ladies, Friends with all the guys, captain of the football team while in high school. The day after high school had ended and he graduated he decided to sign up and join the Army to defend his country.

The male was checked to see if he made requirements no medical problems also he did not have flat feet. While in boot camp he learned the German language. Upon graduation of boot camp as corporal he was discharged on the spot and then sworn in once again for OCS school to become a officer. Ryan was the only one from his regiment to be offered a spot in OCS.

OCS was a program for men to become Officers, men who normally made it into OCS where those who could give something valuable. Like Men with dental, Doctor or Legal degrees. So for a man who just joined right out of high school was something most wouldn’t dream of. Ryan was able to make it due to his ability to learn the language fast and fluently. Not only did Ryan learn German in a Fast-timely manner but began to learn Japanese all on his own.

Once he finished Ocs school he came out as a 2nd Lieutenant he gained 1st Lieutenant at the age of twenty-three before the war after another three years his heroic during the war did not go unnoticed and was promoted to Lt colonel. The same month Ryan made Lt colonel was the same month he was captured after a bombing in a small civilian town.

Ryan tried to save one of the innocent civilian’s lives pushing her out of the way but instead he fell down and crushed by some rubble. His platoon had to pull back seeing German forces coming through the town. They were not able to climb through all the ruble they assumed that their commanding officer Lt Ryan Evans was dead since he did not call out and his body was not found in the brief moments they searched before they left.

When Ryan came too he could hear footsteps and voices but they were not speaking American but German. [b “Durchsuche die Trümmer. Bring mir alles, was du findest! [I ]] A voice spoke and Ryan tried to move only pinning his legs even more. The dark blonde blue eyed male cried out in pain one of the German Ss soldier’s heard his cry having two of his German soldiers start ed to pull off the rubble.

Finding the American soldier they began to yell totheir commander who had him blindfolded and tied up taking him to one of their bases to be interrogated. Once their they tied the American to the chair taking the blind fold off. [#808000 “Mach dein schlimmstes du Nazi Bastard!” [I “Do your worst you nazi Bastard.”]] he hissed as the German Officer came up too him punching him directly into his face.

[b “You Amerikans thank that you are so smart. Acting all tough the longest I give you till you break is three days mester …Avens…”] the Ss soldier hit him across the face once again causing him to knock a tooth loose in the back of his mouth.

[#808000 “My mother hits harder than you, and you believe that you can get me to talk in just three days. Youll have to do better then using your delicate feather like punches.”] his hissed in laughter.
The German officer took the pleasure in torturing the American officer Ryan Evans for approximately three months before the American Army took over their base finding Lt colonel Evans badly beat knife wounds up and down his body his left leg contained four entry wounds his stomach had three his face black and blue.

The only German soldier to survive was the SS so they could have interrogated him. Evans smiled and laughed as he coughed up a little blood. [#808000 “Ill give you three days until you break, my soldiers are nothing like you and yours. We are ruthless to murderers like you scum.”] he spoke and then looked to the soldier in front of him. [#808000 “I am Lt Colonel Evans. I was captured by these men under rubble from a bombed town. How long have I been with them, How many of my platoon are left?”] he asked the soldier calmed him down.

[b “Sir we don’t know, we will find out when we get back to camp. But first we need you to get checked and then we can get that information for you sir come now.”] The man spoke as he was led to the truck and transported to the camp Ryan was sat in the infirmary tent laid on the bed his blonde hair was covered in blood his own and the officers when he head butted him a few times. The 27 year old Lt colonel laid their sighing in relief that he had made it out safe that he could have been killed, no he would have been killed if the American army didn’t raid that base.]]
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