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"How would you know? Maybe you can too and you just don't know it yet," she pointed out, not being able to resist to be a little silly, "And I'm not saying he will watch us personally, but I'm sure one of his goons is." There was no way they weren't being watched. Hell, they had let a vampire onto their premise and they had tried to kill her before.
She did smile when he kissed the skin and her hand kept running through his hair, enjoying the softness. Nodding, she rested back, but she couldn't really relax. Perhaps it was better to just get it over with. "You know what? Let's just find your grandfather and get this over with. Doubt he will tell you everything on the first try anyway," she told him, not being able to sit up because he was still on top of her, but she supposed it was the better thing to do than to just lay in bed all day.
  Leila / Hoshizora / 85d 7h 27m 59s
He supposed he saw her reasoning in the end, but still he didn't think it would be as complicated she was making it out to be. "He can't just turn invisible or something, and I'm pretty sure he has better things to do then watch us.."He told her letting out a small breath, it wasn't as if the guy still wasn't a grandfather at one point. Sure, he could recall some mixed memories, some teaching, but some just as a normal grandparent would act.
After she made it clear she just wanted to lay there though, he figured he was okay with that as well. Especially if she was going to keep him so close to her like this. He placed a soft kiss against the skin in front of him again, "We can stay in bed as long as you want then Leila."He told her hoping she was able to think about them, and not just everything else, at least at this current moment.
  Corinth Restar / Willofiam / 85d 18h 33m 29s
She felt it was an adequate word for the situation. "I would not call this place a mansion when I am more than sure that there is very strong protection around this place to keep people both in and out. So this is a compound, not a mansion, even if it looks like one," she pointed out, even if she could tell that he was teasing her about her use of words. This place just wasn't exactly homey.
Giving a shrug, she looked around the room. "I mean, do you really think we can find him or that we would even be able to find him, if he didn't want to talk to us," she replied, doubting that this was much more than a tactic to gauge them, to assess the situation and likely his grandfather would only come once he felt fit, "So I say we can stay in bed a little longer." Laying back down, she kept him close to her chest as she looked at the ceiling. It was true that she did not feel comfortable in this place, even if it was nice and she wouldn't be surprised, if they were being observed at this very moment.
  Leila / Hoshizora / 86d 4h 20m 2s
He shook his head a little bit as she mentioned the situation they were in. "You know, even in your time a mansion was the word for what we are in, what makes it a compound?"He figured he'd tease about her age, for no apparently reason other than to provoke her, though the small grin on his face was a little bit telling. She was right though, being at his grandfather's place was where they would learn about him, he supposed that was their only real, and hopefully attainable goal for the time being.
" we seek out my grandfather or do we stay in bed a while longer..?"He knew she probably wouldn't have much to say, but he felt like neither one of them wanted her to be left alone in this place, he knew she probably wouldn't feel safe or comfortable with that. She was against coming here in the first place anyway, though their room really was quite nice compared to his house, or even her's, even if her's was last covered with petals and candles, and an..almost sort of confession from her happened.
  Corinth Restar / Willofiam / 86d 5h 28m 9s
It was true that this conversation could go in circles for a long time. Neither of them was one to just give in or not want to protect the other. Hearing what she said, she arched a brow. "Oh, can you?" she asked amused before feeling him suck on her skin and gave a soft sound, her hand grasping his hair a little more.
Pack, but where would they go? "I mean, what's the point? Your father is somewhere on this compound. Leaving seems like the wrong answer. He is the only one who can tell you what the hell is going on with you," she pointed out. Since there was little they could do about Acheron as it stood right now working on what exactly he was seemed like the only viable option. Since he continued to rest against her chest, she kept running her hand through his hair, enjoying the feel of it. There was something silky about it.
  Leila / Hoshizora / 86d 6h 16m 43s
He figured most of the conversation could be laid to rest, since they would go in circles and neither of them would relent. He was glad she began to run her hand through his hair, maybe he was being silly. "I could change that.."He warned, his lips sucking on the skin in front of him for a second, just to tease mostly. "I suppose we could get packed.. we could leave as soon as you feel we should."He didn't really know if either of them wanted to leave soon, but obviously it might be the safer option. In the end he was more than comfortable to leave it up to her. If there were any better options he wished they could take them..It seemed to be that she would decide how their day went overall actually. He definitely wasn't going to lean one way or the other, and his face did rest back against her as they laid there.
  Corinth Restar / Willofiam / 86d 8h 11m 34s
Listening to him, she slowly began to understand what he was going on about. "Okay," she finally replied, though she still felt that it was mostly her problem, probably due to the fact that she wasn't used to sharing a problem.
Hearing the counter, she rolled her eyes slightly. "You are trying to be difficult," she told him, mostly in a teasing way, "Okay, okay, I get it." Though she still wasn't sure how they could ever get rid of Acheron. He wasn't one to simply up and leave when he didn't get his way.
When he suddenly began to nuzzle her chest she had to chuckle slightly as she ran a hand through his hair. "You are being silly," she accused, but let him do so, not sure what else to do. It wasn't like they could just wander off and go look for his grandfather.
  Leila / Hoshizora / 87d 3h 23m 3s
He shook his head once again, not really understanding how to get it across. "I just want you to know you aren't alone..and you don't have to deal with it alone." She did just say it was her problem to deal with alone, so mostly it was in reaction to that. He wanted to make sure she knew what relationship entailed, and taking on problems together was definitely part of that. He shook his head a little bit as she mentioned it was her fault. He let out a small sigh, "You were in danger because of me..what's your point?"He countered, figuring it really wasn't so different in the end. He was just very grateful she wasn't in danger from him, he had snapped out of it when he saw her.
He shook his head a little bit and decided to nuzzle it down into her chest, knowing their conversation was pretty much just back and forth and doom and gloom, so doing something unprompted and a little silly maybe was in order.
  Corinth Restar / Willofiam / 87d 5h 28m 41s
She gave him a look when he admitted that he did want to exclusively protect her. Naturally he did, but then she didn't see why she couldn't protect him. "So neither of us can go out of our way to protect the other?" she summarized, unsure what he wanted to say with all this.
Listening to what he said, she tilted her head, trying to figure out what he meant. He kept repeating the words alone and together. There was a long stretch of silence as she tried to understand what he was trying to explain to her. "So... you're saying that I don't have to do this alone cause you can hold your own?" she asked slowly. It was clear in the way she said it that she wasn't sure, if she got it right.
"Though, we still don't know exactly what you are and I am the reason we are in this mess," she pointed out, still not liking that he was likely to be in danger because of her.
  Leila / Hoshizora / 89d 1h 57m 50s
He shook his head a little bit as she restated everything. "It's not that I want to exclusively protect you..I mean I do, but I'm just saying also that you can't go out of your way to protect me..and I suppose I can't do the same to protect you.."He sighed once more thinking on it. He knew it was the same between them and they both most likely would. "It's that if I'm not a human I could potentially..take care of myself."He tried to reword it so she understood. "And you don't have to deal with him alone." That was something he wanted to make sure she knew. He knew the concept of even love was lost on her, until recently, and she had been on her own for so long, but after the better part of a year together he hoped she would come to realize she didn't have to be alone in everything. "I just...we're together..we can be together in things.."He figured it would somehow sum it up, at least he would again hope that she caught the gist of what he was getting at.
  Corinth Restar / Willofiam / 89d 5h 34m 42s
There genuinely was too little information to go on. Too many variables with him being some sort of werewolf to the vampire that turned her. He didn't have to say it. It was clear in the silence that he was thinking about something, but she knew better than to ask about it.
When he sighed she looked up at him. Her reply was a simple shrug. "I mean, it's quite comfy here, but I suppose getting up might be a good idea. We still have some things to inquire about," she agreed, though didn't move just yet.
Only when he spoke that last question did she sit up to look at him. "That's what's bothering you? That I protected you?" she asked before thinking on it, "I would have protected you regardless of human or whatever you are now. Acheron is my problem to deal with, not yours. You getting hurt because of him is not something I want." She didn't quite understand why he felt like he needed to protect her. Naturally, there was little she could do about Acheron, but just like him she hated the idea of him getting hurt because of her.
  Leila / Hoshizora / 89d 7h 35m 41s
He really wished he had more information on their current situation, but as it stood he didn't. He was some sort of lycanthropic type, his grandfather seemed in charge, and that was about as far as he knew. However he was slightly hopeful for more answers, and possibly his grandfather would also know about her ancient vampire 'friend', that had turned her. He didn't openly express that to her, but he hoped they would find out at least something.
He let out a resigned breath as he noticed she was practically on top of him now, "The real question here, I suppose, would be if we ever leave the bed to go anywhere.."They were somewhat relaxed when, after all, she was apparently going to be taken back by some vampire. He wondered if it was just the presence of one another, before he was just a human, now that she knew he wasn't, it seemed she had shifted from terrified to..well what she was now. "So how did you really feel when you thought I was just a human..? I noticed back at the aquarium you sort of..well stepped in between me and that jerk..Has your opinion changed, do you think I'm probably a bit more able to take care of you now..I suppose..if I ever learn what and how to use..whatever I am.."He knew it was getting less solid of a statement, but he didn't want her to put herself in harm's way because of him.
  Corinth Restar / Willofiam / 91d 7h 22m 23s
She rolled her eyes at what he said and how he chuckled, but was clearly still amused, at least partially. "I mean you know you are some sort of werewolf. He can't exactly just leave you with that information, can he?" she pointed out, finding it's a little too little to go on, before smiling at what he said, "But not every prize is worth the price." Since they had no idea what he was it could be anything.
Either way, she wanted to stay with him. She didn't consider him a monster, probably because being a vampire made her think this wasn't too crazy. Still, she knew he was making her feel things she hadn't in ages and now she wanted to understand more and feel more, even if it sucked at time to feel these things.
Thoughtfully she nodded. Surely there had to be a way to get some answers. "Isn't there anyone you can ask? Maybe like a second in command? Surely your grandfather can't be the only one to know what you are. Though there were more. That means that some people must know," she told him. There had to be a weak link. Someone who would tell him what was going on, what he was.
  Leila / Hoshizora / 232d 21h 4m 56s
"Mm..I think I said just what you are saying."He told her and looked up and away as if it was a fact. Though managed a small chuckle, not entirely serious about this matter. "I have no real clue if he will give me answers, I don't know..a lot of things now, but I do know that I really want to protect you. And if it takes..whatever I am then..that's what I'll be." He had no idea about legendary vampires or old one's or even if he matched them, but he had never had someone like her before, no one has meant as much and clung to him like she suddenly started to. It was interesting to watch her rediscover how to feel a certain thing, but he could tell now even when she chose to look into his eyes that it was certainly progressing well. He was some sort of monster and she still was okay with it, though at first it was the other way around..he supposed without saying it she could just think she owed him one.
"I think him agreeing to have us sheltered was a big enough step..but I really do want to ask him more."
  Corinth Restar / Willofiam / 233d 3h 26m 2s
"My point exactly. I mean at some point illegally drinking alcohol during prohibition was a trend," she pointed out before shrugging, "I suppose." Then again, she had never been ingrained enough in society to care about trends.
Him pointing that out was good. For a moment she thought on how to quote it. "I would consider it... a pretty pair of eyes with some tenacity," she suggested, batting her eyes lightly at him, "Though you clearly weren't refusing either." She wondered if something inside him had been subconsciously drawn to her as well.
Drawing her knees up onto his lap, she curled into him as she played with his hand. "So I suppose we have a plan of action," she said slowly. At least the feeling of a plan was something that relieved her a little. Looking to him, she wondered what he was. "You think your grandfather will give you answers?" she asked softly, knowing it was a question he hardly had the answer to.
  Leila / Hoshizora / 284d 9h 21m 59s

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