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"Yeah, It's pretty fun.." She said riding on Luxray behind Jamie. "She's very gentle when people ride her." Melon explained.
Jamie smiled as she sat on Luxray's back. "Never rode a Luxray before!!!"
  Jamie Mathers / eeveelover / 9d 12h 8m 24s
"Yeah!!" And so they started to go on the adventure to Black mountain. "So we need to take I think route 304..." She said Luxray offering Jamie a ride as Melon walked.
Jamie nodded and hugged Melon back. "Okay...I gotta go to Black Mountain to prove that I'm an awesome Trainer!!!"
  Jamie Mathers / eeveelover / 10d 11h 4m 22s
"Don't be It means he knows just like me and Luxray know, your a great trainer!" Melon said hugging her to help her confidence.
"W-wait...he chose me??? ME, of all Trainers in the world?"she gasped, nervous.
  Jamie Mathers / eeveelover / 10d 11h 22m 30s
"Jamie!! We gotta get to black mountain so you can meet Rashram!! He choose you!!" Melson said happily, super excited. ^.^
Jamie gasped. "Wow...so cool!!!"
Mystery smiled and licked Melon's hand.
  Jamie Mathers / eeveelover / 10d 18h 28m 31s
A small blue ember came down and landed in Jamies hand it wasn't hot but it was a bright burning blue.
  (Pokemon Trainer OC) / QueenOfSpades / 11d 10h 8m 19s
Jamie gasps. "Y-you mean the Legendary Pokemon Reshiram?!? Wow!!!"
  Jamie Mathers / eeveelover / 11d 11h 48m 57s
Melon smiled meeting them all, as she did a big shadpw flew past them slowly. Melon looked up and shouted. "Rashram!!"
  (Pokemon Trainer OC) / QueenOfSpades / 12d 8h 20m 43s
"Then come on out!!!" she threw out her pokeballs and out popped a Snivy, a Pikachu, a Pidgeotto, a Scyther, and a Buneary.
  Jamie Mathers / eeveelover / 12d 8h 42m 54s
"Sure thing!" Melon said smiling excited to meet her other pokemon.
  (Pokemon Trainer OC) / QueenOfSpades / 12d 8h 45m 33s
Jamie smiled. "I-I'd be honored to have you along!!! Wanna meet my other Pokemon?"
  eeveelover / 12d 8h 55m 35s
"Yeah I do!" She said more than happy even Lil Melon cheered.
  (Pokemon Trainer OC) / QueenOfSpades / 12d 8h 58m 21s

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