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Before Ayla could stop herself she leaned up, kissing his cheek. Giving a bright smile she really was happy. Exhausted but elated in a good way. She nodded. "Tomorrow morning then, I'll get the rest done."


It was barely any sleep. The night lingered, then her stomach acted up. Still up bright and early Ayla did her normal routine before returning the room. Placing the dress where it came from she looked to it one last time. It was nice dream, and someone like Kaedin. This wasn't a fairytale though.

"Good morning, Kaedin," she greeted brightly.
  Ayla / Faust / 1y 142d 4h 24m 50s
The Prince hadn't expected to be suddenly dragged into that small area, but he continued to listen to Ayla's words with just as much interest. "So...it really is possible? Let's do it tomorrow, then...as you had said." He said with a very intrigued, yet excited expression. He didn't really know why he was so excited, but the feeling still flowed through him nonetheless.

The slight touch she had made on his shoulder was strange, both in how it was executed and how it made him feel. There was a moment of silence before Kaedin heard Ayla speak again. "Alright, madam. We should both get our rest, since tomorrow will be such a...big and interesting day." He said with a little smile.
  Prince Kaedin / AskTheStaff / 1y 143d 4h 38m 10s
An impish look crossed her face before she pulled him into a small niche in the hallway. "There's someone with your size of clothes here...a hamlet not too far from here...it is possible. Not tonight though. Tonight we should rest, though."

Eyeing him for the size, she lingered more than she should have. Touching his shoulder she then looked away dropping her hand. Clearing her throat she gave a small nervous chuckle. "I, uh, should go to sleep now. We work early in the morning...I can teach you then."
  Ayla / Faust / 1y 144d 4h 51m 28s
Oddly enough, Kaedin was intrigued by her ideas...and wanted to go through with them. He was curious to know how life felt like in her shoes...and although he knew her life would be worse, he wanted to do it for her. "If it could be done, then I could try it." He said with a little smile.

Then, he heard her say something else. "A game? Well, I'd love to know about it...as long as you're okay telling me." He said, interested once again in what she had to say.
  Prince Kaedin / AskTheStaff / 1y 147d 6h 6m 45s
Away from the people, Ayla felt herself relax, giving Kaedin a thoughtful look. "Well, it would require a change of clothes, and people who don't know what you look like. It could be done, though," she said with a look of mischief. It had been the last things she had intended on doing but her mouth wouldn't stop.

"Of course, if you want to, I could teach you a game that's played," she smiled. And again, that was the last thing she wanted to say. But it wouldn't stop.
  Ayla / Faust / 1y 156d 3h 36m 10s
Kaedin grinned lightly and warmly as Ayla reentered the room. He heard her start inquiring him, which he quickly replied to. "If you desire to head back, of course we can do so." He stated with a nice, comforting smile. Of course...he definitely wished that they could stay. His time with her so far had just seemed so enjoyable compared to time he spent with others. However, the Prince did not want to become selfish and give in to his own desires. Instead, he wanted to do things for Ayla. After all...that's what a proper gentleman does, right?

After a few seconds of silence and thought, he heard her say something else. "Maybe so." He chuckled and grinned towards her. "I'm sure it would be quite enjoyable, as long as you'd be there with me." He said before flushing a shade of red, realizing that he had just flirted with the woman. He turned his head to a slightly different direction, not wanting to show his reddish face.
  Prince Kaedin / AskTheStaff / 1y 156d 11h 28m 22s
Bracing herself, she knew that it was time to head back to her life, and attempt to keep those feelings away. Straightening after her time of calling herself an idiot she stepped back in and gave a smile. "It's rather late and I have an early morning. Could we head back?" She asked.

The dance was fresh in her memory and she could feel that warmth growing again. Deciding to turn away from those thoughts she smirked. "Maybe I could show you my world one of these days."
  Ayla / Faust / 1y 157d 3h 36m 26s
The Prince had highly enjoyed the dance, it was amazing. It was the first time he had ever danced with a woman at all, although he had never admitted it to Ayla. If she knew that, he had no idea of how she would even react. Then again, he [b did] say that he had never been interested in any of the women that were at any of the parties.

Kaedin heard her talk to him for a minute or two after the dance, and he smiled lightly. "Very well, madam. Take your time if you must." He stated gently, watching her walk to the balcony. Just to ensure that no one would approach her out of suspicion, he kept an eye on the door to the balcony. Luckily, no one went out there while she was getting herself some air.
  Prince Kaedin / AskTheStaff / 1y 157d 8h 48m 50s
This was madness. Dancing like she was above what she was, drinking and eating with a prince, the whole thing wasn't right. Only it was right. Ayla didn't like the fact that she enjoyed the dance more than she should have. At the end of it she hadn't broken any toes, but did show the clumsiness.

Stepping away she brushed that strand of hair out of her face. "That, that was lovely, thank you. I, um, going to get some fresh air," she said cursing how stupid she sounded then. Stepping to the balcony she let out a breath. "Idiot, idiot.." she cursed herself with a groan.
  Ayla / Faust / 1y 158d 4h 51m 11s
Ayla's comment about the other partygoers' dancing methods made Kaedin chuckle a bit, a wide smile spreading across his face quite quickly. He had always been the type to speak his mind, but this girl was definitely something else. The Prince slowly reached out his hand and laid it over the girl's own hand, gently tightening his grip until he found a comfortable stopping point. "And now...we begin." He said with a little grin.

After a couple seconds of silence-save for the noises of the other people around them-Kaedin pulled Ayla a bit closer to him before guiding her through a slow and simple dance. The movements he helped her perform with him were nowhere near complex, but something about the dance itself seemed extremely special.
  Prince Kaedin / AskTheStaff / 1y 161d 4h 2m 38s
"It's not a dance that they are doing?" Ayla asked confused. The other people where doing this strange dance where they only touched with hands and moved in circles. "Yes, I would. They look like dogs formally chasing their tails."

Clasping her mouth slightly she gave a nervous chuckle. This was the wrong time to let her mouth run wild. Not even Kaedin knew that yet about her, she kept herself in check around him. When it came to some of the others there was no stopping it.
  Ayla / Faust / 1y 161d 4h 17m 51s
Kaedin actually enjoyed Ayla's laughter, unlike a good portion of the rest of the people there. When she had laughed, he smiled just a bit more than he already had been doing. He couldn't really understand why...but something about her laugh...her [b everything], for that matter...made him happy.

"Are you ready to begin, mi'lady?" The Prince asked with a slight smirk on his face as he reached out his hand to take hers. "If you are, there is a certain dance I would like to teach you tonight. It is one that I have made up myself, although it has no title. Would you like to attempt it, madam?" He inquired her happily, still having his hand reached out for her.
  Prince Kaedin / AskTheStaff / 1y 168d 4h 19m 10s
Ayla gave an amused laugh, earning a look from those around her. Apparantly they laughed delicately when she had barked her laughter. She gave a sheepish look before following him. This was likely to be a disaster but it would be a fun disaster.

"Not likely, m'lord," she smiled before looking back to him. Once in position she looked to him for guidance. She couldn't quite place where and what she was supposed to do.
  Ayla / Faust / 1y 168d 4h 45m 59s
The Prince had never been the best dancer, in all honesty. However, he was still excited to be doing so. With Ayla wanting to dance with him, it made everything even better and more enjoyable as the nice feeling in his heart continued to emanate through him.

Kaedin smiled and took her hand gladly, a look of excitement and happiness spread across his face. "I do not believe that we will look foolish, madam. I actually think you and I will do quite nice out there, dancing together." He chuckled lightly as he lead her back to the ball room.
  Prince Kaedin / AskTheStaff / 1y 171d 5h 19m 4s
In a moment she wondered why she had done this and suggested dancing. It was getting very comfortable with him as it was, and the idea of heartbreak wasn't thrilling. It was too late now judging by his bright look. The others were offering their hands as a gesture.

Awkwardly she offered Kaedin her hand with a smile. "Well, if we look foolish...you know why..." she gave a nervous chuckle. At least no one asked for a name yet. Ayla the servant didn't sound royal.
  Ayla / Faust / 1y 171d 5h 29m 29s

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