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[center [font "Letter" This takes place in World War II.

Lt. Colonel was abandoned by his own Platoon during the bombing of the small German town. His platoon left him because he was buried beneath the ruble of the explosion assuming he was dead they left with no return.

After His men left it seemed that the German army had come searching through the ruble to see if they could find anyone or anything left behind by the American Army. That is when they found the Lt. Colonel took him into their custody.

They tortured him trying to get information out of him for three months straight but it was useless even though he was beaten senseless and tortured he would never give up anything related to the American Army.

While his imprisonment for 3 months all he could think about was the man that he loved waiting for him back home. of course their relationship was secret due to no one accepting two men together anywhere in the world. His companion was able to avoid joining due to being enrolled in college.

After the long three months in captivity the American Army raided the bunker finding Evans sending him home the day of his funeral he limped being helped by two other officers.

What will happen when everyone sees him home alive.


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David sent Ryan a half-hearted glare after his ass was grabbed. It wasn’t that he disliked it but mad that they couldn’t explore other options since the guests would be there. “No. My problem is because I was thinking of some handsome man. Like Clark Gable. Such a handsome fella,” he jokingly said as grabbed some clothes out of the closet for Ryan. “But as handsome as he is he isn’t more handsome than you.” David added as he walked back over to the love of his life he handed over the clothes.

His eyes made a clinical scan over Ryan’s wounds one last time as Ryan carefully pulled his clothing on. “You are welcome darling,” David replied as he returned the quick kiss. “I don’t know what I would do without you either,” he softly added.

Taking a step back he let Ryan finish dressing while he smoothed out his shirt and ran a rand through his dark hair. Luckily his problem had mostly abated and wasn’t very noticeable. Ryan’s hands were on his waist and David slightly leaned into the man and received another kiss. “You are a monster. You know that? Right?” David grumbled as Ryan, once more, commented on David’s problem. Walking with Ryan he kept a sharp eye on the man, ready to intervene at any moment, as he went down the stairs.

Following his lover like a concerned mother he made sure the man sat down before leaning down and pressing a kiss to his forehead. “I’m going to help your mom. Be a good boy and stay,” David told Ryan as he left the man for the kitchen.

“How are you?” He quietly asked as he washed his hands. He was asking because he was sure she too had a fright with Ryan’s flashback. While waiting for a response David dried his hands and began to grab the plates to set the table.
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Ryan continued to hold his head as he sat at the edge of his bed one eye opening taking a glance at his lover moved about the bed. “That is all that I can ask, is that you just talk to her make sure she is okay and not that scared of me.” The male spoke while his eyes never left his lover who sat down right next to him. Ryan looked up and down his lover kissing David’s neck before nipping at his ear. “someone looks as if they may have a semi. Would that be because of me?” he grinned kissing his neck one more. “I am just fine how about you Love.” He whispered in his ear putting his hand on his back.

Ryan let his hand run down David back as he stood up touching his ass gripping it slightly before David walked over to his closet, so he stood to undress. The male undressed slowly not to re-open his wounds watching his lover bring over his clothes. He slowly put on his clothes which made him cringe in pain but did it slowly not open his stitches.” Thank you, my love you are the best. I can not imagine my life without you now.” He kissed him once more before finishing getting dressed.

Once the taller male finished getting dressed, he walked over to the shorter male kissing him once more gripping his waist softly. “come it is almost time for your mum to be here. Once your mom and sister have gone home, I think I might even help you with that problem you have.” He grinned and hobbled to the stairs limping down while leaning against the wall walking past his mom silently not to bug her watching her finish up dinner. He smiled before sitting down in the cushioned area for him to sit in.
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Ryan laying on top of him was a sorely missed feeling that David couldn’t help but bask in the feeling despite what he told his lover. Wrapping his arms around Ryan he looked the man that he loved in the eyes and stared into those unclouded and pristine blue-green eyes. He felt some relief when Ryan said he wouldn’t dwell on what David had told him. A smile found its way on his lips as Ryan said all he wanted to do was stare into his eyes. “I think that is something I could be interested in,” he said as he rubbed his hands gently across Ryan’s back.

His eyes fluttered shut as Ryan kissed him again. A hand found its way up to rest at the base of Ryan’s skull and his long fingers threaded into the blonde hair. David, as always, lost himself into the kiss and pressed himself into Ryan. If it wasn’t for Ryan’s impeccable timing David would have taken it one step further. Not that anyone could blame him for almost giving in. With Ryan on top of him and the way the man kissed it was a recipe for disaster.

Taking a few deep breaths he listened as Ryan asked if they should go downstairs and help his mom and if David could talk to Mrs. Evans. “I can try darling,” he softly said before he got a quick peck and Ryan got off of him to sit down. David forced himself to get off of his back and sit next to Ryan for a moment mostly because he had an embarrassing half formed problem below the waist. His attention however wasn’t on his issues and more on Ryan who was holding his head. “Are you okay sweetheart?” He asked watching the other man for a few moments with concern filled eyes.

After a few more seconds David got up from the bed and went to Ryan’s closet to grab some decent clothes for him. He did continue to throw a few looks behind his shoulder to make sure Ryan was okay.
  .David. / GuillotineDreams / 87d 17h 27m 52s
Ryan held on to David never wanting to leave this spot never wanting to let go but he knew he had to let go at some point so the two could talk so he could stare into his lovers enticing brown/hazel eyes falling more and more in love with the shorter Italian male. The taller male purred and let out a slight pouting noise not wanting their lips to part but they both did need to take a breath. He then David said it, “I will always take your breath away as you will always take mine away. No one can ever take my breath like this… well besides…” He chuckled slightly before continuing, “Besides the damn Nazis how beat me half to death, was not even able to kill me because only you my love can take my breath away.”

Ryan rubbed David’s back as his head laid on his chest catching his breath before his lover spoke about, he was not supposed to see that and how is Ryan. “I am sorry my love.” He gripped the bed sheet. “I don’t know what came over to me they did so much to me while I was there that when mom dropped those pans, I don’t know what took over me it felt wrong. I felt like I wasn’t home I felt like I was on those opioids again I thought I was seeing things, but I only saw the enemy. I hurt you and mother.” Ryan’s eyes widened as his lover told him about what had happened, and that Ryan had caused his flashback.

Ryan winced as he moved on top of his lover touching his face gently. “I am sorry my love, I know you didn’t want to make me feel bad, But I do I wont dwell I will just dwell for these few minutes let me look into your gorgeous eyes for a few minutes and all my grief will be gone.” Ryan went down to his lips and began to kiss him yet again passionately. Of course, he was really upset for not only attacking his mother and David but Ryan had caused his lover to have a flash back as well. Ryan didn’t want to but he pulled away panting. “Shall we go down and help mom cook and clean so everything will be done by the time your mom and sister comes over. I will be a good boy and ill sit on those pillows and if anything I will fight my own flashback if it happens I will not harm you or mother again or threaten. Will you talk to mom for me maybe if you tell her that I am okay now and that I am sorry maybe she will come near me again. Specially before dinner.” He said before putting a small peck on his lips sitting up. “Help me get some decent clothes on that I can look decent enough for dinner.” Ryan held his head feeling a little faint.
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David laid down next to Ryan and pressed his body as close as possible without injuring his lover. In this position it was just like old times and would be easy to forget everything that had just happened. Sadly they couldn’t ignore everything that occurred. If they wanted to get over this hurdle they had to talk about it. David, however, put it off for a few moments and instead basked in the feeling of Ryan’s fingers running through his hair and the warmth that radiated from the man. Ryan was the first to break the short silence and bring up one of many topics they needed to discuss. The only blessing in a form of a distraction for David was the kiss Ryan pulled him into. As always David melted into the kiss. His eyes fluttered shut and his heart stuttered with joy. David stood by his original assertion that Ryan’s kisses should be absolutely illegal .

Like always David had to pull away because his lungs demanded air. Resting his head on Ryan’s chest he took a deep breath. “As always you manage to take my breath away,” he mumbled before pressing a small kiss to the underside of Ryan’s jaw. Once he caught his breath he knew he needed to address the issues.

“You weren’t suppose to see that,” he grumbled a little bit before he sat up on his elbows and looked down at his man. “It hurts to see you like that. There was so much anger in your eyes and it wasn’t like you were there. I was so afraid for so many reasons. A lot of them were what would happen to you if you did succeed in hurting one of us. I know it would destroy you. Hell I’m worried about what going to happen if I let you dwell on it,” David paused he knew that sugar coating this wouldn’t help Ryan in the long run. He had to be honest. Taking a deep breath he trudged on. “I... I started crying for a lot of reasons. I’m worried for you. I’m stressed about everything and it triggered a flash back.” David took another pause and a deep breath. “One of the last times I had the majority of the company still alive we were hiding in the brush after we got attacked. The Japanese started to patrol and were looking through the brush with their guns when one stopped in front of me. His bayonet was right there and as we made eye contact the platoon sergeant shot him before he could react. Those few seconds all I could think about was you, my family, and your mom and I how I wouldn’t see you guys again. I was so scared and the glass shard in my face brought that back. I... I didn’t tell you that to make you feel bad. I just wanted you to know why and I don’t want to keep secrets.” He gently finished. David really hoped his honesty wouldn’t hurt Ryan. David feared that if he wasn’t honest that would also hurt Ryan.
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Ryan stood there listening to his lover he wanted to keep him in his arms but he had to lay down he was feeling light headed. His heart felt like it was going to explode as he laid there watching and staring at the males body as he spoke about not staying in a hotel that he could stay with him. “I would love that. I would love to come stay with you hold you in my arms as we slept and then wait like a good boy for you to get back from work. I have a few months till they even let me go back.” He winced as he adjusted himself laying in bed holding onto his lovers hand

The male knew that when the voices in his head told him that the people close to him were the enemys messed up his body more because of the sudden jerking and moving around that he was told not to do. “I don’t want to spend a minute with out you David. I want you to be by my side every second until I am deployed again.” He spoke watching the males arms on either side of him and he wasn’t being scolded for anything yet. Ryan placed his hand on davids scruffy cheek and smiled tears filming in his eyes. “ But I was going to hurt you my Love I almost hurt my mother. The only two people I love in this world and I wanted to kill you. My hand…” he froze before listening. “Your right we will work through this as a couple, you and I.” he leaned up into the momentary kiss before feeling Davids lips upon his forehead and he laid flat once again.

Ryan watched as David inspected his body noticing that he wasn’t liking the sight of Ryans wounds which made the male bite his lip. Ryans body began to throb in pain. “ I guess your just going to have to stay by my side to make sure that I do not do this to my hands any more or to my body so I can hold you during the day and in bed.” He smiled before going into a short coughing fit before calming down taking three deep breaths. He winced at the cleaning of his hands and then his side looking down at it himself. “Oh my it looks horrible doesn’t it. I have been going against my doctors orders and I think that its time for some punishment don’t ya think my handsome doctor?” he grinned scooting over pulling David down onto the bed holding his lover happily stroking his hair. “ My love feel free to open up to me okay, I saw you outside and it broke my heart so please let me in okay. You don’t need to clean my room today besides we have to clean up a little and see your mom and let her know. “ Ryan took davids face into his hands kissing the man with passion.
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David melted into Ryan’s embrace. He never wanted to leave his lover’s arms again. In those short moments all the pain David was feeling from his own traumas and Ryan’s disappeared. For those handful of seconds David nuzzled into Ryan and just appreciated the small things in life. Even if Ryan has issues, which were to be expected, he was alive. His body was pressed against David’s and he was breathing. That was all that mattered.

Sadness filled him as he listened to Ryan’s words and as his beloved let him go. “Ryan. You aren’t going to a motel. If you don’t feel like your mom will be safe here with you then you can come to my apartment but you aren’t going to a motel,” he firmly said as Ryan led him to the bed. David has spent way too long without Ryan by his side and he was going to get every single second he could.

Once Ryan laid down instead of getting to work and assessing him David sat down on the bed. He twisted his torso, and laid his arms on either side of Ryan, bringing them face to face. “There is nothing to be sorry about and nothing to forgive. It going to be a couple rough months but we, together, will get through it together. We will work through our issues as a couple and support each other. You were captured and tortured; it’s going to take some time to even be slightly okay and that’s okay. We will work it out,” he softly but determinedly stated. He wasn’t going to give up on Ryan because Ryan triggered his own flash backs. He also wasn’t going to be mad at or scared of the man he loved. When David went into this relationship as a kid he knew that it was going to be for forever and through thick and thin. He wasn’t going to give up.

Pressing a quick kiss to Ryan’s lips and his forehead David sat up. “I love you,” David added as he looked at the man for a few more seconds. Standing up David went over to his bag that laid amongst the erect and laid it on the bed before looking over his lover. His side looked worst and his hand was just a mess of blood. Pursing his lips he gently lifted Ryan’s hand and began to inspect it. He wasn’t happy that his lover was hurt but David could only do so much. Letting go of the hand David rummaged through his bag and whipped out the peroxide and more cotton balls. “I’m going to need you to stop cutting your hands so I can hold them,” he said to Ryan as he carefully cleaned the wound. Once it was cleaned David carefully wrapped a bandage around Ryan’s hand and moved onto his side. Cutting open the bandage David sent Ryan an unamused look. His side looked a whole lot worse than before. There had been some slight bruising before but now it looked angry and more extensive. There was also some blood that David wasn’t impressed with. Taking some more cotton balls he cleaned the cut and covered it with clean bandages. Glancing over Ryan he found that nothing else was messed up. “If you move over a little we can cuddle for a little bit then l’ll pick up the room,” he suggested as he moved his bag over.
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Ryan took in a deep breath looking down at his hand watching the blood trickle down to the floor when he noticed movement outside his eyes locked onto the figure and to his surprise it was David moving towards the Garbage. His eyes widened as the male didn’t come back into the house instead he walked over to the trees sitting down on the rock where he curled up Ryan could tell that he was crying.

Ryan’s heart felt like it started to come up into his throat and the reason was because he knew it was his fault for his outburst. He collapsed on his bed looking back down at his hand his attention now going to his destroyed room Ryan wanted to get up and start cleaning but that wasn’t going to happen he might end up getting David mad at him. Ryan rose from his bed slowly trailing to the bathroom noticing the mirror glass all over the floor he knelt down in pain it finally catching up to him.

The tall blonde began to place the shards in the small trash cans in his hands shaky when he heard the voice of his lover. His voice was soft, and he could tell that he had cried. Ryan got up slowly walking into his room walking over to David putting his arms around him holding onto him tightly not wanting to let go he wanted to speak but no words would come from his mouth he just continued to hold onto David taking in a few deep breaths before letting out a few words. “Yes of course my love. Can you ever truly forgive me for what I did. I know it will take Irene more time and I will be out of here as soon as your sister and mother are out of here I will be heading to a motel for a couple of nights.” He spoke and released David heading to his bed pulling David’s hand with his before grunting in pain since he grabbed David with his wounded hand.

Ryan instantly released David’s hand sitting down on his bed his blue green eyes looked up at David’s face. “I am so sorry.” He took his shirt off and laid back, so his lover could look at his wounds and assess it and fix him.
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David heart hammered painfully in his chest as he waited with baited breath for Ryan to recognize them. Thankfully it didn’t take too long for Ryan to drop the piece of mirror and sit down on the steps. With Ryan back to them David let out a deep breath that he didn’t know he was holding. Letting go of Mrs. Evans’ wrist he went to make his journey to Ryan who,of course, beat him to the action. Soon enough he found himself wrapped in Ryan’s arms. David loosely wrapped his arms around Ryan’s waist and laid his head on his shoulder. All the tension that had been wound up in his body instantly disappeared and he melted into the familiar feeling. His heart, however, still hammered away in his chest and David was pretty sure he was going to cry but right now Ryan’s presence was a balm to all his emotions.

“It’s okay baby,” he gently said to Ryan. David didn’t want to let go of Ryan ever. He wanted to wrap the love of his life up in a blanket and hold him forever and ever. David also wanted to make the lives of the people who did this to his lover miserable. Sadly, if Ryan words early in the day were true, someone had beaten David to it. Instead he would have to settle for making sure Ryan felt truly loved and safe.

Reluctantly David let go of Ryan and the emotions cascaded back over him, threatening to overwhelm him but David stomped them out. Instead he watched the exchange between Ryan and his mom with a soft frown. David could understand her fear. A part of David was still afraid but it wasn’t Ryan he was afraid of. He was afraid of what would have happened if they had both failed. He was afraid that he may not be here next time to help snap Ryan out of it. Most importantly he was afraid of Ryan beating himself up for what occurred.

“I love you too,” David responded as he watched Ryan retreat up the stairs again. He would be up there in a moment to check on Ryan’s wounds but first he needed to get rid of the offending mirror shard and gather himself. Squatting, he carefully picked up the blood covered shard and rested it in the palm of his hand. With the other he covered it so Irene wouldn’t have to see or deal with it. “I’m going to get rid of this and then check of Ryan’s injuries,” he told her.

Without another word he quickly left the house. David could have just dumped the shard in the trash inside but he didn’t want Ryan having that easy of access to it. Instead he dropped it into the garbage outside that would either need to be burned or taken into town later. David could careless.

With the glass gone David walked a little bit into the trees and found a rock to sit on. He could feel the tears burn his eyes but he stubbornly refused to let them drop. Dropping his head into his hands he sat there for a few moments just trying to breath. Now alone images continually played through his mind despite his best attempt to keep his mind clear. The most prevailing image was the bayonet coming for him. Over and over again the image played before him and every time it ended with the sound of a gun ringing in his ears. The worse part, perhaps, was the attacker’s face would sometimes meld into Ryan’s.

A soft sob left his lips as he curled further into himself. Why couldn’t everything be like before? Why did the Japanese have to attack Pearl Harbor? Why did Ryan have to commission? Why? Another sob came from him as he pushed back on those thoughts. He didn’t need to think like that. He needed to be there for Ryan and help him. Uncurling himself David shakily wiped his tears from his cheek and took a few more breaths. David still felt emotionally raw but he did feel better. Even though his crying did very little it did let him release the pent up emotions. Emotions that he drank away or pushed to the back so he could ignore them.

With one last calming breath he made his way to the house. David was sure his eyes were red but didn’t care. Silently he padded into the house and made a beeline for Ryan’s room. “Ryan, babe, I want to check on your wounds and your hands before my mom gets her,” he gently said as he pushed his way into the room.
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Irene stood their in shock looking at David. “No no, its fine sweetheart I got it. Im sorry I startled you both.” He face held a saddened look because she had startled her son causing him to go upstairs. She continued to prepare food when she stopped hearing her son throwing things around her heart dropped looking over at David.

In that instant she turned to see her son pointing a piece of the mirror at her and she began to shake David getting in front of her trying to calm him down but it wasn’t working and then he began to ask them questions. David was first he told them where they confessed Irene shook and stared at her son her eyes filling with tears. “ Your first trophy was when you where about 7 your Baseball team won first out of all the farm league tournament. Please baby calm down.” She spoke

Ryan looked at them both dropping the piece of the mirror sitting on the stairs covering his face. “ Mother, My love im so sorry…. I don’t know why I just.. It didn’t feel real I felt like that I was still their and they some how made me see you guys im so sorry.” The taller male walked over to David shaking he brought him into his arms holding onto him tightly. “ Can you ever forgive me?” he asked trying not to get any blood on him.

“I need to clean up your mother and sister are coming over.” He then looked at his mother whom stepped back as he tried to get close to her and Ryans eyes saddened. “Im sorry mama, I am just going to go upstairs this time ill be back when your mother gets here. I Love you David I love you mama. Again I am so sorry.” The taller male walked up the stairs in pain.
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David listened to his lover’s explanation to his need to tidy up the room. He fully understood Ryan’s need and longing to clean up the place but that didn’t mean he had to be happy with it. At least Ryan had taken it easy, or so he claimed. While David loved the man before him unconditionally he was pretty sure they had two different definitions of taking it easy. Ryan’s definition just so happened to be one that David didn’t fully agree with. Settling the bottles of wine on the table his eyes scanned Ryan’s body to make sure there was no blood on his shirt.

His search was interrupted as pots clattered to floor. After being home for a few months David simply flinched away from the jarring sound. What he wasn’t expecting was Ryan to basically tackle him and cover him with his own body. “Darling?” He softly said hoping that Ryan was still with him. The first few days home were perhaps the toughest in David’s opinion. He could remember his first few days home; he reacted to any out of the norm sounds, and either ducked out of the area or hid. It got better after awhile but he still kept his head on a swivel. Ryan’s issue, however, David wasn’t too sure about. Would he be more delicate to loud sounds because of his captivity? Or would it only be occasionally? All of these things ran through David’s mind as Ryan got up and checked on his mom. Moments like this made him wish that he had spent more time paying attention in psychology.

Irene’s concerned voice snapped David out of his thoughts and he pushed himself off the floor. “I’m fine,” David said to her as he padded towards them. “Ryan,” he softly called out at the bottom of the stairs. His brows were scrunched together in concern as he stared at his lover’s retreating figure. Before David could make a decision Ryan had told them to leave him be. While David didn’t like the idea of leaving Ryan all alone he would because he asked to be. David stood at the bottom of the stairs for a few seconds before sighing and turning to Irene. “I’ll help you with dinner Mrs. Evans. Hopefully Ryan rests a little,” Darren said with a strained smile on his lips.

David was washing his hands when he heard some thumping above them but didn’t think much of it. His first thoughts was that Ryan was destroying the room in anger. It would match current observer behavior so he thought nothing of it. Turning to Irene he was about to ask her what she needed help with but was instead greeted with the sight of Ryan with a piece of mirror pointed at his own mother. Instantly David’s stomach dropped to the floor as he carefully approached her. Ryan’s demands were muted and sounded far away as he grabbed Irene’s wrist and slowly pulled her behind him as best as he could. His heart was pounding as he focused on the now but the situation was so much like [i then]. In this short moment David could hear the bugs buzzing in the background and the ragged breathing of his men behind him. The undergrowth was being shaken by the footsteps of people and a foreign language filled the rancid air. David held his breath as their spot was found and he was face to face with a bayonet. Before the bayonet could get pushed towards him he was back in the present. There was no talking Ryan out of his episode without meeting his demands.

Taking a shaky breath he looked his lover in the eyes. Those eyes that David had spent many years staring for lovingly into were not the same. They were hard and distant, filled with distrust and anger. None of the love that David normally found was there. His heart was shattering from this knowledge. With one more shaky breath he began to respond. “Ryan, baby, you confessed to me at the creek in the middle of summer,” He said, his voice trembling and barely above a whisper. David knew how and when Ryan confessed to him but in these moments he was worried that he may have misremember something. There was no doubt in David’s mind that if he misremembered something or mixed a memory with another he would be seeing a piece of glass coming for him. At least it wasn’t a gun. David felt like he had a better chance surviving and subduing Ryan, if need be, with a stabbing occurring than a shooting.

His gaze dropped away from Ryan’s cold eyes and went to his hand. The trickle of blood churned his stomach as he thought of it as yet another wound his beloved would have to endure. “Sweetheart, I need you to let go of the shard. You are bleeding and opened one of your wounds. It’s really us,” David added in a pleading tone.
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Irene began to prep to cook as she looked around her thumb pressed against her lips before biting it. "it has been quiet a while since i have cooked a big meal let alone a real meal for myself that doesn't include downing a whole bottle of wine or my husbands fine whiskey that i have almost finished off maybe i will offer it to the boys." she spoke to herself before remembering the girl Annabelle that would come and try to make her food. "Ryan sweetheart, I am going to invite that sweet girl Annabelle over to help me cook is that alright with you sugar?" her voice was gentle and soft.

"Nein, I mean no mama, sorry but i will be the one to help you cook anything but her. That woman will try to get in between me and David she has always had a crush on him and it just pisses me off." his voice changing from normal to stern and Irene nodded and sighed walking back into the kitchen chopping some fresh okra before making the batter so she could fry it. "I bet it has been a while since you had some good food in your belly right love?" she asked loudly her chopping making it hard for her to hear her son if he answered.

Ryan sighed at he looked at her face as she cooked, she used to look young and joyful but her features now seemed dull and joyless her eyes puffed as is she cried for a long time because her son was dead. Ryan went to stand up but he heard the clicking of the door openhis eyes snapping to the figure walking through his scowl look turned to a smile. before the male could explain himself he felt the kiss on his forehead." i didnt mean too it was just a little to cluttered for my tastes and i really didnt want to make mom clean up and cook i think she was good just cooking for us, i worked slowly so i didnt hurt myself." he spoke just before the sound of crashing mettle pots hit the ground

the male quickly pushed David to the ground getting ontop of him his eyes widened his vision blurred as the sounds rang in his head. slowly getting up his face was pale white as if he saw a ghost. "Sorry David, im going to go check on Irene." ryan spoke calling his mother by her name as he walked into the kitchen.

Irene picked up the pots only to be starteled and drop the pots once more causing Ryans ears to ring even more his face had a blank expression. " Oh Ryan dear you startled me." she spoke before realizing david was on the floor. "David dear, Ryan didnt do anything to hurt you did he?" she spoke softly."

The taller male huffed and hobbled past his mother and headed for the stairs. Ryan had looked down and his wounds had reopened from his fast reactions to the pots which made him sigh yet again. he didnt mean for it to happen he just felt the need to protect David. "Dont bother me until Davids mother and Sister get here until then im going to rest in my room until then do not bother me." the male spoke turning his head as visions of the Nazis clouded his mind making him believe they were standing in the place of his mother and His lover. He turned walking up the stairs putting his hand on his head locking his door behind him laying down on the bed.

memories began to flood his brain this was their plan all the way he thought to himself looking at his hands. 'All of this is fake, hes fake they are all fake. WHat the fuck did you do to me!! " Ryan stood up and began to flip everything over in his room looking for his gun but it was no where to be found. His heart began to beat fast as he rushed into the bathroom grabbing a piece of the mirror that was in the garbage throwing his door open. "Bastards!" he walked down the stairs leaning up against the wall pointing the glass shard at his mother. "Bastards how dare you make me see my mother and lover. how did you do it, is it because i have gone weeks without eating weeks of being tortured im close to dying and i want to see them!!"

Ryan hissed then cringed in pain squeezing the mirror shard causing his hand to bleed. "If your really the people you said you are then prove it to me. David impersonator if your really David then tell me where i first confessed my feelings for you, and you mother of mine tell me what was the first trophy i ever got. What was it for? If you get them wrong ill kill you both." He winced again in pain holding his side with the free hand.
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The drive into town wasn’t normally long at all. It was definitely faster than walking but David couldn’t help but feel like the drive was taking forever. A hint of anxiety sat low in his belly as he clenched and unclenched the wheel. At first the drive had been going well as he rode the high of Mrs. Evans’ acceptance but the further he went the more anxiety started to bubble up from under his skin. David didn’t know why either. He had an inkling of thought that it may be because of him leaving the little paradise known as Ryan’s home but he wasn’t too sure. All David did know was he was feeling anxious.

David pulled over to the side of the road and turned off the car. For a long while he sat there, head pressed against the steering wheel, while he tried to calm himself down. He honestly couldn’t figure out where this anxiety was coming from. He wasn’t telling his mom about him and Ryan just yet, Ryan was at home under his mom’s watchful eyes, and Mrs. Evans was supportive of their love. So why did he feel anxious? That was a question he just couldn’t answer. What David could do was take deep breaths and close his eyes. By the time he recentered himself and the anxiety receded to a manageable level twenty minutes had passed. A small sigh left his lips as he looked up at the road. He was just on the outskirts of town and all he needed to do was make two stops before returning home to Ryan. David took one last deep breath and turned the car on, the pit of anxiety still lingered but not as debilitating.

Glancing behind him David saw no other cars and pulled back onto the road. The next five minutes were uneventful at best. Within eight minutes he was parking in front of his and his sister’s apartment. He left the truck on and ran up the stairs with Ryan’s blood soaked uniform in hand. Wanting to be home as quick as possible he didn’t dawdle for long. David laid the uniform carefully on the coffee table with a note on top asking Gabby to get the blood out and to find their father’s ring. There was also a promise to let her try out her new makeup on him if she did the tasks. With Ryan’s uniform sorted out he maneuvered through his embarrassingly messy and wine bottle filled room and grabbed his own uniform that was hanging pristinely in the closet. David glance over his uniform to assure everything was correct before hanging it over his arm and making his way out of the apartment.

Back in the truck he carefully laid his uniform down and began the journey to the family shop. That was another five minutes but it was a straight shot from the apartment. As he pulled up to the shop that was when he realized it was almost Christmas. The shop window had been carefully decorated with little paper snowflakes and cotton ball fluff. A painted Santa Claus smiled joyfully at David.

Shit. He would need to get gifts soon. With Ryan gone David had forgotten that the holiday season was approaching. David had a love hate relationship with Christmas. He loved the atmosphere that came with Christmas but hated gift shopping. David was the absolute worse when it came to shopping for gifts and needed an actual list if he was going to get anything right. He once got his mom a pair of shoes... a size smaller than what she wore. That gift didn’t go over well and David had to help cook Christmas dinner. Maybe, just maybe, he could find something for Ryan. But that was a later thing; right now he needed to get the wine and away from his mother as fast as possible. With that in mind he parked right in front of the little shop and made his way in.

“DAVID,” his mom called out happily behind the counter. “I didn’t think I would see you until this afternoon when me and your sister would make our way over to see Ryan and Irene,” she added as she slipped into Italian. Growing up Italian was the predominant language he heard in the household. Now they spoke it less frequently but there were times when his mom would slip into it if no one was around.

David went around the counter and into his mothers awaiting arms. The small ball of anxiety unraveled a little bit more as she pressed multiple kisses to his face. Any other person would be mortified by the amount of affection his mom bestowed upon him. David, however, was extremely use to her overly affectionate nature. Hell, sometimes she even went through the effort to cut their food for them. David doesn’t know why but he doesn’t question it either because he doesn’t want to disappoint his mom. “Mamma, I can’t spend too long here. I need to keep an eye on Ryan. He is being a horrible patient!” He grumbled back in Italian once the assault ended.

Maria held her son at arms length as she looked him up and down. “What did he do?”

David let out a small huff as he ran a hand through his dark brown hair. “What hasn’t he done? He insists on not staying in bed and stressing his injuries. If he was in a hospital right now they would have tied him down because of all his moving.”

“You know Ryan isn’t the type to lie around and do nothing. He had always been like that,” She said letting go of her son to return behind the cash register.

David let out a small sigh as he followed her. “I know but he is being such a pain,” David slightly whined while he propped himself up against the counter in front of the cash register. “Anyways I didn’t just come here to complain about Ryan, that is just an added bonus, I actually came to see if I could buy a few bottles of wine. Mrs. Evans is cooking tonight so you just need to bring yourself and Beatrice over,” he said as he glanced over at the empty deli. The shop was slow at the moment which meant Beatrice probably was eating lunch somewhere.

“Well you know where the wine is David. We will be there tonight after we close up. Do you need anything?” She asked.

“If you could leave one of the trucks it would be appreciated. I’m staying at the Evans’ for the foreseeable future and I’m not that fond of waking up super early to walk to work and I can’t keep stealing Mrs. Evans’ truck,” He said as he made his way around the counter. The shop kept some wine out in the display but the good stuff was the cellar. Said cellar also functioned as a speak easy in the 20’s and still had the makings of a bar that just needed to be stocked. David’s dad had bought the place knowing the illegal activities going on beneath the floors and fully endorsed it. The speak easy eventually shut down when prohibition had been repealed and the owner of the bar actually gifted the Rinaldi family the cellar and the left over wine. The war was taking a toll on their wine reserves but they still received enough to keep in stock and sold enough to justify selling wine.

David glanced around the cellar for a few moments as he catalogued what wine they had available. The anxiety in the pit of his belly was still there but had lessened with the short conversation with his mom. It was hard to be anxious when her soft voice was just so damn soothing. Still he wanted to go back to Ryan as soon as possible so instead of lingering in the cellar as long as he wanted to he grabbed two bottles of wine and went back upstairs.

His mom looked back at David and eyed the label for a moment. “I have such a cheap son. You don’t want to treat me to one of the $20 bottle of wine do you?” She jokingly asked as she opened up the cash register. “$10 for the two,” she added.

“I love you a lot but I’m not spending $40 on wine just for two bottles,” he said as he begrudgingly handed over the cash. “Thank you mamma. I’ll see you tonight?” He asked as she bagged the two bottles.

Maria looked up to her son and smiled brightly over to him. “As soon as the shop closes up we will head over. Be safe on the road,” she said before leaning over the counter and giving her son a kiss in the cheek. “Ciao,” she added.

“Ciao, Mamma,” David responded as he left the shop.

David climbed into the car and made his way back to the Evans’ household. This time the drive was exceptionally fast with no anxiety attacks to speak of. The closer he got to the Evans’ household the quicker the remaining anxiety dissipated. When he pulled up to the house all that remained was a minuscule amount that was just a slight nagging.

Grabbing the wine he walked inside without knocking. The first thing he noticed as he peaked into the living room was Ryan, because he was so darn handsome, and the second thing was that the living room had less clutter, and that the couch wasn’t in its original place. A loud exasperated sigh left David’s lips as he walked into the room.

“Ryan, darling, did you decide to ignore doctor’s orders? Again?” He asked walking around the couch and dropping a kiss to Ryan’s forehead. “Did you open up any of your wounds?”
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Ryan smiled watching David as his mother had talked about not minding them kissing in front of her David’s facial expressions made him happy he seemed to be happy and calm down a bit he wasn’t as jumpy as he was when the two first had sat down.

Ryans attention never moved from David as his mother spoke in response. “Your quiet welcome and of course my son will listen to his mother and you his lover or he will not get any of his mothers home cooking, ill give him some corn or something simple.” She spoke chuckling looking at Ryan’s face which looked like a puppy who got lost.

“You wouldn’t really just feed me corn right.” He spoke playing along with his mother looking back at david smiling before frowning as David got up to go into town but stopped for a moment to tell him that he loved him. “I love you Too David.” He spoke letting it roll off his tongue. His mother smiled and chuckled as David kissed her Forehead.

Thank you dear, I promise to keep him comfortable down here. You be safe now you hear.” She spoke helping ryan onto the makeshift bed on the pillows he winced a little in pain but it wasn’t nothing major and his mother went to the kitchen beginning to prepare a feast for tonight. She knew there wasn’t going to be many here but she still likes to make enough to send home to Davids family.

Ryan looked up at the ceiling wanting to get up seeing the old magazines and newspapers it was bugging him the dust collected over the months she stayed in her bed crying over her lost son. As she cooked he got up and started to move everything and cleaning looking back every once in a while to make sure his mother was focused on making a celebration dinner hoping at the same time David’s mother would be fine with the two even at first if she is not okay with it she will get used and warmed up to the two she had too for her son.

Ryan finished cleaning the living room pulling the couch a little so there was enough room for everyone and sat his happy ass down huffing in pain looking happily at the room soon feeling his mothers eyes on him coming in to the room. “I told you didn’t i…. This is supposed to be a celebration dinner you will not get dinner you will get some corn and bread but that is all you hear! Me and David told you to sit down and this is what you do you rearrange the room and clean it while I made food… What if you got hurt, I would never forgive myself.”

Ryan flinched and nodded. “Im so sorry momma. Ill sit for now can you give me a book to read while I wait for David to get home momma.”
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David had to agree with Ryan when it came to their affectionate actions. He didn’t want to make Mrs. Evans uncomfortable with them kissing. Then she had to go and surprise him, again, by saying she was fine if they kissed. David knew Mrs. Evans was an understanding and a saint of a woman but he had honestly not expected her to be okay with them openly kissing. Her being fine with their relationship was enough for David but her being okay with them being affectionate... David was so happy. Mrs. Evans was one of the best lady ever.

A large smile split his face in two as Mrs. Evans got up and said she would cook. She was a great cook and David loved it when she cooked. “Thank you Mrs. Evans. Make sure Ryan doesn’t move around too much. He has been a horrible patient who won’t stay still,” He said to her as he looked over to his lover. With Mrs. Evans and Ryan at his side he could tell his mother. Hell with the Evans family at his side David could almost do anything.

David turned his head when Ryan took his face in his hand. As always David melted into the kiss, even if it was a short kiss. “Thank you darling,” David gently replied.

When Mrs. Evans came back the second time with more pillows David stood up. David pressed a quick kiss to Ryan’s head, “I love you,” he softly said. David then turned his attention over to Mrs. Evans. “I’ll be back soon,” he added as he pressed a kiss to Mrs. Evans’ head as well.

David went up stairs to grab his wallet and Ryan’s bloodied uniform before coming back down the stairs. The money Mrs. Evans brought down remained on the table as David slipped out of the house with the keys to their truck. David was an officer with little to no bills he could afford some wine. With uniform in hand and on a mission to get some wine and return to Ryan’s side as fast as possible he took off.

His first stop was going to be his sister’s apartment to drop the uniform off and grab his own uniform since he sadly had to work tomorrow. His second planned stop was over at the shop to get some wine and tell his mother not to bring a huge feast with her if she intended on visiting. Though that probably wasn’t going to work and she was probably going to bring so much food that the Evans household will have leftovers for days.
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