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Ayla's comment about the other partygoers' dancing methods made Kaedin chuckle a bit, a wide smile spreading across his face quite quickly. He had always been the type to speak his mind, but this girl was definitely something else. The Prince slowly reached out his hand and laid it over the girl's own hand, gently tightening his grip until he found a comfortable stopping point. "And now...we begin." He said with a little grin.

After a couple seconds of silence-save for the noises of the other people around them-Kaedin pulled Ayla a bit closer to him before guiding her through a slow and simple dance. The movements he helped her perform with him were nowhere near complex, but something about the dance itself seemed extremely special.
  Prince Kaedin / AskTheStaff / 1d 4h 40m 51s
"It's not a dance that they are doing?" Ayla asked confused. The other people where doing this strange dance where they only touched with hands and moved in circles. "Yes, I would. They look like dogs formally chasing their tails."

Clasping her mouth slightly she gave a nervous chuckle. This was the wrong time to let her mouth run wild. Not even Kaedin knew that yet about her, she kept herself in check around him. When it came to some of the others there was no stopping it.
  Ayla / Faust / 1d 4h 56m 4s
Kaedin actually enjoyed Ayla's laughter, unlike a good portion of the rest of the people there. When she had laughed, he smiled just a bit more than he already had been doing. He couldn't really understand why...but something about her laugh...her [b everything], for that matter...made him happy.

"Are you ready to begin, mi'lady?" The Prince asked with a slight smirk on his face as he reached out his hand to take hers. "If you are, there is a certain dance I would like to teach you tonight. It is one that I have made up myself, although it has no title. Would you like to attempt it, madam?" He inquired her happily, still having his hand reached out for her.
  Prince Kaedin / AskTheStaff / 8d 4h 57m 23s
Ayla gave an amused laugh, earning a look from those around her. Apparantly they laughed delicately when she had barked her laughter. She gave a sheepish look before following him. This was likely to be a disaster but it would be a fun disaster.

"Not likely, m'lord," she smiled before looking back to him. Once in position she looked to him for guidance. She couldn't quite place where and what she was supposed to do.
  Ayla / Faust / 8d 5h 24m 12s
The Prince had never been the best dancer, in all honesty. However, he was still excited to be doing so. With Ayla wanting to dance with him, it made everything even better and more enjoyable as the nice feeling in his heart continued to emanate through him.

Kaedin smiled and took her hand gladly, a look of excitement and happiness spread across his face. "I do not believe that we will look foolish, madam. I actually think you and I will do quite nice out there, dancing together." He chuckled lightly as he lead her back to the ball room.
  Prince Kaedin / AskTheStaff / 11d 5h 57m 17s
In a moment she wondered why she had done this and suggested dancing. It was getting very comfortable with him as it was, and the idea of heartbreak wasn't thrilling. It was too late now judging by his bright look. The others were offering their hands as a gesture.

Awkwardly she offered Kaedin her hand with a smile. "Well, if we look foolish...you know why..." she gave a nervous chuckle. At least no one asked for a name yet. Ayla the servant didn't sound royal.
  Ayla / Faust / 11d 6h 7m 42s
The Prince had sighed before suddenly hearing Ayla say she wanted to attempt to dance. "You would really dance with me? It would be a pleasure, madam." He said with a smile across his face. "I can teach you how to dance, if I must. In fact, I do believe that I would enjoy doing so and dancing with you." He lightly chuckled, feeling a bit better about his situation. Maybe he was right...maybe Ayla was the answer to his woes. "All you have to do is tell me when you are ready, madam." Kaedin tilted his head slightly as his grin widened just slightly and a small blush appeared on his cheeks.
  Prince Kaedin / AskTheStaff / 11d 6h 54m 11s
Dancing...that would explain the looks that was being thrown in her direction. Most of it was the women who wanted to be a princess. She felt strangely protective and sad for him. "Perhaps we should dance then? I never formally danced but..."

She was eating this food, wearing constrictive clothing, why not dance? She was eager to try something new.
  Ayla / Faust / 11d 6h 58m 23s
Kaedin had enjoyed his meal, as per the usual. The chefs always knew how to prepare something different each time an event was held, so there was always something interesting on his plate. The mushrooms were quite delicious, and he had definitely liked them greatly as he had eaten them.

The Prince looked over towards Ayla as she asked him what they were supposed to do next. Before replying, he took one last drink from his wine. Once he was finished, he finally spoke up. "Well...after eating, it is customary to go and dance." He said casually, although with a weird tone in his voice as well. This was one of the moments that he either liked a bit or hated a lot. When he danced, that was when most of the other women who wanted him would approach. Maybe...maybe with Ayla around, the others would back off? He was hoping for that...maybe things could work out and go well this time.
  Prince Kaedin / AskTheStaff / 11d 7h 25m 30s
Between the wine and the rich food, her stomach began to complain. It had been the nicest food she's ever eaten. There was some people who gave their respects and talked, only glancing to her, the glances full of curiosities. Rubbing her stomach she looked to him for a moment before forcing herself to look away.

"So, what is next on the list?" She asked curiously. It was a rich and strange world, it all seemed so beautiful but he was so unhappy.
  Ayla / Faust / 11d 7h 31m 36s
The Prince glanced around at everything as well, taking in the scene. Although he had seen the room multiple times, it was still enjoyable to take in the elegance and beauty of it every time he entered it. He sniffed the air lightly, catching a whiff of some food and wine.

Kaedin nodded as Ayla asked about getting some of the fancy mushrooms. "Of course, madam!" He exclaimed with a smile as he started to lead her to a table near the one with the mushrooms. On it, there was silverware laid out and many plates stacked on top of one another. "All you have to do is grab a plate and some silverware, and then you can have all the mushrooms you want! In fact, you can have however much of [b any] food prepared here that you would like!" He said happily, with a seeming twinkle in his eye.
  Prince Kaedin / AskTheStaff / 11d 21h 9m 7s
It was such a gilded place that it was impossible to imagine that they could not be happy with their lives. The smell of some fancy mushrooms floated by lazily. Ayla felt herself salivating at the smell.

"It hasn't been all bad," Ayla gave a smile to him. It was an amazing moment she kept the eye contact for a moment. "Whatever those mushrooms are...they smell amazing. Can we get some first?" She asked unsure of what the protocol was.
  Ayla / faust / 12d 4h 6m 6s
Kaedin smiled a bit as Ayla used him for support as they walked all the way to the ball room. When her eyes widened and her face lit up with joy as they entered the room, a nice feeling was felt in his heart. His grin widened and he chuckled lightly.

"I'm glad you're getting to see all of this with me. You deserve it, after all of the work you've been through." He said gently as he looked around slowly before glancing over at her. For a few moments, their eyes met and they looked into each other's pupils. It was...a soothing moment, that actually felt quite pleasant rather than awkward.
  Prince Kaedin / AskTheStaff / 12d 4h 35m 39s
Ayla had seen only certain parts of the castle, being a lowly maid. They moved like the shadows in back corridors and stair cases. The ball room was equally the most magical moment of her life. The shoes grounded her, as they were strange and uncomfortable. Grasping his arm for support and the sight.

"This is the most beautiful thing I've seen," Ayla whispered awed before giving him a bright, happy look. This was amazing and him with it even more so, all doubting thoughts gone.
  Ayla / faust / 12d 4h 43m 13s
The Prince slowly nodded after hearing her question. "As long as you're ready, madam...I am ready as well." He said with a light chuckle as he almost held out his hand for her to take. He quickly stopped himself, hoping she didn't see it.

Kaedin was really glad for Ayla, being able to help her have a slice of the royal life. He smiled and looked over to her, watching her for a couple seconds. "Anyways...let's go." His grin widened ever so slightly as his excitement built up. Maybe this event would be a lot more enjoyable with her by his side.
  Prince Kaedin / AskTheStaff / 12d 5h 2m 19s

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