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[center [font "Letter" This takes place in World War II.

Lt. Colonel was abandoned by his own Platoon during the bombing of the small German town. His platoon left him because he was buried beneath the ruble of the explosion assuming he was dead they left with no return.

After His men left it seemed that the German army had come searching through the ruble to see if they could find anyone or anything left behind by the American Army. That is when they found the Lt. Colonel took him into their custody.

They tortured him trying to get information out of him for three months straight but it was useless even though he was beaten senseless and tortured he would never give up anything related to the American Army.

While his imprisonment for 3 months all he could think about was the man that he loved waiting for him back home. of course their relationship was secret due to no one accepting two men together anywhere in the world. His companion was able to avoid joining due to being enrolled in college.

After the long three months in captivity the American Army raided the bunker finding Evans sending him home the day of his funeral he limped being helped by two other officers.

What will happen when everyone sees him home alive.


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Ryan smiled watching David as his mother had talked about not minding them kissing in front of her David’s facial expressions made him happy he seemed to be happy and calm down a bit he wasn’t as jumpy as he was when the two first had sat down.

Ryans attention never moved from David as his mother spoke in response. “Your quiet welcome and of course my son will listen to his mother and you his lover or he will not get any of his mothers home cooking, ill give him some corn or something simple.” She spoke chuckling looking at Ryan’s face which looked like a puppy who got lost.

“You wouldn’t really just feed me corn right.” He spoke playing along with his mother looking back at david smiling before frowning as David got up to go into town but stopped for a moment to tell him that he loved him. “I love you Too David.” He spoke letting it roll off his tongue. His mother smiled and chuckled as David kissed her Forehead.

Thank you dear, I promise to keep him comfortable down here. You be safe now you hear.” She spoke helping ryan onto the makeshift bed on the pillows he winced a little in pain but it wasn’t nothing major and his mother went to the kitchen beginning to prepare a feast for tonight. She knew there wasn’t going to be many here but she still likes to make enough to send home to Davids family.

Ryan looked up at the ceiling wanting to get up seeing the old magazines and newspapers it was bugging him the dust collected over the months she stayed in her bed crying over her lost son. As she cooked he got up and started to move everything and cleaning looking back every once in a while to make sure his mother was focused on making a celebration dinner hoping at the same time David’s mother would be fine with the two even at first if she is not okay with it she will get used and warmed up to the two she had too for her son.

Ryan finished cleaning the living room pulling the couch a little so there was enough room for everyone and sat his happy ass down huffing in pain looking happily at the room soon feeling his mothers eyes on him coming in to the room. “I told you didn’t i…. This is supposed to be a celebration dinner you will not get dinner you will get some corn and bread but that is all you hear! Me and David told you to sit down and this is what you do you rearrange the room and clean it while I made food… What if you got hurt, I would never forgive myself.”

Ryan flinched and nodded. “Im so sorry momma. Ill sit for now can you give me a book to read while I wait for David to get home momma.”
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David had to agree with Ryan when it came to their affectionate actions. He didn’t want to make Mrs. Evans uncomfortable with them kissing. Then she had to go and surprise him, again, by saying she was fine if they kissed. David knew Mrs. Evans was an understanding and a saint of a woman but he had honestly not expected her to be okay with them openly kissing. Her being fine with their relationship was enough for David but her being okay with them being affectionate... David was so happy. Mrs. Evans was one of the best lady ever.

A large smile split his face in two as Mrs. Evans got up and said she would cook. She was a great cook and David loved it when she cooked. “Thank you Mrs. Evans. Make sure Ryan doesn’t move around too much. He has been a horrible patient who won’t stay still,” He said to her as he looked over to his lover. With Mrs. Evans and Ryan at his side he could tell his mother. Hell with the Evans family at his side David could almost do anything.

David turned his head when Ryan took his face in his hand. As always David melted into the kiss, even if it was a short kiss. “Thank you darling,” David gently replied.

When Mrs. Evans came back the second time with more pillows David stood up. David pressed a quick kiss to Ryan’s head, “I love you,” he softly said. David then turned his attention over to Mrs. Evans. “I’ll be back soon,” he added as he pressed a kiss to Mrs. Evans’ head as well.

David went up stairs to grab his wallet and Ryan’s bloodied uniform before coming back down the stairs. The money Mrs. Evans brought down remained on the table as David slipped out of the house with the keys to their truck. David was an officer with little to no bills he could afford some wine. With uniform in hand and on a mission to get some wine and return to Ryan’s side as fast as possible he took off.

His first stop was going to be his sister’s apartment to drop the uniform off and grab his own uniform since he sadly had to work tomorrow. His second planned stop was over at the shop to get some wine and tell his mother not to bring a huge feast with her if she intended on visiting. Though that probably wasn’t going to work and she was probably going to bring so much food that the Evans household will have leftovers for days.
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Ryan held tightly onto David’s hand ready for his mother to reject them or take her time understanding. It came to a shock that his mother had already known and she hugged both of them his arm wrapping around him while his fingertips touched david’s.

She grinned and nodded. “Of course I knew, you boys are always around me. Always around each other, you could and still can see just how much love you both have for each other. When one of you wasn’t paying attention the other would stare in an awe like state. I found it quiet adorable. Well not at first sad to say. I was hurting at first when I first realized because I knew I would never had Grandchildren. I also didn’t think two men should be together. After I realized that both of you remind me so much of I and my late husband when we were young so who was I to deny you two of love.” Her voice filled with joy while Ryan’s cheeks filled with red.

David then told ryan that they needed to work on their sneakiness which made him blush even more and let out a little chuckle as he kissed Davids hand that he held. “I guess we were not that sneaky. But, now we wont have to be not around here since mom already knows, but I will still respect mom and not do anything that she is not comfortable with yet in front of her. Kissing will still be behind closed doors just for now.” Ryan spoke brushing his free hand across his face his mom crossing her arms.

“Ryan! You know I wouldn’t mind as long as your not kissing for hours. A quick perk is not going to bother your mother remember I told you that you two remind me.” She got up brushing her skirt down looking at David. “Well if you go buy a couple bottles of some fine wine which I I will go get the money for my dear and I will make a large feast. Don’t worry about telling your mother I am sure she will be okay with it. So we will eat and drink. I will watch Ryan while you go to the store ill lay some pillows down on the floor so Ryan can be comfortable and we will still have more room for everyone in the room.” The woman walked upstairs grabbing money and pillows making her way back downstairs setting the money on the coffee table for David before laying the pillows down only to head upstairs to get more pillows.

Ryan took Davids face in his hand and kissed him softly. “Don’t worry ill be here for you when you talk to your Mother. So will my mother.” He spoke kissing him once more before his mother came back down stairs with pillows and a couple blankets. Ryan smiled at his mother who was just happy to have her only son home even though he was injured.
  Ryan Evans / KasaiShadowFox / 38d 1h 7m 46s
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David was happy that Ryan ended up conceding to him when it came to his uniform and the fact that he would win at a kissing competition. This small victory was what he was taking with him as they made their way downstairs. David was extremely nervous about telling Mrs. Evans about their relationship. Besides him, she was the only family that Ryan had. If this ended poorly then Ryan would be left with really just David and his sisters but it wasn’t the same as having your mother. David also knew he was worrying for no reason. Mrs. Evans was a kind understanding woman and probably would be okay with her son being in love with him, another man. Still butterflies fluttered in David’s stomach as they got to the bottom of the stairs.

David gave Ryan’s hand one last squeeze and Mrs. Evans came to her sons side and whisked him off towards the couch. He followed at a sedated pace, stopping at the side of the couch. The butterflies stopped fluttering and went into a full out churning motion as Ryan patted the spot next to him and told his mother the he had something to tell her. Carefully he sat down besides Ryan, doing everything in his power to not plaster himself to Ryan’s side. What David couldn’t keep from doing was sliding his hand into Ryan’s as he told his mother the news.

Those few seconds where there was silence was the longest seconds ever. It was longer than the moments following the grenade being lobbed into his tent. David was getting nervous though it turned out to be for no reasons. Mrs. Evans pulled him and Ryan into a hug, breaking the slow time warp. A sigh of relief left his lips as he wrapped an arm around her.

“So you knew all along?” He asked softly when they broke from the hug. “We really need to work on our sneakiness Ryan,” David added as he looked over to his lover. Thinking about it David wasn’t too surprised that Mrs. Evans figured out their relationship. What she said was true. The two of them were attached at the hip. Not only were they each other’s shadows but David spent a large chunk of his life in the Evans household. It was much easier to find privacy with two other people in the house versus five. Plus the lock in his room did work and his sisters did not care about privacy enough to knock. Though lord forbid he do the same thing to them! At least she figured out their relationship from their closeness and not from their activities in bed. If she had told them that she had walked in on them he would have probably fainted from embarrassment.

Squeezing Ryan’s hand again he looked up at him. “Now we just need to tell my mom,” he said. The butterflies returned instantly. How he was going to tell his mom he did not know.
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Ryan chuckled as David said his sisters would love another brother of course they already thought of him as a brother, so Ryan believed, or wanted to. He could understand him not knowing if davids mother would understand because even he wasn’t sure what his own mother would say about them getting married. No matter what though Ryan was going to marry David even if he had to leave his mother behind, David was Ryans whole world and wouldn’t let anyone stop him from having that one pleasure.

“Hey now, I thought they already thought of me as a brother.” He joked. “I hope neither one of our moms will be mad because we wont have children, maybe when we grow old the laws will change and we will be able to adopt and have a a dozen children. I am sure there are less fortunate children out there wanting parents.” He chuckled as he watched David. The male spoke about getting him a new uniform since he would be in town anyways. Ryan wanted to argue a little more but knew David would win this one, he was right Ryan wouldn’t be walking around much because when he did he would have to go back to the front lines.

“Alright, you win. Ill let you get my uniform since you will be in town more since you will have to work out there. But if anyone gives you trouble ill hobble down there and give someone a talking too, of course I believe that you can deal with it Captain.” He spoke wiggling his eyebrows playfully.The blonde held him close loving their bodies touching missing this feeling he just laid there calming his breath. “If you sayso my love, You know I had all the practice with you so you would come in second if there was a kissing contest.” He laughed even more.

Ryan brushed Davids hair as he replied to Ryans mother telling her that he was just bandaging him up and they would be down. “Im surprised she didn’t wake up to the breaking of the mirror. But then again mom might be a little hung over.” Ryan kept his arms around him until he wiggled away and just staired at his body he was then told by his love to not look which made Ryan only want to watch that much more. But he had to slowly get up his body hurt his hand began to throb he could feel a piece of glass stuck in there but knew that it would come to the surface soon and it would be easier for david to get out at that time.

Ryan grabbed a shirt throwing it on before getting a hand offered to him and he took it before hobbling down to the living room where the smell off coffee filled and his mother sitting on the recliner. She rose very quickly racing to her sons side going to his side helping him to the couch where he sat and her on the opposite of him. “Mom, I want to tell you something.” He spoke patting the seat beside him fro david. “Mom, Im in love with David and im going to marry him. Of course it wont be official or legal but David knows someone who will marry us.” Ryan said nervously looking at his mother waiting for her reaction.

“Oh honey, I thought you were going to say something bad there for a moment. I already knew you two were together. I mean you two would never leave your side. Im happy to have another son. Imean of course you have always been my son. Im just happy that you both have come to talk me about it.” She cried happy tears. Hugging both ryan and david ,ryan wincing in pain.
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“The girls will be happy to have another brother. My mom...I'm not too sure what her response will be,” He had said when Ryan said he would love to be a part of a big family. The poor guy didn't have any idea of what kind of horrors awaited for him. David wasn't going to warn him either. Ryan will just have to suffer through dress shopping with the girls by himself when the time came. As for his mom David wasn't too sure about her reaction. David doubted that she would disown him but he was worried that it would make their relationship very rocky. She, after all, wanted David to get married to a nice Catholic woman and have an army of kids. David didn't know how she was going to react when that woman is actually a man and the army of kids was probably not going to happen. If she couldn't be happy for David then he would eventually get over the hurt. But he was getting ahead of himself he had to tell the woman first.

A soft huff left David's lips when he was groped. “I'll probably be in town more than you. It only makes sense that I pick up a new uniform for you if the girls fail to get the blood out,” He said. It was very likely that David was going to end up just picking up a new uniform for Ryan. The warehouse they kept the uniforms wasn't too far from his work and would be an easy pick up. Well except for getting the Lieutenant Colonel ranks. David had a feeling that was going to be a nightmare and a half since clothing issue were jerks when it came to handing out officer ranks. They were afraid that some Private would take the ranks and jokingly get them put on. Either way David was going to get the uniform.

After the kiss and once David was comfortably snuggled up to Ryan he felt the kiss to his head. David rolled his eyes when Ryan reminded him that what they were doing was illegal. “Its only a little bit illegal. Your kisses, however, should be extremely illegal. You kiss way too well,” He grumbled into Ryan's neck. Ryan probably could be a kissing champion. With every kiss that was less than chaste Ryan managed to take David's breath away and turn him into a puddle of goo. If this was an alternate reality and David actually hated Ryan he would still stay with Ryan just for his kisses...and hot body. Thankfully it wasn't an alternate reality and David loved Ryan with every fiber of his being.

A shiver ran down David's spine as Ryan got close to his ear and approved the hunting trip idea. “Just another thing to look forward to,” David replied with a smile. A wedding and, of course, a honeymoon. If someone told David three months ago that him and Ryan would be talking about this David would laugh in their faces. Now it was a reality.

Sitting up just enough he pressed a chaste kiss to Ryan's lips before going back to his comfortable spot that was being buried in Ryan's neck. He could also hear stirring in the other room but didn't move and instead enjoyed the last few moments of cuddling.

Mrs. Evans' shaky voice broke David's heart. The poor woman had been through so much these last few months. “I'm almost done bandaging Ryan. He will be down in a few minutes Mrs. Evans,” He called out after Ryan looked down at him.

“I'm going to put some actual clothes on and then we can go downstairs,” David said in a soft voice as he looked up at Ryan. While he loved lounging around in his pajamas he felt like he needed to look somewhat decent especially for when they announced their engagement to Mrs. Evans. David was pretty sure she wouldn't have batted an eye to David sitting around in some pajama pants and a robe but it still felt wrong.

Rubbing his scruffy jaw against Ryan's neck he pressed a soft kiss to his jawline before getting up. Going to the bag he brought with him he pulled out some soft dark trousers and a light blue button up. The pants David was pretty sure was Ryan's at one point before David stole them but he couldn't be too sure. David had an uncanny ability to steal Ryan's clothes, especially the ones before Ryan went through a growth spurt, since those fit the best.

“Close your eyes,” He jokingly said over his shoulder as he took off his pajama bottoms. This left him as bare as the day he was born but it was quickly covered as he pulled his boxers on. Soon to follow was his pants and shirt. When everything was tucked in and his belt was secured he sat next to Ryan to pull his socks on. The top button of his shirt was undone and David rolled his sleeves up to give a more casual air to everything.

Once he was content he got off the bed and pressed a quick and chaste kiss to Ryan's lips. “Lets get going. We don't want to keep your mom waiting much longer,” He said as he offered his hand to help Ryan up.
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Ryan purred and thought about it nodded they should tell Davids mother and sister but how would they take it, he knew his mother would most likely love the Idea of her two favorite boys together but what about Davids mother, let alone his whole family. “So you want to tell your mother and sister too then?” He asked holding his lover close. “I wish I had a big Family like you do. I will if your parents accept me as well as your siblings. Otherwise I just have you and Mom that would be enough to as long as I have you two in my life.”

David said that the pill form wouldn’t be as strong and Ryan shrugged. “I rather them then needles even if I have to deal with a little bit of pain. Also it would be okay if I was to distracted bye your handsome naked body.” He spoke once again his hand traveling down to his ass groping him for a moment. “You have a perfectly round ass so perfect in deed my love. I guess your right I would get to distracted with your beautiful body.”

He held onto David chuckling. “Love you do not need to pick me up a new uniform if the girls cant get it out I can get a new one. Im not to hopeless. But thank you for thinking of me love.” He then spoke telling him that neither one of them was Josephs type but still it worried him just a little bit. “If you say so I believe your words, as I always do.” He grinned happily knowing that this man would marry them unofficially but to them they would be married.

As they kissed for that short time david pulled away slightly telling him that the way he kissed should be illegal which made him laugh kissing the top of his head as david placed his head in his neck. “You know it slightly is illegal you know. Its why we have to do this all in secret.” He chuckled yet again holding onto him.

The blode stared into his lovers eyes his mood picking up more as David said they could go on a hunting trip, one where they could love each other like rabbits which made him happy before getting close to his ear. “Yes let go at it like rabbits where no one can here the sweet sounds we make. It would be a perfect honey moon alone together in each others arms. Filled with pleasure.”

As he spoke he heard movement in the other room his mother was awake but he just laid there holding David with a slight knock on his door he heard his mothers soft voice almost in tears in fear that he wasn’t really there. “Ryan, My only little boy. Are you here. Did you really come home or did I just dream.” Her voice was shakey.

“Don’t worry Mama, Im home David is just bandaging me up. I think it might be okay for me to go downstairs and lay on the couch so we can all spend time together. I have missed you both so dearly.” He spoke looking down at david for permission to lay on the couch downstairs so his mother could still do her thing down there instead of having to stay up there with him.
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When Ryan had replied with his wink and saying he hoped that David took advantage of him David just rolled his eyes. Of course his husband would hope for such a thing. Though David probably would have taken advantage of Ryan but Ryan totally did not need to know that. Maybe David would do it anyways just so he could have his way with his husband.

“She may bring one of the girls along, either Beatrice or Gabby. I kind of hope it is Beatrice though because she doesn't know about us. We should tell her about us today , if she comes. Also you aren't allowed to drink wine,” He had replied when Ryan suggested they go down to the wine cellar. David didn't want to risk the morphine and alcohol mixing together. One drink wouldn't be too bad but David still would prefer Ryan didn't drink until he was no longer taking pain killers. Speaking of pain killers Ryan brought up his concern over needles. “Well what comes in pill form won't be as strong. I'll get some though but I'm also going to get some morphine so by chance if I'm home I can administer it to you. Also I'm not doing it naked. You will probably get way too distracted,” He added.

“Well, I'll see if I can pencil it into my busy schedule,” He jokingly replied when Ryan said that he wanted to be there. As for the uniform....David didn't know. Ryan probably would need to get a new uniform if his sisters could get the blood out. “If one of the girls can't get it out then I'll pick up a new uniform for you,” He replied as he made his way into the bed.

Soon enough he was in Ryan's arms and was completely content. David snuggled up to his husband and let out a content sigh. “Babe, Joseph wouldn't hit on me. I'm not his type at all and you aren't his type either so we are safe,” He said with a huff. David may be slightly lying to Ryan about the type thing. David was Joseph's type and Joseph totally tried to kiss David once. That was when David told Joseph about Ryan and that was the moment Joseph swore to leave him alone. Ryan could be somewhat scary when someone got on his bad side. This information David kept from Ryan because he didn't want Ryan to commit murder.

David leaned in and melted into Ryan's body when Ryan pulled him in. A soft groan left his lips as Ryan began to kiss him and his hands began to roam David's body. David pushed into the hands as a hand came up and rested on Ryan's heart. For what felt like forever David kissed his lover but the need for air became too much and he had to pull away. Soft pants left his lips as he buried his head into Ryan's neck. “The way you kiss should be illegal,” He mumbled.

“When your mean and strict doctor clears you for strenuous activity do you want to go on a hunting trip? And by hunting I mean we go at it like rabbits in a cabin,” He asked as he looked up at his lover. An Italian family owned a set of cabins near a lake not too far out that wasn't getting really any income with the war going on. With a lack of people coming in David had no doubt that they could get a cabin. Maybe that would be the time that David tied his lover up.
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“Oh you gunna tie me down, Who knows I might like that and hope that you take advantage of the situation.” He winked watching him bring out the supplies needed to take the glass from his knuckles. “You have always been good with your hands and taking care of me. Its why I keep you around. Oh and well of course I am head over heels in love with you.” The male whinced as he tried to chuckle.

Ryan smiled as he thought about him and David marrying as David spoke about his mum probably coming tonight with some wine. “I bet you she will will your sister be coming or just her by herslf. Because if its three ladies they will need more than one bottle of wine im sure mom has some good choices down in the wine cellar. Me and you should go look before we wake up mom to be more presentable before your mum gets here.” Ryan said suggestively he couldn’t stop no matter how wounded he was he wouldn’t have much more time before they had to leave Ryan on the front and David back to his work here.

Ryan really didn’t want any morphine he hated needles and what if David wasn’t there and he was in pain he couldn’t stick a needle in himself he almost fights anyone who puts one in him besides David he is the only one who can distract him long enough to stick him and force the morphine into his veins. When on the field his arms had to be restrained. “How about some sort of pill form, I don’t do well with needles and if my handsome Doctor isn’t here to insert me with the needle and distract me so easily. I think next time you should stick me naked I would easily be distracted by my wife’s Amazing body.”

Ryan twitched and bit his lip as the glass shards were pulled from his hand gently by his lover but it still hurt none the less. “Yeah I think a wall would be better next time because this hurts more being pulled out than them going in.” he laughed a little he was thrown back a little and smiled as he asked if Ryan wanted him there with him as he asked his mother.

“As a matter of fact, I do want you there when I tell her. I want her to see how happy we both are together.” He spoke happily looking at his sheets and nodded. “How is the blood going to be taken out of my clothes, might have to get a new uniform if the blood doesn’t come out.” He nodded in response to david asking to let him know if he felt more glass. “I will feel in a couple of hours once the swelling has gone down a little.”

Ryan had wrapped his arms around David as he climbed into the bed with him he just loved the feeling of his lover next to him. he spoke about Joseph a Gay man that could marry them since he was a priest, at first Ryan became Jealous as he spoke of the man but realized the only reason he had even mentioned him was so that those two could marry eachother. “I Would love that as long me and you are the ones together, he tries to hit on you I will teach him a lesson for taking my Wife away from me.” He said greedily pulling his face to his kissing him passionately his hands roaming his body.
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David was still going through his bag when Ryan asked how he was going to leave him by himself. “I was thinking I would just tie you to the bed. Can't get in trouble if you can't move,” He jokingly said. After a few moments he found the tweezers and pulled them out as well as a small bowl that was meant to hold debris like this.

Turning his attention back to his lover he sat the bowl in his lap and smiled gently down at him. His heart was pounding with joy when Ryan said that he was going to talk to Mrs. Evans about their marriage. “Mom will do fine with not seeing me for a day. Though knowing her she will probably drop in tonight to bring food and wine for dinner. She missed you almost as much as everyone else,” He said as he took Ryan's hand and laid it on top of his left hand. “I don't think I should go into town today, darling. I really don't want to leave you alone. There should be enough morphine for tonight and tomorrow morning if the pain is too bad. As for Colonel Campbell I can talk to him in the morning. I need to talk to him anyways, to see if he can prescribe you a little under a weeks worth of morphine.”

David brought the tweezers up and started to pull out a large chunk of glass. Some blood started to trickle out and onto David's hand but he didn't bat an eyelash. “Sweetheart, the next time you decide to put your fist through something please make sure it isn't glass. I've heard that walls are great to punch. Those just leave bruises instead of glass shards. The worse that can happen is you break something,” David said as he dropped the piece into the bowl.

“Do you want me to be here when you ask your mom?” He asked having an undying need to fill the silence in the room while he pulled out every bit of glass he could find. Thankfully Ryan didn't manage to get too much glass in his hand. Some of it just appeared to be cut up and not harboring any glass shards.

After a few more passes he felt like he got all the glass out and grabbed his bowl from Ryan's lap. “Keep your hand up. I'm going to clean it real quick and put a bandage over it so you don't bleed all over the bed. I'm a great wife but not great enough to get blood out of sheets.” David put the bowl on the table and grabbed the peroxide and some cotton balls. His first order of business was to clean the blood off of his hand using the peroxide. He would have gone and washed his hands in the bathroom but that was too much effort. Once he didn't have any blood on him he took Ryan's hand and cleaned his hand. “If you feel anything in your hand let me know. There is a real possibility I missed something,” He softly said after he finished cleaning the wound and grabbing some bandages.

When Ryan's hand was completely bandaged up David pressed a quick kiss to his forehead before going to the other side of the bed to climb in. “I think I know a priest that can marry us. Do you remember Joseph Hodgson?” He asked as he settled down. Joseph was a couple years older than them and was the only other homosexual that David knew. He was the only other friend David ever had but their friendship was different. Their friendship was the type where they could go years without seeing each other, meet up, and act like nothing changed. Joseph was also one of two people David ever told about his relationship with Ryan, the other being Gabriella. Sometime between the summer of his senior year in high school and his freshman year of college Joseph's father found out about Joseph's “disease” and sent him away. It was only recently that David had seen Joseph again and he was shocked to find out he became a priest. Joseph did come from a highly religious family and he was religious too so it shouldn't have been a shock but it was. David was worried that his friend was gone but nope Joseph was still Joseph. He still preferred the swimmers over the football players and pointed out any guy he thought was hot. Him becoming a priest was to appease his father which worked. “I had to medically disqualify him a couple weeks ago because he had pretty bad asthma. He said he was planning on staying in town now that his dad is gone. I think he would be happy to marry us,” David said.
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Ryan heard David say his name and it broke him he had wrapped his hand around his lovers neck and he could forgive him just as easy. All he could think of is what if something else had happen what if he had slapped him let alone if he had raised a fist to the man he loved with all his heart and soul. In his whole entire life this man is his soul mate.

He looked down at his lover his eyes filled with sadness as he grabbed his hand. “I know, it really wasn’t on purpose its just. I don’t want you to leave because I may be damaged. I don’t want you to be scared what if I do something worse next.” And if on que David pulled Ryan to his chest and he wrapped his arms around him. he said he was expecting it because the trauma that had happened to him. His lover then started to speak about his experiences since he came home which made him hold David a little closer kissing his forehead.

“I wish I was home sooner I could have taken care of you. I could have held you through the night. For now me and you will have to hold eachother.” He spoke softly as his heart raced as David recited wedding vows which made Ryan relax and calm a bit. “Hey now we don’t have a priest just yet to let us marry.” He spoke Davids hand on his cheek he bent over placing his lips upon Davids only to have david kiss him instead.

Ryan smiled and nodded he couldn’t be upset for very much longer David calmed him instantly by just speaking such sweet words to him. the Tall blonde sat down like he was told too putting his hand up. “I did it again, I ended up hurting myself again. When I told you I would be good and I wasn’t. how are you going to ever leave me in this house alone.” He laughed a little his hand in the air so david could get the glass out. The male smiled looking his lovers body up and down even though they had just had something happen he couldn’t help looking and wanting his lover.

“Once you get all this out lay with me for a while I wont fall asleep. Just for a little bit I know you have to go do some things don’t let my little moodiness stop you from checking on your mother. She needs you too you know. Also I want to talk to my mom today, About marrying you. I know she will accept you she already thinks of you as her son anyways.” He smiled up at his lovers scruffy face.
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[center [pic]]

David didn't even realize that Ryan was sleeping until he finished asking his question and saw Ryan's eyes closed. It wasn't more than a heartbeat later that Ryan started to mumble followed by a scream and hands enclosing on David's throat. David froze for a moment with his eyes large in shock. The slight pressure on his throat was gone almost as fast as it occurred. To be honest David wasn't surprised that Ryan had reacted that when he woke up. David was half expecting a similar scenario to happen last night when they had fallen asleep but he was too sleepy to have his own nightmares.

“Ryan,” He called out as Ryan began to hobble out of the room. A soft sigh left David's lips as he went and did what Ryan suggested. He kept one ear on Ryan while poking his head on Mrs. Evans. She was still passed out. That was good because David didn't want her to see Ryan like this and David had a feeling that Ryan wouldn't want that either. Content that she was still asleep he closed Mrs. Evans' door and padded back to Ryan's room. He had just sat down on the bed when he heard Ryan yell. Almost instantly his heart broke. His poor baby.

When Ryan walked into the room David got up and went over to him. If his heart wasn't already broken then it was completely obliterated now with what Ryan said that he could hit him. “Oh darling,” David softly said as he went to grab Ryan's hand, pausing when he saw blood. “Sweetheart,” He said sadly as he took the injured hand into his own. “I'm not going to hit you. You didn't try to choke me on purpose. You were sleeping.”

David let Ryan's hand fall as he pulled Ryan close to him. He made it a point to press his body close to Ryan's and hold him tightly. “Ryan, baby, I was honestly expecting something like this to happen. You have gone through a traumatic experience. It is going to affect you adversely, despite what you want,” He whispered in Ryan's ear. He took a deep breath and closed his eyes; David didn't want to tell Ryan any of this. “The first night actually home I woke up to Gabriella yelling at me. I barricade myself in my room and was screaming. The second night she found me curled up in the living room. She went to cover me with a blanket and I pinned her. The third night I drank until I blacked out which may or may not have gone on for almost three months now,” David took a deep shuddering breath. “We have our problems and we will work through them together. For better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health we are in this together” David pulled away slight and brought his hand up to Ryan's cheek.

David stared Ryan in the eyes before leaning in and pressing a kiss to his lips. He was aware that he basically said half the wedding vows that they had yet to take but it was true. David would be there for Ryan no matter what. “Now sit down, Dear, so that I can pick glass out of your knuckles.” With one last quick David let Ryan go. There was no way in hell David was going to go into town today. After what happened he felt the need to be near his lover. He had enough morphine for at least one more day and everything else could be accomplished after work tomorrow. He would, however, have to leave early in the morning so he could change in his uniform before work. But that was tomorrow and this was now.

Turning to his bag he began to dig through it to find his tweezers. With his unoccupied hand he gestured for Ryan to sit down. The faster this could get done the faster they could cuddle and David could prove that he meant what he said.
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Ryan was lost in thought while he cleaned his wounds so lost in thought that he barley heard anything his lover was saying he closed his eyes the morphine finally hitting him he relaxed a little drifting of a short bit where he began to relive his torture.

[center [b Dream/past]]

Ryans head hung low blood dripped as a man walked in his boot heels clicking ryan counting the steps to the door. Five, six seven… he thought to himself as he felt a boton under his chin forcing his head up to look at the SS officer. “Ahh looks like you are awake with how much blood fell on your lap looks like we cut off you manly hood, now if you don’t tell us any information then maybe I should. Oh there is one thing I did find out about you or at least suppose we did. You are quiet the sicko and will have to ask. We found this picture.” He spoke pulling a picture of David out of his pocket. “Is this your lover you homosexual you disgusting piece of trash.” He began to laugh which made Ryan angry.

You piece of shit touch that picture anymore I am going to fucking kill you. Im going to rip those pretty blue eyes out and shove them up your ass.” He hissed and hollered the SS officer began to beat the shit out of him with his baton before stabbing him in the leg.

[center [b Present]
Ryan mumbled in his sleep before waking up screaming jerking and grabbing david around the neck for a split second before releasing. His eyes widened. “David, My love im so sorry.” He stood up out of bed slowly covering his face in embarrassment. “Im so sorry, maybe you should go to check on your mother don’t worry about me today. I am just going to go to the bathroom and then I will lay back down. I don’t want to harm you again. What id mother comes in while im sleeping. Ill just lock the door. Im so sorry.” He hobbled to the bathroom shutting the door behind him looking himself in mirror.

Ryan balled his fist he couldn’t believe that he had raised a had to his lover let alone wrapping his hand around his throat. With a quick movement the male slammed his fist into the mirror breaking it and pieces entered his fist. He wasn’t one to cry but knowing what he had just don’t made him breath heavy as he held back the tears. “FUCK!” he yelled in the bathroom opening the door walking back to his bed his hand covered in blood.

"Im not hungry but maybe pick something up for my mom if you can. Im sorry im sorry i hurt you. I just..." he still felt horrible he didnt mean it and hoped that david didnt hate him. "You can hit me now."
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[center [pic]]
When Ryan had asked if he was going to dress down for the bath David had looked at him with an expression that just said duh. “Of course,” he said, as if there was any other option. There wasn't other options. David could see Ryan purposely splashing him until he was soaking wet just to get him out of his clothes. It was better to just save himself from the trouble and get undressed. Plus David was hoping to slip into the tub with Ryan though that depended on how Ryan was feeling. The tub, after all, was pretty small and while it had fit the two of them before the situation was different. Ryan was injured and David didn't want to stress his wounds by crowding his lover. This plan was going to be kept from Ryan though because he didn't want to get him excited and it not happen.

Dismissing his bathroom fun thoughts he had gone to work cleaning and re-bandaging Ryan wound. A soft laugh leaving his lips when he was accused of playing dirty. “Me? Play dirty? Never! I just know that my gorgeous husband, who seems to be afraid of nothing, just happens to dislike needles. So I try to do my best so he doesn't see the needles. Though why needles out of anything in the world I don't know and can't figure out,” He paused for a moment, “Thank you for being a kind and extremely loving husband who returned home to me,” David finished with while Ryan scooted over to make room for him.

Once Ryan was settled down on David's lap he began to play with Ryan's hair. “Huh, a dress? Just imagine me wearing a short dress that barely comes up to mid thigh. Maybe I end up kicking something under the bed and I have to get it on my hands and knees while the dress rides up,” David responded with a devious little smile on his lips. He had no intentions of wearing a dress ever but it didn't mean he couldn't tease Ryan with some images of him in a dress. After a few moments of letting Ryan have that lovely imagery David steered the conversation back to cleaning. “Ryan, sweetheart, I know you are going to have a hard time laying here when the place is dirty. Well dirty according to you. You don't know true dirty until you live with five women and only have one bathroom with one tiny counter.” When they had to leave their house and move to an apartment it had been absolute hell for David. All of the girls were at an age where they had to do their make up at that point and they were all clamoring over each other to do it. Make up and hair products were everywhere in the bathroom. What wasn't in the bathroom was his and his father's razors because the girls whined so much about some stray hair that David and his dad ended up shaving in the shop's bathroom. Great times.

“Did you need anything while I'm out? I was going to stop by the shop and check on mom and I think Beatrice is working the deli counter today if you want food,” David said as he continued to stroke Ryan's hair. Beatrice, the youngest of sisters, happened to make the best sandwiches out of all his family. Well his dad was the best but since he passed on Beatrice had taken his mantle. David didn't know how she managed it. Him and Gabriella mimicked exactly what Beatrice did and it never turned out the same so they ended up giving up.

David also planned to stop by the apartment to drop off Ryan's bloody uniform and to find his father's wedding ring. There was no rush to find the ring but David was still riding on the high from the proposal. So while there was absolutely zero rush he did want to give Ryan the ring as soon as possible.
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[center [font “Letter” Ryan chuckled holding David. “Okay don’t worry ill be a good patient so I don’t get sick, I don’t want to get sick because I want to have some fun with my wife as soon as I can. If I get sick then it will delay when I get to have you again and I wouldn’t be able to live with that if I couldn’t even get in some time with you before oth of us have to go back to our jobs.” He spoke softly wrapping his arms around his lover.

The golden boy was disappointed but happy that things happened and he was once again allowed to be with his lover, his everything, his wife so he wasn’t going to make things worse by not listening to his lover and David seemed to relax in Ryans arms which made him happy and chuckle as he spoke. “Well glad you didn’t go for the towns Drunk otherwise I would have been beat senseless and would have died from blood loss. That’s the worst way to go being accidentally killed by the person you love with all your heart even if they didn’t have the same feelings for me.” Ryan kissed his forehead.

Ryan couldn’t be happier that he was chosen by David even though Ryan could have had every bachelorette in the town he didn’t and could never imagine loving anyone besides David. He didn’t even want to think about it because David was his and always will be his. Ryan let out a soft chuckle as david rubbed his stubble on his neck before purring as he received a kiss as well. “Promise, Im sorry im the worst patient ever I just don’t like sitting still you should know this already.” He teased. “I love to move, but I guess I will allow you to move for me.”

Ryan only got about 10 minutes to cuddle before David got out of the bed told him he was going to clean and bandage his wounds and he sighed knowing it meant more morphine which meant a needle in his arm. Ryan would rather take another bullet than have a needle stuck in his arm. “I would like taking a proper bath, you going to dress down again, don’t want to accidentally splash you.” He spoke distracted for a moment as his hand was grabbed and kissed he didn’t know what David was truly doing to it was to late the big baby was poked with the needle and the morphine was pushed through his veins calming him down.

He sat up a little so David could bandage him up he turned his head grinning. “You play very dirty, I thought I was getting a special kiss but in reality, all I was getting was was a needle. And I thought I was the one that likes sticking a needle in my partner.” He said flirtasously looking back at David kissing his lips softly. “Thank you for being sucha handsome an loving wife and Doctor. Im glad I have someone who cares so much about my well being.” Ryan spoke as He scooted over for david laying his head in his lap.

Ryan didn’t want to let David go out to town today but he had too David had things to do. “Hey you don’t have to clean I wont get up I promise ill do it when I am healed you don’t need to be a maid while you are here I just want you here as my lover and Doctor. Unless of course you will wear a short dress while cleaning now I can live with watching that.” Ryan once again joked with his lover.]]
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