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Quite honestly, she was a little relieved that the people around her had the same feelings of the role of leadership. Her eyes glanced over at Alicia, whom she barely ever talked to. She seemed like a good leader in Tsuki's taste but unfortunately, Tsuki was not fond of her bias against the humans. Though considering her position, Tsuki doesn't blame her. One thing's for certain is the fact that Tsuki is determined to steer clear away from the leadership position. She watched as Rulian and Riley fused together, somewhat intrigued. Her brows raised as she hummed, "I think you'll fit right in," she told the dark haired male.

As the centaur spoke about their location, Tsuki glanced at him. Her expression was rather dull but she was raving internally. Her heart sped rapid-ally as her mind spun erratically. Bogota, Colombia. She knew that place well, perhaps a little too well. But why? Why Bogota of all places? Her eyes narrowed narrowed at the half-horse half man, Cireon was his name. Bells alarmed in her head and her suspicion heightened.

Looking through her supplies she took out the spray. Carefully reading the content, her thumb caressed over the metallic bottle. Such a thing existed and she never knew. After spraying herself, she watched her reflection and soon her animal parts were completely suppressed. Tsuki's breath hitched as her fingers roamed over hair, gone. Her ears were gone and so were her tail. She looked... normal, like a human. Finally, she rid of her animal parts, for a while, and could finally look at herself without it. Although, tiny fraction of herself knew it didn't feel right.

As the arrived at Bogota, Colombia, she inhaled the familiar scent of the air. Her eyes scanned at the comic con costumes and a smile arose. Everyone looked like they were having a good time. Looking back at the others she spoke, "Coincidentally, I've done research about this place. I think I know a place where we can stay. Maybe we can all get together around a table and perhaps get to know each other, with drinks of course. After this, since we should take a chance and explore. That is... if everybody is alright with that."
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Rulian and Riley had fused together the blinding light was a short burst of energy given off by his true form of the two merging together. It was an easy process, but a painful one merging two bodies into a single entity. First was the breaking of all the bones into tiny little fragments so that the bone structure would settle into a single thing as it regrew itself. Next was the painful tearing of muscles and destroying of each organ as the two merged. Last was the splitting headache of merging their heads together.

He would now be known as Ra, it was an easy simple form of his chosen names to use sense his coming from the council of the DFR. Ra watched as the centaur entered the room and explained to them the trip details How the bags worked and the request system for items from their realm outside of the food and such that would be provided as they went.

The person watched as the old centaur talk about their mission and the first destination they would be going to. Bogota, Columbia. It was a place Ra knew little about and tried to avoid with a very specific purpose. The population was the problem, there 8.081 million people within the sprawling city meant they would be well hidden even in their 'cosplay' type appear, but it was a place he avoided for the reason of being to large of a crowed for his own taste. That and most of the time he was in Northern Russia so the climate change would be different as well to adjust to.
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Anu’s explanation of the rules brought a lot of clarity to how things were to be conducted. Having a safety beacon made their mission feel more real. They were going to the Surface— the place where the humans dwell, no, where humans rule and destroy. One mistake and that beacon would be their saving grace. Alicia knew all too well what happens to those who fail to escape in time. Old memories flashed before her. She’d never forget the sight of her father’s tattered body and decimated wings being carried past her. It was done so swiftly, but time seemed to slow down as the adults kept her from going near him. She never saw him again.

Alicia noticed he was talking about something else now, so she forced her focus away from that time and back into the present. [i No wings… Not even a feather…] Anu’s gaze was unsettling, but his words made sense. This would not only protect their lives, but prevent possible mutilation. Hiding her wings was the best way to protect them, but they only retracted so far.

She never mastered the art required to hide them within her back, more like she avoided that practice. The likeliness of needing that art was slim and her pride in her wings had little to compare. So, why would she have practiced a method to ‘put them away’? The math only just added up in this mission. Glancing at the others, there had to be a plan of action for them to blend in. Whatever the plan was, she’d just have to grit and bear the absence of her wings when she had to.

The last thing Anu mentioned was for them to stick together. It wasn’t hard to see why this needed to be stated. As thrown together this group was, it’d be easy for everyone to go their separate ways. In enemy territory, that could backfire rather easily and left little to no chance of them being able to reach a group consensus if they were able to reconvene. The entire mission would be pointless.

If Alicia was wary of Riley and Rulian before their introduction and claim to team captain, she was on high alert after. Good thing she wasn’t the only one. Divine Retribution and Peace Pact alike, they all seemed unnerved by their or his declaration. Alicia spoke before the converged twins could reply to Azrael’s remark. [#c99013 “I agree with the rest. It’s too soon to decide on a position like that. Let’s see who’s best for such a role as more trust develops between everyone. Like what Azrael said, we don’t know who’s best suited to lead this mission yet.”]

[b [#7d5a1c “Another reason why we’ve picked a starting location for this mission instead of taking additional time for you all to decide. You will be going to Bogota, Columbia. There are a couple of events there that will aid you on your journey,”]] said the centaurian elder from before as he approached the group.


[b [#7d5a1c “My name is Cieron. I’m in charge of guiding your departure. Before that,”]] he reached into a large satchel hanging from the straps draped across him. He pulled out 6 smaller bags and distributed them among the group. [b [#7d5a1c “inside these bags are some essential items for ur stay among humans. Each one has a safety beacon, a plastic credit card that is used to make purchases there, a passport booklet for identification, a communication notebook to request additional and/or refill supplies, and a special spray labeled The Blend.

The Blend is a mixture that temporarily suppresses external supernatural traits upon contact with skin, fur, feathers, etc. It does not need to be applied to a specified area as long as it is your body. Keep in mind, this effect only lasts 12 hours. Know when to reapply.

The notebook will let us know if you need more of the spray or if you all will need something else along your journey. We are able to approve or deny any requests. If approved, we’ll send a timeframe of when we will send someone to deliver the items and state the name of who sent the request. This will be sent to everyone. The one conducting the errand will be ported to the location of the person giving the request. If the time needs to be amended, write that in the book. Within reason, we will send 6 of each item for each member of this mission. Personal items will be handled case by case. If any or all items are denied, we will send a list of denied items. This will only be sent to the one making the request.

If you wish to change the name on the passport, you can do so by swiping your finger over what is there and stating what you wish it to be. Your change will automatically update in the human database. This will only work if it is your passport. The cards have ample funds. There is no reason for there to be an issue. Anu already demonstrated the safety beacon. Keep all of these items safe. If any of them are lost, we will deal with that on a case by case basis as well. If any, I expect no more than a couple of those. There are harsh consequences for negligence. However, if it is truly out of your control that is another conversation.]]

As Cieron finished his explanation of their items, Alicia found this to be a good time to ask, [#c99013 “What about clothing? I doubt our trends are the same.”]

[b [#7d5a1c “That’s where your initial location plays a key role. You’ll understand more when you get there, but one of the events is going to help your cover while you buy whatever clothes help you blend in. The other is a meeting discussing the events at hand. We recommend going there during your stay to best make use of the location. Are there any other questions regarding your departure or items?”]]

After making sure all inquiries were taken care of, Cieron announced that they had less than two minutes left to depart. He had a teleportation orb that will allow for any of the members to gather any last minute items that may have been forgotten within the hour break. It would take them to the place of the item and give them 30 seconds to grab what they needed before force teleporting them back.

When it was time to depart, Cieron had everyone use the Blend and grabbed a scroll out of his satchel and began to mumble a barely audible incantation. Even those with the most heightened enhanced senses would hear mere whispers. A portal appeared before the group and the last thing the centaur said before they all went in was [b [#7d5a1c “We wish your group success.”]]

When they came through on the other side there was a door behind them, tons of humans bustling around them, and a large sign saying Comic Con Colombia Bogotá before them.
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Tension seemed to be sprouting between the six already. Everyone looked unsettled when the twins declared themselves as captain, and then shifted into their single person form. Azrael wasn’t so sure they had time for arguing or voting. The trip to the human world was meant to happen with little delay, which emphasized the urgency of the entire mission.

As leaders already, Riley and Rulian were used to taking charge, that much was apparent. Although Azrael didn’t exactly approve of their means of handling the power dynamic, he was curious to know what they thought the next move should be. Azrael introduced himself quickly to the team before he asked, with a hint of sarcasm, “Where do you suggest we travel to first, ‘ey captain?” He smiled before he added, “Voting wouldn’t hurt though, if we have time. Some of us may be more knowledgeable about the human world than others.”

Azrael himself had spent a significant amount of time in the human world. Obviously, he was there regularly on what he liked to refer to as “business calls”, but he also returned in his free time. Azrael had made connections with various humans throughout his long life. Some humans he considered friends, while he despised others. There were humans he only dealt with for business matters, and even a few he had been romantically entangled with, although such relationships were risky and very controversial among the supernaturals. He had witnessed the good and the bad in humans, but he’d been around for enough wars to leave him jaded.

In his experience, humans liked the chaos they created. That’s why Azrael sided with the DRF. He didn’t hate all humans, as did many of the supernatural beings that sided with the DRF, but he had seen enough to believe that they were unable to fix their problems on their own.

Azrael looked around at his new teammates, trying to gauge how they were feeling about the mission they had been thrust into. Most of them he knew of but hadn’t met previously. He wasn’t exactly someone a lot of creatures sought out, although there were always exceptions. He just hoped they could get along well enough to function successfully as a team. Failure was not an option for him.
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[center [h3 Captain?]]

[center [b Yatsu had stood around the group keeping to himself. He hadn't really figured his opinion should have mattered that match. He was a living sheathed blade as far he was concerned. He wasn't the type of person to make this kind of choice. He had taken a deep breath letting the others talk it all out as he shifted his stance. Casually laying his hands behind the back of his head as he shifted the weight of his body lazily onto his right leg.]]

[center [b He had noticed a few of the women had a few animal traits to them. Something they'd possibly have to hide or find an excuse for. Yatsu had found himself looking at them both and to Tsuki as he gave a soft smirk. Knowing Yatsu it probably came off a bit more threatening than he had intended. He wasn't shy to admit to himself that the lady in question was rather attractive. He had looked to the twins a man fused into one taking the shots. Yatsu had taken a shrug he prefered not being in charge so this worked out for the demon.]]

[center [b All though the foxy little girl had decided to speak up. She didn't seem to appreciate him calling the shots. He found himself with a hearty laugh she wasn't just a pretty face at all was she? She had a fire to her! Yatsu liked that he placed his hands on hips with a grin letting his laughter die down a bit before speaking a smile plastered on his face.]]

[center [pic]]

[center [+red Haha she has a point! I don't particularly mind who's in charge as long as I'm not stuck with the job myself. Not that my word is to be taken too seriously but..]]

[center [b Yatsu had taken a moment placing his fingers at his chin as he gave it some thought.]]

[center [pic]]

[center [+red Perhaps we can take on a vote on the matter? Once we get to know each other better? Or have two captains one from each faction to keep a feeling of balance.]]

[center [b He had followed by with a shrug to indicate the rest was really up to them. If he was forced to vote on a captain? Well he'd cross that bridge when he'd get to it says to making a decision as he's never really given much thought to the bigger picture before anyway.]]

[center [+red So when do we head out? I might have to pack a bit before going. Don't worry I travel rather light.]]

[center [b Yatsu was the type to only take what he could keep on his person not really a whole excess amount of luggage. Most of all he would need his three blades. His two shorts followed by his greatsword if he could take a bit of sake he'd be glad too. If not? Well he only needed the blades.]]
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As soon as they were given the instructions, Tsuki was out. She sighed, mentally drained from the situation that had just occurred. A few things she had to take care of before they left to the human realm. No one knew how long it would take for them to come back. Not like it mattered much to her anyway, Tsuki was quite comfortable in the human world and she preferred to keep that a little secret. Her little visits with the humans were kept under radar as she purposely made it that way, just the thought of being caught by anyone, especially the officials, increased her pent up irritation. The interrogations she probably would have to go through, possibly some tests or scans. She ignored her raging thoughts, continuing on her way. First things first.


It took a while before she gathered all the materials needed, heading out afterwards. Strolling past the trees and the over grown field of what seemed like rice, a hand crafted metallic tomb appeared in her line of sight. "Hi mom," her voice was softer than a whisper. It looked clean, her dad must've been here recently. Tsuki couldn't remember the last time she and her father visited her mom together. Not wanting to dwell on it she placed down two bottles of alcohol. One champagne and the other a cheap beer from the human world. Her lips quirked upward, two opposite ends of the spectrum in terms of the finest alcohol. But they were both her mom's favorite type of alcohol which was weird indeed. On the other hand, she held a handful of diphylleia grayi, or in other words, skeleton lilies. They were mom's favorite type of flowers and are only found in the human world, so Tsuki made sure to grab some seeds in her earlier visits and plant them at home. These flowers turned transparent when they were wet, creating a crystallize glass appearance, which was why it was her mothers favorite. Tsuki had watered them before she came so it could become see through for her mother.

Sitting down in front of the tomb, she carefully placed the flowers on the ground. Her mother use to love telling her all these life metaphors concerning the flowers which she chuckled at the memory. Tsuki's mother had odd taste indeed, but that's one of the reason why Tsuki loved her and why it made her so great. "A lot has happened since I last came, for me personally." She started. Tsuki slowly began telling her the events that unfolded, with the council, her trips to the human world, the dilemma that has concerned everyone.

Her mother absolutely was fond of the humans and would always go visit them. Tsuki knew that's where she got it from. Ever since she left, Tsuki followed in her footsteps gradually, though she was already much like her mother early on. But her mother knew secrets, things that Tsuki never was able to find out. Secrets that held important significance. Her mother was smarter than she was, she never knew how her mother was able to conceal her animal parts which allowed her to converse with humans freely. There was something that her mother had, an emblem maybe, or maybe some type of liquid. If only Tsuki knew, she would go and retrieve it. Her tail flicked around her and she stared at the furry content. Her fingers was burrowed in the soft texture and within seconds her anger skyrocketed. Her nails dug in the tail, her hold tightened and soon Tsuki's tail maneuvered away from the pain. If she could rid of her animal parts she would, despising every creature she lays eyes on, ironic.

Sighing, she leaned back on her arms, "There's been trouble in the human world lately. If it's not fixed.." her voice trailed off, the thought created a sharp feeling in her chest. She crouched forward, head into her hands, "They're in trouble mom. I'm not sure what to do. I've been picked to go along on the mission but-- it doesn't look great right now."

Tsuki's mother had a vision for the future, a world where both humans and supernatural can live in peace amongst each other. Change history, create a new world with new advancements. But the direction they're in now, a huge guilt and burden loomed over Tsuki, she was one person after all. A slight tingle sparked under her skin, a dull pain coursing throughout her body as it felt like it was tearing her apart, piece by piece. Her grip tightened around her head, a few droplets escaped from her eyes, "Tell me what to do."

There was a small boy, a small homeless orphaned human child that her mother adored and took care of when she visited the human world. She would tell Tsuki and her father all about him, James was his name, pronounced Ha-mez. The child was Latino from what she remembered. She would remember seeing him when she would rarely go with her mother to the human world, along with her father sometimes, but never directly meeting him. Tsuki would have loved to have him as a younger brother, someone who she can teach and be a role model to. She was excited but her mother could never bring him home, it was too risky and dangerous. It was their family's little secret. Tsuki would always constantly check up on him every time she visited the human world, ever since her mother passed. She could see the look on the boy's face, waiting for her mother everyday.

Tsuki had to succeed in this mission, for humanity, for that child, the only piece of her mother left in the human world, for herself, but most importantly for her mother. "Mom, please help me."

That took an emotional toll on her, lighting up a cig to help calm her down. Blowing out the puffs of smoke she walked back home and down to the garden where her father stood, seemingly waiting for her. Tossing the cig in the bin she walked towards him and smiled when he noticed her. "Hey dad," she stretched her arms out for a hug.

Wrapping her arms around Tsuki, she smiled at the comforting limbs, "Hey dumpling, how are you?" He pressed his lips on her head and she rolled her eyes at the nickname, chuckling.

"I'm good. I noticed you visited mom. The tomb looked really clean," she whispered against his chest. She suddenly didn't want to leave her dad alone and felt her heart pound in ache, tightening her arms around him. "Wish we could've seen her together."

Her father hummed rubbing her back in comfort, "I didn't clean her tomb, I can't clean that thing to save my life. It must've been your stepmother. She visits her often you know," he chuckled. Tsuki was surprised to hear that, wondering what she talks about. "I heard you've been picked. Good luck to you dumpling, you'll do great, you have help from your favorite sister."

She smiled, "My only sister." She grinned. "Thanks, im still worried though. I hope we can all reach a consensus and take action on a reasonable note." Her dad chuckled at her thoughts. "You know I'm always for meeting in the middle." She could smell the faint of oil paint on her father, which means he went shopping for paintings. She grinned, she definitely gets that from him.

They chatted for a while, enjoying each other's company before she had to start packing. "I should start packing."

"Alright dumpling, I'll let you go," he kissed her head one last time before unwrapping his arms. "You should really stop smoking by the way-"

"Haha, alright dad," she scoffed patting his back seeing as he smokes too, even though he's trying to quit, "speak for your self. See you soon, and take good care of my stepmom will ya?" She left him to his gardening duties and walked inside where she saw her stepmom and her sister, Andreana. She smiled at her softly, Tsuki should really start to reconnect with her.

But she stared surprised as her sister approached first, giving Andreana the weirdest look. Drink? Her sister asked to drink with her? She smiled crossing her arms as she leaned forward, "Oh? Looks like this priest does have a little sinful side to her," she teased but agreed. She walked to her stepmom to give her a hug and a farewell, thanking her for the clean tomb.

She grabbed a sweeter fruitier alcohol that she thought would suit her sisters taste. Persimmons and pomegranate. They sat together and Tsuki tried to mediate as she drank the alcoholic beverage glancing at Andreana to see if she was handling it well. Laughing at her sight she spoke, "It should be sweet."

They chatted for a good long time catching up on several things. Tsuki told her about situations happening with her, of course not everything, leaving the bit of her adventures in the human world out. This was a blissful bonding moment for them and Tsuki appreciated it greatly, having the time to reconnect with her. "We should do this more often."

After they ended their drinking meditation session, Tsuki went to go pack some things she would need. She assumed they could purchase the rest in the human world.

They arrived to meet up with the group still enjoying her time with her sister. She cleared her throat, "I don't think I've introduced myself yet. Call me Tsuki." She spoke staring at the others. Her ears perked when she heard that their animal parts would be hidden, is that something her mother used? She doubt it.

She frowned when she heard the leader of the DRF proclaim themselves as the leader. This didn't sit well with Tsuki, "I disapprove. You're not going to be the leader, I don't think anyone decided on that, I know I haven't." She stared straight into his eyes, his fusion form, "We don't need to establish something like that. We barely know each other, we don't need a status, at least not yet. I'm going to be frank, I don't think everyone here trusts each other much at the moment. As we go to the human world, we can take a little bit of time and get to know each other first. We just started, I'm sure we can set aside a time for ourselves to bond for a moment."

She was thinking about this rationally and wasn't in the mood to argue. Tsuki hoped that this was something they could agree on.
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Now they had about two hours of time to prepare. Talk to people and say last farewells, or gather up things to take to the human world, or prepare the mind for the human world, or maybe some combination of all those things combines. It really depended on the creature, for each creature had a different way of thinking and different things that it had to take care of.

In Andreana's case, there were a few things she had to do. But out of all them, one of them was more important than all the other things. Anything involving family was always more important than anything else, even if family was a stepsister who you never really talked to, and that meant she'd have to talk to her stepsister Tsuki. But Andreana decided to leave that for last, since it felt the most awkward for her.

First things first, she'd have to switch out the dagger. The current dagger that Andreana carried was more suited for ceremonial events than actually defending oneself. Something to what the human priests of old had, but not used for the same bloody purpose of sacrificing various animals.

The other dagger, it was back at her house. Andreana did live by her lonesome self, probably for the best, even though she was always welcome at her mom's/stepdad's house. Another thing which added awkwardness to her relationships with Tsuki in addition to having Tsuki's dad marrying her mom after her dad had divorced for no unknown reason. There was also the fact that Tsuki was slightly more party inclined, perhaps lightly putting that, but Andreana didn't Tsuki being more party inclined. They had grown up differently, so it was only natural that there would be differences such as this one between the two of them.

Andreana entered her house. It was a small one with a few rooms, but she didn't have many needs. A small place to sleep, a bathroom with a shower, the meditation room, a small kitchen and a small eating place was all she needed. She didn't really invite others over, for even with one additional creature, unless it was something comparable in size to a small woodland creature it became a bit cramped.

Walking over to the bedroom, there was no door, there was a small wooden desk to the side of the bed. Opening the top drawer, Andreana placed the ceremonial knife and took out the other knife in the drawer. A human with one glance would call it a combat knife, which to be fair it was. The black handle with a blue tinted silver coloured blade was designed to be used for either attacking someone or defending oneself from attackers.

It was a bit of a hypocrisy at a glance. Why would someone who committed themselves to peaceful actions need a tool for less peaceful actions? Well, why not? Why not know how to defend oneself when that was the only way out, a last possible course of action? Andreana knew how to fight with either the staff, the knife, or with both at once. The staff or knife by themselves were dangerous, but together they became a deadly ranged and close-up combo.

Andreana picked up one more item from the top drawer, that was the sheath to the knife she held. Slipping the sheath to cover the blade of the knife, she then tied it to the left hip.

Now, to visit her stepsister.

Andreana approached her mom's/stepdad's house. She hadn't been here in quite awhile. She had used to visit quite often, but those visits had dried up to droplets of water on a sunny day in a desert.

She stopped, still a little unsure. Yes it was still home, but in a very loose sense. Had it been wrong to come out less often?

That was in the past, and she had to focus on the now.

Andreana walked up to the door, and knocked. A few seconds later, the familiar face of her mom appeared as the door opened inwards and into the house. As Andreana stepped inside, she tried to say something. But nothing came out. Andreana was having a hard time thinking of what to say, it all just felt awkward and embarrasing.

Her mom noticed this. Looking on her daughter, she could understand the difficulty in trying to say something. Especially after this long with no contact, and the fact that her daughter had returned to say goodbyes until who knew when.

Andreana's mom put a soft hand on Andreana's shoulder, looking into her eyes with that glance which said that everything was understood and that everything would be alright. This gesture made Andreana feel better, but there still remained that small pool of doubt.

After sitting down on the couch, Andreana related to her mom all the events that had transpired. Her mom listened patiently and attentively, attempting to make it easier for her daughter. She could still see that her daughter was fighting internally, a fight between keeping things normal and letting things go awkward.

After Andreana had finished her recounting, a still silence envoloped the two. Andreana was unsure of what to say, even turning her head down and away a bit while her ears drooped slightly. What else could she say?

Her mom could see that the next thing that would happen would be not spoken, but acted. Despite her daughter being grown and mature, Andreana's mother pulled Andreana into a hug. It was a motherly hug, to remind that despite all this that was happening that she was still a mom.

Andreana had been taken aback by this gesture. She had not expected her mom to hug her. But she could not deny that this gesture was comforting. It made all the other feelings go away, focusing only on this one comforting moment. She even hugged back, enveloping her slender arms around her mom.

They sat in this quiet, peaceful embrace for a few minutes. But as soon as Andreana began to move, her mother unhugged. As a mother, she understood that her daughter now needed to move on. With a smile and a kiss, she left Andreana on her own.

As to Andreana, there was no amount of "thank you" that she could shower her mother with. She understood that her mother had helped her in the current moment, as well as helping her for the eventual face-to-face meetup with Tsuki.

Andreana stood up, and was about to go and find Tsuki. But that wasn't needed, as Tsuki herself walked in. Andreana looked at Tsuki quietly, a sort of standoff starting between the two of them. Andreana hadn't talked to Tsuki in such a long time, hardly even saw her at all.

[+purple "Want to... drink..??"] Tsuki looked at her weirdly, as if not believing the words coming out of Andreana's mouth. Andreana repeated them slowly, and a bit louder this time.

It took awhile, but eventually Tsuki had opened two bottles and started drinking. It took sometime for Andreana to start drinking, for she wasn't used to the fruity smell or somewhat bitter taste of the alcoholic drink. But after the first few gulps with a screwed up face, Andreana adapted.

And the more the two drank, the more the two of them talked, catching up on the events that the other had missed. There was plenty to talk about, since they hadn't seen each other in quite sometime.

But eventually, this good moment had to come to an end. The two hours were beginning to end, and they had to appear back. [+purple "This should be quite an adventure"], Andreana's last words before going back.

In all honesty, everything that happened after coming back was boring. Talking about some sort of thumb activated recall device, followed by a rule against showing any sign of being a supernatural, and finished with the schpeel of sticking with a group.

For Andreana, the second chunk was a bit curious. If she understood humans correctly, then they had people who did what was cosplay, LARPing, or some other form of dressing up as things that they weren't. Being supernaturals just made it easy to blend in, all the group had to say was that they were all cosplayers or LARPers or whatever the fucking else and the humans would believe them.

After Alicia had formally introduced herself, the twins introduced themselves next. Andreana didn't like the way they self-proclaimed themselves the captain of this group. No vote or anything, just "I'm it" and that was it.

And even though the twins shifted into one being, Andreana still thought this whole thing was fishy. There were still two creatures, and that didn't exactly add up to three in any way. But, since the council had decided so, then Andreana would have to go along with it until the council decided to kick him out.
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The two of twins spent the first few moments of the two hours allowed to gather things they figure they would need as supplies. Potions, mist, food, and other minor things that many of their kind would use. while Magic was essential to supernatural beings such as the twins it was scares and hard to find in the human world. Picking up a small amulet Riley had put it on and placed it under his clothing. Rulian had grabbed a bracelet and put it under the long cotton white sleeve of his suit. Returning to the group both noticed Renkoku had stopped in the room.

The twins had watched the exchange between Alicia and Renkoku. It surprised them mostly as they expected him to tell her a lot more of what it was that was expected from them as they were on the world, but instead he left that out. Perhaps it was the council mandate that forbid it that he followed, but the leadership wasn't allowed really to speak to others of the missions they were sent on unless it was a need to know basis and a lot of missions to the surface were just that; need to know. Riley and Rulian however had only one advantage over the rest and that was knowing the full details of just how close war was about to break out in the human world.

The twins had taken up a love seat to watch as the rest of the elders came in and out of the room to give their pieces of advise to their representatives if they were present. Many of them didn't stay very long, only gave side glances to the pair of twins. shifting through their many potential human like forms they decided to stick to the pair they had shown up in the group with.

It was not however a pretty sight when the twins watched as Alicia stepped up to the group now all gathered into a common room found within the tower. They had been given a single hour to gather the things they needed especially their wits bout them. It was also in this time they would get to know one another before being sent to the world below. It was not much help really though as each would end up going in their own direction believing their action course was the right one. Perhaps the two groups would split from each other and travel the world round figuring humans for their own.

[right [pic]]
It was then the twins looked up to see the person they did not expect come into the room. It had been the same elder to out speak everyone in the meeting earlier. He had come into the room a scroll in his hand. Standing at the door with him however was two sentinels one on either side of the male. His voice taking on a soothing earth like tone Anu spoke. [#d15e0a "Creatures of the supernatural. Your mission is as told to you go to the human world and decided the best course of action to stop the potential of human war that would wipe out not only their own kind, but destroy the earth and us along with it."]

Stopping for a moment he looked over the top edge of the scroll to each pair of eyes not staring right back at his own. [#d15e0a "Because this is such a dangerous mission there are several things the council believes you need to be informed of. The first and far most important is each one of you will be given an emergency recall beacon."] one of the beacons floated into the middle between Anu and the group. [#d15e0a "To activate it all you must say is Escape and press your thumb into the gel like pad found on the top. This will read your DNA and return you here to the council chambers. Where you will be given medical treatment and removed from the mission, for safety reasons."]

Once again pausing to look at the group the male recalled the safety beacon away from the group and continued on. [#d15e0a "The second most important thing to remember while in the human world we are considered unnatural. So this being said any supernatural beings are to appear as mortal as they can. This means, no wings, no claws, no tails, no abnormal ears, feathers, scales, etc. For safety of our own kind these are to be hidden in the presence of Humans. The consequences are dire."] Anu's eye fell upon Alicia when they spoke the last bit.

It was this that he rolled up the scroll and looked across the group actually face to face now. [#d15e0a "The third most important thing..."] he said as he put his hands behind his back. [#d15e0a "You are to stick together, always. The very last thing is remember the council is depending on you and the Sentinels will be keeping a very close eye upon all of you."]

Riley and Rulian turned to the group. [#0a71d1 "I guess this is a good time as ever. We are Riley and Rulian. First leaders of the Devine Retribution Faction. We will be captain of this little make shift group we have going on. We...and mean I will decide where we travel to that is about it. We will be in the human world for several weeks before returning to the council and making our final decision. If the group doesn't come to a full consensus of which course of action is the best the council has voted to send the Sentinels to the human world and commit a mass genocide of the human race."]

The twins had stepped up onto a bit of a platform put into the room and shifted their bodies together to form a single person. Only this time instead of like in the council room His body stayed more human like instead of growing horns out of his spine and back. [#0a71d1 "Much better. This will now make the verdict more fair, I will count as one instead of two. So now there will be six of us."]

[center [pic]]

Turning and walking out of the room Anu left, but the Sentinels stayed, their stone voices booming echo's across the tower. [b "Ten minutes left before departure."]
  Riley and Rulian / Colorful_insanity / 1y 363d 9h 36m 13s
The elder centaur gave a nod to the rest of the leaders, who began to disperse from the space within simplistic, yet enchanting stonehenge. In two hours, they will be sent to walk on the Surface among those humans… To find reason within their negligent brutality… [i ‘Such a destructive species… What remotely valid reasoning could one have to destroy everyone and everything? I look forward to whatever they dare to come up with.’] Alicia thought as she shifted some stray hair behind her barred ear.

As the hall became a bit more vacant, Alicia peered through the remaining crowd for Renkoku, only to find him already heading her way.


[#efb639 “Uncle, it is good to see you. I’m sorry things didn’t go as smoothly as we hoped.”]

[#25653e “You as well, Alicia,”] he took a pause before continuing. [#25653e “Yes, but we’re almost there. The rest is up to the six of you. I trust you.”]

When she was very little, her own father lost his wings in a tragic incident during an expedition on the Surface. Ever since that time, Renkoku became a second father figure where his younger brother physically couldn’t. Hearing him verbally pass the baton as she also headed there meant more than she could ever express. As if she was a young fledgling again, Alicia caught him in a hug. [#efb639 “Thank you, Uncle. You know, I’ll be fine.”]

[#25653e “Never travel blind, Alicia. Always study your surroundings and those within, starting now.”] He added as he turned her towards her companions.

[#efb639 “Of course. Just had to get a hug before I left,”] she said as she began to walk away and silently added [i ‘and make sure you weren’t worrying too much.’]

With her back now turned, Renkoku gave the twins a warning glare. This will be twice now that he knowingly watched his family go to a risky situation on the Surface. Last time, although his brother Jiyuki did not make it back whole, he at least made it back alive. If anything were to resemble that time, no form could save Anathuil and Anethe from the wrath they would face.

As the makeshift group seemed to congregate, the young tengu joined in. Although she knew of a few of them, Alicia wasn’t particularly close to any of them. She’d seen the Angel of Death from a distance before, but that was a rare enough occurrence and she’d rather avoid a business call. The two guys that seemed to count as the final member representing their faction seemed familiar in a wary kind of way, but she couldn’t narrow down the reason enough to say why.

As for the preacher group… She hadn’t met the guy with the long ponytail but had probably passed by in a crowd somewhere. There was something different about him that kind of made him stand out. She didn’t like it. When it came to the fox-hybrid, she could have sworn she’d seen her frequenting a part of the forest near one of the gateways to the Surface. Alicia had a nice training spot in that area and was sure it was her. And lastly, that wolf-hybrid. Just like how Alicia had made a name for herself and gathered a following in the Divine Retribution Faction, Andreana did in the Peace Pact Faction. She misguided innocent supernaturals into thinking humans were able to rationally achieve peace with them. In truth, humans were masters of destruction and couldn't among themselves. To say the least, they didn’t get along. [i ‘Looks like little miss preacher is going to see firsthand what kind of beings they’ve been trying to make a treaty with.’]

[#efb639 “So, we’re the lucky ones thrown into this assignment. My name is Alicia Kazeki. I’m looking forward to working with you all.”]
  Alicia Kazeki / Yoruneko / 1y 364d 17h 48m 30s
[i ‘The humans need to be stopped.’] That was the main thought running through Alicia’s mind. Ever since word came of a new possible war stirring among the humans, those of mystical origin have been keeping a closer watch on them. [i ‘How selfish and idiotic can a species get? They can’t just kill themselves off anymore. They truly have to bring everyone else down with them.’] Since this war had become increasingly more inevitable, those who dwell in the shadows of human society started up new factions to discover the best way deal with this threat.

The one problem was that they’ve developed the weaponry to not only destroy each other, but the entire world many times over. Another was that they were foolish enough to actually use it. [i ‘Can’t take your eyes off them for a mere century or two without them causing trouble. It’s time they’ve learned their place.’] Meanwhile the faction leaders were having another meeting, one of them being her Uncle Renkoku.

While they deliberated, no one could enter without a summons and the barrier would block any indication of an outdoor protest. Rather than idly waiting outside the building, Alicia was training her naginata skills in the forest grove. Her blade was an enchanted weapon. Depending on the enchantment, certain ones were hard to come by. Although hers wasn’t extremely rare, it would definitely take humans by surprise. Depending on their decision regarding what’s to come, she may need it.

Looking up at the sky, she could tell the number of hours that have past. If a decision still had not been reached, they would most likely take a brief intermission soon. In preparation to head back, she shrunk down her naginata so that she could place it through upper part of her ear as a scaffold piercing. Although the volume shrunk, it actually just became more dense.

Right as she unleashed her ebony wings to take flight, the Unity Crest suddenly shone before her. The distinct glowing orb then announced [b [i “Alicia Kazeki of the Divine Retribution Faction, you have been summoned to appear before the council. Are you ready for teleport?”]]

She folded her wings back behind her and answered, [#efb639 “Yes, I am.”]

A soft shimmer enveloped around her. Her previous surroundings faded as quickly as the Conference Hall formed around her. Once fully materialized, she could see the tension emanating within the eyes of the leadership before her. After giving a respectful greeting, Alicia tried to make sense of whatever she could.

Although the heads of all factions stood before her, there was a clear divide among them. Various sects seems congregated around two in particular. The one she belonged to and partially led by her uncle, the Divine Retribution Faction. The other was the Peace Pact Faction, though those human coddling idealists were better known as the Preachers. [i ‘The humans need to take their place under our guidance and supervision. It’s not like we plan to exterminate them.’]

Closer to where she stood, there were a handful of others that she, for the most part, recognized being either a Preacher or one of her own. Apparently, this mass summons was needed to break the standoff. The only question now was how.

Alicia looked toward Uncle Renkoku for hints, yet found nothing but simmering frustration and concern within his gaze. Although many may misunderstand his stoic nature and fail to see the glimmer of prevalent emotions, Renkoku has mostly been like an open book to his niece. However, he purposely seemed to be keeping any indication of the situation to himself.


Before long, a pathway opening up among the leadership for someone to come through. An elder centaur walked up from the mass of faction leaders in order to address those before him.


[b [#7d5a1c “Thank you for answering our call. These desperate times call for answers. However, we must not make those in haste. Both of your factions have made valid points that have caused a split in opinion. Therefore, we invite you here to be the final voice.

As much as we cannot tolerate such devastating destruction that is on the way, we must take into consideration that humans are sentient beings. In order to distance ourselves, we built our society within the shadows of theirs. However, in regards to the fate of the whole, we shall not pass judgement or attempt formal contact without at least attempting to understand their reasoning.

With this said, three representatives from each of the opposing factions have been selected to go investigate the state of humanity. Report back to us your findings and final decision based on what you’ve witnessed. You all must reach a consensus as a whole. You are given two hours to prepare for your travels. We shall send another summons once that time has come. Finer details shall be given then.”]]

[h1 Riley & Rulian] [pic]
The council of Elders, the long awaited gathering of many of the oldest members of the supernatural beings, many founded leaders of the factions they now represent. It was here however a stalemate was. The air was tense, but it seems far more tense then even the usual gathering of beings. guards were here, and yet no one was allowed a weapon. They had all been disarmed by the guardians. Tension between the factions were arising and no one seemed to be able to diffuse it as arguments went back and forth about what to do about the third world warm humanity would soon be bringing upon itself.

that was why the council had a meeting as it was, Humanity. the Thorn constantly in the side of the supernatural beings. It was because of the supernatural humanity had evolved and educated themselves in the first place. It was because of the supernatural that humanity had survived, and how does humanity repay them? by forgetting them, by driving the creatures into the shadows and those who revealed themselves were taken and experimented upon or worse killed and ripped apart piece by piece jut to study them.


History had taught one thing. that humans couldn't be trusted what so ever. If one was to shift through the grand Library in Alexandria, not the one humans figure was buried under the waters of the Mediterranean Sea, but the one far below the surface only accessible to the supernatural they would find the real story of what had happened in the past written in first hand account by many people all collected within a single volume, whispered about in rumors and dust.

It tells of how the supernatural creatures Ruled the world even before humans appeared. It was the appearance of humanity that had the supernatural curious and flourished humanity in places of culture, human history only taught it as ancient civilizations. Egypt, China, Japan, Mesopotamia, the Americas, even as far advanced as Greece and Rome, even Carthage. It was then the supernatural understood what they had done. They had created a creature that could not be contained, and so a war broke out between the two. The supernatural however lost and so disappeared into the shadows to be long forgotten by humanity and the world.

The part not found that was not written in there however was in memory for those old enough to remember. The supernatural used humans as slaves, cheap labor and a resource. Like they were nothing more then stone or animals meant to be herded to destruction. The humans at first treated the supernatural as Gods, even considered them as such, but that would end eons later with the death of the first Supernatural by human hands. It was the start of a revolution and would go down into the human's history as the separation of the people under Moses from Egypt's ruler. They would find freedom and spread all around the world forcing the supernatural to adapt and quickly.

Some places however considered them still gods and treated them as such, but word got around and those in charge killed humans, only to have humans turn on them. It was then the war started, and it seemed the supernatural would win with their powers and stronger abilities, however humans won by sheer numbers alone.

The Guardians, Sentinels, gatekeepers. The group of guardians for the council that were placed when the supernatural were first forced into the shadows. The creatures were forged from iron, fire, and blessed by all the elements and would forever be tied to the earth. No magic could pass them if they so wished, no matter what damage you did to one it always seemed like nothing more then a scratch to them. The great beings were the reason the barrier stood in place around the council now. In total there were twelve of them like the hour marks of a clock.

They were considered the timeless watchers of the supernatural and would forever protect their makers. They stand twenty feet tall, and weight well over sixty tons each. Their only noticeable difference is each one carries a different weapon upon their back, however they do not draw these weapons ever. Instead they use the magic they are provided by the council to form any weapon themselves that can come into mind. to make matters worse they also shift around the positions so if ever a sentinel is destroyed it would be reformed in but a few moments to keep up the fight in a different spot.

The council setting was not one inside a building, or one of grandeur, but a simple thing. They all sat inside Stonehenge. While to human eyes would seem like nothing more then a gathering of stones in a circle, it was in fact a massive structure tower that was hidden from the human eye. Held in the sky by a bit of magic the tower was made of marble stone, having a with of three hundred and sixty five stones, with every ninety-one row having a single extra stone at the top. from base to top was sixty stones accept for the few extra. The tower was significant to mark the year.


The council seemed to be going back and forth bickering about which idea they should do to solve human's own destructiveness and a potential way to stop humans for doing any more wards upon itself and damage the world even more. A few spoke up about sending humans away from earth, others said to wipe them completely off the face of the planet and commit mass genocide. It was then hand hit the stone desk that was in front of him, however the stone shattered its dust settled around the group. A male stood up and looked around the room stunned looks upon their faces.

The council member that had stood up started to speak was of an unknown origin, he only went by the name of Anu and everyone knew he was the oldest of their kind. He was also known for his reputation as the god of Gold. The one of the few who would be around it seemed forever.
[#dd722c "World war three is starting, and yet we sit around and do nothing to end this. We have heard the ideas of all the factions, and yet we can not agree. The two with the best ideas are the Divine Retribution faction and the Peace Pact Faction. Between these two alone however there is a stale mate. If we do not decide this soon we will have a war on our hands and nothing can stop it at that point."

"I say we vote upon these two ideas, and if necessary we will bring in other ideas later on."]
The male once again sat down to look across the group, but it wasn't long until voices of uproar started, however it was then a booming voice came from outside. It was the voice of the sentinels. whos voices could be heard ringing even in the stone.
[+blue "Decide soon as war is bound to fallow anyway."]

It was then the twin leaders of the Divine Retribution faction stood up.
[+fuschia "I call for a vote."]
The council was solidly even, it was the downfall of having an even number on a council there was either a tie or a very over powerful choice.
[+fuschia "The vote is even."]
the room became even more tense, the factions all look to their left and their right with nothing being given away on their face. The sentinels' voices once again boomed from the stone.
[+blue "So bring forth members of each faction and send them into the human world. Allow them to gaze upon humanity and make their own judgments. They will count as the final vote, but must come to a group consensus. Not a single one of them can vote for the other side."]

The council all stood up and agreed. The first to pick was the peace pact faction. His voice came out as a husk very dark and earthy tone. [b "My first pick shall be Andrenna."] the group then turned to the set of twins whom had a devilishly wicked smile on their faces.
[+fuschia "We choose Alicia."]
The look the twins received from Renkoku the girl's known uncle was one of stun and accomplishment. The twins looked to the man as well. One put his hand to their lips a devils smile still upon their face.

It was then again the room's attention turned to the PPF.
[+fuschia "Pick your next person anakir."]
the male took a long moment and called a name. [b "Tsuki."] Nodding Riley and Rulian both looked to Renkoku and waved their hand to the man as eyes of the room turned on him. His voice boomed out across the room.
[#25653e "We in the DRF choose Azreal."]
it was a blow to the group.

Azreal the angel of death was believed to be in his own faction, so to side with the DFR was meaning their faction was growing and at a far faster rate then even the council predicted at the start of it. The eyes of the group once again turned to Anakir, who only turned to his partner and then back to have a blank face his eyes dead locked on the twins as he spoke. [b "We choose Yatsu."] a fellow super natural like Azreal, believed to be a loner it also meant that the peace pact faction was also growing far faster then the council thought.

The room once again turned to the twins, they however waved their hand again to Renkoku, who looked at the council. Tension was high, and the air seemed to be stifled with both anticipation and a threat itself loomed. One could stand a horseshoe in the air with how tense the room was. The male cleared his throat a few times and finally spoke out. His deep voice bouncing off the stones as his final words hit the members.
[#25653e ”We also choose Anathuil and Anethe."]


Everyone looked to the twins in astonishment and confusion. It however was Anakir who's voice spoke first over all others. [b "This is an outrage Anathuil and Anethe are leaders and are two different people."] The twins looked to each other with a smile and locked hands. Their forms seemed to merge together intertwining and mingling to a single solid form. Standing where the twins were was a single being much larger then should be. wings white as pearl folding behind the person. Horns produced from its spine and behind its ears.
[+fuschia "We are one person who chooses what form we take nothing more nothing less."]
quickly splitting back into the twins the council all seemed now to understand why the twins were never separate from one another.

It was then the booming voice of he Sentinels once again come over the tower.
[+blue "Summoning the members that are not already here. Anathuil, Anethe step into the center."]
the twins stepped into the light and upon their person hung their weapons. Anathuil had two single handed battle [ axes] made of obsidian. both hung on either side of his hip. Anethe had a single handed [ Rapier]. Attached to his left side hip and a single [ Nodachi] blade upon his back which sat as high up as he could but still touched the ground.

It was then the other five were summoned. Hearing the explanation of what would happen he left and would prepare. Standing from their seat both Rulian and Riley stood up and joined the group at the center. It was a quiet hush as all eyes watched the pair.

[h1 Andreana] [pic]
Despite being on very good terms with the Peace Pact leader, she had not been granted access to the council nor its debate. Even the Peace Pact leader did not not give away not a single word about what had gone about in the council meetings. All she could do was wait until the council reached its decision.

Normally Andreana would not pay attention to the council meetings, for they usually didn't debate things that were that interesting. But this debate, it was both highly interesting and important. This debate was about the fate of both the supernatural race and the human race.

The human race, to put it lightly, was a curious race. They had first believed in the supernatural race as gods and goddesses, for the supernaturals had decided to experiment and create humans just for the fun of it and then use the humans as slaves. Of course using humans as slaves in hindsight turned out as a bad idea for these same humans rebelled. This led to an all out war, where the constantly evolving and numerous humans drove out the supernaturals back into the unknown.

And now the humans had decided that it was ripe enough to have another world war. The first and second world wars had not been that bad, in comparison to what might happen in the up and coming third world war. Not only did all the various human countries have weapons which could level entire cities in one big mushroom cloud, the humans also had people with the willpower to use such weapons of mass explosion and irradiation against the other humans.

It was such a mess.

But until the council came up with a decision on what to do, one could only wait.

For Andreana, waiting consisted of meditating. She had even built herself a room specifically to meditate in. A sound proofed room with grass, flowers, windows to let in either the light of the sun or moon, and even a small river flowing through it.

In the center of the room was a rock. It was just above ankle height, and all of its sides were rough except the side pointing towards the ceiling. That surface was smooth, one could drag a hand across the top and just feel as it skimmed along the cold surface. That was where she sat cross-legged and with closed eyes, her entire body relaxed as she meditated.

And then she heard something. Andreana's ears pivoted upwards and rotated to the source of the noise, followed by her eyes slowly opening and then her head rotating so it was facing in the same direction as the ears.

Well well well, a glowing orb with the Unity Crest had appeared into existence. And not only did it know how to teleport, but it also knew how to speak.

A summon from the council? Now this was interesting. Had the council not been able to come to some sort of conclusion for a course of action, and now required some of the more influential influentials from each faction to come to a decision?

Andreana stood up. She didn't need to stretch, for her entire body had been completely relaxed during the entirety of the meditation. She walked out of the meditation room, and grabbed her wooden staff and a small dagger which she attached to the right side of her hip before walking back inside the room.
[#3d1256 "Now I'm ready to teleport."]

And just like that, the orb and Andreana disappeared from the room.

It took less than a second to appear in the Conference Hall.

Andreana could just feel the atmosphere of tension surrounding the whole council. The constant eyeing across the council, especially between the Peace Pact and the Divine Retribution Faction. Bad blood would be too strong an expression to use, but the two factions definitely did not like what the other's idea concerning the solution for humans was.

She hadn't been the only one summoned. There were a few others, one of them being her step-sister.

Andreana did not have too much time to think over everyone who was summoned for a centaur came into the midst. He did appear elderly, but old centaurs were extremely wise.

This, this was interesting to hear. They'd be sending out a delegation to go out to "investigate the state of humanity". After the investigation was concluded, the delegation would then be the ones who would make the decision of whether the humans could be reasoned with or should be enslaved once again.

Three from the Divine Retribution Faction, three from the Peace Pact. Either there would be a hard stalemate, or quite the row with each side attempintg to convince the other.

This would be fun.

[h1 Yatsu] [pic]
[h3 [center Enter Yatsu Chikushou]]


[b Yatsu had found himself alone in a calming peaceful serene courtyard. He was preparing for his duties today as a guard. It was all in part of repaying his debt to the Peace Corp.

Yatsu had laid with legs crossed sipping from his cup. With a laid-back meditative smile on his face. He had taken a small breath before standing to his feet. He had thrown his cup into the air watching hurl as drew his short swords in quick succession. Catching the cup at the flat of his cold blade. Taking another quickened breath his eyes had widened and his meditative aura had been cut away. As he tossed it up once again slashing his way through the cup before he began his usual routine.

"Left and right forward step and lunge parry block and pierce." He had begun to quicken the pace as his mind was unable to keep up with his rapid speed. As a Yashka he began to feel his blood boil in hopes of a conflict today. His mind had begun to leave him as he lost himself into his swords.



There he was in the cliffside years ago. He had caught wind of a mighty riot of warriors being quelled by men and women in armor. "The peace corp" not that Yatsu had known who they were. All he knew was they were in his way along with that riot. Sure he could go around and it'd be awfully simple of the man to do however that wasn't the way of Chikushou of his father. Or the way of Yaksha his mother but more importantly it wasn't the man whom he was.

Running in he began to weave through the ranks. Carving a path through rioter and peacekeeper alike with a mad look behind his elegant swordplay. Cutting straight through he left his flanks wide open though any man who closed the distance he cut down just as quick. Reckless was the demon blocking each flank with each blade. Yatsu had spotted two glints of steel from his left and right. Twisting his body he slashed at each blade the edges cutting his shoulders. Whoever they were? They were quick and plenty strong too. The duo had rushed in shoulder bashing the demon out of the crowd sending him flying.

Sliding through the dirt he had dug his heels in stabbing the ground to slow his momentum. The two at blinding speeds charged the demon. "So this were peacekeepers huh? Can't back down now" he had barely blocked each swing. They in unison had kicked him again back as he let out a wheezed chuckle.]

[+maroon Ngn.. Not half bad! Brother and sister, I take it? You both do look awfully alike!]

[b Blonde with fair skin and blue eyes a little too pretty to be on the battlefield but they seemed determined and older than they appeared. The two had ignored the demon circling him slashing from all ends as he struggled to keep up. He was still a young Chikoshou swordsman he was strong and he was fast plenty sturdy too but he was inexperienced.

He had begun to pant as he pushed his body into hysteria to push the two back. Gripping his blades tightly these two weren't just any old officers were they? Just who were they? "No time to think or I'm dead" he began to slow down as he parried each blade he began to receive more and more wounds.

The two opposing swordsman wielding long blades had begun to grow more aggressive. No longer had they worried about a core defense charging and bashing through the demon. The brother was the one to close the distance for a finishing blow. Yatsu had shifted to the side to put distance between him and the girl using her brother as a shield he clashed with him wielding both blades.]

[+blue ... So that is your trick demon? Cut me down with both blades before my sister takes your life?!]

[b Yatsu had smirked as he twisted his blades pushing the mans blade up along with his own. He couldn't overpower him without giving up his own blades this was the best he could do. Grabbing the massive blade on his back he swung the sword down hacking the boy into two.]

[+maroon No for you I was sure it would take three blades.]

[b The woman had cried out in pain and anguish as she charged the wounded demon. Only wielding a greatsword now Yatsu charged her and at the last moment had let out a blood-curdling roar. It wasn't to scare the woman to prepare himself for what came next. Raising his hand at the last moment he let her blade run through the palm of his hand. Charging through he felt his smile widen as he slammed his hand to the hilt of her blade the sword now gashed into his shoulder. She had struggled and grunted trying to pull the blade out but it was stuck into his bone raising his greatsword he smiled. Slashing his blade down she had backed up as the sword slashed her body. She unlike her brother was still in one piece all slashed up. As she crawled Yatsu slashed her legs with a smile.]

[+maroon You two were honestly superior swordsman. I have a lot left to learn I guess I'll enjoy killing someone as talented as you.]


[b Yatsu had given the panicked prodigy a bow before yanking her blade out. One arm limp he approached the woman before an older man had entered the fray with a sword to his side and several troops by him as well.]

[+maroon Reinforcements? This will be fun!]

[h3 [center Present Time]]

[b Yatsu had found himself sweating and taking several long breaths of air of breath. He lost himself to that day again hadn't he? That was the day he learned those two were being groomed by the peace corp as blades of peace A contradiction but one Yatsu understood though he wasn't one for peace himself nor was he one for spite, however. He knew that peace took strength to help others feels safe. Those two were most likely to become the greatest swordsman the world had seen if given enough time and he robbed that from them. Killing the brother and the sister? Too traumatized to ever wield a sword again.

He was arrested in his wounded state and yet? That old man had spoken on his beha-

His thoughts were cut off as his surroundings had begun to change around him. Teleportation? What? Why was he being summoned here? He wasn't sure what was going on. Was he needed for something? Either way, he would await orders to repay his debt.

This wasn't too atone for his sins but to settle things even. Demon as he was he still had a sense of honor and duty to those he had owed. That was how his mother and his fathers family had worked.]

[+maroon Why would they call a guard like me by name? Things have been weird since that old man kicked the bucket.]


[b He had sighed and rubbed the back of his head. He didn't get a good feeling from this but luckily it was only his job to swing around a sword if needed. He'd leave the heavy thinking to the others if he could.]

[h1 Azrael] [pic]
The sky was cloudy and growing increasingly dark. A young girl, in her early twenties, hesitated under the tree she had been reading under. The weather report had said it was going to be a clear and sunny day, but these clouds looked ominous. Perhaps she’d have to abandon her quiet spot for the shelter of her home.

Azrael was crouched over the dark cloud he had formed. Watching. Waiting. All around him, the storm was growing. Thunder vibrated through him and peels of lightning began to flash around him. Then suddenly it was raining, a torrential downpour that slapped against the dry ground below.

It was too late. The girl’s brief window of opportunity was gone. She huddled against the tree, trying to find some shelter under its broad branches. A slight shift of the wind, and she would be drenched anyways. But that would be the least of her problems, Azrael thought.

An ache pulsed through his hand and he looked down. In his palm, blackened skin stood out against his pale skin. The darkness began to extend to his fingertips. Tendrils of black slowly crawling their way up his fingers like snakes. The power to take life rested in a single touch from this hand.

“I know, I know, it’s time.” He mumbled. The gods were impatient, and this girl’s time alive was expiring. He had a job to do. He stood up, preparing to drift down in the cover of his cloud.

Suddenly, a yellow light flashed before him, an orb bearing the unity crest. Then it started to play its message in a loud pitch, “Azrael, Angel of Death, you have been summoned to appear before the council. Are you ready for teleport?”

“Very subtle,” Azrael said. Down below, the girl had caught sight of the bright glow of the orb. Subsequently, she saw Azrael, in his true form. He was terrifying and beautiful to behold. He was tall and broad, and his pale skin had a grey tint. His eyes flashed, his irises a solid black. He wore a large black robe, with intricate designs in silver thread, depicting scenes of horror and death. His hood was down, revealing his wild hair, which was also black. The wind tossed his hair and long strands lashed out violently around his face. The most impressive part of him though, were his wings. They expanded up and out, larger even than his body. His large, silky feathers were shiny and black. The lightning flashing around him reflected off the feathers, making it seem like he was glowing.

The girl was terrified, staring up at him, shaking as she huddled against the tree. Azrael could see the whites of her eyes and heard her let out a whimper. Her mind could not comprehend what her eyes were seeing, but she felt cold just from looking at him.

“You won’t die today,” Azrael said to her, his voice booming. He sighed and turned to the orb, “Let’s get this over with. I’m ready to teleport.”

In a flash, he was gone. The storms began to dissipate. The girl stayed huddled under the tree for a long while, shaking and sobbing and thanking the gods for her narrow escape.

[h1 Tsuki] [pic]
She watched as the white puff of smoke disappeared in front of her face. Taking another dose of the toxicity, she let it sink into her senses as she exhaled it through her nostrils. Tsuki was perched on the balcony, sitting cross legged on top of the wooden bars. She stared at the sky, it looked serene as ever but felt a bit crestfallen. Flicking the end of the cigarette bud to rid of the access remains, she reached for the glass of wine placed right next to her. Taking a sip of the bittersweet liquid, the faint taste of pomegranate lingered with an overwhelming tart bitterness on her tongue. Something like this was not enough to get her mind distracted.

There was a problem at front, a serious problem. The humans are starting to feel uneasy once again, a WWIII might be upon them which could lead to the destruction of the entire mankind, even themselves. Her lips pursed at the thought taking another huge sip of her wine. Humans often frustrated Tsuki at times, with their irrational behavior. Slavery, genocide, the holocaust. She couldn't understand the reason for many atrocities in human history, even hers. Course the supernaturals weren't angels either, in a metaphorical sense.

What was the reason for this ridiculous war, she doesn't know. If only she could slap the heads for whomever came up with this genius idea, get them to fix their silly feuds. If only it were that easy. Now Tsuki doesn't hate humans, she actually quite likes them. Observing humans is one of the things she enjoys the most. Their cultures, their way of living, their systems and ideology, everything about them was fascinating to her. Even their flaws and their sense of cruelty is something she finds interesting. Tsuki would often go to the human side of the world and just watch, for hours on end. She admires their creativity and advancements.

The humans and the supernatural have a lot in common, even their ideologies are quite similar at times. She chuckled softly at the thought, if she ever mentioned it to a few certain individuals, she would definitely be heckled down without a second thought. She sighed, hopping off the bars as she tossed her cigarette to a nearby waste bin.

Tsuki continued to drink her wine as the council came into her mind. They were having a meeting about what actions needed to occur. What steps are needed to be implemented to stop the upcoming disaster. She hummed softly, the peace pact and the divine retribution would definitely be at each other's throat. They were after all, on the opposite ends of the spectrum. The ideas were completely opposite in a somewhat extreme way in Tsuki's opinion. If only they could compromise into something that's ideal and not too far fetched. She never thought she would be a part of the peace pact, course her ideas are more towards that group rather than the other but she was no preacher either. She couldn't possibly be all Saint like, unlike her sister who seems to fit exactly what the peace pact image holds.

These two groups were constantly on bad terms, as long as she remembers. Although, Tsuki doesn't like to keep up with these exhausting feuds or petty attitudes, it was mentally draining and just takes too much effort. She likes to get to know the other group instead, more along the lines of having a nice relationship rather than a chaotic one. She certainly has some friends or acquaintances in the DRF. It makes trying to negotiate a whole lot easier and frankly, having different friends with different mindset is much more entertaining rather than sticking to one group. Not that she doesn't have any in her own group, she has quite a few if she recalls. Though, she doesn't go to these meetings often as she hates just sitting there listening to everyone yap about the same thing, not like she could go to this one.

She walked in her room and up by the wall is a huge painting of explosive colors and several different events happening all at once. Her eyes scan over the canvas as her heartbeat increases and her mind is racing into a frenzy. A melancholy scene that implodes with creativity and a colorful piercing image with vivid pictures that creates an artistically destructive scenery. It gives a prickling sensation down Tsuki's body, it was just simply, "Beautifully chaotic." Her voice was to a whisper, placing down her glass of wine, "Right mom?"

Tsuki got this painting in the human world, another reason why she fancies the humans. They have magnificent imaginations.

Her ears twitched as she frowned. She looked behind as she saw a glowing orb, a unity crest before her. She sighed, clicking her tongue in irritation. This broke her enjoyment time as she was just starting to relax into her own world. She was needed. As her frown deepened, she crossed her arms. This didn't make sense. Did the council not make a decision? Frankly why would they, she knew they wouldn't get anywhere with their constant feud. It reminds her of the humans in a way.

They must have come up with something, besides a solution, if they needed her. Why else would they need her? "Fucking crap.." she muttered. She couldn't refuse anyway as she was teleported there already, her body disappearing in seconds. She came to a hall and sighing once again she walked into a room. This was not how she planned her day. She saw a few people there, and she recognized them. Sooner or later her sister walked in and she rose her brow. Giving her a small smile she looked at the centaur explaining to them what will happen. She looked at the people chosen and noticed a leader will be attending with them, but not a leader from their side. Tsuki wasn't sure if this was a tactic but chose not to delve into it. After all, it's all equal votes anyway.

"This should be intriguing," she muttered under her breath.
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