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War that is all that any world knowns that have creatures with a form of intelligence on it. at least that is what many thought. Earth has become over populated, the planet laying dying, and at the very center of the cause? Humanity itself. They have industrialized the world without pause to think of what would happen to the environment or the planet itself if they had kept going. Destroying the surface of earth and digging into the planet's surface to a safe distance Humanity cultivated itself. The only resource humanity didn't destroy was the planet's water source which was way to polluted to drink or use without growing sick or infected in some way.
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Because of their Technology Humanity had to search for resources off the planet. One such planet they had found an abundance of resources on was Kiovis(Key-OO-V-is), Humanity had sent a colonizing group in a ship called the Ark. This ship is large enough to house six billion people on it, and every kind of animal that was left on the planet alive to date, which was quite a lot as zoos were still a big thing even in tech. Many people volunteered to go on the journey to the new world, to discover what the earth was like thousands of years ago. The ark had enough built into it to withstand the journey, and to even start the colony. Potentially house and feed the entire population for a maximum of five years, any longer and it would strain and starve them. Built with a hollow nanobio-tech the Ark is the latest up to date airship possible.
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Upon reaching Kiovis everything was going swell for humans. Of course they ran into their problems with the natural wildlife of the area they were trying to make their home, along with figuring out the seasons to the planet. Like the amazon the planet had two seasons. The wet seasons which ranged usually the months of December to about may. Then there was the dry seasons which covered the other half of the year. However that wasn't the only problem humanity faced upon the planet. No they faced their worst nightmares while here. Demons, Vampires, werewolves, goblins, orcs, etc. They weren't the worst of the races however. You also had elves, pixies, dwarves, gnomes, Angels, even creatures that were unheard of on earth. Earth had lost touch with the members that had left with the Ark, but with no news they have sense sent out ships to track them, but all the same result none come back. with no communications the humans on Kiovis are on their own to fend for themselves.

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Building their city in a place the natives called the twilight mountains.
The mountains themselves create a natural bowl on the planet and is believed to be the safest place on the planet, but they were wrong. Inside the twilight mountains is the famed Blood crown, a jewel that has been lost to the ages and so many creatures are seen around the valley looking for it. This jewel is said to be the most powerful jewel across the planet. The gem is that of a giant dragon egg that was unhatched sense the planet's creation. Dragons and all magical creatures have forged their magic into the egg to try and have the creature inside hatch, however so much magic was put into it that the egg turned a clear color and solid both inside and out. The dragon baby inside the egg can be seen clear as daylight inside the gem. As apart of the human population, how will you survive?

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Thousands of years have passed sense Humans have landed on Kiovis, and as such they have set up colonies across the Twilight mountains, however like all great things, war has broken out among the colonizes. Kingdoms have started to appear where colonizes use to be, and so humans have become a natural denizen to the planet.

Where this rp will start off is after the human kingdom's are set up, but war is raging between them for dominance in the twilight mountains.

[Center [b Rules and Regulations]]
1. No God moding, You will find this every single role play has this in it, if you don't know what this means then ask.
2. Have fun, this is a survival rp.
3, Photos are to be artish
4. Fill out a skeleton and send it to me in a PM, this is not a first come first serve, so I will turn you down if I have to.
5. If you want to be from a different Kingdom, please be sure to let me know I will do so.
[b Any rule breaking you get three warnings, at three I will kill off your character, While I will allow you create another character the same rules apply.]

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Picture: a link to your photo
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Kingdom: What kingdom are you from?
Name: Last, First Middle initial
Nickname: What people might call you?
Age: How old are you?
Rank: What rank within your kingdom do you hold? Think of a caste system...
Occupation: What Job/ Occupation do you have?
Weapon/Weapons of choice: Explain your weapon possible in details.

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[Center Due to the unknown nature of the land of Kiovis itself, Details about the land itself shall be updated as the rp progresses and reveals details about the land itself.]
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1. A mountain range, The twilight Mountains, House the human race on the planet that is off earth itself. These mountains form a bowl like shape. The inside of the bowl spans about the size of Russia. Inside this bowl is land with three types of vegetation. Lakes can be found all over the land. Dense forest can be found on its eastern side along with some smaller ones in the north. Flatlands and rolling hills cover the rest of the land. Inside the mountains is six known different Human Civilizations.

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The trees rush past them as Umbra’s paws fly over the uneven ground of the forest. With a small tug on the beast’s scruff, Aya halts their flight. The beast beneath her pants softly, her heart pounding against her rider’s legs
“Hush, darling,” Aya whispers, leaning over the beast’s neck to pet her lupine head. “Listen.”

Umbra’s ears perk forward and her mouth opens ever so slightly to take in the surrounding scents. With a flick of her ear, she signals to her rider the presence of prey nearby. “Good.” Aya mutters, nudging her forward. The beast’s slender feline body moves forward on silent paws. Drawing her bow, Aya adjusts her weight to perch atop the bests great shoulders. “Steady.” She breaths as their prey comes into sight. Silence surrounds them, with only the breaths of the forest to stir it. With a sudden twang, Aya releases the arrow and watches as it finds its mark. With a shout of victory, she leaps from her mount’s back and trots towards her prey. Crouching beside the buck, she places her hand around the shaft closest to the animal’s body. “My thanks to you, dear creature, for the life you have given for the people.” She mutters like her mentor, who came from across the great sea, had thought her. With a grunt, she pulls the arrow from the carcass and tosses it to the side. “Umbra, crouch.” She orders, dragging the buck towards the beast. With the great creatures’s help, she gets the buck onto Umbra’s back and mounts again. “Lets go back.” She says, petting her pet between the ears.

Aya delivers the buck to the castle kitchens before tending to her mount. With practiced skill and tenderness, she washes the blood from the buck out of Umbra’s dark fur. With her chore finished, she sits and leans against the side of her beast, her eyes closing briefly.

A small cough makes her stir. “Ma’am. The Lion Demon has summoned you.” The messenger mutters, glancing uneasily at the beast sleeping behind the young woman. “What time of day is it?” Aya asks, running her fingers through her wind matted hair and frowning. “Dawn, ma’am.” The messenger answers. With e curse, Aya gets to her feet and dashed towards her borrowed chambers to make herself presentable.

Irritated by the summons and by her unruly hair, she enters the Lion Demon’s chambers and takes a seat at the table. Her eyes flicker over those gathered, assessing each one of them while keeping to herself. Her eyes study the man called the Lion Demon as he speaks, biting her tongue to keep her thoughts to herself.

When he finishes his address, which amazingly she had been able to remain silent through, she stands and approaches him at the window. “My Lord. A moment, if you would.” She says, her hands folded behind her back. “Why do you have any desire to help me defend my borders? And why trust the mechanic to lead an army? She is less fit and lest apt to do so than any of the others hear, including the healer. At least he has some knowledge of tactics and diplomacy.” She says, her tongue running unchecked. “My father sent me to represent my country and yet I have been treated like some child visiting for a play date. And you have taken more initiative with this war than the man that brought us here, and you no older than I. Perhaps you could enlighten me.” She says, the last sentence snapping with venom.
  Aya Ferro / Arrosa / 258d 7h 20m 41s
The Lion demon had set up his chair so that he would be looking at the door when those he summoned came into his room. It was to no surprise That the first to show up was the Mechanic. Staring at her for a bit before she leaned against the wall and looked at the door waiting on the next person to come through it. It was nearly almost an hour before the next person came into the private study.

The Lion Demon, or known to his family as Delori was but a single Templar to the Republic he now served. His parents were both from the Slovith Republic. His sister was from the Republic, but she married into the Royal family of another country. While his parents, and siblings considered her dead and no longer apart of the family Delori felt otherwise. He would always protect her and her children. After the lose o her oldest son she had protested to her family for help, however she was sent no reply.

Delori had glanced up when the door cracked open, In came a servant who had made the comment of how The Lady Ayra from the Ferro empire had taken off on her mount and no one knew of when she would return. Waving the man away the next person that came in was the noblewomen Dalori had heard many rumors of.

Rumors of how she had murdered her family, how her magic had become out of control because her family had made her angry and that she did it on purpose so she could have power over the Nightmoore estate and lands. That was one thing no one knew outside of the Emperor's family, that was unless one knew someone within the family. The Nightmoore estate held the most power within the Capital city. On the nightmoore lands within the city stood the Citadel, The academies, and the marketplace. Along with the one thing the entire city thrived on. It controlled the majority waterway that ran through the city itself.

Things also came to light that Lyanna and Wel'ren were in a constant courtship that none of the nobles liked, nor advised to the prince even though he was next in line to rule the entire empire. This Lyanna was one person the Lion demon would keep his eye on. While his armor hid him from the rest of the world anyone who could actually see him would know he looked nothing like he was suppose to.

She seemed nervous as she came into the room, but the Lion demon did not move a muscle as she came in. Taking a seat in one of the chairs he had placed across from himself. A table sat between them with maps drawn all across the table. Most of them country maps. Folding his hands together and setting them on top of the map closest to him he looked to the door again as it cracked open.

Another Messenger stepped into the room letting the group know that Crowned prince Wel'ren, and the adviser Uli were missing as well, but they had been seen walking around the streets of the capital. Nodding and waving his hand to dismiss the messenger the Lion demon looked up as the door shut and waited just a little bit before looking at the two. The noble lady greeted him as if he was royalty of the country she was from, perhaps it was his power, but anyone knew he was powerful enough to take on an army.

[#ff1417 "Lady Nightmoore, Lady Na-Ria. Please take a seat."] the lion demon said as he waved his hand to the chairs across from him Showing that there were five chairs across from him. One for each person he summoned. Crowned prince Wel'ren, Uli, Ayrra, Lady Nightmoore, and Lady Na-ria. As he had put his hand back to his lap it seemed the door opened again to a flustered Crowned prince and a Uli Candle. It seemed the two had been together in the city. As the lion demon nodded and the door shut again he saw it pushed open with a burst and a thud against the wall.

In came Lady Ayrra who seemed more angry to be summoned by the man who now snapped and shut the door himself. [#ff1417 "It seems we are all here as it seems."] waving to the empty chairs and waiting for the others to sit down he waved the curtains open and the bright light of morning day shone on the table. [#ff1417 "We are here to discuss battle strategy and how the war shall take place. Talaran has Declared war upon the world expecting us to fight each other and be weakened because of it."] pulling from his armor's gantlet he placed a small letter on the table. [#ff1417 "The land of Aliri has been writing with me and has received the same message, however in their letter Talaran has said that Farro and Slovith will be helping them in the war as they have already given up to the Talaran crown."]

[right [pic]
Taking in a deep breath the Lion demon reached up and removed his helmet the Lion demon's face seemed to belong to that of a young adult of no more then perhaps nineteen years of age, but he should have been early thirties late twenties at least. Snapping his fingers again the Chair removed the Lion demon's armor and he just sat there. [#ff1417 "I am here to help make a strategy against the lands we move again. Talaran, Ranilo, and Manali. I am sure Ranilo and Manali did not concede their rule of their lands to Talaran, and the Queen of Talaran is but using the diplomatic strain between all the countries against one another."]

Putting his hand on one of the maps the male nodded. Moving it to show a map of the world. [#ff1417 "If the map details haven't been changed as of late Talaran has yet to start its war, but it has been gathering its army to move against the Farro Empire. They gather however on the far Western border to move not from their own lands and the massive defenses Farro has built against the Talaran, but from the sea that borders the country from the west or potentially from the south by taking control of Aliri first. It is my recommendation Lady Aya that you convince your father to allow you to move even a small army against the Talaran countryside. As small raids would force the Talaran to deal with the incursion or be forced to use their army rations to feed the population. This will protect your lands from an unexpected attack, however to be sure no raiding happens while you are gone I would put horsemen on your borders and scouts to run the entire border between you and Aliri along with the sea."]

[left [pic]]

Moving the map out of the way The Lion demon pulled up a Map of Ranilo and he point to several dots at once. [#ff1417 "Prince Wel'ren as this is your first real war, and I am sure Uli's as well My advice is to take these fortresses all at once. Redlock Fortress, Moreville Citadel, Bellmore Castle, and Mallow Hill Watch are going to be a problem If you have to fight to take them. The Capital of Na Tuan is going to be your only problem when fighting Ranilo due to the fact that its where most of the army they have is. If you can starve them out would be best, however we do not have time for that and so you will have to force your way into the city."]

Moving his finger on the map to point at several villages he nodded and went on [#ff1417 "While your laying siege to the Capital be sure to cut off these villages Specifically as that is how they will be supplying their army inside the Capital with food and water to last through out the siege until you leave."] Moving the map out of the way he pulled up another map. [#ff1417 "Manali is going to be a different matter. The Dark King is a Constant threat to even my own power, however I will be on the field of battle with Lady Aya as that is where I will be needed most."]

Before he could go on however Wel'ren raised his hand to silence the Lion demon. [#b3350f "I have already a way to deal with Manali and will be doing so in my own way."] Surprised that the prince had already a plan to deal with the bigger threat of the two he smiled. [#ff1417 "Very well then that is that."] Looking cross the five people that sat across from him he once again folded his hands into one another and laying them on the table. [#ff1417 "I know that Emperor Candle's decision has surprised many of you, however I trust in his decision to allow Lady Nightmoore, Crowned prince Wel'ren and Lady Ne-Ria. And to help keep the army together he placed Lord Uli as advisor. Lady Aya I also understand that with this your country will be affected by this decision as well, however trust in the family, and believe in Wel'ren he will show you far more then what you expect."]

Standing up and crossing to the window in nothing but normal clothing on him the Lion demon's hand went up to his neck. The only mark that had been left on his body. The cut across his throat that nearly took his life as well. [#ff1417 "The Emperor is far wiser then he appears, even if he seems foolish."]
  The Lion Demon / Colorful_insanity / 259d 23h 35m 10s
Things would have gone on smoothly, if the other queen hadn't stepped in. Lyanna did not like the Queen from the Mirror Mountains. She thought she was sneaky, trying to get a foothold on the higher crown, but she wasn't. Lyanna knew what she was up to, and she was sure others did too. But that didn't seem to stop this viper from trying every time she had the chance. Had it been up to Lyanna, she wouldn't have the queen around anymore. But she knew diplomacy was a thing, and it had to be followed. She took a deep breath and tried her best to ignore the woman.

Suddenly, an armored figure stepped in, demanding that the doors be shut and not a word of this meeting was to escape this room. Lyanna raised an eyebrow, curious as to why the King wanted this. She wouldn't speak of her questions, not yet anyways. First, she would listen closely to the King, then evaluate it all and figure out what the best plan was.

Hearing what was written in a deceleration, Lyanna could feel the bitterness in the room. Talaran wanted their lands, something they seemed to be after for a long time. She hadn't dealt with many from that kingdom, but it seemed she would be in the close future. Wel'ren was right, this was them wanting to go to war. They had some nerve to say such bold things and think the Silver Woods would just let them. This was the reason for the sudden meeting, and for the secrecy that would surround it. They couldn't let word out of their plans, not with possible spies at every corner. Now, she wanted to know just why she was called here. Other nobles were here as well, but she knew she was called here for a specific reason. Why?

Her question was quickly answered, hearing the king appointing her as one of the three leaders of this campaign. She had to admit, she was quite shocked to hear her name come from the king. It seemed many of the other nobles were as well. She could hear some speak of the rumors as to why she was the only Nightmour left. Others questioning her simply because she hardly dressed like a noble, nor acted like one. Before she could make any arguments back, the Queen called for silence. Lyanna quickly turned her attention to the woman, feeling the strong authority coming from her. She had told some to leave if they wished to be rude. While some stood, they would quickly sit back down once the Queen gave them her famous stare. Lyanna would have to make sure to never be on the receiving end of that stare. She could remember from a young age how her father got that stare after he had spoken out against something the king had said.

With the king done, he and his wife began to leave. Others quickly started to talk among themselves, not caring if others heard them or not. Lyanna could hear many talk of her deeds, of how she was unfit to lead anything. It made Lyanna quite annoyed. They didn't know the truth of what happened that night, nor did they wish to know. They all thought their theories were right. That she killed her own family so she could get power. That she made a pact with an evil spirit and sacrificed her family. That she fell for a man who turned out to be a murderer. Every single rumor was more horrible than the last, and all of them were nowhere near the truth.

Lyanna watched as the prince left, following after Uli. She knew the truth between the two, and she wasn't going to tell anyone unless the two said it was alright. Though she did not attend the same lessons they did growing up, she still knew them as her closest friends among wolves. She didn't quite care if they were wolves in sheep's clothing. It was better to be friends with your enemies anyways...wasn't it?

She slowly rose from her seat, the gem on her collar glowing slightly. Her magenta eyes seemed to follow the glow as she looked up at the other nobles sitting around her. They noticed and looked at her, some looking a bit fearful as they saw the glow. Even though they talked openly about her, they still had a slight fear of her. Anyone that could go up against Lyanna was seen as either brave, or stupid. She had yet to actually challenge anyone, but she had been challenged herself, and she never backed down.

[#6B0648 "I know the words you are sharing with each other."] She spoke calmly, getting the attention of anyone else that hadn't noticed her standing. She held out her had, letting a small crystal orb form and float a few inches in the air. [#6B0648 "I know of the bitter words you speak of me, and how you disagree with the king in his decision to let me be one of the three leads. You even doubt letting a mechanic girl that has never seen war lead. But I will say something to counter your doubts."] She quickly grabbed the orb, throwing it to the table as it suddenly changed into a crystal blade, stabbing into the wood. [#6B0648 "You all know that I am an assassin of the kingdom. Don't think I don't know how to make it look like an accident...Speak your doubts to me, and I shall reward you..."]

She let go of the crystal, letting it shatter into pieces as she turned and walked out of the room. Lyanna knew it could be seen as treason with the threats, but none would tell the Emperor or his wife. They didn't wish to find out if Lyanna would be true to her words or not. She wasn't even sure if she would be, so she hoped no one would test it.

The next day, she had awoken early, just before the sunrise. By the time the servants sent to fetch her had been sent out, she was already at the entrance of the castle. Thanking the one sent for her, she made her way towards the room where the Lion Demon was. She had never met the man, but her parents had. From what she had overheard, he was a man to be feared and respected. Lyanna would be cautious with the man until proven otherwise.

Coming up to the room, she spotted the mechanic girl that had been put as one of the leads. Lyanna had never talked seen the girl before the meeting and wanted to know the girl a little more. She gave a soft smile as she approached, giving a polite bow to the girl. [#6B0648 "Good morning, I see the Lion Demon has called upon you as well. I have a feeling the prince will be here soon as the man probably wishes to speak to the three leads."]

She walked into the room now, walking up to the Lion Demon, kneeling down to give a respectful bow. [#6B0648 "It is wonderful to be in your presence."] She said softly before standing, her hands behind her back. [#6B0648 "I am Lyanna Nightmour. My parents have met with you before when I was younger. It is good to finally put a face to the name."]
  Lyanna Nightmour / Kikido / 280d 4h 18m 15s
Aya bites her tongue against the words that threaten to spill from her lips. There was so much wrong with what the old man was saying. The vision of unified nations was one every leader shared, including her father, but there would always be divisions within society. Each person had their place because that is what kept a society and a nation thriving. A mechanic is not capable of leading an army. Perhaps the prince wasn't capable of leading an army either. She had no idea how inexperienced the leaders the Dead King had chosen were and the thought of them leading thousands of men to their deaths was terrifying. A leader with no experience and no knowledge of battle and strategy is not fit to lead. Her father taught her that when she was only 10. War was not a game that could be played on a table with pieces to move around. War involved real people with real families and real lives. Putting their lives and their future in the hands of someone as capable as leading them as a child was incredibly stupid.

But she could hardly say all that to the king now could she? Instead, she turns away from the king and follows the guards out. With her mind reeling with thoughts and fears, she barely even notices someone walk past her towards the king's chambers.

Relieved of her escort, she walks to the stables in search of her unique mount. She had brought her own stable hand with her from Ferro to tend to the beast. The girl had been trained since she was a child to tend to the princess' pet.

"Nira. How is my beautiful Umbra?" She asks, petting the creatures lupine head.

"She is well, ma'am, though eager to run. She grows restless cooped up in the city." The younger girl replies.

"So am I." Aya mutters, scratching behind Umbra's massive ear. "If anyone should ask, I will be outside the city in the nearest forest." She says, moving towards the creature's back. "I doubt anyone should come asking for me, but if it is urgent you may send out a rider."

"Yes, ma'am." Nira says, dipping her head as she backs away.

"I will be back by sundown." Aya says as she mounts her beast. Umbra bares her teeth at the door in anticipation, her viper fangs flashing in the noonday sunlight. The moment the doors open, Umbra bolts for the forest with her rider's shouts of glee drifting on the wind in their wake.
  Aya Ferro / Arrosa / 280d 5h 7m 31s
[h3 The Emperor]
As the man eyed the lady in front of him a smile grew upon his lips. She was daring indeed, While her father was a very powerful man indeed and many other kingdoms knew of Emperor Ferro, he was waning in power due to in fighting among his nobility over scraps of land and to throw in the constant on going battles with Talaran or control of the border was always a fleeting task. Let alone with always Constant worry of their neighbor's to the south the Kingdom of Aliri who seem peaceful but could always change at any moment.

The decaying man also knew of his own reputation among the other kingdoms even his own nobility. He was known as the Dead king. His family's reputation was not one many look into, but it was not something the Emperor worried about. He earned the name of the Dead King, due to the fact he had gone to battle with two of his older siblings, and even his own father and killed all three without batting even an eyelash at their bodies.

He also knew the second part to being called the dead king and more importantly the reason why he looked like he was dying was his magical area of study which was that of an Avatar like state. While it gave one God like powers the longer they stayed in the Avatar form the more life force that was taken from them. His first wife and Wel'ren's mother was gifted with healing, but to try and heal someone in Avatar state meant death to them and so she killed herself establishing Kaleswood Forest as a kingdom when it was but a baby nation.

Cornelius looked at the lady in front of him the smile still on his face. He waved her even closer as his red eyes seemed to bore into her own. [b "That is exactly why I chose her to command. No one expect those without knowledge to be able to do anything, however My Child has never been outside of this Fortress city and yet no one spoke out against him leading the Entire Silverwoods legions, why is that? It is because of his position. He is the Crowned prince and no one dare to question putting someone in High power that is already there, especially when its someone above their heads. But when someone from the lowest possible place is put into a place of power everyone is in an uproar."]

Sitting back into the bed so that his back rested against the pillows he looked out the window and pointed to it. [b "Lady Aya Ferro if you go out to the balcony and look out across the land you will see everyone has their place in this Empire, but why is that? Is it because I have built it that way? or is it because many believe they can not achieve something more then what they are born into?"] letting his eyes stay on the window but his hand return to his side he just gave a soft release of his beath. [b "I took this low born person and raised her past the nobility of all the Empire, even knowing everyone could turn against me for it including my own child, but I would have given my life for my ideals I yet pass on with the crown that now sits on a pedistal behind you. We stand as one. Not as one nation, but as one people. If you pull a person from the street and put them next to even me there is no difference in stature. We are both human we are both people of the same nation, yes we come from different stations of this Empire, but we also play our roles to the best of what we can."]

The male crawled into bed next to his wife who seemed was already fast asleep and laid his head down with the parting words. [b "The Ideal I started this Empire with is to unite us as one people again."] The guards had stepped in to lead Aya away and let the emperor sleep, as he had a long way to go tomorrow. However just as the guards returned to their post outside of the chambers The Royal Y'sera had marched up to the door and demanded to see the Emperor only to be rejected as he was asleep. He would be told she wished to see him, but she would have to return upon his return on the morrow to speak with him.

[h3 The Crowned Prince]
[right [pic]]
Wel'ren had released his fellow Royal Uli with a playful smile on his face as he sat back down in front of the alter. [#b3350f "My father has spoken many times that if he was to ever go to war he would hope Talaran would be the last kingdom he would ever have to fight. He spoke of how the Farro Empire and Talaran were always in a constant Territorial battle over the border they share, but while Talaran is a smaller nation they hold more military personal which is why if Talaran and the Farro Empire were to ever go to war in the fullest sense he believed Talaran would win."] Folding his hands to have his eyes watch the burning candles on the alter he watched the light flicker from a smaller flame to a larger one and back several times before speaking again.

[#b3350f "My concern is not that the Farro Empire can not hold back Talaran until we get there to help them, my concern is that even with our combined might of the Silverwoods Empire and that of the Farro Empire we may not be enough to bring under full control Talaran and its people. I have heard their people are fiercely loyal to the crown and would die before they allowed some other nation to rule them."] removing his armor Wel'ren placed them at the base of the alter along with his sword.

[#b3350f "My father always said I would have made a very powerful healing priest had I studied the arts for it much more then what I did at the Academy, but we both know I had more important matters on my mind like helping my father on the field to invade and conquer Iveed and his older brother's land. To unify the Silverwoods Empire he had to prove he could rule with an Iron fist even when it came to family. to prove that he killed his two older brothers and his father in battle. He had his mother publicly beheaded and while many would have expected him to sit on a balcony and watch instead he was the man who drove the axe down upon her head."]

the sight had slightly scared Wel'ren and had nearly driven him away from his own family, but instead he had become stern for his father as he saw the man's life fading away fast, and so to take over the Empire Wel'ren grew into the man his father had always wanted. While Wel'ren was expected to have children of his own one day many did not expect him to take a bride or a wife. It wasn't due to the fact that he was public with his personal feelings, but instead those women who tried to have any courtship with him found themselves flat against a wall with their affections. Wel'ren took in the oddities and those distained by most others.

Lady nightmoore was the most likely of candidates to become the mother of his children and Royalty by birth of their children if they had any of course. It had even crossed Wel'rens mind to speak to the Great Lady about potentially having a child together just so the nation would no longer say a childless prince would take the throne from his father. Glancing over to Uli Wel'ren grew a slight red shade. His thoughts had been inappropriate, but they had been together sense their childhood and their Academy days.

[#b3350f "We need to figure a war plan Uli, We will be leaving tomorrow to meet the army on the field of Thern. The Icelands between us and our first kingdom of conquest. My father will likely send a messenger bird back to Talaran saying we are at war, and by the time Talaran reacts Farro will be ready with their armies upon the borders, and we will have already marched into Ranilo and besieged their Capital Mork. That also means Ranilo will be an easy fight for us if there is a fight at all, however Manali will be much harder. Their army will be ready for us, and they have the larger army between the two of our nations. Most likely their army will be lead by The person known as the Farc, The Dark King."]

Wel'ren turned his entire body to sit cross legged from his advisor and partner. [#b3350f "This man Farc is dangerous and he will be our biggest problem. I have been in correspondence with him for several years now knowing that one day I would have to face the Manalian people and he would be at the head of it. I have asked him to join our side, but he says he would only join us if we could guarantee the man who killed his cubs would die by his own."] Wel'ren almost busted into tears. [#b3350f "That man he is talking about Uli, that man is my father. He is asking me to allow him to kill my father for his service to our people. While the Dark King is important factor in this war, I also know that without my Father much of the Army will be scared to fight. I cannot ask my father to give up his own life either."]

Holding himself together Wel'ren reached over and placed his hand on Uli's own. [#b3350f "My father says that I am the Commander of the armies, and that upon his death bed I am to be the Emperor to the Empire. What one does not know is that if he dies before his queen that I am no longer his successor as their first born would become the real Emperor upon the Empress's death. My father will demand that I make sure his current wife dies before he does on the field of battle, but to do that means I must have someone commit treason even before we go to war."]

[h3 The Dark King]
[left [pic]]
with a click of pencil hitting the table Farc let the ink pen stain the wooden desk which he would likely end up cleaning later with his magic. Putting dust on the page He blew it off into the trash and closed the book he had written in. Winding the red cord around it Farc's eyes glowed a white instead of the natural Gold, red, or blue of magic users. with that the book was enchanted to be blank to anyone who opened it. Slipping the book upon his shelf he picked up his clothing which had been thrown about the room as he was looking for the book earlier.

Slipping on some pants, a shirt, and his shoes .to hid the one thing that would betray him to anyone showing he was a Dragon Farc made sure he kept his shirt at least below about where his heart would be on the left side, and above his Collar bone on the same side. Dragon's hearts were on the left, not the right like so many other living things were. pushing his shirt down right as a set of Knights came into the room Farc looked at them funny and started cleaning up. [b "General, Then defensive plans have been approved by the king."] Nodding the dark king finished picking up the things he could before servants came in and start doing it for him. [#f05a0a "Very well. I shall be there once I have my armor on to over see the wall's production."] Nodding the Knights left.

Smiling a sly smile Farc knew what he was doing. He was pushing out the Borders of the place he called home. The nation itself would be a Fortress in itself. When the knights left Farc lifted his arms and was dressed in his armor quickly by the three servants that had come into the room. His entire body covered in chainmail. and on top of that a very light weight, very flexible armor made through Kivra's scales which was made specifically for him, for he had supposedly "killed" the great beast. grabbing his Scythe. It was the one weapon Farc had crafted out of his own breath. Casting every protection spell into it he knew so it wouldn't age, break, or rust even if magic had been casted on it. Putting his arms down Farc had pushed past the servants. Thanking them on the way out by placing thirty gold pieces on the table which they would split between them Farc went out to the farthest wall and looked across the field that had been cleared of rubble and rock. [b "Commander. The land has been cleared out, now we just need to lay the stones, but we don't know where to put them."] pulling up the plans Farc looked out. [#f05a0a "Captain do you not know what seven meters is from the outside of the wall is?"] [b "Yes sir, but that would cut us right at the ridge of Chadro."] [#f05a0a "Exactly."] [b "But Commander, that place has several natural climbing spots."]

[#f05a0a "I know this already Captain, however the king has said to build it there, and so we must. Clear the forest up to the Ridge, and use it to lay down a barricade at the bottom of the ridge's natural walk ways. And when that is done, start digging two ramps down into the valley. And use the dirt from them to fill in the natural ones. And use the rocks and rubble we have collected from the clean up, including what extra trees are left to fill them in. Once that is done the wall's construction can start. I want the natural ramps to have Towers on each side, as to watch and make sure our enemies aren't digging them out. I want however the two that the men dig out two have gates, and two watch towers as well. When that is done, I want a second wall put at the base of the ridge, with the natural pathways still having towers on them, and the ones you dig again with gates and two towers each."]

the Captain only nodded. [b "Yes sir."] With that Farc turned around to come face to face with a servant to the Prince, He knew that this boy had come from some family close to the Royals, however his sense of magic had hit him so strong it had almost knocked Farc down. [#f05a0a "Hello."] Farc said to the boy as he passed him by with his silver eyes glistening with amusement and a sort of soft plea in them as well. Walking down the wall Farc stopped at the base to look back up at boy. Spinning he kept walking and was back in the council room of war with the other generals, being as the King wouldn't allow his child to lead his men, and he himself wouldn't do it for fear both of them could die or be killed by their own men. Sitting down at the seat that he usually sat at he now waited, however the other generals showed up quicker then he thought.

[#f05a0a "Generals the king has approved of my plans in building Mnali's nation two more walls at the ridge between us and the Ferro Empire. I however need your troops stationed there along with my own to make sure its built and that our enemy doesn't attack us."] [b "Then why do you not leave the walls to make sure it doesn't happen?"] Seeing who was talking Farc saw it was Lord Agravid. [#f05a0a "Because Lord Agravid, its my job to make sure the walls and Castles we have no doesn't fall. Its all of your jobs to do what the king wants, and he wants these walls built, so if you want to face his wrath then please be my guest and deny this."] placing the paper with the king's seal on the table Farc only smiled as Agravid bowed and sat down. [b "I am sorry. I will gladly give my soldiers for the king's will."]

Farc nodded and continued his talk [#f05a0a "While Ferro is not our Enemy on the other side of them is Talaran who will come for our crown. Talaran has made an open declaration of war upon Manali and has spoken up as Aliri is going to help them. While Manali is protected by a natural barrier of mountains on all its borders it is exactly why we are a small nation. the lake to our north is to fortified to attack us from as we have islands full of our Armada and to the south lies another lake which is protected by but a single pass that would allow our people to trade with Slovith. If Talaran wishes to go to war they will have to besiege not only our Fortresses and citadels, but the entire Country itself as we will have fortified with walls and our legions."]

The council only nodded as Agravid spoke up again. [b "Lord Farc, If we are to do this and if Talaran has offically sent to declare war how do we know Talaran is actually speaking truth and not just wishing us to march against Aliri and destroy a nation they declared war upon themselves and ourselves in the process. I am sure Talaran has sent a message to more then just us as my spies with the Silverwoods has informed me that the Emperor has been given a message from Talaran as well and the island nation of Hahi has been given a similar letter."]

Farc nodded. [#f05a0a "I have thought of this, and it is this ideal that I am basing our project upon. Our lake passage will not be affected anymore with our building, but instead our lands will be amassing more defense. We will become like the high elf people of Ulthuan They have fortified their isle so that even if an enemy was to break onto their shores they have yet walls to fight past."]
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Aya looks the guards over, noting every detail about them should they decide she was a threat. Once the habit had been something she needed all her concentration for, but over the years it had developed into something instinctual.

Her eyes move to the frail couple, watching them move with curious eyes. How had they aged so much in so little time. Her father was just a few years younger and in far better condition than the pair of rulers before her. She gives the guards a small nod as they move aside. She moves past them to stand before the queen and the emperor.

“Your highness.” She mutters, bowing her head. “I am Aya Ferro, youngest daughter of Emperor Storos to whom you reached out in a time of great need.” She studies their faces, waiting for some sort of confusion or realization or any sort of expression what so ever.

“I was sent by my father as his representative due to my experiences in battle and my command of troops of my own. After hearing of the situation, I believe my father was right to send me. Perhaps you had not realized my expeiances when assigning the commands, but a mechanic is not a leader sir.” She clears her throat, realizing that she may have just offended one of the greatest rulers to walk the earth. “Forgive me, your highness. I only mean to say that I wish to know your reasons behind the decision. I am aware it is not my place, but as the decision does have a major effect on my own kingdom, I feel it is my right to know. I am not one of your subjects. The Ferro Empire is a nation in its own right and I need to be aware of all the decisions made and actions taken that will affect my country.”

She draws in a breath, all of her sudden courage deserting her the moment her speech concludes. She had faced death a thousand times and fought men twice her size, yet the frail man that stood before her terrified her to her very core. She could only be thankful the Lion Demon had not summoned her. Yet.
  Aya Ferro / Arrosa / 282d 2h 47m 16s
The Emperor had finished what he was speaking, and so left the room. Many voices boomed up after Cornelius and his wife Helga had left and some even didn't care to wait for the doors to shut as they spoke their outright malcontent in his decision, some even outspoke about open rebellion not remembering who it was that had gathered them together. Not remembering who it was that was in the room with them as well.

The Emperor Cornelius Arden Candle, Born original to the name Cenarian Ardenti Candle. He looked frail, old, and on the verge of death just like his wife, but it wasn't due to his age. No he stood at the ripe age of fifty-five and still held more authority then anyone cared to admit within the reaches and countries that made up the Silver woods Empire.

It was but eight years past that Cornelius had fought his older sibling for freedom of the kingdom he had held for but a few months time. A few months? was it really just that? The emperor reflected back upon his own Kingdom of Kaleswood Forest. Its dense vegetation and brisk winters gave him great pleasure. He had wrestled control of its land, no its people after an uproar against his brother who ruled Iveed at the time.

Shortly after its creation Kaleswood, became allies with several countries around it including the Mirror Kingdom, The Forge Lands, The Moon Vale, and The undying Fields. Even making peace with his middle brother and the lands he ruled of Acheme. It was his hope to one day unite the entirety of human population on this planet under one banner, be it by diplomatic means, Arrangement, or by war. So far he had done two out of the three.

He had united the Silverwood Empire under his banner by giving up the one thing people always fought over. Land, no he gave up more then that he gave up power. He had given up the secrets of his family's Great magic and given it to the Royals of the lands that were now under him. He gave them respect and they followed his orders without question. The nobility didn't understand it most of the time, but none knew to speak up against it or it meant going against not only the Emperor's small army force, but against the Royal's themselves and any soldiers the entire Empire could muster up.

Being pulled out of his own thoughts as his wife touched his arm to show the arrival of Aya the Rep from the Farro Empire to the east meant she had questions she did not understand. The queen Held up her hand however at first for Aya to step forward and present herself and the guards let her pass. [b "Speak Quickly Child. My husband and I are in need of rest for the Journey we make tomorrow."]

The Emperor it seemed held himself a little higher then before. It seemed he was ready, but for what? Was he ready to die? Was he ready for war? Perhaps a bit of both was the answer many saw in his eyes. The fire of a young warrior's soul burned brightly there, but it was also his way into an honorable death.
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Walking into the room, this feeling of being out of place felt heavier upon her shoulders. Everything here seemed even more clean and perfect than what she had seen of the palace, and it made her own appearance seem even more appalling. Everyone in here were wearing fine clothes, most likely expensive and there were no nose-turning smells; she on the other hand, her clothes appeared to be a collection of rags which had been dipped in all sorts of gasoline and oils which smelled noxious to the unaccustomed - everyone in this room, minus the noble whom she had been accompanying, were most likely not accustomed to such fumes.

So, how did a commoner like Bella end up all the way in a royal palace? An excellent question, which wants an excellent answer.

Before she had been in the army, Bella was one of many mechanics working in a shop. The one she operated was owned by her dad, a family business. They made a modest income making automated beasts and fixing all problems mechanically related, but Bella always had wanted to tinker with the designs and try and improve the quality of work produced. But their shop only made just enough money that there was no money to spend on experiments.

When she reached 20 years of age, Bella joined the Forge Land province army. Her father, 47 years old, had protested the idea when she told him. Her dad knew that she'd eventually have to join by the age of 25, but he had wanted her to do it later. Bella resolved the situation by promising that she'd serve the minimum of six years in the army, and then return home and not go anywhere else. Even though her father was still somewhat upset about her leaving this early, her promise brought some solace to him.

Her tinkering began after she entered the army. During her training period and then going to active service, there had been downtime where she had had the time to tinker with mechanical beasts. They weren't that bad, except for the fact they took up space, couldn't operate for too long without requiring more steam or fuel of some sort, and not so smooth in movement. Her very first step was taking apart a mechanical horse, and laying out the various parts as a skeleton. There was a two part problem to the jerky movement: there wasn't enough connections between legs or other parts to facilitate smoother movement, and the supply from the engine to move those parts wasn't the best.

Bella started off with focusing on the connections between various moving parts. Think about it like muscles in humans, the only reason humans don't have jerky movements is either that the muscles are not damaged or that hey have just enough; in this case, it was finding what the magic number of just the right amount of 'muscles' needed to be added to the mechanical horse to get it to run smooth. It was a long experiment, with different combinations tried, but it payed off in the end, a horse which could gallop as smooth as a real horse. The problem off the engine remained.

Even though she kept this as quiet as possible, it wasn't difficult for soldiers around the base to note of her daily habits, especially when every day she came out and smelled of machinery and machine oil. Being curious, they followed her one day and saw her experiments; ended up with the head of the army learning about it. She had not expected to be talking to nobles, she had never imagined actually talking to a noble. Her presentation of what she was up to wasn't the best, being extremely nervous had not helped a bit. But it seemed the nobles were less concerned about how she had presented her ideas, but more about the content of the ideas.

Not all the nobles agreed, some were skeptical of her ideas. The rest of the nobles were excited for what she could do next.

She was given her own shop and was not given any specific things to do nor any specific timelines. She went back to making an improved engine; both steam and gasoline powered. It was not an easy process, but Bella enjoyed venturing into the unknown possibilities; took her three months to make a more powerful and compact steam engine, and another two months to make a more powerful and compact gasoline engine.

After that, she continued her work on improving the breed of all sorts of mechanical beasts and she began her work on improving the weaponry and armor used by the Forge Land province army.

And the noble who had requested custom horses for themselves as well as their guards, the one she had accompanied, she had been one of the original doubters.

Some of the other representatives began to trickle in. Bella did not really know who ruled what province, except for her own; she was content with staying in her shop and tinkering.

The first person to step in was some golden haired guy, dark shirt, white cloth, and a gold coat on top of the white cloth. Automatically, Bella looked him up and down quickly with both eyes, as if outlining him. He was not a machine but a person, but some habits were hard to break. Especially if one wanted to successfully continue a mechanic career.

Now the next person, she had heard about him from many people. He was called the Lion Demon, and definitely someone you did not want to piss off. She had heard all sorts of stories about the chair. It wasn't that they were hard to believe. It was one thing to hear stories, myths, and legends, and a completely different matter to see that person in person. Bella watched as the guards went after the chair, the sword, and the armor; unless the king had intervened on the Lion Demon's behalf, those guards would've most likely been wiped out in some unusual way.

She did not know the next person who walked in, but she was saved the trouble when they introduced themselves. Aya Ferro, Aya was not a common name. But then again, a last name like Na-Ria was not common either. Otherwise, she didn't really know much about the Ferro empire.

And someone else walked in. Bella question the attire of the female, it looked a bit too open. Even though her own attire was smelly and did not at all look nice, at least it mostly covered her.

Something else she noticed was the table. It had definitely been smaller when she had walked in. But with the steady influx of people, it had grown larger; had to be magic, just like her mechanical arm.

Prince Wel'ren stepped back in, and took a seat next to the Lion Demon. The Lion Demon did not seem to mind, but it was difficult to tell under that un-moving mass of armor.

And then two more people showed up. The golden haired boy had a sudden rush of sour face, he probably knew them and was not on good terms with them. Otherwise, she'd not make any further comments and not get involved in something that had nothing too do with her at all.

The next thing that happened, definitely involved her with the rest of the people in this room. The king ordered the doors shut. Something big was afoot, something big and bad.

Bella folded her arms and looked down. A war, a declaration of war. This was not going to be a small and short war, this was going to be one of those protracted and bloody ones. Mass casualties on either side. Humans killing humans. War never changed, only the tools used to fight a war changed.

The three legions needed leaders, or else they were simply blobs of men and equipment with no direction. The first choice was totally logical, there was no better person than Prince Wel'ren to lead such a legion. She had no idea who Lyanna Nightmoore was, but she was a noble and probably had experience in leading armies.

Lyanna Nightmoore's appointment as a leader of a legion had caused a stir, with some of the nobles even preparing to leave before the queen gazed at them with an angry glance, causing them to sit back down.

As to the third leader, at first Bella did not connect the words "this lady" with herself. But the next words blew away any doubt who "this lady" was: herself. She was shocked, her of all people to lead an army? How was this even possible? Yes she was currently in the army, but as a soldier and mechanic and not as a leader of armies. She had extensive knowledge in creating the tools that were used and using some of those tools, but her knowledge on leading armies was void.

Someone came up to wish her luck, but she did not responds. Not out of disrespect, but because she still could not believe her appointment. But at the same time, the king had appointed her. That meant that the king knew what he was doing.

All of this thinking made her feel extremely uncomfortable, so she sneaked out of the room, away from all those people and somewhere quiet.

Awhile later, the Forge Lands representative walked out. Bella walked up to her and followed her. Both of them walked in still silence, the noble besides her could also not believe what had just happened. This still silence lasted the whole way up to their room, and the rest of the day.

The next morning, she woke up early; another one of her habits. She had slept on the floor in her clothes, and didn't need no makeup or oils, so she was up pretty fast.

There was a knock on the door, Bella opened the door to see a guard standing there and requesting the Mechanic. Bella told him that was her, and he told her that the Lion Demon had requested her presence; she was ready, so she followed him out.

It seemed that she had been the first one to respond to the Lion Demon's request. There was only the Lion Demon, sitting there on his chair, in his armor and that huge sword. She leaned against a wall, waiting for the next thing to happen.
  Bella Na-Ria / NorthernWolves / 294d 6h 2m 20s
Delori seemed to sit and watch as more people came into the meeting. First to come in after himself was the Nobility of the region, The Capital's own Nobility were it seemed lead by Lady Nightmoore, even if Rumors about her were true she still had a reputation of being quite deadly, even if accidental. Even worse was the talk of her and the Crowned Prince Wel'ren being in courtship and that they would soon be wed so Wel'ren can assume his father's throne.

As the thoughts came across his mind of how even though the Ruling family of the Silver woods Empire had called its royalty and nobility to the capital for a meeting, along with ambassadors from other countries they were still kept waiting for them. It was like they had no thoughts towards their guests the Prince came through the doors to greet everyone in kind who greeted him. Taking his place among the chairs around the table it would seem at least to anyone's eyes that Wel'ren had already replaced his father in ruling the Silver woods, and that the Emperor was just a figure head in a chair who gave orders to those whom he could yet still reach.

As the doors closed they seemed to burst wide open again, only this time to great even more Royals from the Mirror mountains. Its queen the Viper women Y'sera along with two more royalty one male and one female stepped into the room behind her. While the pair didn't seem to care much for the attention Y'sera glowed in it, pouring the adoration of the eye into her own being. Her skin a pale complexion of satin, her dress as emerald green as her eyes. Her hair done up to look like a golden rays of sunshine bounced from her head in curls.

Delori had known better Y'sera was a power hungry women and would stand no one to have power over her, and yet she agreed to allow the Candle family to hold such power. Perhaps it was her plan after all to usurp the throne from under Wel'ren, but anyone knew his legitimate claim to it and none would challenge it, so perhaps her tries at getting him into bed or into wedlock were not so far out of the question for her, that was if they were successful in producing a child out of it she could use to claim it at all.

As the doors were being closed again Delori watched with a dreadful gaze from behind his helmet as the Viper Queen spoke to the prince of how she would need a Private audience with his father, however it seemed her speaking his name had summoned him from the pits of hell itself. The Emperor Cornelius Candle had entered the room in his full battle armor as if he was ready for war itself. Delori had only seen the man in his armor once before, and that was when the two had joined forces to fight Cornelius's brother and Ruler of the kingdom of Iveed but four years past.

The Emperor seemed to dare anyone to go against his command even those from the foreign countries that he invited into his own lands. War was on the horizon it seemed as the man stood there no longer looking the frail man he did when the visitors first came in. He ordered the doors sealed shut and once the orders were followed the emperor read the letter he was sent. It would seem that his calling the nobility and other lands to order was indeed for a good reason.

Talaran, The land to the Northeastern end of the human race. Between them and the silver woods was the Ferro Empire the two were at a constant battle, however to say they have land now across the Empire and are willing to use those lands and armies to destroy the silver woods was not a threat to be taken lightly. Rumors had flown around about the Talaran Queen and how she was a vile creature who was nicknamed the Crimson queen because she bathed in the blood of her enemies and took pleasure in torturing others in manners that no person could ever imagine. It made Dalori's skin crawl thinking of it himself.

The lion demon was pulled from his thinking as a call of outrage was heard from the nobility of how a simple mechanic would lead an army over that of Nobility or that of Royalty, however more surprising was that Y'sera seemed to want to reject the idea of her child being on the front lines. She seemed to however be shut down quickly but the Emperor who would categorize anyone disobeying him was an act of war.

With those words the emperor had left the room to leave the rest to discuss what was going on now. The Viper queen had instantly taken to tears with her son in her arms. Arya had left shortly after the Emperor calling for his attention. Shortly after that even Y'sera followed behind demanding the emperor's attention. Her child Uli had gone up to the Mechanic Bella Ne-Ria was how she was introduced. They had spoken a little bit. As the crowed seemed to disperse into their small groups Delori seemed to just sit there in his chair his hands crossed over one another under his chin.

Was war really the answer to this letter? Perhaps it was indeed time for the lands to come under a single banner, be it through diplomatic terms, or through sheer force of take over. Eventually the race of humanity would have to fight those creatures outside of the Twilight mountains and to make matters worse it seemed those same creatures were constantly on watch for weakness in the humans defense. Hell Delori could recall a time that the only safe place for humans was the small Isle that his kingdom now claimed as their own.

Standing up and grabbing his sword the male went to the chair the Empress had sat on and took a knee. Placing his blade in front of him like he was pledging himself to the chair itself. [#ff1417 "I shall always protect you dear one. Especially the child of yours."] It seems the room had gone quite for a time. some eyes of nobility and even Royalty from the lands were all on the iron clad lion demon. watching him with fear in their eyes. He was first and foremost an Anu, the family ties to that of his father's name Donald Pat Rune. a man who struck fear into the people who he called enemies. and hope into those he called ally and friend.

As the Iron clad man stood back up and turned to leave he noticed several important notes. The first was that the Mechanic seemed to have disappeared. Perhaps that it was an uncomfortable place to be with the dignitaries being of higher standing then her own. The second was that the Crown prince was gone, vanished it seemed without a word or even a trace of where he would be. The third was that along with the prince the man his father placed as advisor Uli and the viper's own child was gone as well. The final was that even the noble Lady Nightmoore seemed to have gone from the meeting.

Leaving the room Delori found a servant to lead him to his sleeping quarters in which he found his chair had been returned along with everything else that he had removed from his person upon entering the city. Sitting in his chair the man seemed to take to sleep shortly after. His dreams however quickly turned to nightmares as his memories pulled and gnawed at his world.

Missing flesh, Broken bones, His tongue gone, everything was just gone. He could no longer walk, he would never hold a sword again, he would never be the warrior his father wanted and trained him to become. Instead he would be nothing more then a false king, a man in a chair sitting their day in and day out hoping that no one would invade his citadel fortress, hoping without measure that someone would end his life before it all happened.

Waking with a scream a servant and a few guards came into the room, but he waved them off. [#ff1417 "I am fine."] Fixing his armor around him, along with his sword and various other objects placed upon his chair He waved his right hand over his shoulder and the candles on the back lit up. [#ff1417 "I will speak to the Commanders of the armies from Silver woods. Crowned Prince Wel'ren, Lady Nightmoore, and this Mechanic. Along with Uli and Ayra as well. We have matters of preparation to discuss. And matters of strategy and war."]

The servant nodded and dashed off right away telling others to fetch some of the names he gave off. The guards however stood there but a few more moment before fleeing out the man's room themselves or face being killed or worse questioned.
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Aya leans against the wall in the shadows, separated from all of the other nobles and representatives. She had never been one to join in gossip or make friends. She listens to their chatter, absorbing everything that touched her ears.

Her gaze snaps to the doors as the emperor enters and orders the doors sealed. Her eyes flicker across the faces as he reads the letter, her own fury rising in her chest with each word the emperor spoke. Her eyes blaze as she looks at the ancient man as he names his three generals.

As the representative of her father's kingdom, she should be the one to command, not some dirty girl from the forge lands that knew nothing of battle. She crosses her arms over her chest as she listens to the other's reactions to the announcements, satisfied that many of them shared her own opinion on the forge girl. Just because she was good with machines didn't mean she knew how to win a war. Aya had been fighting for years, leading her father's men and her own against countless foes and odds set against them. Yet she had been looked over like a fly on a wall. Perhaps that is what she deserved for remaining separated from all the others.

She watches as the emperor takes his leave, his queen trailing behind him. Determined to speak with him, she quickly follows him through the doors. Perhaps an audience with him would grant her the answers she desired.

"Your Highness." She calls as she trails after them. "A word please."
  Aya Ferro / Arrosa / 322d 2h 25m 19s
[center [pic]]
To say Uli was surprised to see his mother would have been an insult to the severity boiling in his blood.
No, Uli was absolutely [i livid], slowly pulling his fist away from his chin and inclining his head in a last-ditch effort to cork his overflowing disdain. Why on the GODS' GREEN EARTH would she have asked him to come along? [i Which bumbling sack of potatoes was overseeing the Mirror Mountains if both of them were HERE?] He felt Arisza's hand envelope his own, shaking her head as he wrapped his fingertips around the stopper on a bottle of hard ale. Old habit, very old indeed. He nodded his thanks, folding his fingers in his lap as he watched his mother exchange words with Wel'ren. She had always had an itch for the Crowned Prince, in ways that would make even brothel women blush. Not that she pined for his heart, rather that she lusted for yet more power, and thus, wished for an heir borne of the next-in-line.

Uli loved his mother, Y'sera, a great deal.
He would never dully trust her, however. He had noticed her scheming ways very early on, and had vowed as a child that he would set an example for others by being as honest as he could. Not to mention, without his having taken up a religious occupation, Y'sera would have forced any number of young girls upon him, and, while Uli was in no way averse to women, he wasn't one much for political foreplay. If he was going to be wed, he would first have to actually care for his betrothed, and this, Y'sera feared, might mean her eldest child was never going to sire an heir.

Then again, she had two other sons, albeit much, much younger than Uli. This was, perhaps, the reason he did not feel obligated to subject himself to his mother's whims.

Seeing her here for the meeting was a royal pain in his royal ass, but! What could he do? He let free a breath, settling in to listen before being a smidge startled by the armored fellow that burst into the hall, sitting forward as orders were given and followed. Was this... Not simply just another simple series of pompous debates? Green eyes narrowed as the steel-clad gentleman put in a word, daring anyone to utter even one word of this meeting to those outside the hall. The doors were sealed, and he cleared his throat of... What, spiders and cobwebs? Who could be sure?

His knuckles turned white as he listened, wrapped tightly around the arms of his chair as he tried to comprehend what he was hearing. It was as he had feared; [i War]. Not a skirmish, not a territorial display. A declaration of totalitarian warfare, crippling their lands, aiming for their cities and townspeople. Oh, how he hated war, the covetous nature of Man leading to the demise of so many innocent lives at every turn. What, all of a sudden, was Talaran after? He had heard, yes... Land, but, that couldn't be all. He looked across the room in all directions, taking in the faces of each noble, each family member to the crown, and realized slowly that this letter was meant to funtion two ways.

The writer had meant to cause rifts, disagreements, amongst the leaders of Silver Woods. It was not uncommon for fools such as these to disagree with the emperor's decrees, but to see so many angry, fearful, and shaken faces all at once, Uli could only imagine the complete and total disarray of the troops if someone didn't put their foot down. Luckily, the emperor was such a man, his voice contrasting his frailty as it carried across the hall and silenced those in attendance. Uli, of course, said not a word, more a careful observer than a hotheaded contender. No, he was already thinking of what he would need when he stationed himself along the battlefield, snapping back to attention as he named his generals.

Wel'ren, typical of the emperor to put his son out along the front lines, not that Wel'ren wasn't a colossal whirlwind of destruction when in battle, but of course, Uli would worry about him always, as a doctor and as his childhood companion both. Next was Lyanna, quirky thing, that one. She could get the job done, she had the stomach for it. Uli didn't envy her for her newly appointed task but he wouldn't disapprove of the emperor's decision. No, it was the emperor's third choice that prompted his brow to lift and his head to tilt. A forgewoman? He was quite taken with her arm, wondering what lengths she had gone to in order to attach it and to align it with her nerves- oh, but of course, he wouldn't be rude, and jump her for such wonderings, not with war hanging over their heads and all. But was this poor woman really general material? The emperor had never been one to make poor strategic decisions... He would give her the benefit of the doubt.

He was pulled from his thoughts by the shuffle of aging feet, the emperor's voice ringing out from behind him as their lord addressed his mother and himself both. [i Field advisor]. Well, at least he was getting front row seats and a way in to service the troops and the victims properly? A place by Wel-ren's side was welcomed, as well, it had been so long since they'd gotten a chance to catch up with one another or to fight side by side. He felt a pang of sympathy for his mother, enraged but silenced by the emperor. She, for one, did NOT have the stomach for war. Most did not, which was good for the general public. Acts of war proved too malicious for Y'sera, certainly seeing her firstborn being appointed to the warzone was... Awful. She rose as the emperor did, hurrying to Uli's side.
[i "I'm going to talk to them, I promise...! They can't take you away, not again, you already served-"] she began, flustered despite her son's hands reaching up to cup her face. [b "I am grown, mother, I can speak for myself. None of us is asking for this, but here we are, war is upon us. So let the emperor rest, and get home. You forget your position."] Uli said gently, seeing her eyes well up with angry tears. She was clearly NOT going to let the emperor rest. He sighed as she tore away from him and scurried after the aging man and his wife, after which Uli huffed. He approached the mechanic, smiling, friendly enough. [b "If the emperor chose you, you must really be something, or someone, rather. Good to have you."] he encouraged, bowing to the interesting woman before looking around for-

There he was, worried, downtrodden. Laden with prayer, as he always had been. Uli followed him out of the hall and the palace, trailing after him a ways through the streets of the capital as he noted how concerned the Crowned Prince must be to hurry off this way. He could remember their childhood together, always searching endlessly when Wel'ren was reprimanded or when the troops were sent off to battle and finding his younger companion on his knees in silence. Uli watched from the temple doorway for a time, measuring his words, his own state of mind. He was quite unsure himself, of what to do with all of this information. Few people were trustworthy these days, but? There was Wel'ren. There had never been a time that they could not speak of the world's events or of political endeavors, they both knew what devotion truly cost. And so it was that Uli found himself nearing the altar as well, his typical, crooked half-grin painting his features. [b "Prayer becomes you, you should consider being a rited priest."] he jested, charmed yet again by the hopefulness in Wel'ren's eyes. So few were this glad to see Uli, it was rather nice to be missed.

The prince's whisperings and his kiss were a welcomed rain in the desert of Uli's life, quite a contrast to thankless labor under his mother's thumb and their being surrounded by snakes and rats as far as the rest of the royal family went. Honesty had died within them long ago, though this was not true of Wel'ren, to be sure. He pushed golden hair from his eyes and surveyed the prince, watchful, concerned, but not bothering to keep the cheer from his voice. [b "Dreams can hardly haunt a man like a nightmare can. You're quite stuck with me now, though, it would seem."] the blonde clucked, their foreheads still bowed into one another. [b "Now. How can your new field advisor be of help?"]
Uli prided himself in his ability to comfort others in their sadness, and Wel'ren could say anything, ask anything, and Uli would be there. There were yet more dark days ahead, best get the reminiscing out of the way before the blood stained the land and took their smiles away again.
War would sponge them all of their happiness, it always had.
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[Center [size10 As the prince stepped down from his seat next to his mother he turned to his parents and bowed. He would of course need to prepare for the meeting before actually going to it even if the representatives and nobility and royals were already all gathered up in the council room anyway. In Reality it was to delay the meeting. Wel'ren knew his father would wish to attend the meeting, and so he needed time to get out of his throne and to the room itself.]]

[Center [size10 Reaching the hallway just outside of the throne room he was hugged from behind. Of course he knew who it was before the voice even came across to his ears. It was the way she had always greeted him when they were in private. [#b3350f "Lady Nightmoore."] he said as he spun her around to the front of him. He placed a kiss on her hand like he always did. It was like a continual courtship between the two of them they had going on in private or not so serious states of affairs around the nobles.]]

[Center [size10 It always kept the Nobles, and really anyone that was around the two of them long enough on their toes. It was always of question of when is Wel'ren going to ask for the Nightmoore's hand? Was she even fit to be Empress to the silver woods? Would she taint even the name of the Royal line as well with the things she has done? It didn't matter it seemed to the Crowned prince Wel'ren as he always seemed to put on the display.]]

[Center [size10 The male stepped into the council room to be greeted with a sight of all the nobles and royals that had decided to attend. The first was the Royals of the Forge lands. Of course the lady royal had always come from the lands. She never misses a meeting with the prince. It seemed she was always trying to get on his good side to hope that she would be named the next empress, perhaps that is also why she eyeballed the Lady Nightmoore with such distain.]]

[Center [size10 The second was that of his fellow student and Royal from the Mirror Mountains Uli. To say he missed the man's face was far fetched he missed far more then that of his companion Uli, however he missed the man was indeed true. It was unknown to many, but the two had always been thick as thieves during school and even more so when they had returned home to their people.]]

[Center [size10 Of course it had been but a few months sense the two had each other's company last, however it was due to the Emperor sending message out to the Royals that they were purging the Temple grounds of a recent infection of giant spiders. Of course Wel'ren went he would lead the mages in purging the land however they did not expect Uli to join from the mountains. The prince wished for but one thing, and knew he would not get it as of yet.]]

[Center [size10 Pulling himself out of his head Wel'ren took a seat next to the Inquisitor. He was a man of power, and the only known man alive within the Slovith Republic to hold every seat on the council and been elected as Holy father. The one position within the city to hold eternal power above all. He was in a sense the Pope, however he would not do with such a title, instead he claimed himself the living martyr a living saint with a taste for blood, and fire.]]

[Center [size10 Looking across to the mechanic of the Forged lands he smiled her arm drawing his attention, however just as he was about to speak a person stepped into the room no one would have expected to show up. It was the Queen from the Mirror Mountains, and in toe with her was the Prince from the Undying fields, and another female from the moon vale. The two princes didn't seem to mind much of themselves being late, however the queen knew better.]]

[Center [size10 The women was finely dressed in a golden gown to match her long sunlight locks which flowed from the top of her head down passed her knees. Her dress was cut low and showed off her curves as always they had done so. [#2f8415 "Oh. Lord...It is a good thing I have just arrived, It would have been a disaster had I not had the chance to see the Crowned prince before the meeting began."] Her words came out plainly with a smooth trace of loathing, but if anyone caught it the prince did.]]

[Center [size10 She was a viper, that is all he saw her as. Her words were nothing more then trickery to the ear, poison to the mind. It had Twisting his father into positions of difficulty and diplomatic strain. She was power hungry, and while Wel'ren and the royalty of the Mirror Mountains that its queen was always trying to seduce the prince into a marriage bed, and even more so just a one night stand to bare her a child so she could claim the throne his father now sat on one day. As she took her seat next to her son Uli she spoke directly to the prince. [#2f8415 "Prince Wel'ren, I need to have a private meeting with your father the Emperor, so when he has a spare moment."] she pulled a single scroll out from her sleeve and handed it to him.]]

[right [pic]]
[Center [size10 Hesitant at first to take it Wel'ren took it from her and put it into his own sleeve. He of course would deliver it to his father in person. As the queen was about to speak again the door swung open. A figure which was unseen besides in his throne emerged in full battle armor his head held high upon his shoulders as he slowly marched his body into the room. As the old emperor cleared the doorway his booming voice came across the entire room. [#1061bc "Close the doors, and seal them tight. No one is to come in this room."] as his head swung back around over his shoulder his sharp piercing blue eyes fell upon every single person here. [#1061bc "And no information shall leave this room."]]]

[Center [size10 As Wel'ren stood up to help his father the man's hand shot up faster then even the boy did from his chair. [#1061bc "Sit down boy. Your father can take care of himself."] Snapping his fingers a single servant came out with a scroll on a velvet pillow came out. The emperor grabbed it and unrolled the thing. Clearing his throat with a few coughs and very creature like snarls and growls he read out load for the entire room to hear. [#1061bc "Lord Emperor of Silver woods. We the Northern Kingdom of Talaran, here by anax your lands and will accept nothing but total surrender of your lands and removal of the title Emperor to your countrymen accept to the Queen of our kingdom."]]]

[Center [size10 Unrolling the scroll farther the man went on. [#1061bc "In doing so, any attempt to deny us shall lead to war between our people, and your people and your cities will be decimated into nothing."] taking the last bit of the scroll into his hand. [#1061bc "We of Talaran crown have also complete control of the Ferro Empire's eastern border, and as such we have sense been taken control of the kingdoms of Manali and Ranilo. The Talaran banner is all that shall fly across the human kingdoms here on Kiovis."] as he finished the Emperor let the paper roll itself up and he had lifted his head up to face the nobles.]]

[Center [size10 [#b3350f "Father, it is a declaration of war. from Talaran, Manali, and Ranilo against the Ferro Empire, ourselves, and the Slovith republic. We can not let this stand."] The Emperor nodded and agreed. [#1061bc "I have gathered everyone here from Silver woods to tell you this. We are gathering up the legions. Together as an Empire we can destroy Manali and Ranilo with a single campaign into their territories. It may take us several years to do so, but it will be done. Ferro, the silver woods has always been a none aggressive pact with you, and even have trade with you that no one else can give between us, however to constantly be loosing and gaining land must take its damage to the population. On top of that the Slovith republic while a single city is surrounded by the Aliri faction. So they would be of no use to either of us until Talaran is gone."]]]

[Center [size10 Wel'ren stood up only to have his father's hand shoot into the air again. [#1061bc "Before anyone says a word. I am appointing three to lead the legions of Silver woods. The first is my son Wel'ren. He is old enough to lead a campaign against an enemy nation, and he needs to learn what it means to be Emperor. The second is Lyanna Nightmoore. She is the most skilled fighter we have here in the capital within the noble faction and can easily lead the noble's army."] Words seemed to come up from across the nobles that had come from across the kingdom, but silenced when a booming voice came from across the room. [#bc102a "BE SILENT."]]]

[Center [size10 a female voice came across to everyone's ears. All eyes it seemed turned to see the Empress sitting on the chair that was set far from the table. [#bc102a "Your emperor speaks, you will listen or you will leave."] a few nobles stood up, but sat back down when the queen's bright green eyes bore into them like she was burning their souls already into the hellfire. The emperor turned again [#1061bc "The last leader shall be This lady here."] he said as he stepped up behind Bella, the lady with the mechanical arm. [#1061bc "From the stories I am told she is the reason the Forged lands are our most prosperous area. Forging weaponry and armor for our men that not many things can stand up to. Some say her family should have ruled."]]]

[Center [size10 Slowly walking across the room the emperor stopped behind another person. [#1061bc "Lady Y'sera I am appointing your child to keep my son safe while on the field of battle. He is to be a field advisor."] the women stood up so fast her face redder then even a tomato out of anger or respite the man couldn't tell. [#1061bc "If you wish to disobey this order, I shall see this as a declaration of war from the Mirror mountains and silver woods will deal with it as such."] The women's face turned from red to a pale ghost white and he guessed out of fear now instead of anger. She just bowed as no words could come across her lips.]]

[Center [size10 As the Emperor went to speak some more his wife had called out. [#bc102a "That is enough talk for the meeting. Everyone knows of the intent with Talaran and their declaration of war. And everyone here knows of the roles everyone shall play in this war."] The women stood up and stepped down the stone stairs and looked across the table to her husband. [#bc102a "The Emperor and I shall retire. Lady Y'sera if you wish to speak to us come join us. Everyone else is dismissed."]]]

[Center [pic]]

[Center [size10 Wel'ren had stood up and exited the room. He had found himself on the road to only the creator knew. Walking the streets of the city the boy found himself outside one of the five temples within the city, which one specifically he didn't know. It was but moments later that he realized that he had ended up in the temple in front of a stone alter in the middle of the room.]]

[Center [size10 Stepping up the small step to the alter he went down onto his knees and just sat there in silence, that was until the prince was disturbed. Hearing soft feet hit the ground Wel'ren had spun to come face to face with the one person he missed over all. Uli was standing there in the doorway. The crowned prince stepped across the temple in quick strides to embrace the man. Placing his hand on either side of Uli's face Wel'ren went and brought their faces close enough together they were but inches from each other. Whispering into Uli's ear.]]

[Center [size10 [#b3350f "I have missed you Uli. My dreams haunt me and I can not see you enough."] removing his hands and taking a step back Wel'ren looked at the man that now stood in front of him. he had stepped to far. Hesitating for but a moment Wel'ren had grabbed ahold of Uli's left hand and pulled the two of them together. The Crowned prince placing their lips together.]]
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[b "My lady, you have a message from the Royal Family."]

She looked up from the book she was reading, seeing a servant girl holding out a letter with the Royal crest stamped on it. The young woman with the book sat in the chair sideways, her feet dangling off the armrest. While some would think uncomfortable, she was used to this and preferred sitting this way when alone. Reaching for the letter, her slim fingers grasped the paper lightly and took it from the maid. The woman thanked the servant and she took her leave, closing the door to the library behind her.

Looking upon the letter written, her name was at the top. Lyanna Nightmour. Normally it would be addressed to the Nightmour Family, but not anymore. She was the only Nightmour left, and once she married, there would be none. Lyanna would be the last Nightmour in history it seemed. Her family were powerful mages, sometimes considered one of the most powerful families within the Silver Woods kingdom. Because of that, they were quite rich as well. Not that it really mattered to Lyanna, she measured someone with their strength in both physical and mental abilities than with money.

Lyanna read over the letter and gave a slight sigh. It seemed she was needed for a meeting of some sort with the other rulers and such. At least she would be able to see Wel'ren again. She hadn't seen him since the [i accident]...She hadn't been out of the mansion much since then either, so perhaps this would do her some good. Wasn't like she had a choice really.

Letting her upper half dangle off the side of the chair, she looked at the shelves upside down as she thought. How long had it been since then? A year? Maybe two. This massive house had grown silent since then, Lyanna being the only one aside from servants. That night was one that she could never forget. It was her fault and she knew that. They all knew it, yet she had no actions taken against her. Why? She would ask Wel'ren, but she'd rather not. It might look like she doubted the judgment given and that it was a wrong decision. She was determined to leave a lasting legacy of the Nightmour name to make up for what she had done.

[#6B0648 "Don't want to be late."] She muttered, flipping out of the chair and setting her book down.

The Nightmours had two houses. One in the capital city, the other near the edge of the region of the province. Her family liked to show their wealth, much to Lyanna's disliking. Still, having two houses did have its perks. Mainly, whenever they needed to go meet with the royal family they had a place to stay already set up for them. They had servants at both houses, but since Lyanna was the only one left, she decided to keep them at one house. She had sent the majority of them ahead of her and traveled with five others in her carriage. They were her most trusted servants, being trained to also act as her bodyguards. Though Lyanna was confident in her own abilities, she knew the strength in numbers and having allies with you while travelling.

Finally arriving, Lyanna stepped out with her servants and made their way into the building to see the Royal Family. As they entered the throne room, Lyanna spotted two strangers off to the side. One didn't seem human, which caused her to heighten her senses. The other had a mechanical arm, something she had never seen before. She had to admit, she was curious about it, but now wasn't the time to ask about such things.

[#6B0648 "Your Majesty."] She greeted, giving a curtsy and a smile to the old man. It was a miracle that he was still able to rule, or even still alive. There had to be something behind that besides good health. After all the battles he had seen, he should've died a long time ago.

Lyanna then spotted Wel'ren and her smile turned from polite to flirt. She waited until they were out of sight of the King before she came up from behind him and wrapped her arms around his shoulders.

[#6B0648 "Well, if it isn't Wel'ren, the Crowned Prince."] She said in a smooth voice. [#6B0648 "Too bad we only get to see each other during times like this."]

She knew Wel'ren wasn't interested in her at all, which was why she acted the way she did. Lyanna was known as a flirt among the nobles, despite her parents wishes for her to act more conservative. She treated this more of an inside joke between the two than actually flirting. But she would never do this when the situation wasn't serious. After saying her greeting and letting Wel'ren respond, she let him go and followed him into the meeting room where others were seated.

Lyanna scanned the room to see who was there. The girl with the mechanical arm sat in a chair, and then she saw Uli. He looked bored, which wasn't hard to believe. Even Lyanna knew he wasn't one for diplomatic things like this. She wasn't either, but it was what had to be done. Spotting Delori, she knew where she [i wasn't] going to sit, walking over to a spot next to Uli. She didn't like "High Inquisitor" and she knew now wasn't a good time to start something. So might as well stop it before it started. Lyanna sat quietly, waiting for this meeting to begin.
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The sound of steel against steel rings in her ears as her blade meets her opponent's. With a grunt, she pushes against his blade in an attempt to throw him off balance. Satisfaction fills her chest for a brief moment as he staggers back and she moves into the gap in his defences. He tries to swing his sword at her to prevent the attack, but he moves to slowly and she easily blocks the blow. She slams her sword against his as close to the hilt as she dared, without cutting off his hand, and sends his sword arm flying away from her and out of his control. Without warning, a dagger appears in her hand as she hooks her foot around his leg and forces his left knee forward, sending him to the ground. Spinning around behind him, she places the dagger under his chin, careful not to cut him.

“Yield.” She orders him, pulling his head back by his hair. “I yield.” He pants, quickly rising to his feet the moment he is released. “You did well, Kren. I am impressed with how far you have come.” She says, sheathing her blade. “Thank you, Madam.” He answers, wiping his brow. “Ma’am.” He says, drawing her gaze to him. Her eyes move to the man standing in the archway behind him and sighs. “You’re dismissed, Kren.” Aya says, resting her hand on the hilt of her sword. “State your business, Thoro.” She growls, frustrated by the interruption of her father’s messenger. “You father wishes to see you, Princess.” He says, earning a glare fierce enough to kill. “Do not call me that.” She snarls as the man shrinks away from her. “My apologies, madam,” He mutters.

She walks towards him, gesturing for him to lead the way. They move through the castle, walking up the hundreds of steps towards the throne room. Aya continues through the doors, leaving Thoro outside the massive hall. “Could you not have at least changed your clothes.” Her mother whines as Aya enters the room. “Leave her, Lyra.” The emperor says gently, looking at his daughter. “I am afraid you will have to wear nicer clothes in the near future though, my dear.” He says, gesturing for her come closer. “For what purpose, Father?” She asks, moving closer to stand within arms reach of her siblings. “We have received a request from the Silver Woods, requesting a representative for a council meeting in Yurinth. Your mother and I have decided to name you our ambassador to the meeting.” He answers, leaning back in his throne.

She looks at him, aghast by the idea of her representing the kingdom in front of nobles. “What of Trea or Mora? Or Uncle Roran? Or Marc? Why not them?” She asks, stepping away from them. “All of them are older, more experienced. Why me?”

“You are the captain of the Sicarius. You are far more qualified than any of your siblings. Well, perhaps not Marc, but he has duties to attend to as High Prince. And, should it be necessary, you are well trained in the deceptive and murderous arts. I trust your judgement in this.” He says, watching her with a level gaze. “Do I have any choice?” She asks, crossing her arms over her chest. “No.” Lyra answers. “So be it.” Aya growls before turning and walking out of the throne room.

“Why do I have to go? What did I ever do?” She growls under her breath as she stuffs dresses into a chest. Satisfied with the number of dresses, she begins packing her armor and weapons. Slamming the chest shut she looks out her window and sighs. “Alright. Let’s go.” She says, gesturing for the servants to take the chest. She follows them down the stone steps towards the group of escorts that awaited below. She looks at the carriage and laughs at the sight. “Put that away. I will ride my own mount.” She orders the men, placing her hands on her hips. “Madam, we were told to prepare it. The journey will be long and treacherous.” One of the city guards says. “Shut it, you fool!” Snaps one of the other men. “Do you have any idea who she is?” He growls. “Leave it, sir. Not all know my name.” Aya says, chuckling. One of the other guards leads her mount out of the stables. The beast tosses its head and she smiles. There was none other like her beast. With the head of a wolf, body of a cat, the fangs of a viper, and a height that surpassed most men it was not something to be trifled with. She runs her hands over it’s sleek silver coat, smiling as it purrs under her touch. “Mount up, sirs. I am not fond of seeing the day slip by.” She says as she swings up into the saddle. Her mount rises from it’s crouch and leaps forward, leading the way out of the castle.
It takes them four days of hard riding to reach the capital of the Silver Woods. The wagon that carried the chests of clothes and gifts had been left to trudge behind them with a team of guards to protect it. Aya ignores the odd looks of the inhabitants of the capital as they make their way towards the castle. Dismounting at the castle steps, she orders her men to tend to her mount before walking inside. She blinks at the sudden change in light, her hand automatically moving to rest upon the hilt of her sword. “Take me to the throne room. I am here to see the Emperor.” She says, forgetting her courtesies. The man nods and leads her in, bowing as she leaves him at the door. “Your Majesty, I applogize for the delay. I am afraid the distance between Ferrona and Yurinth is quite larger than I had anticipated.” She says as she walks towards the throne. “I am Aya Ferro, youngest daughter of Emperor Storos and Eperess Lyra, and representative of the Ferro Empire.” She says, just as her mother had drilled into her a thousand times before her departure.
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