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"My point exactly. I mean at some point illegally drinking alcohol during prohibition was a trend," she pointed out before shrugging, "I suppose." Then again, she had never been ingrained enough in society to care about trends.
Him pointing that out was good. For a moment she thought on how to quote it. "I would consider it... a pretty pair of eyes with some tenacity," she suggested, batting her eyes lightly at him, "Though you clearly weren't refusing either." She wondered if something inside him had been subconsciously drawn to her as well.
Drawing her knees up onto his lap, she curled into him as she played with his hand. "So I suppose we have a plan of action," she said slowly. At least the feeling of a plan was something that relieved her a little. Looking to him, she wondered what he was. "You think your grandfather will give you answers?" she asked softly, knowing it was a question he hardly had the answer to.
  Leila / Hoshizora / 46d 23h 42m 1s
"A lot of trends."He admitted but shook his head all the same, "It's only weird now because you didn't pay attention to the trend in the first place."He figured he'd counter with, though really he wasn't too invested in the statement in the first place either. After she refuted his teasing he chuckled a little bit, "What would you describe yourself as then? How did you..'win me over' in a club, cause I certainly didn't approach you if you'll recall."He grinned a bit, figuring at least he had her there.
It just seemed to be one of the only options at this point, after all he had things he needed to figure out as well, so he should take some time off and figure out from his grandfather what he really was, or what his grandfather really did. There was a lot of holes to fill and gaps for information.
  Corinth Restar / Willofiam / 47d 15m 11s
She rolled her eyes slightly. "It's not a refusal to keep up with trends. It would just be a lot of information that will be useless a few years later. Besides, how many trends do you think have passed since then?" she pointed out before he tapped her nose and she sort of wiggled it, "And getting freaky with someone just sounds weird."
Looking back at him, even though she was still blushing, she gave a pout. "Abrasive succubus? I am not," she replied before thinking on it a little, "I only look you in the eyes when I'm blushing?" She hoped that wasn't the case, but who is to say. Still, she knew how much looking into his eyes meant to him and she was starting to enjoy it. There was such a comforting feeling to it for sure.
She wasn't sure, if she liked the solution of him taking time off, but knew not to argue. If that was what he wanted to do, she couldn't argue. "Okay," she gave in and kissed his cheek softly, "Thank you." She supposed it would take a day or two for them to be packed.
  Briza / Hoshizora / 57d 16h 44s
He didn't know exactly how to explain, but he chuckled a little bit, "I'm not responsible for your refusal to keep up with trends."He tapped her nose lightly with his finger. Still he shook his head a little bit offering her a smile, she was blushing now. He thought on it for a few seconds, "I can't say exactly..but I just seem to be able to if I want to. And it turns you from that..abrasive succubus, into someone who is okay with looking back at me like I look at them.."He supposed in a way it just seemed that way, if she was blushing she was usually looking into his eyes, showing she had been figuring out what intimacy and affection that could be pulled from just doing that. He was looking into her eyes now that way as well, like she was all in the world to him, at least for this moment.
At the mention of his job he breathed out slightly, "I can get some time off, it's fine, don't worry."He informed her.
  Corinth Restar / Willofiam / 57d 16h 22m 1s
Her puzzled expression probably made it fairly clear that she didn't understand what he was talking about. Movies had not been something she had spent a lot of time on. Usually on some big hits, if any. "Aside from the fact that you used the phrase, getting freaky with someone, I suppose we'll sneak around," she agreed, knowing it was true that they never actually just fed, or very rarely at least.
Him teasing her about her blushing made her blush as she tilted her head lightly into the thumb. "And when do you want to make me blush?" she asked curiously, looking to him. She wondered, if she really did blush as much as he said.
That was a fair question and she had to think on that. "I mean, he let me do my thing for a century, so I suppose he is in it for the long game. However, I wouldn't put it past him to try and pull something quick," she pointed out thoughtfully, "I would say we have enough time to comfortably pack our bags and get stuff in order, but the sooner we are somewhere 'safe' the better." At least she guessed. Though then she thought of something. "What about your job?" she asked, not sure how he was going to keep that if they were at his grandfather's place. She didn't want him losing her job over her.
  Leila / Hoshizora / 61d 16h 37m 9s
Hearing what she said about feeding he shook his head a little bit. "I suppose it's a bit like the sneaking around their parents to get freaky in their room' very 80's of us."He smiled at her wondering if she got the reference. He didn't know what she did or didn't pay attention to in her centuries of life. "No parent or I suppose grandparent wants to think of their children 'getting busy'."He did feel like he had a point when he started, it went somewhere. "I mean I'm not gonna interrupt your feeding just because of where we are. Who know's, if I did that, you might not turn red anymore when I want you to."He lightly commented and ran a thumb across her cheek.
As for when they were leaving he looked to her, "Do you think it's better to leave sooner..? I don't know this vampire chasing after you..or how leisurely he'll be." This would be largely him basing this on her perception of things.
  Corinth Restar / Willofiam / 61d 18h 9m 40s
She knew there was the possibility that they might learn something new about him. That could be invaluable, cause she believed that he should know what he was, aside from a werewolf. If protecting her came along with that, she would agree.
Him mentioning that night made her shudder ever so slightly. She didn't like thinking back on it, for obvious reasons. "Maybe. I guess we can only find out by asking," she agreed slowly, "Hunting is probably the right word." It sure seemed like that, but apparently only during a blood moon. At least from what she knew.
The weak grin did make her smile softly, though more because she felt like she had to. "I know. I know you will protect me. So when should we start heading out?" she agreed, knowing this was unfortunately their only real option, "Though we will have to be careful when I feed when we're there. Can't imagine that your grandfather or anyone of your kind will think kindly of me feeding on you." That much seemed obvious. Not that she thought they would be happy about her presence in general.
  Leila / Hoshizora / 61d 21h 1m 8s
He knew it wasn't the best, he said so, but still they could perhaps learn more about everything and maybe protect her too.
"Yeah but..."He didn't really want to recount the night they found out, but again it helped with the point. "Maybe he knows something about older vampires too..we were..that night was like we were...hunting."He didn't know how to phrase it, he clearly didn't like trying to remember, but it seemed to slowly come back to him over time. He looked to her again though, nodding his head at her suspicions, "Of course..if anything got to be fishy I wouldn't want you there anyway..I just got through saying I wanted to keep you safe."He said slightly sarcastically offering a weak grin in an attempt to help the mood a little.
  Corinth Restar / Willofiam / 61d 21h 35m 39s
She honestly wasn't sure. It mostly depended on how averse his grandfather was to vampires, if he would tolerate her or not, even as his grandson's girlfriend. After all, the only she believed she had survived that night was because Corinth had snapped out of it before he had hurt her.
"I suppose," she grudgingly agreed, though not sure how powerful his grandfather was, "He can. Still... your grandfather is a werewolf and Acheron a vampire. Kind of a difference." She couldn't imagine that the grandfather knew anything, but what did she know.
Her head tilted into his hand, looking at him. "I know," she replied softly as she thought in her head on what to do. In her head she calculated the trade off between staying on their own and going to his grandfather. Neither option was really a good one. Sighing in resignation, she said, "Fine, we'll go to your grandfather, but if anything becomes fishy, we're leaving." She by no means trusted this, but they really didn't have much of a choice.
  Leila / Hoshizora / 63d 21h 7m 14s
He shook his head a little bit. "I couldn't let him do that..I can't imagine he would do that to me.."At the very least he hoped family meant something, after all, she did walk away from that night. "I know...I said it wasn't the best idea, but maybe it doesn't matter if it's a powerful vampire, maybe my grandfather is powerful too."He didn't really know what he could do fully himself, much less what someone who actually knew about this would. "You said that guy could make you do whatever he wanted..maybe my grandfather knows how to stop that or something?"He didn't know how to rationalize it, it was all guessing, but if she didn't know either then what could they really do. He did cup her cheek now that they were looking at each other. "I.. don't want anything to happen to you.."
  Corinth Restar / Willofiam / 63d 21h 41m 58s
Him pointing out her red face only made it flush more as she watched him shake his head. "I am totally vampire like. Careful or I'll suck your blood," she threatened, mostly playfully, before he kissed her and she shut up to kiss him back.
The night had been very enjoyable, like they always were, despite all the craziness of what the day had brought. They had spent a lot of the night doing things and since she didn't really sleep, she simply laid next to him, enjoying his presence, though had her eyes mostly closed.
At some point she did feel his gaze on her and opened her eyes to look back at him. Hearing his idea, she was fairly sure her face mirrored the expression of you are crazy that she was thinking. "You want us to hide with your grandfather? He's just as likely to kill me than he is to protect me. Besides, I'm sure he appreciates not being thrown into the way of a powerful vampire that is hunting his grandson's girlfriend," she pointed out. She knew they had little to no options, but surely this was as bad as it got. We're they actually safer there than on their own?
  Leila / Hoshizora / 65d 7h 15s
She was sure she'd said it before, but really he just shook his head slightly. "You're very unvampire-like red face says otherwise.. my darling."He stated bringing his finger up to lift her chin after they kissed and continued to kiss her again.
After an enjoyable night together, maybe the last peaceful one they could have had in a long time. He wondered how much sleep either of them could have really gotten. He knew he was sort of periodically opening his eyes to look at her throughout. No amount of reassurance could probably calm what they have ahead of them. Once it seemed early enough he just kept his eyes on her for a bit. A plan had been ruminating in his head. "..maybe..I could ask my grandfather to help...take us in while you're being...chased."He didn't know how to phrase it, and he knew it was a crappy proposal to begin with, but what other options could they have?
  Corinth Restar / Willofiam / 65d 7h 20m 22s
He was always delicious to her. She couldn't help it that she found his blood that delectable. At least she could now assume it had to do with his werewolf side that she possibly liked him so much.
They definitely had a lot more to deal with than a normal relationship. Starting with his vampire killing grandfather and ending with her vampire lord, in a sense. When he teased her she felt her face turn red as she stuck her tongue out at him. "I'm sure I've said it before," she replied, though aware he had caught her in that moment. She didn't entirely mind, even if it was a strange moment of concession.
However, him tightening his arm around her was something she didn't mind and she curled up against him again. One hand moved to entwine with his contently. There was something peaceful about all this. Looking up at him, she smiled softly. "Still, a good day, all things considered," she mused and kissed him lightly.
  Leila / Hoshizora / 66d 22h 44m 25s
Listening to her he shook his head a little bit, he knew he was always delicious in her mind. He knew she'd caught him looking as she cupped his cheek and spoke, though more than that he figured he'd tease her about it anyway. The day did do go a certain direction, and it just seemed like they had so much to deal with more and more, and not even in a normal relationship kind of way. "Oh goodness, you said the 'L' word. Thought it was forbidden."He teased back, though it seemed like something she had rarely said about anything. Further he supposed his yellowish eye color was due to what he may actually be, but if she liked it now then he could be okay with it. Still, after he teased her, his arms did slightly tighten a little around her, not wanting to her go anywhere, or maybe just wanted to hold her closer, after all he didn't mean what he said. There was at least some progress made tonight and he certainly didn't want to undo it.
  Corinth Restar / Willofiam / 67d 5h 8m 52s
Him chuckling war nice. It was relaxing and there was something so comforting. What he said made her give her own small chuckle. "Maybe cause it makes you look even yummier," she suggested teasingly, though he was delicious to her all the same.
When he leaned back into the couch, she gladly followed suit, letting him hold her to him. For the moment it felt like nothing else matter, despite all the craziness that was happening. Feeling his gaze on her, she looked up at him. Slowly her hand moved up to cup his cheek with a soft smile. "I love how the candles make your eyes glow," she whispered softly, letting her thumb stroke him.
Her thoughts turned back to her carefully structured plan for the day. It definitely hadn't meant to go like this, but it didn't feel bad. "I know that this isn't how I planned the day, but it turned out well. I did get you into my apartment in the end," she couldn't help teasing lightly, but happily snuggled against him more.
  Leila / Hoshizora / 70d 9h 59m 5s

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