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A never-ending Furry party!

Rules: Basic site rules, and be kind to others and their characters.


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Roleplay Responses

"Uhh..hmm.." She gave it some thought. "DARE!" She spouted out happily.
Nakabi smiled broadly. "Okay, then, Nicole: truth or dare?"
  nakabi / eeveelover / 313d 3h 9m 5s
"Sounds like fun!" Nicole said jumping up and down.
  Nicole (fursona) / TwistedBoyOfMidnight / 316d 6h 20m 32s
Nakabi laughed. "Anyone wanna play a game? I wanna play a game of truth of dare!!!"
  Jamie Mathers / eeveelover / 317d 1h 21m 19s
Nicole giggled seeing her be all hyper. "Hehe, I bet!"
  Nicole (fursona) / TwistedBoyOfMidnight / 317d 10h 7m 34s
Nakabi started jumping up and down too. "Those strawberries got me all hyper now!!!"
  Jamie Mathers / eeveelover / 318d 1h 54m 33s
"YAY!!" Nicole shouted jumping up and down happily.
  Nicole (fursona) / TwistedBoyOfMidnight / 318d 1h 56m 22s
Nakabi smiled. "But I guess I can try to get along with others...for your sake."
  Jamie Mathers / eeveelover / 318d 2h 7m 38s
"Oh,T-thank you.." Nicole said looking down to hide her blush. "I understand what your saying.."
  Nicole (fursona) / TwistedBoyOfMidnight / 318d 8h 35m 48s
NAkabi smiled. "That's because I want to be nice to you. You seem adorable. But too many people and I get weird..."
  Jamie Mathers / eeveelover / 318d 9h 13m 15s
"But you seemed nice around me.." Nicole softly said.
  Nicole (fursona) / QueenOfSpades / 319d 55m 24s
Nakabi smiled. "Well, I'm not exactly...friendly towards others...I get a bit female-doggy..."
  Jamie Mathers / eeveelover / 319d 2h 41m 41s
:Why not all three of us?" Nicole suggested smiling.
  Nicole (fursona) / QueenOfSpades / 319d 20h 9m 11s
Nakabi smiled weakly. "Ah, I hope you two get along great."
  Jamie Mathers / eeveelover / 320d 1h 54m 52s
"I hope we become good friends!!" Nicole said with a big wide smile.
  Nicole (fursona) / QueenOfSpades / 320d 6h 19m 1s

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