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"It is, embroidery is the worse. It is a nice effect though," Ayla gave him an appreciative smile. It was wonderful to know more about him. Well, the dancing was out of the way. "So, they gossip? At least we have that in common with the classes."

The dress took her breath away, it was stunning. Immediately she wanted to help him with more. "You could show me a dance, I'd like to try."Almost everything would be in order. She knew where to get the rest. " I'll return in a few minutes. "
  Ayla / Faust / 1y 174d 6m 27s
Kaedin smiled lightly. "Yes, I surprisingly do. One of the seamstresses taught me some basics about it, and then I learned the rest by myself. I can definitely tell you that learning the advanced part of sowing is...difficult." He stated to her simply, knowing that was the best way to word it right now. "Not all of the attenders actually dance, you know. Many like to stay at the sidelines and watch the show...or converse with each other about different subjects. I could also teach you a greeting or two if you'd like." He grinned and finally pulled out what he was looking for.

The dress actually looked quite elegant, with a teal color that almost embodied the sky itself. Such a garment in such a color was hard to come by. There were a few streaks of silver in the fabric, creating a nice design across the dress. It looked as if that of a royal, which would be perfect for helping Ayla blend in with everyone.
  Prince Kaedin / AskTheStaff / 1y 174d 30m 43s
"You know how to sow?" She asked surprised, if had been what she had done most of her life. She found herself missing it quite a bit. The idea was insane but it was also very tempting. "Yes, I'd like to. Only...I don't know how to dance or do proper greetings."

Despite all reasons not to she felt the surge of excitement and seeing him in his own world.
  Ayla / Faust / 1y 174d 38m 56s
Kaedin had barely been able to keep himself from flushing when Ayla had complimented him earlier, it was almost unreal. He felt as if it would have been unprofessional at the moment...and he didn't know how she would have reacted it he had done anything like that. Despite the pleasant feeling in his heart, he [i seemed] to keep his composure together. He sighed and ran his hand through his hair slowly, attempting to calm himself so he didn't say or do anything stupid.

"W-well..." Oh, shoot...he stuttered. That was the last thing he wanted to do in front of her...it already made his nervousness more apparent than it needed to be. He looked at her with the most calm expression that he could manage, although he probably still looked like he was flushing. "You know how we discussed the dress a few minutes ago? I have actually woven another one in secret...because I didn't like the dress my parents prepared. At the time, it seemed...ugly to me." He walked over near where Ayla was sitting and moved a couple things over, revealing a hidden compartment. "I placed it in here...because my parents would have been furious if they realized that I had stolen supplies from the seamstress to make it." He chuckled as he reached into the opening and started to pull something out.
  Prince Kaedin / AskTheStaff / 1y 174d 1h 11m 5s
Cursing herself for flushing, as well as gushing, Ayla gave a nod in attempt to save her dignity. Kaedin seemed pleased with her words though. The warm sensation was strange to her but good. Looking to him puzzled, she furrowed her eyebrows. "How is that, Kaedin?" She asked taking a moment to sit down.

Was it possible? Feelings for a prince was a terrible idea. She couldn't begin to think of what would happen.
  Ayla / Faust / 1y 174d 1h 24m 37s
The Prince listened to her words, smiling after hearing what she had to say about the other women. "Why, thank you ma'am." His grin widened ever so slightly as he looked at her for a few seconds. "Sometimes I feel as if you're the only real sensible person I've met." He said gently, sighing afterwards and going back to make sure his garments were on correctly. After he checked them, he turned back to Ayla once again and listened to her words.

"Yes...that would be quite nice..." Kaedin chuckled for a few seconds and then closed his eyes, going into thought about some things. "You know...there [b is] a way I could probably help you get into the event." He said quietly, but loud enough for her to hear it in its entirety.
  Prince Kaedin / AskTheStaff / 1y 174d 1h 44m 50s
She made a scuffing noise at the silly girls he described. "Then they don't know what they are missing. There is much more to you than a title," Ayla gave a smile to him. Oh, why was she lingering? She tried to tell herself she was being stupid.

"If there was a way I could join you, I would," she said before finding those words stupid. How could she? There was a dress but she could never pass as anything else. Could she?
  Ayla / Faust / 1y 174d 1h 50m 52s
Kaedin slowly nodded as she heard Ayla's inquisitions. They were reasonable inferences, and were actually dead-on. "Yes...that's the part of these events that make them unbearable. I have not seen a single woman that I have found to be my match, despite how many have attempted to win me over. They only want me for the riches...and the fame. They don't want me for me, if you understand what I am saying." He sighed solemnly, nodding his head for a few seconds.

As she fixed his jacket, he chuckled a bit. "Ah, it's fine. I'd go with casual clothing on if my parents allowed it, but they insist that I wear the finest garments. I just don't feel that I should wear such extremely formal attire to impress people that don't really care." He said gently, making it obvious that he was annoyed to be going.
  Prince Kaedin / AskTheStaff / 1y 174d 5h 41m 31s
Ayla listened to the story with interest. It was sad to her that she listened to him so intently knowing why that was. Running a hand down the material she had only down them never worn. "Then she is a lucky princess," Ayla said trying to act as if she didn't love the dress. "So, these events are intended to find you a bride? Like hunting."

As much as she could try she flushed pleased. "Really? I do too." With one last glance to the dress she cleared her throat. Wandering over to him she fixed the jacker, fussing like an old woman. "That's never straight."
  Ayla / Faust / 1y 175d 7h 44m 0s
The Prince had just put his masquerade mask in a pocket on his suit when Ayla had asked him a question. He turned to her slowly. "Yes, it was for a princess position. My father was very...peculiar...in how he thought things would work out. He had first thought that his child would be female, and my mother did as well. When they figured out I was a boy, they still decided to keep the dress. Afterwards, they had intended to give it to whoever will be my future bride...and they changed their minds. The dress has kind of just been sitting around for all this time, with no one ever wearing it at all." He explained to her.

Kaedin then heard her say something else. "Yes, the food and music are quite enjoyable. I wish you could come, I really do." He said gently, yet passionately. It was obvious that he was being serious about it, as he looked over to her again.
  Prince Kaedin / AskTheStaff / 1y 175d 8h 14m 48s
"So, this is your father's attempt to find that princess or whatever else position, again?" Ayla asked casually, scrunching her nose at the clothes to make sure that there wasn't the slightest imperfection. All inspections went through Matlock. Matlock could see a speck of dust on a shoulder from yards away. With the other elite class rising, there was a rise in standards.

Content with her work, she couldn't help but have her thoughts drift to what the food would taste like, possibly dancing. "It must be nice though, some parts of it, the food, music...really can't dance or care to..." She flushed at the omission before putting the clothes down to see what was left.

Still she wondered about him even if she did consider him a friend at this point. Foolish, as it had been pointed out to her, they could be nothing more than master and servant.
  Ayla / Faust / 1y 176d 45m 8s

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