Summer Lovin 1x1{Open}

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I don't always speak...but I'm always listening
I don't always understand...but I always care
I don't always know what to do...but I always do my best
I don't always sing along...but I always feel the music
I don't always hug you back...but I always know your touch
I don't always smile... but I'm always happy to see you
I don't always make it clear how much I love you...but rest assured
I do

____ is on the lower end of the autism spectrum making him highly unsocial and mentally a lot younger then his age physically.Usually exhibiting Social Challenges,Communication Difficulties,Repetitive Behaviors,and Sensory Processing Problems. Annie has been friends with_ for her whole life.She can't remember a time that they weren't friends in their 18 years of life so far, despite the issues caused by his disability. As the years, gone by, have her view of him changed? Has _ opinions of Annie changed as well? With summer vacation just around the corner and their families taking a group trip to the beach anything could happen.


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Username: HirokoKyo
Name:Annie Harvelle
Age: 18

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