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She honestly had expected Acheron to retaliate, but luckily he didn't and simply left. Her pulse was racing and she didn't trust the peace. She believed what Acheron said. He would be back.
There were so many thoughts in her head that him placing his hand on her arm made her flinch surprised. "I'm fine," she replied as she straightened, trying to figure out what to say, "There is too much to say to explain here. As for Acheron, he doesn't boast. Everything that he said is true." That was perhaps the worst part. Knowing he didn't just say it to say it.
Naturally, the mood was absolutely ruined and she no longer felt like Valentine's Day. After all, she had found out she pretty much had a stalker. "Let's get out of here. My apartment is close," she told him, not sure what more to say at the moment. To explain Acheron they needed more time than a tunnel under water could give them.
  Leila / Hoshizora / 4d 13h 16m 31s
That was true. Though there were also some things he did know that he just had to recall. However, he couldn't go around claiming he was some vampire expert now could he. The only odd things now to note what with his hand being on Corinth's shirt might be his body heat, one could chalk it up to anger of course and that would be easy to do. The other odd thing would be his shove would be met with a rather solid stance, and not being able to shove someone as a vampire, might leave him wondering about this 'human' or maybe he just thought he was a strong human. "If you have to make her then you're a worthless man."He stated as the vampire seemed to leave them. He waited a few moments for he lessened how tense he was. Looking to her, he placed a hand on her arm lightly. "Are you okay? Was anything he said true?"
  Corinth Restar / Willofiam / 4d 13h 34m 52s
She watched the two, unsure of what to do and if she should step in or not as they Stepper towards one another. How far would it go before one of them snapped?
Acheron chuckled softly. "There is so little you know about my people, even less about me," he grinned, baring his fangs, "Don't test me." He grabbed him by the shirt. "I could make her come to me. She is out because I let her, not because she can," he told him, eying first her and then him. It was clear that it was a reminder for her.
With a shove he let him go and took a step back. "Well, it's the day of love. Try and enjoy yourself," he told them as he turned to leave, "Oh and dove, I'll be back for you. You've had enough free time for the century." With that he was gone. Shaking, she leaned against the cool glass of the aquarium.
  Leila / Hoshizora / 4d 13h 47m 48s
Unfortunately the vampire had no real idea how true the statement could have been. It was to Corinth's advantage the vampire just assumed he was a normal human right now. At least this didn't seem to be going anywhere pleasant. He noticed that finally the conversation had broken down and his step forward was met with Corinth stepping forward as well to keep the distance between this other vampire and Leila. His hair curling up a little more in the back. "She said no. So why don't you take your gift horse and ride on back to your castle. She doesn't want to go and you won't make her."He said firmly. Wondering what this might devolve to, hopefully he'd just act civil and take the hint. Though it was clear his fists didn't unclench and he was ready for something.
  Corinth Restar / Willofiam / 4d 14h 4m 58s
She was trying to figure out what to do. While she didn't doubt that Corinth could take care of himself, Acheron was no normal vampire. The tension was clear and she could see from the corner of her eye how he clenched his fist.
Acheron simply chuckled at the words. "Looks like the puppy has some bark," he mused, "I never said that she did. I'm just concerned that she might have a similar fate. Surely, you couldn't want that either. If you would just come back to my castle, dove, you would be same there. No one would bother you there." His gaze zeroed in on her, his hand reaching out to her.
'"Go to hell. I'm not going anywhere with you," she retorted angrily and slapped his hand away. "Now, it's not nice to look a gift horse in the mouth," he taunted lightly, though his eyes clearly glowed with anger as he took a step towards them.
  Leila / Hoshizora / 4d 14h 18m 31s
Corinth noticed she pulled him back, and of course hearing such words were aggravating. He didn't flinch either as the vampire approached them, his fists beginning to clench though. His brow clearly furrowed. He was of course filled with questions though, he considered her of his line because he turned her possibly. His assumptions could be made safely about who it is. His name rang a little familiar, for some reason Corinth didn't know why, but he was far too distracted to dwell on it now.
"She obviously doesn't know anything about how this other vampire died. And clearly doesn't like the way you decide to talk to her. You clearly know that and seem to get a kick out of it. But why don't you just leave us alone instead."He sort of demanded, unphased, his hair weirdly beginning to stand in the back as he seemed to get more agitated.
  Corinth Restar / Willofiam / 4d 14h 37m 56s
The person at the end of the tunnel stepped closer, clearly amused at the human. "I don't think that's anything you have to worry yourself with. Let the grown ups talk," he said with a wave of his hand as if he was swatting at a fly.
She could see Corinth stepping in front of her and she pulled him back to at least beside her, knowing fully well what the other vampire was capable off. "Though honestly, I would have thought you realized how useless human lovers are, dove. They don't last and sullying my long proud line is such a shame," he went on and with a blink of an eye crossed several yards so he was only a few strides away.
She barely flinched at him suddenly being closer. "What are you doing here, Acheron?" she demanded, glaring at him. "I told you. I heard Umu died of interesting causes and wanted to investigate. It also seemed a good time to drop in on you to see how you are fairing. Yes, of course I know where you are. I would never lose track of my top creation," Acheron smiled, his red eyes glowing eerily in the blue light. His hair was brown, almost black. "I am not your possession," she spat, though clearly unnerved at the thought of him having tracked her all this time.
  Leila / Hoshizora / 4d 15h 1m 27s
It did seem romantic anyway, the dim blue light. He noticed he was called out and he heard her, he could only feel his blush slightly grow a little, "'s.." Though it seemed they were to be interrupted and the way she sounded when she realized whoever this was had showed up. He sort of stepped up beside her, maybe even a little in between the two. Hearing this new person say 'human' made it obvious that it was another vampire. "Who is this..?"He could assume, but he wanted to make sure it wasn't who he thought it was. Last time that he heard about the person he'd assume this is, it wasn't exactly a great impression. He wondered now though, if he would be able to help better than her..her being a vampire..would his other qualities manifest as well?
  Corinth Restar / Willofiam / 4d 15h 31m 35s
She supposed that their jokes were a little weird, but they were an odd couple for sure. After all, she was a vampire and he was a werewolf of sorts. Ultimately, she had given up on understand why she loved his blood so much.
Hearing what he said about her choice and the teasing, she was happy. After all, she wanted him to have fun today too. "It does?" she asked, not having known that, "Oh, so you think blue lighting is romantic? Interesting." It was an amusing thought.
It was fascinating to see the creatures and the underwater tunnel was cool. Truthfully, her eyes were probably light up either way, because she was enjoying this. Curiously, she looked over to him, noticing the blush. "You're blushing," she pointed out, though did step closer to him to look more into his eyes.
"My, my, I came here, because I heard of a killed comrade, I didn't I would find you fraternizing with a human," a voice with a strange accent spoke up. Recognizing the voice, she spun around to face the only other person in the tunnel at the end of the tunnel so that she was between the two. "What are you doing here?" she demanded, her voice tight.
  Leila / Hoshizora / 4d 16h 7m 48s
He smiled a bit, they did have a certainly weird repertoire of jokes, some of them being about consuming his blood anyway. Still it was a thing to think of, maybe if he had a lot of sugar in his body he would taste better, but they hadn't tested that so far.
After he had gotten ready to go and they were off, he did find it an acceptable choice, wondering if this was her whole plan she was so excited over, or if she had more in store. He wouldn't by any means mind if this was the only stop. "An aquarium."He glanced around and nodded, "This seems fun."He told her and gave her a smile, sincerely enjoying the choice. "It goes below the water even thought of mood lighting."He teased, of course a blue glow nothing he would ever turn down.
Spending their time looking at creature's under the sea and going into the underwater portion. He looked at her as they did. The blue glow, seeming to reveal a very small blush forming on his face as he looked into her eyes. "Good choice.."He mentioned slightly quietly, the blue glow of the area really allowing him to see her eyes light up moreso than ever before. Still looking at her like he normally would, the affection attached of course.
  Corinth Restar / Willofiam / 4d 16h 54m 51s
Clearly neither wanted to move, but it was fun to do these things anyway and it was playful. Hearing the teasing, she stuck out her tongue and rolled her eyes. "I'll take your word for it. Eat some more of that and you will be good enough to eat," she teased back as she looked back at him.
She enjoyed that he did take the time to kiss and hold her for a moment before he went back to eating. "Well, you could just stand here while eating," she pointed out, but did let him go so he could finish.
Once he was done getting ready she stood by the door, eager to get going. "Well, we have a long day ahead of us, so let's go," she told him and took his hand to lead him out. A bit later they arrived at the aquarium and she looked to him, curious what he would think. "I first thought about going to the zoo, but considering that's mostly outside in the sun, I thought this could work as well," she explained. Perhaps it wasn't super romantic, but she thought this day was mostly there to spend time with a significant.
  Leila / Hoshizora / 10d 15h 21m 17s
It was obvious that moving was just something neither of them really wanted to do. Still her antics were always something he was adoring anyway, the sort of take charge way she went about sitting on the counter to the way the tried the syrup. "Mhm. Lots of sugar..good for the blood."He teased and was proceeding bombarded with her affection, which he wasn't minding at all, least of all today.
He let out a small chuckle after she told him to eat, but clearly had him pinned in place. He of course, returned her kiss and wrapped his arms around her for a few moments. "Well, something else is keeping my attention instead of the it's a little hard to eat."He smiled at her, eventually again having to move to eat, but it didn't take him to long to get ready after that. He was a little anxious as to what she had in mind as well. "Alright. I'm ready to go wherever it is.."He smiled at her happily.
  Corinth Restar / Willofiam / 10d 16h 42m 3s
Curious at what syrup could be, she did unravel from around him and followed him to the kitchen, though from the way she more slowly unwrapped from him it as clear that she didn't want to move. Sitting down on the counter, she watched him get out the syrup. When he offered her some on his finger, she slowly and sensually took it into her mouth, sucking on it thoroughly even long after it was gone as she looked into his eyes. "It's very sweet," she said thoughtfully, "The texture is a little like blood." It was a very interesting taste.
When she finally released his finger she wrapped her legs around him, just wanting him close and kissed him softly. "Well, then you'd better put that on your pancakes and eat," she told him, wondering how that would taste in combination together. Either way, she was happy so far.
  Leila / Hoshizora / 15d 19h 20m 30s
He saw his opportunities anyway, "Syrup it's.."He chuckled some, "Here come on and I'll show you." He of course had to say since she was so wrapped up around him, not that he really wanted to leave their little affectionate encounter. Once he did managed to stand up he walked with her to the kitchen and got the goopy liquid out that they called syrup. He got a little drop on his finger and offered it over to her, sure he'd used this tactic to oust her when she was actually hungry and refused to feed, but it's possible and more obviously something of a sensual thing.
Still her surprise made him curious. He chuckled a little at her use of words. Still it seemed her plans started soon since he had to go get dressed after he finished his food.
  Corinth Restar / Willofiam / 15d 19h 41m 3s
She honestly couldn't say if she was able to blush more and if regular feeding did help in that regard, but she was just happy to be around him. Still, she did notice the choice of wording. "That doesn't exactly say much. I mean, you can eat a lot of things. You can tell me if they're bad. A person who doesn't eat making food doesn't exactly scream success," she pointed out, but clearly happy at the kiss and wouldn't have cared too much, if he was honest, "Syrup?" This was probably one of the many foods she didn't know about.
It was interesting to watch her. She did act like she genuinely cared a lot, even though she hadn't said those words that she knew he was waiting for. Nodding, she replied, "A whole day. If I told you, it wouldn't be a surprise, if I am allowed to quote a certain someone. Only this much, we will have a good time." She stuck her tongue out at him. "Once you're done with food, we should get going," she mused, still happily curled up around him.
  Leila / Hoshizora / 15d 19h 51m 38s

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