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We know what we doing, do we really need a plot?

If your looking at this thread Know That this is an RP for history between the Crowned prince Wel'ren of the Silver woods Empire, and the Royal Uli from the Mirror Mountains.

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Wel'ren was thinking of Uli's question he had posed. Could he turn into a dragon? well no not really he could only partly transform, but a few members of his family could indeed turn into full fledged dragons. He had dreams of perhaps obtaining the magical ability to do so. Hell if he could turn into a dragon even if just one of them would be a big advantage against his uncle in the war. As he turned the question over and over in his head he felt the pinch and prodding that went from his neck and shoulder all the way down his leg, even down to his butt checks. Feeling Uli keep his hands over the towel for a few moment before moving on.

[#5c11c0 "As it stands no its a rarity even among my family to have a full dragon transformation. As my Grandmother preaches repeatedly to us children. Magic comes at a cost, as you can see this is mine, While I don't feel the wounds and it look like they don't hit me the damage is done even if its extent is bruising. Had either one of them hit me with more powerful magic I am sure my dragon skin would have saved my organs but the damage would be broken bones and potentially blood loss. It is also why most of my family even if they can turn into a dragon only use it in dire times. I know of only a handful members of the entire Candle line that has been able to turn into a dragons and not many make it into their forties or later, usually they are killed because of their magical abilities or they are stuck as dragons and killed or forced out of the human Kingdoms to face the other races."]

Wel'ren had once again felt Uli's hand on his ass, only this time the towel seemed to be gone. Perhaps it was the cold touch that had given it away that the towel was gone, or the slight squeezing he felt from the other boy. Chalking it up to the fact he was inspecting him the prince could only guess that his words of inspect to your satisfaction was taken literally. Moving ever so slightly Wel'ren had removed the towel to be laying in the nude on the couch letting his roommate do a full body inspection, it was on the prince's honor after all to face his own words.

[#5c11c0 "I would not know how flying goes, I have yet to be able to produce wings. I hear however it is a very painful experience. I was always told that its like breaking your spine right between your shoulders and something forcing its way out of your ribcage and skin and organs. Its the reason many in my family can't do a full transformation as the pain tends to cause the person to faint and stop the transformation."] Feeling his roommate's gaze fall upon the back of his head Wel'ren turned a full one eighty with his body so that uli could continue his inspection.

Holding up two fingers again in the air Wel'ren nodded. [#5c11c0 "It has been said there are two other royal lines here in the human kingdoms that have been taught how to transform into dragons by the candle line. At first people believed it was unteachable and the candle family lineage was....Tainted"] a hurt came across the prince's eyes, but he continued his story. [#5c11c0 "It was later found out that it wasn't from the blood of the family itself. My mother is a Rune, Her younger brother Delori Ros Anu can turn into a dragon type that has never been seen before. He call it a Sentinel, Its a dark purple dragon that seems to be just like that of my family's Elder Wyrm, only they have a dual breath. Usually its a mix of Smoke and Poison, or Acid and water, or fire and lightning. There are endless possibilities to it. It is what makes him so dangerous and has given rumor to his name. He is eleven years older then I am and has transformed into his dragon form in front of me at least six times."]

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Holding up his full hand the prince clenched it into a fist. [#5c11c0 "He is my aspiration. The person I wish to become like. He is fearless and will die if he has to; he will reach the goals he sets himself. You see while his Sentinel dragon form has its strong power it mean a strong relapse. He is twenty-eight years of age, but looks early twenties, but is also bound to stay near a magically enchanted chair as his life force is connected to it. Without his Chair he cannot repair his heart and lungs which were destroyed in his first transformation."]

hearing what his roommate said about sleeping in nothing brought some sense of self back to the male to realize he was in the nude, and had somewhat of a hard on going. Perhaps it was the cold breeze that hit his skin, the thought of power? no wel'ren was many things, but power hungry like many in his family was not one. No it was the idea of someone seeing him bare besides himself. He had been so use to always having on some clothing in the eyes of others uli was actually the first to see him without even a scrap of cloth around his manhood. Hearing the running water Wel'ren reached and grabbed the glass set in front of him taking a few sips before returning it to the table and rolling back over to his belly.

Hearing the last question Uli had asked as he seemed to lay down on the couch across from him Wel'ren had closed his eyes for a few moments and thought about his answer. Would he actually Graduate? Well he would not be eliminated because of the duels between students, at least not so easily. He had after all proven he can stand by himself against two more advanced students, but they were lower year ones, what would happen if a ninth level or even a tenth level challenged him? could he win a duel against one of them? How long would it taken for him to even Graduate the Academy? It had been proven after all it was a Rarity that people passed through all ten levels of the Academy within a span of ten years or less, and he had only a couple before his father would march against his brother and destroy Iveed and he would do it with our without his son Wel'ren.

[#5c11c0 "I plan to follow in my Father's footsteps. I will lead the land my father leaves to me. I will be the child he approves of. I will not fall out of his grace, and I will not die before him. I will of course stay in touch with you Uli. I mean we can't loose touch that easy after we go our separate ways in life. I would throw a ball every year to commemorate our friendship. I will even convince my father to throw one every year on the day he sent me to the academy and invite all the Royals from across the lands."] putting a pause in his thoughts for a moment a smile played across his face as Wel'ren once again rolled over to have his back against the cushions of his bed for the night.

[#5c11c0 "I will also follow in his dreams of Uniting the human Kingdoms under one banner, under one crown, under one Ruler. I know my father will not be alive to see it happen, and I do not see me being alive to see it happen either, but it will happen perhaps the generation after I am gone."]
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Much accustomed to nudity by now, Uli did not concern himself with Wel'ren's undressing and instead fretted as he assessed the remaining injuries first with his eyes, and soon after with his hands. Once he had laid down, Uli set about directing his energy into his hands, murmuring darkly to himself in response to the nasty marks on his legs, his fingertips light and heavy all at once. Gently but firmly, Uli had begun to massage each mark, hoping to ease the pain and the tension while he treated them as best he could. He had not known Wel'ren personally for very long, but was shamelessly concerned for his wellbeing, nonetheless. He was unsure of what to call such a sudden attachment, almost magnetized in its strength, but also comforting. There were moments where, even when Wel'ren was sharing something new with him about himself or his home, Uli felt as though he had [i always] known him. Curious though these emotions were, the priest made no small matter of any injuries the Prince had sustained and continued to work without pause, listening but not stopping as Wel'ren explained the transformations. He clucked his tongue, interested despite the almost trance-like amount of focus he was directing toward the teen's flesh and bone.

Still, his eyes had moved to look upon the changeling a number of times as he spoke, wondering if, by any chance, he himself might be capable of such a transformation one day. Was it even a possibility? Uli considered it, green eyes glazing ever so slightly as he imagined the different dragon's as described by the Prince, marveling and imagining he, too, could become something so terrifying, so powerful. Then again, something like that seemed to be right up Wel'ren's alley, magically and physically gifted in countless ways, always seeking out new information, new power, while for the majority of Uli's life, he had been a burden to people. Sickly, frail, and hardly conscious up until just a few years ago, he had been nothing more than a glass rose to most residents of the estate, an unfortunate boy, doomed to wither away, so they'd said. Was that why Wel'ren's kindness comforted him so?

Because he regarded him with the respect and the acceptance proper for a man, and not the gentle tones and cooing that had drowned him for most of his life?


Uli, emerald gaze sparkling in his growing interest, couldn't help himself. [b "You can turn into actual DRAGONS, then? Have you flown? Is flying nice?"] the blonde asked with lights in his eyes, always having envied creatures capable of flight and always having been in awe of dragon's, as any boy might be or ever have been. His hands made their way to Wel'ren's back, kneading the region to loosen it and rather enjoying it, if he were to be wholly honest. As per their fine breeding, Wel'ren was a very handsome creature and warranted every scrap of Uli's teasing as a result. Physician though he was, Uli was not above petting his patients.

[b "Would you be able to teach me how to transform into one, then, even just partially? Does it hurt? To transform, I mean."]

On top of it all, Uli was reminded of Matteo's face as he slunk out of the challenge grounds, prompting a snicker from the priest even now. Pathetic little shit. He would have liked to join Wel'ren but knew full well that he was not accustomed to such brawls and may not have been of much help anyway.
Then there was the matter of the prince's tunic.

Uli pulled it off, folded it, and set it down beside Wel'ren, grinning and finally releasing his grasp on his roommate's lovely skin. He folded his hands and fingers below his chin for a moment, amused. [b "I propose you sleep tonight wearing about as much as you are now, it's very liberating and it feels heavenly."] Teasing, teasing. Always teasing, though this time he was speaking from experience. He rose then, heading into their kitchen for some water. He set a glass in front of the Prince and then allowed himself to lounge on a couch just opposite him, considering the events leading up until now. He didn't envy Wel'ren's status in the school in the least, and did not envy him his role, either. Perhaps, though... He could shoulder some of the burdens that may befall his new friend when they arose? Wel'ren was his first friend, something of the utmost importance in his book. He would hate for their friendship to disintegrate after they graduated. Their both being of the blood, he wondered if it might be possible or acceptable to stay at his side from time to time after they graduated.
Was that selfish? Was it strange?

[b "What will you do after we graduate?"] He finally asked, watching the ceiling. It wasn't so much a question of careers, but of ethics. As far as HIS mother was concerned, she was still quite young and ruled their estates as though she were some sort of queen. There was no expectation for Uli, nothing to inherit; There was only the priesthood, which was enough for him. He had exceptional talent and had decided to devote himself to cultivating it for the sake of any future patients he might be tasked with.
Was Wel'ren preparing for something? Anyone in Ashen Wood was sure to be preparing for something, right?
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The prince had laid down on his stomach. Waiting on uli to start his inspection to the point of satisfaction, perhaps it was his kind heartedness, but it would be one of worry later if he did not. He wouldn't have Uli worry about him while they were at school. [#5c11c0 "By all means inspect away there Uli."] Removing his leggings down to his undergarments it showed even more bruises on his legs. Removing then his under garments Wel'ren grabbed a small cloth and wrapped it around his stuff. [#5c11c0 "Just be careful a few of the bruises are still a little painful."]

The male laid down thinking about what Uli had said. [#5c11c0 "I don't think he will try it again any time soon, and if he does most of them will laugh at him knowing he isn't very skilled as it is."] looking over his shoulder his eyes went from a chocolate dark brown to a brighter hazel gold. [#5c11c0 "He spent nine years here and is only a fourth level. On top of that he had to get Cassidy a fifth level to partner up with him. to take on a first level."]

Turning his head Wel'ren placed his hands on his arms facing to look at the other couch across from him. [#5c11c0 "However my father will for sure hear of this. And I will for sure get a reprimand for it."] once again thinking about how to answer his friend's question he seemed to turn the question over and over in his head like it was an almost impossible question to ask. [#5c11c0 "Its only a partial transformation. The children born to the Candle family, or those of the Candle Lineage can transform themselves into a dragon, Usually the families can only transform into one dragon, however my family specifically can turn into three."]

Holding up three fingers from hand and harm he went on. [#5c11c0 "The first is that of a Metal dragon, Produced with armor and mostly meant to be a defensive base They produce a metal scales and have a many type of magical breaths from Fire and water, to Poison and rot. My family's breath for the Metal dragon is that of Dust."] Removing one of his fingers h kept going. [#5c11c0 "The second is that of an Ice dragon, usually known as an Ice drake. They produce a very cold frost from around their natural body. Their breath is believed to be their deadliest weapon that of the freezing cold, however its the cold that is produced from their bodies that is their deadliest of weapons as not many can stand up to it. No natural creature can stand up to it, nothing accept perhaps a Fire dragon themselves or an elder wyrm."]

Removing a second finger he went on. [#5c11c0 "The third and final dragon my family can turn into is that of an Elder Wyrm, also sometimes called an ancient dragon. Usually very large in size. They don't have any natural breaths, but they are immune to most other magic and can only be Physically harmed, unless by chance they have gotten ahold of a metal dragon's magical ability to harden their skin. Usually faster at flying then most of their breather they easily are considered the most powerful of their kind."] removing his last finger Wel'ren placed his hand back down to where it was before.

[#5c11c0 "The partial transformation was how my family was trained before coming here to Ashenwood academy. We learn to control part of our bodies to transform, Usually many in my family choose an arm or their throat and head so they can use the dragon's breath or have added armor, however I chose my torso for the extra armor there so I wouldn't have to worry about a magical barrier around them. The fire elemental was only a partial transformation into the Elder Wyrm."]
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Uli 's breathing slowed, calming as his friend's hand met his face. It was such a relief to see Wel'ren out and about, smiling, successful. The match was worrying, for certain, and he wasn't fully convinced that his roommate was well-off. Green eyes scanned the brunette for other possible injuries, unable to hide his tongue-clucking. He watched the prince's arm shift to and fro with a heavy heart, noting the slight shift in Wel'ren's movements as the added effort rushed through his arm and fingers. Uli was not so convinced... Yet, just like he was tying his tongue and keeping his own ailments to himself, he couldn't hold it against Wel'ren were he to do the same.

The warm fabric of Wel'ren's shirt drew over his head, and for a moment, Uli could have melted. Wel'ren had such a kind heart, he was so lucky to have met this remarkably talented man here at Ashen Wood. Unfortunately, the soft, glowing sensation froze and shattered as Uli then took in the sight of the bruising on his roommate's uncovered torso, his eyes widening. [i This was his fault]. He kept his hands at his sides despite the overwhelming urge to reach out and touch him, not wanting to make a scene but very guilty inside as he followed the prince into their dorm. [b "Please. Can I help? I can't help but feel as though this is my doing... Might I have a look, Wel'ren?"] he asked gingerly, turning to the teen as the door closed.

He was reminded of days past, swathed in golden silks and velvets and watching with a keen eye as those of the priesthood cared for his pains and illnesses throughout the years. He was learned in these procedures now, however had not yet been rited into the holy band and would need to study properly in order to join their ranks. Uli was determined to make use of his only true talent, especially if it meant he could be of use to Wel'ren after awful encounters like this. He hoped he hadn't broken anything else, but would do his best to relieve it if he was permitted to do so, nonetheless.

[b "Do you think he'll retaliate again? He's bound to hold an even bigger grudge now."] Uli thought aloud, turning his thoughts about in his head. They were barely students yet and already had enemies, was that impressive or just terrifying? More chilling still were the trifling things that might follow, now that some of Wel'ren's power had shined through and had been revealed to other students. Jealousy and more duels would follow, Uli was sure. People were bad at accepting superior skill, and would want to challenge him to test their own prowess as they saw fit. Would the academy allow something like that, more duels? He knew their peers were excited, but once the cheeriness died down and Matteo built up a new wave of anguish, there was no telling how the rest of their days at Ashen Wood were going to go.

Then there were Uli's own amazements and questions. He saw fit to voice them, looking up in reaffirmed awe as he remembered the visage of his roommate coated in metal and surrounded by orbs of flame. [b "How did you learn to do that transformation at the end? Pardon all my questions, brother, it was just one of the most amazing things I've ever seen. I thought the scales were enough, but you've got a fair bit of flair to you, I see. Coated in steel and cradling fireballs, what a [i show] you put on."] the blonde recalled with a crooked, entertained smirk. [b "Maybe Matteo will simmer down now that he sees the difference in skill? Doesn't seem much like him, but we can hope."] he sighed, turning his attention back to Wel'ren's abdomen. He could not swallow or hide his worries, barely managing to mask them with a smile.
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The prince had been swept up in a crowd of fellow students. Cheers had gone up from the group as the defeated seemed to only bow their heads knowing they would forever face the horror of shame. The students had thrown a party in his honor, yet the guest of Honor seemed to dip out sometime at the start of it.

The prince however was caught up in the roar of the cheering from the party as the food passed around. A small noise being produced from his stomach as the smell wafted through the air to his noise. One bite would not hurt, at least not in the way one would think, but first he needed to get to the medic, While his arm was fixed mostly he wanted to be sure everything was set correctly. His main focus wasn't healing magic, and especially twisting his bones back into place was one of great concern, even if his dragonic magic itself healed his body.

Wel'ren however also gave away his biggest secret of how his dragonic magic was his biggest secret. He had learned his family magic and would only be passed on to the family line. Royals had of course their types of dragons they could become, and Candle's family had several dragons they could turn into. Candle's brood of specific could turn into not one, but three different dragons themselves. The first was a dragon of Metal more defensive armor based and could easily covered their entire body in second in a protective shell. The second was that of an Ice dragon, their hide produced a frost around them that would hold out against even a fire dragon's breath against their hide. The third was that of an elder dragon. While they did not have a breath they could use, but instead had an adaptation to their hide to absorb magic around them. It allowed an Elder Dragon the knowledge of magic many of its counter parts did not have.

Drawing in a deep breath as he walked down the hallway and ran into a few of his fellow students who kept asking him to come join in the celebrations, however he kept declining in hopes to return to the room, or perhaps run into Uli. On his way to the room Wel'ren drew in a sharp breath as his arms and fingers seemed to once again press out of place. Breaking his fingers and arm again just back into place this time he cringes in pain. While his arm and fingers were back in place they were useless for now.

Cringing in pain Wel'ren lift up his tunic to show several bruises on his ribcage, chest, Stomach, and even worse his back. Hearing footsteps he dropped his tunic down to cover himself again. Seeing Uli come around the corner Wel'ren had given him a soft smile. Placing his hand on the boy's face. What was it that drew his eye to the golden haired male he now called friend? It was an odd sensation to say the least, but the duel gave him but one thing, the knoweldge of knowing he could never leave the academy, and he would never leave Uli behind.
Hearing the boy huff and puff taking deep breaths inbetween asking about his arm. Holding it up while it would seem fine, it was healing, or well rather regenerating itself. Moving his fingers he just nodded.

[#5c11c0 "It is a little painful, however give it but a few and I am sure it will be just fine."] As the male let his arm down he noticed Uli was shirtless and grabbed his own without even thinking about it. Placing the shirt on Uli without thinking about his bruises on his body he waved off the fact that people were walking around him and Uli. Pulling open the door Wel'ren stepped in and left the door open to allow Uli to follow him.
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Felt sick.
As the floor became transparent, something in his stomach had chilled and dropped like a heavy stone in his gut. The duel's commencement had further horrified the blonde as he watched, useless, while Wel'ren took on two opponents by himself. Every movement sent a new wave of anxiety washing over him, and he leaned down and pressed a hand to the floor as though inwardly hoping he might fall through it and land on top of Beryks' deserving head. The three exchanged blows at a constant, lighting, fire, and ice raging and flashing across the battlefield belo. In accordance to said displays, Uli's knuckles whitened and curled into themselves as he felt the guilt of a tongueless bystander overwhelming him.

The brunette, the woman he had taken note of before the match had begun, had a [b foul] mouth, and Uli wanted nothing more than to drain her energy and [i purify her tongue] thoroughly. She was doggedly scooting about at Wel'ren's back and sides, trying to incapacitate the first year from possible blind spots while Matteo's pathetic excuses for 'spells' bounced around like drunken fireflies. Uli still worried for his roommate, because despite his being the superior combatant thus far, Cassidy had a savagery about her that Uli had seen in few other people, rarer still in a woman. His breath caught as she tore free of Wel'ren's frozen confines and set upon him like a crazed beast, [i snapping his arm and fingers] from the looks of the appendage. Uli could hardly breathe at this point, sweating bullets and all but kneeling as he prayed and prayed and prayed some more, one eye peeping at Wel'ren with deep and almost obsessive fear.

It was then that something dripped, marring the clear surface underfoot, and Uli's brows dipped for a second as he considered the possibilities. Sweat? He couldn't be sweating that much. He wasn't crying? His chest seized; Uli reached up and brushed his nose with his fingertips.

[i Blood].

Ollie set a fretting hand on his shoulder, not having missed this alarming sight and clearly rather wide-eyed. [i "Y'arr'ight, mate? Ya' feelin' sick-ways?] he asked urgently, watching Uli scramble to plug his nose. [b "Y-Yes! Thank you, Ollie, I'm quite alright. "] came the curt, hurried response, muffled from behind the cloth on the shoulder of his tunic. This... This hadn't happened in a year. He was better now, he had to be! He couldn't be sick, not here, not now. No, this was just a regular nosebleed, so he told himself. [b [i 'I'm just stressing too much, my body is fine.']] he reassured himself, hollow and grim as he thought it. He would tell no one of it, not his mother. Not the Priesthood. Not Wel'ren. It would go away on its own, it'd done it before, and it would do it again. Uli was not going to jeopardize his new life over a nosebleed. He shrunk a little, though, a number of curious eyes falling upon him as he covered the lower half of his face with the shoulder of his tunic sleeve, trying to focus in on the match again. He wasn't important right now, Wel'ren was, and right now-

Wel'ren had scales.

Uli knelt again, dumbfounded, nose still covered. What [i power], had he always been able to do this? Uli was jealous, though not donning the ugly green-eyed monster cape that Matteo was wearing at the moment. No, he wouldn't resent Wel'ren's abilities, rather that he wished that he could be even half as impressive. Uli was on a different path, however, and knew that Wel'ren and every other student had their own brand of magic, almost as unique as a fingerprint, however not as well developed for some as their peers of yet. He watched Wel'ren's arm, noticing that it seemed to have righted itself, no longer broken and seemingly uninjured. Uli still wanted to have a look at it, of course, but he was currently caught between pestering his roommate about the match and finding a corner to hide in until he knew for certain his nose was under control.

How foolish. He couldn't be sick, this was just from stressing his body out, he was fine. He was always fine. He would stay fine, forever. [i He was better now].

Uli allowed his focus to shift, considering all of his roommate's words. He had been telling Matteo of his shameful displays, of how he was not a true noble, of how he was cruel and spoiled and overall a selfish child, undeserving of the praise he sought out. Uli wondered then, for the first time, what Wel'ren had gone through thus far to mature him so. Uli did not consider himself spoilt or pompous, though he would admit his struggles had never been financial or status-inclined. What if he had turned out like Matteo? What if... He had turned out sick and evil and snobbish? He looked upon the angry blonde, trailing out after a shivering Miss Black while murmuring some nonsense or other. He sniffed as Wel'ren stepped out last, shooting him a look of relief before he disappeared into the crowd of other students and following a number of others back up. He had found a quiet corridor in which to treat himself, and kept his ears peeled for voices as he went to work.

He was no doctor, but he could keep himself afloat, he had bigger fish to fry and this was no time for a burning nose. He pressed his fingertips to either side of the bridge of his nose, some of the basic healing passages traveling through his memory from the volume he'd begun the previous night. The stinging sensation in his nose dulled, and he pulled off his shirt to swipe at any extra blood, eyes flitting from one end of the corridor to the next as he watched the afternoon sigh into being, slow and unimpressed with the sea, a smidge clouded. A shame, he thought emptily, wrapping up and chucking his tunic out the window and watching it soak into the sea and disappear. Shirtless and slightly better off, Uli scampered off to catch up with his roommate, managing to evade harsh eyes along the way back to their room. He was sure the staff would not appreciate his half-clothed state, but it was the best he could do for now. No one could find out, because if Y'sera learned of this, he could be gone within the week, and be chained to silk sheets again.

He caught up with Wel'ren in their hallway, having just barely caught up from behind and a tad ragged from his hurrying about. [b "Your arm, brother-... Is it...? Is it fixed?"]
God, he was hungry. He was more worried about his roommate, though, and could hold off on eating if it meant his body might get some rest out of the compromise. He was still very in awe of Wel'ren, but to flock to him and giggle and to pine for his attentions was not something one would find in a Beluar. Uli would not smother anyone unless there was good reason for it, and even when he did, it was medically alone. He settled for resting a congratulatory hand on his friend's shoulder, barely resisting the urge to snatch up his arm and bend it around, just to be sure.
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Wel'ren had just dove behind a set of ruins when a fire ball seemed to launch into the air. It showed the entire area for a while. As the ball faded he could hear some scratching from across the way from him. The silence seemed to almost kill the prince, but it helped him also.
He was trained to expand his senses if one was unusable. and so covering up his eyes with cloth he took several deep breaths in and a few out. he expanded his hearing. A few yards ahead and to his left is a lighter figure breathing heavily. Perhaps Cassidy Black was not a fire mage, but she had casted the fireball light that the man knew for certain. Perhaps Cassidy was here for one thing and that was support to the uptight Matteo.

Wel'ren had flickered back in memories as the student registry came to mind. Cassidy Black and Matteo Beryks even the prince were all related. To be exact they were cousins. A fresh understanding of who he was fighting now hit him, he was fighting his family. Drawing up several ward spells and ready to fire things as he runs between buildings he is all nice and set.

Drawing himself out into the open Wel'ren shoots a Fire ball right up drawing the attention of Cassidy who shot several dozen Arcane bolts at him only to see them hit a shield placed around him. [b "You cheat Wel'ren Candle. Your father is nothing more then a thief, and your mother a whore."] Wel'ren seemed to just nod at Cassidy's remarks. [b "Matteo he is out here."] With it several dozen ice bolts came at him from the left and a few dozen on his right while lightning arced at him from above and behind him.

Placing his hands out word Wel'ren reached inside and burnt all the magic away. It seemed Fire pressed around him, but it wasn't the warm fuzzy fire that many would come to associate with it. No instead it was the ice chill of a blast of Liquid Helium. As the fire hit the wall it fizzled out. The lightning just hit and evaporated into the wall. The arcane didn't seem to do anything but tag the ice. As he drew his hands back to him the wall disappeared. Raising just his left hand and throwing it up an arcanic rune showed up in red blue and purple. First the red went off the Giant meter came crashing down where Cassidy had been.

The second was the blue which were ice bolts, They seemed to Heat tracking as they rushed towards Cassidy without stopping. Passing through even walls of the old ruins as they went to their target. Next was purple which threw up a shield around the prince as Lightning once again dove at him from behind. Wel'ren just turned his head ever so slightly to look over his shoulder as yet another lightning bolt struck his shield.

[#5c11c0 "It is sad Matteo. The only thing you can do is shoot lightning at a wide open target, knowing that it won't do anything."] waving his hand again as Cassidy came up behind him it froze her in place. [#5c11c0 "Your partner is done with."] Snapping Cassidy seemed to be bent out of place, her magical circlets removed from her body in an agonizing way. [#5c11c0 "Cassandra Black. Your magical circlets have been removed until the end of this duel. While your body would normally go into shock or worse have you die from the removal of your circlets I have made it so that you will not die in that ice."]

[right [pic]]
Cassidy however broke out of the ice and jumped on Wel'ren. First she broke his arm, then grabbed ahold of his fingers and broke them as well before she was forced off him. Shooting several arrows at him it seemed like she didn't need her magic at most. As she kept moving however the farther away she got from Wel'ren the ice crept back onto her skin. Eventually the ice covered her body again and froze her in place again.

[b "Wel'ren you Tyrant. Your worse then your father. You have power and don't know how to use it."] Laughing at Matteo the prince turned around to see his enemy had come out into the open. [#5c11c0 "No, Matteo, you are nothing more then a bully. You pick on First years for nothing more then a monetary gain of popularity and all for what to prove that your father has a little more money then most merchant class?"]

Hold up his hands again Wel'ren snapped his fingers back into place, along with his arms. Holding up his hand and clenching it into a fist the shield came crashing down. [#5c11c0 "Your father has money, not because he earned it, but because he was given it to him by his parents and siblings. Your Mother, Cassidy's Mother, and even my own father are all related to be exact they are."] Waving off all his magical spells he stood there his arms out like he was hanging from a cross.

Matteo of course was throwing spells left and right, however it seemed his spells kept missing. [b "Damn you. You will not get away with this. My father shall help your uncle win the war. And you will be nothing more then a slave. I will make you eat your words. You will become my servant, no far less then that you will become whatever I want you to be."] Throwing many more spells at wel'ren they all still seemed to miss as the prince moved his hand down to his side.

[#5c11c0 "Your father is nothing more then a failed Noble, who couldn't hack it even among his family. He couldn't claim land without fighting with his family and loosing. Face it The only reason you have a standing at all is because of the women he married to and the family he married into."] Taking more steps towards Matteo Wel'ren kept going on the boy. [#5c11c0 "You and your family is nothing more then a washed up hasbin of Nobility and an even worse one for merchants. You do not understand what it means to be a mage, You don't know what it means to be the son of a person of power."]

Wel'ren stepped within but a few inches of Matteo and gripped the boy by his head as he was screaming and covering his ears. [b "Shut up shut up shut up. You will PAY FOR THIS."] Shooting several more magical spells at Wel'ren they hit the man directly. His clothing burned to ash, but his skin seemed to be covered with something new. Dragon scales went from just under his neckline to the top of his knees. [#5c11c0 "You do not understand Matteo Beryks what it means to be apart of the Candle family, that is why your father will never take you on travels with him, instead he'd rather throw away his money to keep you at this academy."]

[left [pic]]
Snapping his fingers Wel'ren transformed in a puff of smoke into a giant Fire elemental. His skin melted away to reveal nothing but bone. As the fire crept up his body however metal appeared where it left. The only piece that wasn't covered was the skull. A hollowed voice came across as the creature spoke. [#5c11c0 "Surrender or pay the price."] several massive fireballs appeared in the elementals hand along with several dozen more all around the two of them.

Matteo raised his hands in a last ditch effort. Shooting Ice at the thing now in front of him. [b "I Will never surrender. I will not Soil the name of Berkys."] As he called out Wel'ren blasted him with several of the fireballs to have them hit and destroy the barriers the mage had put up. Raising several more and stopping them in a cell around him. Before unleashing the magic itself to destroy Matteo however a bell went off within the room and the floor once again turned to glass.

[b "Our winner is Wel'ren Candle. an Unexpected outcome to say in the least. A first level does not usually beat an eighth level and a fourth level together. And so quickly at that."] Came the same male voice as before. Crawling out of the hole the first to come up was Cassidy Black. Shivering from the ice she had just been placed in along with the loss of her magic circlets which had sense been put back into her body. The second was the failed Matteo Berkys. Mumbling and babbling on about his family not being failures and how his family would go on. Next and last up was Wel'ren.

As the male came up he received cheers from fellow first levels, Whispers however went up about him from the upperclassmen and who he was. As he finished his climb the professor held up his hands. [b "Enough excitement for one day students Back to your dorms. Classes shall begin in a weeks time as last arrivals will be showing up."] The old man seemed to watch as Wel'ren left the arena and headed back to his room however. more curious about the student then he would let on.
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Uli sunk a bit, clearly having meant fo his his concerns but failing nonethless. Alone? Wel'ren was going to fight that conniving bastard and his partner [i alone]. He swallowed, watching his roommate as he rose to pour glasses of water without a care. He sat down and began to read again, the enchanted registry expanding once more and absorbing the prince as he went to work trying to scry the magic usage descriptors. Uli warily sipped his water, watching Wel'ren all the while without realizing he was doing so. It wasn't as though he did not trust his friend's judgments, and it wasn't as though he didn't believe in the younger male's abilities and confidence and whatnot... He just...

Uli was worried. Wel'ren was his first [i real] friend, what if something went horribly wrong? He chewed his lip, unable to concentrate on his rites and shutting them with a soft [i thud] and a cuss under his breath as his frustrations built. He would put on a brave face, in support of his friend. What more could he do if Wel'ren would not have him along for the match? He exhaled, leaning his cheek against his knuckles and lounging emptily as time passed them by. He must have dozed off at some point, waking with a snort and a small jolt as Wel'ren expressed his displeasure.
[b "Well damn. If they've got it locked away to such a degree it must be to keep us fron strategizing for things like duels."] he remarked grimly, stretching and tiredly removing his pants. For Wel'ren's benefit, he would sleep in his undershorts. Sleeping wholly nude too often could catch him a cold, no?

He eyed the clock right after his friend had poured them cocoa, checking the time and sucking down the beverage in a timely fashion so as to reach bed faster. Uli smiled, however faintly. His heart would truly break if Wel'ren was expelled, he hadn't ever met anyone else so friendly and inviting before. Perhaps Uli just hadn't met many people yet, but-
He wanted Wel'ren and himself to remain friends well into their old age. Was that strange?
He finished his own mug and scooted into bed, following his roommate into the land of sleep, albeit a bit more soundly. Uli dreamt rarely, but when he did, it was always an omen. There were some nice instances, however, like tonight, where he dreamt of endless food. So much beautiful food, indeed.
Uli woke up to a small, icy spatter on his cheek, cracking up as he realized Wel'ren must have rigged the water with magic. He swiped at his cheek and his drool-laden mouth, realizing with a slight flush to his cheeks that he must have dreamed of steak again. Oh well, maybe there would be some at supper? He watched Wel'ren hop out of bed, resisting the urge to whistle and clap to tease him. The prince looked rather nice soaked down that way, certainly even better as he dressed hurriedly for the match without paying attention to Uli's presence in the least. He let free a soft laugh and dressed, as well, swallowing down a wave of chuckles as a tomato-red Wel'ren finally took notice of his having been awake.

Please, don't let him get expelled.

Uli followed him out, the pit in his stomach growing as he trailed after Wel'ren and the guards. If Wel'ren came out of there hurt, he would be able to help, so he hoped. Yes, he clung to that, hoping that forcing his energy and healing abilities unto any wounds his roommate sustained would be of help. The blonde's hair was about the brightest thing in the hole, which worried him more and more still. [i Wel'ren had to fight two people? In the DARK?] His teeth buried themselves in the inside of his cheek.

Uli's teeth ground upon one another, and he crossed his arms over his chest, not amused with the turnout as he and the rest of the student body were positioned to watch. He eyed Matteo first, with a cold and emerald green layer of icy hatred, before noting with a start that his partner was a [i woman]. Not that women made poor combatants in the least, but who was she? Was she on Matteo's side of things, or was she just joining a friend, as he had offered to do for Wel'ren? He didn't want to think ill of her, per se, rather that he couldn't help doing so. Uli watched them all descend as a cold throbbing sensation overtook his gut, a horrid feeling of uncertainty craling up from its depths and clutching his throat all the while.

His curiosity was the only thing keeping him sane at this point, wondering what Wel'ren might have up his sleeve that might trump not one but [i two] older students. He sure was something, Uli would give him that. A tap on the shoulder alerted him that there were others all around him, and he looked up to see a familiar face. [b "Ollie!"] he managed, smirking feebly for the younger boy's benefit. This earned him a pat on the back and a click of fhe tongue. [i "Ya' mate'll be a'rright, Beryks is good but he ain't Ashy's best, no how."] he said gently, clearly trying to pull Uli up out of the gutters. He ruffled the scruffy boy's hair. [b "Thank you, Ollie. You're a peach."]
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[Center [size10 Wel'ren smiled to his roommate as he offered to join his side in the fight with fellow students. Of course he would have taken him up on the offer if he didn't already have somewhat of an ace up his sleeve. leaning back as he crossed his legs his smile faded. [#5c11c0 "I was the cause of this 'revenge' and I shall take care of it accordingly. My family deals with matters as such prospectively and I would not bring another into the matters."]]]

[Center [size10 Standing up Wel'ren went into the kitchen area and grabbed some water. [#5c11c0 "I guess noon tomorrow can not come soon enough."] Setting down one glass in front of Uli and sipping on the other the prince pulled on the Student registry again. Waving his left hand over the book it expanded once again to match the same size as the volumes of the priesthood across from it. Opening it to his family's page he waved his hand over the page again. Going through and reading a few of the magical elements they seemed to fade back to being nothing more then a blur.]]

[size10 [Center [#5c11c0 "Blasted. There is a spell I can use, but its only temporary and it doesn't last long. My guess is only a Professor or a librarian or dean of the academy can unlock the magic types for our eyes to be able to see."] Waving his hand again over the book he read the list of several of his family members magical types. Eventually however the book stopped his magic from even revealing the types within the book itself. [#5c11c0 "Damn There is just to much protection on this book to try and break the magic on it."] Shutting it again the book reverted back to its original size.]]

[size10 [Center Standing once again and going to the kitchen area again the prince grabbed some Hot chocolate and placed it in front of Uli. [#5c11c0 "Here. Something to calm the nerves."] Sipping on his own cup of hot chocolate as well. Sitting down again as he did so across from his roommate. [#5c11c0 "I should be getting to bed here soon as the duel is in.."] looking at the clock his eyes went a tad wide eyed. [#5c11c0 "It is six am are you kidding me?"] Finishing his hot chocolate he went to the room and put his head in the bed and was fast asleep.]]

[right [pic]]
[size10 [Center He dreamed of nothing more then walking among in a forest. Out of the forest however one could tell specifically five trees were much larger then the others. They all looked like any other tree, only they stood several Thousand feet into the air past the other tree tops. Zooming to the very first tree the prince put his hand on the bark and smiled. It was Nordrassil, the World tree to his people. It was brought to the planet by his ancestor and placed at one of the Flower gardens within Kaleswood's forest. Cities now sprawled out among them all. Zooming from the first Wel'ren's hand scrapped across the bark and broke off a piece.]]

[size10 [Center From there he went to a second tree Shaladrassil. Its bark was black and barbed with thorns Its leaves glowed a red in color almost like the tree has been corrupted. Its surrounded forest it seemed had the same ere glow to it almost like the tainted world tree was causing the forest itself to become tainted. The flowers grew a sickly green color and gave off a foul smell. It was placed within Val'Shara the far Eastern reaches of Kaleswood to guard from attacks from Achme and Manali. As Wel'ren once again zoomed away from the tree he pulled a piece of bark from it.]]

[size10 [Center The third tree was that of Teldrassil. Its look was that of the first tree, only instead of the natural green coloring to its leaves it had a purple color. Its flowers gave off a faint pink and golden glow along with a sweet smell that almost drew a person into the tree itself and not wanting to leave. The flower forest around it grew wild and close together almost strangling a person for sunlight, it was daze and confuse a person who was not use to it. Or even have them forget where they were. The prince was zoomed away from this tree, only this time he was given a leaf from the tree.]]

[size10 [Center The fourth giant tree was that of Andrassil. Its bark was as white as a freshly fallen snow. Its leaves gave off a gold glow to them and its flowers were almost every variety of color one could not look at the tree without thinking of all the wonderful things in life. the forest around it was placed at the highest of peaks within Kaleswood. It was in fact placed at The Spine. The line of Mountains that ran between Kaleswood and its eastern border at the edge of the twilight mountain range. The forest was carved into the bedrock of the mountains to clear as a grove for the tree and its forest, however the forest has sense over grown the edges and claimed the city around it as its own all the way up to the walls itself. Grabbing a leaf from the tree Wel'ren was then zoomed away again.]]

[center [pic]]
[size10 [Center This time however he did not end at a tree, but instead landed in front of a set of three giant animals made of stone. The first was that of a Lynx Cat . It's statue carved to be that of it landing on its front legs from a jump from a tree, Its ears curved back and its mouth ajar to show its massive set of fangs. As his eyes fell upon it the prince noticed the cat started to give off an orange light. The second statue and middle of the three was that of a Great Lion. Its carved into an upright leaping position like it was setting off to jump onto something or jumping up to attack a bigger animal. Its mouth open more then the first its ears standing straight up from the head. It's mouth gave off a green glow, but its outside started to give off that of a blue glow. The last statue was that of a Fennic fox. It was carved to look like it was running towards or away from something. Its mouth like the first statue was only ajar instead of open with its ears curved back. as his eyes laid upon the final statue it glowed a faint pink color.]]

[size10 [Center [#a53409 "Greatings Wel'ren. We meet again it would seem."] His eyes darted to the first statue as its eyes came to life. [#0954a5 "Have you brought your offering Great prince?"] Wel'ren had to think for a moment, but realized what it was the giant lion was speaking of. Pulling out of no where the pieces of the trees he had collected he placed a piece of each tree at the base of the statues, however in the middle he placed two. [#085917 "We are pleased with these gifts."] came the middle statue again, only this time in a much different tone. It seemed not one, but two spirits had taken residence within the lion. [#f637ce "What is it you would ask of us Great Prince?"]]]

[size10 [Center The prince stood there for but a moment, however before he could ask or even speak a word he was thrown awake by his alarm clock going off and a bucket of cold water being thrown on him by a magical spell he had set to make sure he was awake. The water was cold, but it woke him up for sure. Grabbing a new set of cloths Wel'ren put them on without thinking to check if Uli was awake. Turning to see him sitting there on the bed ready to go Wel'ren turned a deep red in color.]]

[size10 [Center [#5c11c0 "I guess it is time to go."] opening the door the prince grabbed his keys and locked the door behind him. He guess today was the day he would either be given a reputation of being the worst person and the first to ever be expelled from school do to having a zero level academic standing. Or to be the first to destroy another student's standing. Opening the door to see two guards standing outside ready to lead them to the arena.]]

[left [pic]]
[size10 [Center Wel'ren nodded to each guard as they walked him and most of the student body across campus to the place called the hole. It was a single hole in the ground dug to reach the old school grounds which was used as an arena for feats of honor or duels, or other things such as class training. Most of the time the ground the student body now stood on was magically transformed into a two way mirror so they could see the duels going on without allowing light into the duel area itself. Adaptation is what was required of the students and to provide that meant total darkness in an area. As wel'ren scanned the area he noticed two things. The first was that across the room from him stood Matteo Beryks. The pompous child had a pretty good size welt from where the prince had made contact with his jaw line. Of course healers would have taken care of that, had he gone to the medic wing instead of running off to his room to plot.]]

[size10 [Center Next to him stood a girl with long Light brown hair tied up into a bun so no one could give off its true length. Of course a few streaks of white could be seen running through it. Perhaps it was a design she had put into it, or perhaps her over use of life force energy in her magic. This women he guessed was Cassidy black. [b "It seems the first level is going to fight my partner and me alone. Ha what a fool he is."] Cassidy however seemed to eyeball Wel'ren with curiosity.]]

[size10 [Center Wel'ren was the first to step up to the hole from his side of the room Calling to Matteo [#5c11c0 "Enough playin around Its five minutes to noon let us get this started."] Jumping down the hole. Followed quickly after the prince Matteo and Cassidy both dropped into the hole. The three of them looked up to see the hole seal shut. As it did so the ceiling to them, but floor to the rest of the student body turned to glass. A light came across the entire ruins and a booming voice of a male came over the entire room. [b "Today's Duel shall take place in the Old Academy grounds. This match is between Matteo Beryks and his partner Cassidy Black against Wel'ren Candle."] Holding his hand up the teacher nodded.]]

[size10 [Center Wel'ren turned his gaze instead to the area they were in Memorizing as much detail about it as possible before it went dark. [b "Let the Match Begin."] called the professor and the glass turned to stone again for the three in the ground. A small orb appeared above them right where they had entered. Wel'ren darted off however as the orb grew larger. Finally as it stopped growing it went from a bright red to a yellow then Green. He guessed that meant they could start fighting now.]]
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[center [pic]]
Uli's attention latched fully onto the registry as he slid off the edge of his bed to peer over the side of the book as Wel'ren went along through both their families codexes segments. It was almost inspiring to see so many of his family members had attended Ashen Wood before him, and to know that it was tradition. His mother and father and both sets of his grandparents were inside, as well as his [i atrocious] aunts, uncles, and cousins. More amazing still were the lengthy segments of the Candle family line and the fact that even he and Wel'ren had made it into the registry. [b "Suppose someone drops out, are they scrapped from the registry?"] he wondered aloud, eyes scanning the pages. The choice elements of the listed students had been blurred, magically prohibited. Hmph. Magically updated, indeed.

Wel'ren had closed the registry and sealed it once again, to which Uli would have reached out to take a look at it himself, had there not been a light rapping at the door to their new home. The prince rose to answer it, with Uli close behind, curious and standing just a few feet behind his roommate as the other student addressed him with a piece of white parchment in hand.
[i "Wel'ren Candle. You have been here by summoned to the arena in a proof of Honor. The student Matteo Beryks has challenged you to a duel. If you decline your standing within the academy will become what is known as a zero level and you will be dismissed out of the academy and its grounds. Win and you will stay a first level."]
The beginning was all he needed to hear.
His heart sunk.
This was [i his] fault.
He listened in on the rest as best he could, disappointed in himself and notedly a little irritated. That little bastard had the [i nerve]...! And to challenge the prince, of all people! Why not challenge him instead, the actual offense was his own, was it not? He sat once more, this time a bit dull in the eyes as he heard the door shut and Wel'ren return.

[b "It would seem he would like to avenge his honor, and his teeth, then."] Uli sighed, one leg bouncing slightly as it lay over the other. He leaned his chin on his fist, exasperated. Why was it that the nobility always felt the need to bare its fangs when justifiable punishments followed through? Matteo had it coming, that punch. Then there was Wel'ren, who Uli was certain could hold his own, of course, but the idea of him fighting two of these idiots alone-
Uli did not care for it.
He himself could fight rather well, though his magical experise was limited to the priesthood's healing practices and very few other spells. His talents lie in the ability to steal energy, and to use it for himself or to bestow it upon others. Energy transference was a common healing practice among the Mirror Mountains priesthood, though not truly intended for battle. Uli had had adapted it and used it in combat before, however, and it had proved to be rather ugly business for his opponents. Perhaps he could be of use for the duel? [b "Well, I don't know this Cassidy Black person, but if you would have me, I would join you as your partner?"] he offered, watching Wel'ren apologetically. It was his mess, he wanted to help clean it up.

[b "I'm sorry, brother, I shouldn't have bothered speaking to him. What a mess."] he murmured, clicking his tongue. [b "Is there a spell that might reveal the magics in the registry? If only we could look at their families magic histories..."]
What a pain. He liked Wel'ren's company, he didn't like the risk of his roommate's being challenged for his ability to attend Ashen Wood. What if they lost, and his new friend was sent home? He would feel absolutely horrid, then, for sure. He worried over this, chewing his lip and furrowing his brows. It wasn't as though he couldn't use weapons? It was just...

This was so [i childish]. Oh, how he HATED men of small caliber. His father was such a man, unimpressive and all talk. Watching them skulk about and speak ill of bigger, more capable folks was like watching a garden snake choke on the leg of a bull, pathetic. Wretched. Uli wanted the duel to be NOW, he could feel his blood boiling and he wanted to pull out the rest of the merchant boy's teeth. At least this time the audience would be larger? Nothing better than public permission to beat someone silly, right?
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[Center Wel'ren had slid into the room and shut the door behind him. The six volumes between the two couches that were placed in the common room that they shared. A table sat between them and the volumes sat upon it. Its glass surface scattered with dust upon it from the old texts. Wel'ren sat across from Uli and smiled. Giving a light blow on the cover of the book he was had grabbed.]

[right [pic]]

[Center [#5c11c0 "Its the Student Codex. It has all the previous students information sense the Ashen wood academy has started here on the Isle."] Waving his left hand over the seal on the book it unlocked with a click. [#5c11c0 "We aren't suppose to be able to see anyone without specifically thinking of them, but I don't see anyone knowing all the students that went here by name."] As he touched his hand to the cover the book thickened up to be the same size as the six volumes that stacked next to it.]

[Center Opening it up and flipping through to the first few pages he mumbled to himself as he read the title page and how the written was done by a mage collective. It also was a warning that the information in the book was constantly updated by magic. Mubling even more to himself about its content he looked up to Uli to see his roommate apparently interested in the book as well. [#5c11c0 "Table of content. Just what I needed."] Placing his finger and scrolling through the book itself he nodded. [#5c11c0 "So this book, tells us the name of the student the ages of when they started and when they finished school. Along with any relatives that went to the school based off the student body that is here now. Along with their three top marked magic types they learned here while at the academy."] Flipping through the pages quickly and scanning each family he stopped on a page that had caught his eye.]

[center [pic]]
[Center [#5c11c0 "This is your family Uli. Grand Mother on Mother's side Roran, Thalia Rose. F. Start fourteen , end twenty three."] Squiting he looked in an odd fasion [#5c11c0 "The magic types are blured out. It seems they don't want valuble information being used against old studnets of the school. I would hide magic types as well by something far beyond what my magic can do."] Looking down the list Wel'ren continued [#5c11c0 " Grand Father on Mother's side Roran, Asren Cal'ver. M. Start seventeen, end twenty-nine. Grand Mother on Father's side Beluar, Eseri Ulynne. F. Start eightteen, end thirdy. Grand Father on Father's side Beluar, Cazri Gavret. M. Start sixteen, end twenty-six."]]

[Center Continuing down the list of the family members Wel'ren nodded [b "Decent amount of your family has come here to Ashenwood I see. I also see that your family has Royal blood and that you are a member of the Royal family within the Mirror Mountains kingdom. Its nobility it seems have sent so many of their children here as well. Many of them it seems have many children anything from three children to ten or more."] Flipping through the pages Wel'ren stopped again his eye drawn to another. Reading out loud.]

[Center [#5c11c0 "The Candle Family is split into three kingdoms. The first and oldest of the ruling siblings is that of Manali's Dictator Candle, Zanza Tal. M. start thirteen. End at thirty seven. No other Academy mentions from the Manali Royalty or nobility due to their people being nomadic. and a constant warmongering among their barbaric tribes."] Moving down just a little bit he continued to read. [#5c11c0 "The Kingdom of Iveed's ruler High Shaman Candle, Om'an Cal. M. Start Thirteen. End at Twenty-six. No other Royal members are known to be academy students. Nobility however has a few names listed here."] Continuing down the page he stopped.]

[Center [#5c11c0 "The last Sibling of the three rulings Emperor Candle, Cornelius Arden M. Start Thirteen. End twenty-three. Wife Candle, Aessina Tanor. F. Start six. end Eighteen. Child Candle, Sethe Ruin. M. Start twelve. End Twenty-Nine. Child Candle, Wel'ren Ardent. M. Start seventeen. end unknown due to still a student at the academy."] Wel'ren had to shake himself a moment to understand the book was indeed updated to its current date which meant that all first levels would be in here as well. Seeing however more names on the page the prince kept reading. It was indeed most of his family on the page. Only those few who didn't take to the academy which was very few were in here.]

[left [pic]]
[Center Shutting the thing he shrunk back into the cushion of the couch he was sitting on. [#5c11c0 "By the gods this book is indeed kept updated by magic. It has both of us in here under our family names."] About to pass the book over to Uli Wel'ren heard a knock at the door. Shutting the book and waving his hand he saw it shrink back down to its normal size. Wel'ren stood and opened to the door to be greeted with a white paper from a fellow student.]

[Center [b "Wel'ren Candle. You have been here by summoned to the arena in a proof of Honor. The student Matteo Beryks has challenged you to a duel. If you decline your standing within the academy will become what is known as a zero level and you will be dismissed out of the academy and its grounds. Win and you will stay a first level."] Wel'ren nodded as he was handed the paper. [b "Also as the duel guidelines state Matteo has done this duel as a group duel and shall consist of a two vs two match. You are allowed until the appointed time of noon tomorrow to choose a partner with your side of the duel, or chose to fight Matteo and his partner Cassidy Black by yourself."]]

[Center Once again nodding Wel'ren grabbed the letter from the student's hands. [#5c11c0 "Thank you. Anything else?"] [b "The rules are as followed. The duel shall consist of three rounds of fighting. First team to lose both its members loses the match and the majority of matches choose the victor of the duel. Weaponry shall consist of actual weaponry. Magic is allowed, however is limited to nothing more then a single element based spells. The Match shall also be watched by all the student body along with several members of the staff. The duel shall happen within the old ruins of the Academy down below the school itself."]]

[Center Nodding once again Wel'ren shut the door as the student left. returning to the room letter in hand Candle spoke out [#5c11c0 "Well Uli it seems I have been challenged to a duel. I am curious who this Cassidy Black is however."] Sitting down again he put the letter on the table and started thinking.]
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The other blonde seemed to seethe for a moment, clearly picking out his next words very carefully, most likely in response to Uli's 'peasant vocabulary'. He leaned in toward the royal's grinning face, a foul hiss escaping his lips as he snatched Uli up by the shoulder of his tunic. [i "You don't DARE touch ME, bilge rat!"] he spat, blue eyes raising in a kingly, spoilt manner. Uli hadn't the opportunity to reply, watching in amazement as Wel'ren planted a fist square in Matteo Beryks' face, no warning. Ashen Wood was proving to be about the coolest place on Earth to the previously ailing young man, no doubt. Matteo cradled his bloodied jaw, a reddened tooth spilling out into his lap. Uli could feel a dozen or more pairs of eyes looking on in similar amazement as the merchant heir scampered off, sputting in his distaste, not in favor of Wel'ren or the royal family as he disappeared into the corridor.

He watched, green eyes bright, as his roommate took a seat at his side. Well, ought he to thank Wel'ren...? Uli wouldn't have done that, certainly, he wasn't big on returning physical fire in civil disagreements. Matteo was most likely being a pain for other students as well, though, and had the punch coming. He deemed a thank you to be appropriate, opening his mouth to speak but silenced as Wel'ren waved it away. It was admittedly rather nice, to have Wel'ren take up arms at his side this way despite their only having been decently acquainted for a number of hours. [b "Far too desperate for attention for my tastes, he'll not marry well with those odds... Or those teeth."] Uli mused with a similarly cheeky smirk, digging into a tender slice of beef and sucking down quite a bit of water. [b "Wouldn't be much of a school if you didn't learn some hard lessons here and there, now would it?"]

[center x]

Wel'ren had scurried off after dinner ended, leaving Uli to wander as he pleased. He took in the sights as though he had been culturally starved for his entire life, which, with the exception of the books and scrolls he'd read over the years, he [i was] starved. No longer was he subject to nothing more than the confines of his imagination and the limited descriptions of travelers' tales. He circled the east wing slowly, poking his head from every open window he could find as the sky grew darker and darker still. Stunning, almost startlingly so. [i To think that he LIVED here now...]

Uli allowed himself to grow nearly intoxicated on just the sights alone, eventually meandering back toward the stairwell and descending just one more floor, for exploration's sake. Large stained glass doors spanned before him as the hall's mysterious, dim lighting sucked the royal in, wholly absorbed in his envisionings of what could lay beyond them.

He would never forget the sensation of his breath being knocked clear out of his body, slipping through his teeth as his eyes grew to be the size of melons. The library was gargantuan, it must have held every book, every tome, every page ever written. He forced himself further along, unsure of where to begin, but staggering backward as a sorcerer, the very same from the glass entryway, paused before him.
[i "Welcome to Ashen Woods' prized library. My name is Kalic, I serve as the bookkeeper here. If you need any help locating a piece, you need only ask it of me."]
He managed to find his voice then, mumbling a bit at first but determined to take the apparition up on the offer. [b "A-Ah...! M-Maybe the Priesthood rites passages?"]
Kalic gave a slight nod. [i "Those are an older collection... You'll find them on the sixty-first level, shelf three, aisle one. We hold all six volumes."]
Oh dear. Well, at least he knew where they were now? The enormous library was overflowing with books as far and as high as his eyes could see, and he swallowed as he went off in search of his requested literature.

[center x]

Uli huffed as he hauled his six heavy, dust-laiden books into the dorm with a great deal of wheezing and effort. He collapsed onto his bed and kicked off his boots and threw off his tunic, not caring to dirty it with yet more sweat. He would have to wash it, he could inquire as to their laundering practices tomorrow. For now, he lay on his stomach, cracking open volume one as the soft breezes of the evening trickled in through the window to cool him off.

He got caught up in his studies, comfortable and enthused and contented with his first day in Ashen Wood and not sure how long he was alone, turning pages in the light of a few candles and the shallow, early, misted rays of the moon. The door opened, attracting green eyes as Wel'ren stepped in with a heavy book in hand. Uli grinned at the observation the Prince made. [b "It would seem so. What'd you take out? These are holy rites. I've got to start somewhere, right?"] he asked, tapping long fingers gently upon the aged parchment of his current page.
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The chocolate haired male followed his companion out the door. Pulling it tight to make sure it was locked behind them. He had of course to double check to make sure the key to the room was still in his front pocket a few times before reassuring himself they weren’t locked out and look like fools the first day at the academy.

Admiring the boy’s sense of direction he caught Wel’ren attention when he had glanced a few times to his left to look out the windows of the academy to the grounds. It was indeed beautiful especially it seemed during the darker hours when students were more active. It had caught him off guard when Uli had asked something about them training on the beach instead of on school grounds. Turning his own head to look out the glass he called out [#5c11c0 “Perhaps , but I do not see them allowing us first levels to do so. We are as they put it to dangerous without a safe environment.”] Eventually the smell of food had hit his nose and drawn a growl from Wel’ren’s stomach. It had drawn his attention away from the window long enough to see Uli had done the same. The last glimmer of daylight fading out across the waters. The place both of them would call home to the east.

Drawing into the Lunch hall the male took a deep breath as a few sets of eyes set on them, however many of them returned to their nightly activates. Some playing over chess boards, others googly eyed each other, while others actually ate. That was the other thing that drew his attention the platters in the middle of the tables seemed to never empty of food, but they also seemed to not have on it unless you focused on a specific platter or idea of food in your head. It was like they had been enchanted to have the food you wanted specifically in front of you.

Drawn in at first by the thought Wel’ren went to looking around to see if he could recognize anyone that had come to the academy. It was then that a voice came from behind him. [#c05411 “Oui, you..”] Turning to face the male calling it was Omi from earlier. Only this time he had a girl hanging off his arm like a girl would a hand bag around her elbow. [#c05411 “I figured I’d see you here sometime.”] giving Wel’ren a teasing smile he waved. [#c05411 “This is cassie. She is like me a fifth level.”] Wel’ren nodded a little nod as he looked at the girl that stood in front of him.

To Wel’ren this girl looked too young to have been at this academy long. She look maybe fifteen if not a bit older. Her dirty blonde hair about waist length was braided into a single straight line down her back. Woven into her braid was pearls and gems of finery to show she had rank and her family had wealth. However her dark emerald green eyes drew the prince’s gaze to her face. She looked flushed almost sickly pale. Her lips a pale comparison to a red rose. It was like she was blushing almost when Omi had said who she was. Her skin as light as the underbelly of a frog, her voice was a tad harsher however then her look. It was a sour note that would come from a piccolo instrument.
The prince held up his hands and gave an innocent smile.[#5c11c0 “You have me at a disadvantage Lady Cassie. Lord Omi. You know quite a bit it seems about the first years and others including myself where as I know nothing of the two of you.”] Omi just gave a smile and nodded. [#11c05b “It is a part of being here at the academy for so long. Omi and I have been together sense our first levels here together. It was maybe eight years ago.”]

Eight years!?!?! Wel’ren didn’t have that kind of time, and they had only gotten to fifth level. Out of a system of then levels they had only gotten to half way in the time they had spent here. He had to find a way to get past that much quicker then that he had to return to his father and mother and soon to be younger siblings. He would command the army when they invaded Iveed which was to happen next spring. Letting out a deep breath the prince just smiled. [#5c11c0 “I think I should return to finding my roommate Uli, but I do thank you for the offer.”]

Omi quick glanced around and pointed to the blonde. [#c05411 “He is right there. Apparently dealing with our school’s residential ‘law’ as he calls himself. He makes sure everyone knows that he is a low born noble, and doesn’t understand that Royals and Higher nobility go to the school as well. He believes as his father is Rash’ann Beryks means he has privileges over others due to his father having trade agreements with most of the kingdoms.”] Nodding Wel’ren dipped away from Omi.

Spinning the young male around and placing a fist square to Beryks’s jaw leaving a nasty bruise on Wel’ren knuckle, but giving Beryks’s boy a few broken teeth. As he grabbed a hold of his jaw however the boy ran away calling back something about how he would have his revenge one day. Wel’ren felt the eyes on him of not only the first years who had already dealt with the merchant noble, but a few of the upper levels as well. Sitting down next to Uli the prince grabbed ahold of the cup that was placed on his plate and took a single sip of a strong red wine made in the Thrali Isles from the grape orchards there.

Wel’ren had held up his hand before Uli could even thank him. Taking a bite of a single slab of boar he turned to his roommate and gave him a cheecky grin. [#5c11c0 “We are roommate. Anyone messes with you and they have to deal with me.”] Returning to his plate and in between mouthful’s of food and sips of water he said. [#5c11c0 “Besides people like that are nothing more than useless at this academy. The only reason his father sent him here was to establish that he had money and to the merchants money means power.”]

[right [pic]]
After finishing his meal the prince had it seemed disappeared, however he had gone to the library, more specifically the history section of the place. Its grander had but put a pause to his search for answers. The double doors into the library would have given even the famed Notre Dame a run for their money. Made of solid stained glass the doors had on one side a soldier the other a mage. Thick enough to not be able to see through them but light enough to push them open themselves. The prince stepped passed the double doors only to have his breath taken away. It was much larger then he had imaged just from the doors. It was like the school was enchanted to look so small on the outside, but be so huge on the inside. Shelves and more shelves levels and more levels of books just appeared as the prince stepped farther and farther into the library.

Upon getting to the center however an astral projection appeared next to him of the same mage from the door. [b “Welcome to the Ashen Wood Academy Library. I am the keeper Kalic. If there is anything I can help you with please just speak my name and I will appear.”] before Kalic could disappear wel’ren had popped up. [#5c11c0 “I could use your help. I need to find the academy’s past students.”] Kalic had looked at Wel’ren for a moment it seemed before considering his request. [b “That is on Level thirty two, left side of the stairs isle six, shelf eight.”]

Remembering it the prince took off in the direction he had said. Eventually finding the book he wanted the prince returned to the room to find Uli had books of his own piled up on the floor. [#5c11c0 “It seems we both had the same idea, just a different approach.”] Eight years still blew his mind.
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[center [pic]]
Uli suppressed a chuckle as his roommate broke into his awakening, blinking away sleep. He felt bad for waking him, surely this slight daze alluded to his having been dreaming... Not that dreaming was more important than supper, mind you. He stepped aside as Wel'ren rose to collect himself in the bathroom, kneeling to retrieve his own tunic and trousers from the floor. Would he be wholly comfortable dining in nothing but his underthings? Quite. Would other people be as comfortable with his being more or less undressed? Perhaps not. He belted in the sash around the waist of his tunic, not a fan of the shirt's largeness in the midsection. He wasn't sure if it was just his leanness or if his tunic was secretly a potato sack, but he was careful, in any case, not wanting to accentuate the roominess of the cloth as he tucked it and folded it this way and that to make it neater.

His eyes flicked upward as Wel'ren stepped out of the bathroom, his smile contagious. What a perfectly fun roommate he had.

Uli stepped into his boots and didn't bother to touch or even inspect his hair, he tidied his messy waves very rarely, which his mother always said was a shame. He was a man, though, he couldn't be expected to fawn over these ridiculous curls for two hours a day, as Y'sera said he ought to. She also wanted him to grow it out into a tail, silly notion though it was. It was hard enough to comb it now, how would he manage to keep several feet of it under control?

Hair be damned, Uli jokingly bowed as he scooted out the door, his nose entranced by the aromas wafting through the corridor and spilling throughout the stairwell. He followed his nose down the stairs, ravenous, and listening for Wel'ren behind him. He didn't want to run off like a crazed hound on his new roommate, starved though he was. Uli didn't hurry, instead forcing himself to look out the windows.

Gorgeous views. The light was fading so slowly and so gracefully that everything its last rays touched had turned gold, even the water. It was calm, and soft, almost romantic as the sky painted the sea and the sea lapped at the island below, almost as though it were surrounded by amber. He did stop to look at it, quite taken with the vision, in such a way that he could not bear to look upon it in passing. [b "You don't suppose they'll have us training out on or near the shore sometime?"] he asked, just barely managing to pull himself away from the window and back in the direction of the food. He hadn't been out and about much, short of the past couple of years. His illness and frailty had claimed a great deal of his youth, and he was desperate to reclaim even just a smidge of it here at the academy. Friends. Fun. Excitement. Adventure. The things a silken bed could not give.

He wondered if, perhaps, Wel'ren might be interested in being his first friend? He was unsure of how to ask this, namely because any of his friendliness could be mistaken for sliminess instead, trying to weasel in on the prince's graces. Uli was no such man, but how was Wel'ren to know that? No, it was best if he got to know him better and, in turn, they were allowed to acclimate to one another in due time. Jumping at someone for companionship had always seemed a bit iffy; If Wel'ren asked, it would be fine. But he would not allow himself to be misunderstood if he could help it.

He inhaled deeply as they came to the end of one flight of steps, the corridor busy and full now. He then exhaled so merrily that his shoulders wilted, along with his head. [b "Dear gods, is that [i beef] I smell?"] he marveled dreamily, shooting a look at his roommate and pointing to two large doors directly across the hall. [b "Are you hungry, brother?"]
Urgh. Habits again. Oh well.

Uli stepped in and was stunned to find the array of food laid out on each table, and at the [i sheer number of people partaking of it all]. [b "Unreal."] he breathed, eyes bright and excited. FOOD.
The number of other students and staff was not a deterrent, however, and he found a decent length of space at a very large table along the windows at the far side of the room, taking a seat at an empty plate and reaching out with a fork to rip at a slab of meat that steam atop a serving tray. He glanced up to see if Wel'ren might want to sit with hin, though would never have made a move to drag him over. He felt a tap on his shoulder, pulling him away from the visage of his roommate and bringing his attention to another blonde, his hair, however, very straight, and his eyes very blue and very [i disgusted]. [i "Isn't there somewhere else you could sit, peasant?"]

Yes. If he did not offer up his name, none would know of his birthright or origin. He smirked. Pompous fool. [b "Apologies, sir. Who might you be?"]
A snort. [i "My father is Rash'ann Beryks, one of the most sought out merchants throughout the world. If you rats could read, I'm sure you'd know that."]
Exaggeration AND insults! Beryks was a cheapskate and a moron. His mother didn't buy anything from him anymore, not after he stole her own fine China, repainted it, and tried to sell it back to her during his stay at their estate.
Uli could not contain his laughter, and it spilled forth in a cheery and almost twinkling eruption of chuckling. He clapped the merchant's son on the back a few times, to which the teen began to fume. [b "I'll sit where I like, but thank you for the laugh, lad."]
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[Center [size10 Wel’ren didn’t realize that he had fallen asleep. He knew of course that he would indeed fall asleep, but not as quickly. His memories haunted his dreams, but the sunlight lit a glow to his pale golden flow of skin and his dark chocolate hair.]]

[Center [size10 The clash of metal broke the wind's hollow that passed between the foothills and the battle that was going on. The first side was the Royal clan of the Candle family, the Royals of the newly released Kaleswood lands and the target for most of the other nomadic people's attacks as of late for their victory over Iveed. The opposition was the remnants of the previous Iveed king of the nomadic of tribes. The battled seemed to be quick and agonizing, however it was a blood bath all together, for the one side had taken heavy losses to the Royal's heavy Calvary units thanks to its commander, however mostly to the Emperor’s royal adviser, child, and right hand man.]]

[Center [size10 Wel’ren had been one of many people to live amongst the royal castle, however he is also the first one to make it past a year with advising the king, perhaps it was the fact he was the man’s only child is what kept him alive. Wel’ren had been the least likely to live as well when he was but a boy. He was under aged when he joined the royal court, and upon his seventeenth birthday he had been given the position of power from his father. The queen had given Wel’ren a promise, and attention to more than she should have, but Wel’ren never gave it chance. The Emperor however watched his new queen with close eyes, Wel’ren however he watched with even closer eyes. The prince had however kept an eye on the Emperor as well. The clash of metal had rung from the young male’s blade that had hit another man clad in armor's blade. The man seemed to think he could take on the adviser by himself. Wel’ren took the first hit when he let his blade down and allow his enemy to draw closer and nearly cut off his arm, only to grab the plating of his armor.]]

[right [pic]]
[Center [size10 [#1b699d "You fool, I shall end you."] Wel’ren stung his needle blade into the left eye of his enemy. At first it didn't seem to do anything, however upon closer inspection the eye seemed to boil and sizzle away. It at first had no affect on his enemy, and instead he drew his blade out of the grip of the male's guard to try and push it into a different part of the body, but instead he felt the affect of the needle. The man fell off his mount and to the ground, and instead he rolled around in pain.]]

[Center [size10 [#1b699d "My eye, my eye, what did you do to my eye?"] the prince just watched as the body of the enemy seemed to wither and dry up. He dried up pretty quickly and it seemed that nothing else happened until his bones broke and shattered into dust. [#5d1b9d "Perhaps you should have done more research on those you consider your enemy. I am Wel’ren Adrent Candle, adviser to the King of Candle family, and ruler of the Kaleswood land and the seven isles. I am master of poisons, and architect to the fall of the Iveed Empire and to the barbarian tribes of the north."] The men of the enemy seemed to understand his words and they turned around to retreat, only to be greeted by warriors into their rear as well. The enemy turned to both sides and once again were hit with troops from the forces of the Candle family. The enemy's forces were dwindling and eventually disappeared all together only to have its last member broken down by an axe to the head from the Emperor himself.]]

[Center [size10 [b " Lord Wel’ren, Return to the castle, and be sure to take commander Taldo with you. His punishment for disobeying an order on the field shall be swift."] The prince nodded and rode off into the field to pull a commander up from the field of battle field and rode away into the rain. Returning to the Kaleswood Wall, it was a giant wall that was built naturally into the cliffs between Ivaad and the newly founded Kaleswood. Tall and covered in the natural forest the prince dragged the man into the prison. Stepping into the gardens that his mother had placed the prince stepped specifically to a gold tree in the middle of the forest grove. and bowed his head.]]

[left [pic]]
[Center [size10 The man shot up swiftly as his sleep was taken from him like an apple is plucked from a tree. [#5d1b9d “Sorry you said something about food?”] Looking around the room for but a moment he stood up, but grabbed the blanket that fell around his waist. While he was decent as he was dressed in underwear he placed on his pants along with his shirt before the two would leave the room. [#5d1b9d “I will gladly join you. If you give me but a moment I need to tame this thing I call hair.”] Stepping into the bathroom they shared just off their little makeshift common room he guessed which was placed to hide the wall that must have been knocked down to make room for it.]]
[Center [size10 Calling out as he stepped from the bathroom he gave a devilish grin. [#5d1b9d “Ready, Lead the way.”] opening the door and holding it open so the man could go out first.]]
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