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We currently have 3 females and 1 male. In order to make it a little even, I would like to accept 2 more males.

The world has grown dark. After a century without the sun, the state of the world as we know it has crumbled. Things are colder and far more dangerous now. And civilization is struggling to continue.

After a hundred years, societies collapsed under the sheer chaos of learning to live without a sun. The crops many depended on were no longer a viable source, solar panels were rendered useless, and animals... changed or evolved into new things entirely. Fiends are what many call them now, seeing as after the predators of the night devoured most of the animals of the day. They had grown vicious with their hunger. No one was safe.

A new strain of virus also emerged from the darkness, one that no scientist could understand. At first, they seemed like blessings with their comic book superpower resemblances. But overtime, the "blessing" turned into a curse. The new abilities gifted to the afflicted young adults usually consumed their mind within two years. Some scientists believe that the disease is something akin to dark matter, but others would rather call it an anomaly and leave it be.

When one's mind is eaten away by their Curse, they turn into husks of what they once were. Zombies, if you will. But these zombies move like regular people. They can run, jump, and do all other physical activities they once could. Some even retain the abilities from their Curse. But make no mistake. These Husks are no longer the people that they used to be. And there is no known cure.

Except... there are rumors spreading around a settlement of a scientist that lost his son to the Curse. He left in order to find a cure so as to spare any other parent of killing their own child like he was forced to do. And some believe that he's done it. The problem is, no one knows where he is. But a few afflicted have decided to find him, for their own sake.

Embarking on a quest in an unforgiving world, these young adults fight for their lives in hopes that they'll get to see the sun one day.

I. Follow all of ES's site rules.
That means no sexual stuff, no nude or near nude pictures, no bullying or harassment, etc., etc.

II. Basic RP Rules
No godmodding, no powerplaying, no killing a player's characters without permission, no Mary Sues/Gary Stu's, etc., etc. I'm pretty sure we know the gist of those rules, right? If not, feel free to ask.

III. Quality over quantity for post length.
In other words, no padding to make your post longer. And also no one to two liners. At least aim for two paragraphs [10 sentences] and if you have quality content, feel free to go way past that count. Just keep the redundancy to a minimum. [Dramatic effect is completely an excusable excuse though]

IV. One picture type allowed.
Depending on popular vote, we will decide on whether or not the character face claims will be realistic [actors, singers, models, etc.] or artistic [anime, manga, original, painting, etc.] When the decision has been made, I request we all stick to this style. If we jump all over the place, it looks clunky. And I'm just not fond of cluttered stuff.
The style has been decided on. We're going with Artistic.

V. Vulgarity is fine in doses.
Cursing, violence, alcohol use, drug use, etc. is allowed. Just make sure it isn't over the top and negates realism at times. Though we're dealing with a post-apocalyptic world, don't feel the need to detail gore in every single post. Or don't have your character snorting coke every post for every hour in every day without any repercussions. And sexual stuff is most definitely not allowed. Fade to black if you must.

VI. When applying, follow these simple steps:
Below is the character skeleton. Rather than filling it out and sending it to me through the OOC or PM, create a character page with the form filled out within the description. Feel free to add things to the page and form, but make sure not to remove anything in the original skeleton.
Once finished, post a link to that character page to the OOC thread. The thread, not the chat. There are rules in the OOC as well. Also be sure to include at least a link to a sample or write a sample to showcase your writing style. This won't be a first come, first serve, due to wanting to give all of you talented writers a chance.

VII. Try to put some thought into your Curse.
Superpowers is a very common theme in roleplaying. I know how easy it is to go into the staples , but let's try to be a little more diverse? It makes for more interesting roleplaying too. But if the basic power fits with your character and you can sell to me that it'll work out well, I may be persuaded to allow it.

xxx【◉】Areas of Note
xxxxxxx Check here to see various settings that most people in the world know of or have visited at some point in time.
xxx【◉】The Curse
xxxxxxx Check here to find out more details about the Curse, when it started, how people react to it, and also a list of all taken abilities.
xxx【◉】The Bestiary
xxxxxxx Check here to see a list of the known fiends and animals around the known world.

x x

[h3 T H E [#FFFFFF x]B A S I C S]
[b [size11 N A M E :]] [size11 Input here
[b [size11 A G E :]] [size11 Input here]
[b [size11 G E N D E R :]] [size11 Input here]
[b [size11 S E X U A L I T Y :]] [size11 Input here]
[b [size11 H E I G H T :]] [size11 Input here]
[b [size11 H A I R [#ffffff x]C O L O R :]] [size11 Input here]
[b [size11 E Y E [#ffffff x]C O L O R :]] [size11 Input here]
[b [size11 O T H E R :]] [size11 Input other physical descriptions here, such as tattoos, body shape, birthmarks, scars, etc.]

[h3 I ' M [#FFFFFF x]A F F L I C T E D]
[b [size11 C U R S E [#ffffff x]A B I L I T Y :]] [size11 What "superpower" does your character possess?]
[b [size11 C U R S E [#ffffff x]C O M P U L S I O N :]] [size11 Whenever a curse is activated, a compulsion must be done within 3 hours or the afflicted will start to show physical signs of distress (i.e. blurry vision, shaking, dry mouth, pain, etc.) And the intensity gets worse overtime.]

[h3 D I G [#FFFFFF x]A [#FFFFFF x]L I T T L E [#FFFFFF x]D E E P E R]
[b [size11 P E R S O N A L I T Y [#ffffff x]T R A I T S :]] [size11 Can be list form or in a paragraph]
[b [size11 L I K E S :]] [size11 Can be list form or in a paragraph]
[b [size11 D I S L I K E S :]] [size11 Can be list form or in a paragraph]
[b [size11 F E A R S :]] [size11 Can be list form or in a paragraph]
[b [size11 S T R E N G T H S :]] [size11 No more than 5]
[b [size11 F L A W S :]] [size11 No less than 3]
[b [size11 A [#FFFFFF x]B R I E F [#ffffff x]H I S T O R Y :]] [size11 At least a paragraph]

[h3 H E L L O [#FFFFFF x]W O R L D]
[size11 Your character's picture goes here. You may use a static picture or a gif.]
Inspiration: Final Fantasy XV, Darker Than Black, X-Men, Fallout series, Skyrim

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[center [size15 [i [font "Times New Roman" "Why was it us?"]]]]
[size15 [font "Times New Roman" It haunted her. The sounds...the smells...the sights. It was a nightmare that came true, a nightmare that replayed too vividly through her mind. Every second, every day she mourned harder over the idea she had no one to confide in. There were times she debated suicide, joining those she's lost. The thoughts raced around her mind, knocking her eyes shut to exude tears down her pale face.]]

[size15 [font "Times New Roman" [i "STOP!"] Screams echoed through the small home like a movie that had been on repeat, on the worst scene. The scene that made everyone cringe and cover their face in ail. Loud crashes from fallen furniture startled her everytime. The space she tucked herself away in became smaller and warmer with every scary sound. Every thump neared her closer to breaking out of the cubby hole and fighting, but she was strongly urged to stay put. [i "Noo!"] Her mother. The firm woman she was had found her match. The fear in her voice struck Arole physically, her palms becoming sweaty and her heart beating in her throat. This was fear. This was the unknowing and the unwanted. When it became quiet, it was the end of everything she knew. The door swung open, and her eyes peered up. A whimper left her mouth and a small plead, [i "Please.."]
[size15 [font "Times New Roman" Families were taken from each other and were left to fend for themselves against the enemies that grew in this world. They were everything and anything but normal. They were creatures from the scariest monster books a kid could read. They were nightmares existing as the humans do. They grew more dangerous, larger. They sprouted extremities that didn't exist before. Even our imaginations weren't ready for the changes. They left us baffled. ]]

[size15 [font "Times New Roman" When you've been alone for so long, like Arole, emotions go out the window. The only ones that stayed were the ones for her past. The past that was abruptly taken from her at a young age. She was crammed in a cell, forced to abide by rules that didn't make sense. Rules that were cruel, or even evasive to her own comfort. Meals were rare. Talking to anyone was forbidden. She was confused as to why such a place existed. Then she remembered what kind of game it became. She figured it out for herself, channeling into a power that was given to some of the kids. Some were consumed by this curse. A disease that welled up inside of the immune system and ate those alive. Stealing what sense they had She became a monster.; became someone no one wanted to be around. It was better this way.]]

[size15 [font "Times New Roman" Standing up, she sniffled; throwing her cigarette to the ground and wiping her face. [i [font "Times New Roman" Stop being so weak"]] she thought. It never failed. Anytime she had a moment to herself, away from the people of the Red Village, she found herself withering away in her own mind. A lifeless corpse on the outside, huddled in a corner. She shook the thoughts, looking up to the sky. Light snow littered her eyelashes, blending in with her hair. It seemed to always be snowing. If it wasn't, it was assumed by the winds brushing off roof tops. She sighed, a puff of clouds escaping her lips.
[i '' Off to get food, I suppose'.]]]
  tw-ache / 11d 11h 45m 42s
[center [pic https://image.ibb.co/enaB5G/Deco_divider_brown.png]]

[center [pic http://i.imgur.com/cKZB8qr.gif]]
[center [pic https://vignette.wikia.nocookie.net/animal-jam-clans-1/images/a/aa/Deco-divider-brown_%281%29.png/revision/20171017224053]]

[size15 [font "Comic Sans" Eris looked around herself as she entered Ember with her mother only a few feet ahead of her. The air was a little chillier than usual and clouds blotted out the sky. Even if the clouds weren't there, the moon wouldn't have been out anyways. The moon had revolved to the Other Side of the world about three hours earlier. This was supposedly when the sun would have shown up, but yet again, it hadn't.]]

[size15 [font "Comic Sans" "[b Dear? You still doing alright?]" Eris's mother had asked this every hour since they refused to camp halfway down the road from their village and Ember. Sure, she was a little tired from the walking, but she wasn't about to crash somewhere she didn't feel safe. At least, not while she was in the company of her mother. If her books taught her anything, it was that people were easily distracted by loved ones in battle and made fatal errors. And Eris wasn't about to be a liability to her other parent.]]

[size15 [font "Comic Sans" "[b [#9e0008 I'm fine, Mother. Just like an hour ago.]]"]]

[size15 [font "Comic Sans" "[b I'm sorry, sweetie. I just want to make sure this isn't doing too much for you.]" The Hunter that had accompanied her mother chuckled before shaking her head.]]

[size15 [font "Comic Sans" The two older women said their goodbyes as they split ways. Eris's mother was warm and kind to the other woman until she was out of sight. Then her face grew tired and devoid of real emotion. Eris knew that she wasn't upset and perfectly fine. That was just who she was.]]

[size15 [font "Comic Sans" "[b You didn't want to go back, right? You have everything?]" Her mother asked nonchalantly as she lead the way to her home. Eris looked down at her bags that she had packed and knew that she didn't want to go back. Sure, her father seemed hurt and genuinely sad that she decided to leave, but she felt it was for the best. The doctor she worked under even gave her a journal detailing herbs in the land for her to keep on her at all times. And... something else.]]

[size15 [font "Comic Sans" Hope.]]

[size15 [font "Comic Sans" Apparently, there was a scientist who had been working on a cure for the Curse for quite some time and rumors were circulating that he had succeeded. And she wasn't about to sit around and wait for the day she would die. She was going to find people who wanted to help her cause and go find him.]]

[size15 [font "Comic Sans" True, she wasn't much of a fighter. The crossbow that her mother had handmade and given to her was priceless when it came to fighting, but that was the best she was at concerning combat. Firing projectiles only got you so far. Instead, she was more skilled in healing than anything. After all, why not put her Curse to use?]]

[size15 [font "Comic Sans" "[b Alright, sweetie. We're here. You can either make yourself at home or go exploring. Just... don't go outside of the city limits, okay? It's not safe.]" The two had arrived in a small cottage made out of old building parts. One of the walls seemed to have fallen in, but not in a way that risked safety. Walking through the front door, Eris saw that it was very modest with its old couch, makeshift chairs, and two bedrolls made out of cotton and... some kind of pelt. If you walked farther into the house, you'd find various weapons and tools hanging on the wall for easy access and a working kitchen.]]

[size15 [font "Comic Sans" Candles and torches were hanging in almost every corner, but her mother only lit a few of them. It was a quaint place and while it wasn't as rustic as her father's place, it still felt cozy. Perhaps it was because of the large number of hunters that roamed the streets.]]

[size15 [font "Comic Sans" She placed her bags down in an empty corner and stretched, allowing her muscles to adjust to moving without the extra weight. Her mother seated herself on the couch and took out some papers and makeshift pen made from some thin substance and a bottle of ink. Apparently, her mother spent more on weapons and armor than other, basic goods. Which made sense in her profession.]]

[size15 [font "Comic Sans" "[b [#9e0008 Okay... I'm going to go exploring, okay? If this is my home, I might as well, right?]]" Eris was so used to having to explain her reasoning to her father, she couldn't stop herself from doing so with her understanding mother.]]

[size15 [font "Comic Sans" "[b Sure, sweetie. Could you take my satchel of coins and get some food for us while you're out? The market isn't far from here, so you won't have an issue finding it and your way back.]" Her mother lit herself a cigarette before smiling at her daughter and pointing to a bag sitting on a table near the front door. Eris nodded to her mother politely before heading out with it in hand.]]

[size15 [font "Comic Sans" She was both excited and scared of what the new city had in store for her, but more so when it came to finding people willing to help her reach this scientist.]]

[size15 [font "Comic Sans" She wasn't ready to die.]]
  Eris Reinhart / Miramaromartin / 12d 3h 2m 28s

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