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By the looks of things only Alicia had heard anything about the beds being the only one responding to her question. Andreana agreed with Alicia’s answer, meaning there wouldn’t be crazy co-ed sleeping. The Yatsu guy seemed plain crazy while the [i ‘multi-guy’] Ra seemed way too shifty. Sharing a bed with one of female members was definitely a way better option than with anyone of the guys, even though both DRF members wanted an absolute genocidal slaughter on the humans. Not to mention the feathers and the problems those brought.

By this point the desire for alone time had been brought up to boiling in Andreana. This group was a whole bunch of stress points, and she in no way wanted to feel hissy-fitty at everyone.

Taking advantage of the small distraction being Ylva berating Ra and Yatsu for their mindless stunts, Andreana dropped her stuff in a corner and slipped out of the room in silence. She wouldn’t be surprised if no one noticed the exiting, but eventually someone would notice the absence of one of them.

She took the elevator back downwards. While they’d been going up Andreana had catches a glimpse of what appeared to be an indoor water bath with many humans, and some places where humans congregated. The pools were understandable, what animal didn’t like swimming, but those other places were the curiosity.

Walking through the doors and into the watery place, the atmosphere changed in a switch. Instead of the soothing quiet of the lobby there were the gleeful shrieks of the little ones as they jumped in causing cascades of water to splash on the wet, rock hard floor. Feet pitter-pattered as some of the little ones jogged around, careful to not fall or run into someone or something. The older ones also swam or sat in the pool, not with the same energy as the younger ones, while others lay sprawled on long, white chairs.

But it was the places where the humans stood and congregated, mostly dry and talked which sparked Andreana’s interest. Upon arriving she was greeted with what could be described as a bar. There was a specific area where one could purchase alcohol and tables for sitting down behind on chairs. Walking up Andreana perused the available selection, going with one of the beers.

Payment was easy with the issued card, the beer delivered in a glass cup with ice shortly after. Sitting down behind an empty table, before even managing a sip someone bumped into her. Andreana looked around slightly irritated, the culprit not even saying sorry. Shrugging her shoulders, she drank the beer. The ice prevented fast drinking since that cold felt uncomfortable if exposed for too long a time.

After finishing the drink, Andreana stood up and left. She needed some quiet time, and hopefully everyone had sorted their shit out.

While walking back she began feeling drowsy, even giving off a yawn. There couldn’t be anyway she was this tired, nothing stressful on a large schedule nor any hard labor had occurred the entire day. But another yawn and dropping eyes seemed in contrary with that thought.

Andreana hurried up, reaching the elevator and frantically pressing the up button while falling deeper into a stupor. As the doors opened she wedged herself in between the opening gap and looked for the panel with the buttons.

The last thing she saw was that panel before flopping gently against the floor of the elevator, the world slowly turning into a cold, quiet and dark place.
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Before he could even leave the commons area Ra had received a good earful from the Valkyrie, all of which as mortals would say, went into one ear and out the other. While yes he would admit he could have been paying far more attention then what he was at the time, but there was no point in yelling at them now over what was already done. And threatening to put it into the report only made the male stifle away a laugh. She for sure did not know she was speaking to a leader of the faction she claimed to be apart of.

Taking to the room he had placed his things upon one of the beds that were in the shared room. Of course it was a sad thing that Death wasn't coming along for the ride, but it meant that Ra and Yatsu had to stick together even more so then before as it meant they could easily be pulled into the girl activities of shoping and the like. Shivering from the distaste he went into the bathroom and noticed its old Japanese style bathhouse. A good set up mostly, accept for the shower was very modernized with the rain like overhead drop and the waterfall shower heads on all three walls and lined with a clear glass didn't help either.

Stepping in he let the day's worries just melt away from his human physical form as the water ran down his body. It would do no good to be in a constant state of panic or worry about things. Washing himself he placed some "lazy" cloths of a Tank-top and sweatpants on instead of the normal three piece suit he wore. He had went to bed and fallen into a more meditative place instead of genuine sleep.

Waking up he placed on the lazy cloths from the day before. Pulling on his headphone he went into the kitchen and started cooking while dancing like a crazy person and no one was watching.

Finishing he turned around to see everyone staring at him with odd looks from various parts of the commons. [b "I was just cooking. I know we said we needed to get to know one another, but Food is an important part of actives also. and I'm sure none of us bothered eating before we started this trip, so I'm sure some are hungry. Especially sense its breakfast."] Sliding onto plates with food already on them he finished off by holding his hand up. [b "Breakfast is served. I didn't know what everyone liked, so I went through the cook book and started making things."]

On various plates were Eggs, Bacon, Ham, omelets, pancakes, toast, and in different bowls oatmeals of all kinds, cereals and fruits.
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On Alicia's way out of the bedroom, Andreana brought up a point about the beds. She was used to sharing space with her cousins. They all found comfort wrapped in their own wings anyway. So, she didn't even think about that wasn't clockwork for everyone. [#c99013 "Yes, that'll be fine. Splitting the beds 2 and 2 will work well. I've already put my belongings on the bedspace closest to the window. So, I'll sleep there. How the rest is split is up to the rest of you. I usually decide by first come first serve in claiming a spot."] Making eye contact with Ylva as well, [#c99013 "Is that okay?"] She didn't see Tsuki at the moment. Hopefully that was fine with her too.

Turns out, she was in the main room just heading into the bedroom with her bag. However, that was when the rest of them were doing the reverse. The guys' were already out there and Ylva didn't miss the chance to reprimand Ra and Yatsu. Yatsu was bad enough, but Ra… They lucky they were gone authorities arrived, however that was still evidence…. Very public evidence. [I [#c99013 "Was something like this what Uncle Ren was concerned about?]] After Ylva stormed off into her room Alicia also said something to the two of them. [#c99013 "I agree with Ms. Grimhildsdottir entirely. Let's at least be discreet. I have them out in here, but I'm not going to walk around in human view with my wings out. I'd really like to, but that'd jeopardize the entire mission. What if that attracted unwanted attention and we had to be pulled out?"]

Suddenly, Tsuki's face scrunched with a wince as if she heard something loud and abrupt. Neither Alicia nor anyone else heard anything despite being in the same room. As Tsuki looked out into nowhere…. Alicia recognized it as Tsuki's expressions changed as if she was defending herself in a conversation. It was telepathy. Someone from the Council must be giving her a difficult time with something. They probably didn't like her reaction to the random voice suddenly booming through her skull.

Alicia and her cousins were telepathically berated enough times to know how it looked on the outside and felt personality. Their elders could be brutal. Uncle Ren often used telepathy to help Alicia calm down and refocus after being scolded for 'not trying' during shifting sessions. Not trying was one of the softer phrases they used. So, she understood how easy it was to react to someone entering your head and taking control of the dialogue.

Tsuki sighed and put on a sad smile for everyone. Although Ylva went into the room, she still told everyone that she had to go and hopefully will be back. Even if she didn't, she hoped everyone would start getting to know each other and get along. Tsuki then went around to hug everyone, saving her sister for last. After their moment, she walked off.

Yatsu seemed dazed from the whole thing. His eyes and focus were no longer present until he snapped back as Tsuki went towards the girls' bedroom area. Her he honed in and darted after her, saying for her to wait and she couldn't just leave like that. As a portal opened for her departure back, he ended up tumbling into it after her.

[#c99013 "Let's resume our little meeting tomorrow."] Alicia went into the room shortly after that tear in space closed up as if it was never there. Ylva was still there, but so were three boxes with notes on them. There was one resting not only with Ylva but on Alicia and Andreana's spots too. Alicia approached hers… It was from Tsuki. She even bought presents for everyone…

Not too long after, a soft hum started up out of nowhere and then abruptly stopped. If she didn't have heightened hearing, Alicia wouldn't have noticed. It was another portal. They had a new teammate, hopefully two. Regardless, Alicia needed to go fly somehow to clear her head after everything.
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[font "Times New Roman" [size14 Ylva rolled her shoulders a little bit, almost as if trying to get a kink out of them. The lack of her many wings was refreshing, but wholly unnatural to her. The supernatural creature before her, it's name being Yatsu, didn't look to be the brains of the group. And being of the Peace Pact... [#ebb923 Maybe I could sway him to join us. Wait. Why is he looking at me like that?] A confused look crossed her face as she shook his hand, not quite understanding that she was being hit on. Before she could ask any more questions, they were joined by a woman who looked to be right off the cover of one of those "romance novels" she had heard about. After a quick introduction, she smiled gently to the newcomer. [#24f0d1 "Greetings, Chikushou and Kazeki. I heard mention of a rendezvous?"]]]

[font "Times New Roman" [size14 At that moment, something called for her to look over her shoulder. She had felt this sensation a million times, but the tingles always made her alert. [#ebb923 Even someplace like this? Humans are truly barbaric. We must take over to end this non-] Looking over her shoulder, she watched through the windows of the shop as a large metallic thing smashed into R&R, the operator of the contraption becoming wounded. The loud grinding of metal on metal, glass shattering, and the wheels locking in place. There was no way in Helheim that went unnoticed. To the Chikushou, Kazeki, and the newest arrival, a spunky looking raven haired woman, Ylva's eyes would've changed from their usual gold to an icy blue-white before she turned to look. Meeting her eyes would send a chill down almost anyone's spine, as if they were being hunted. The eyes of a Valkyrie preparing to pass judgement was a sight foretelling of imminent death.]]

[font "Times New Roman" [size14 [#ebb923 That imbecile! If they just endangered this mission, I'll personally escort him to Helheim!] Quickly turning back to Kazeki, the rush of battle filling her body with what felt like unlimited energy, she spoke in hushed tones. [#24f0d1 "Kazeki, please lead the way to this rendezvous. Post haste, but inconspicuously. Humans do not waste time reacting to dangerous scenarios."] She glared daggers at R&R as they hypocritically criticized Chikushou.]]

[font "Times New Roman" [size14 Following another newcomer, this one a cute little blonde female they entered into a "hotel" and secured lodging. As she entered the "elevator", she thought about how human inns and taverns must've evolved greatly. Stepping out into a spacious room, she could only marvel at how such lowly humans could've constructed something so grand. Though her thoughts were soured by the look of the beds. They looked so stiff, and small compared to what she was used to. Returning to the main room, she rose her voice in a very authoritative and commanding tone. [#24f0d1 "Ra, what in the All-Father's name were you thinking?! Do the words 'undercover mission' mean nothing to you?! Are you attempting to make a joke of the DRF? We have been given this mission, and I will not tolerate failure. Am I understood?"] She turned her eyes to the other male in the room. [#24f0d1 "That goes for you too, Chikushou. These incidents are going into the report. Please don't make me do stuff like this again."] Her voice softened for the final sentence, and she made her way into the girls room after her not so little outburst.]]
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Retrieving the brown belt was easier than slicing cake. Andreana already knew where they were, no time lost in locating the rack with them, taking a minute to browse through the varied selection. She couldn't locate a brown coloured belt to suit her fashionista pallet, but there was a black coloured belt with a few metallic silver spikes. Moving it from the rack and closer to the eyes Andreana gave a quick lookover before speed walking to the checkout and buying it.

Coming back to the informal group gaggle there appeared to be a newcomer, but the number stayed the same. Andreana swiveled her head around, all the Peace Pact members present and accounted for but not the same for the DRF; This new female, Ylva with some unpronounceable last name, replacing the dark edgy guy who'd disappeared without a sound.

And then came the time for finding a place to stay. Though the feeling wasn't shown on the face, Andreana did feel pride in Tsuki as she navigated their group through the confusing mess of a city and to a fancy lookin hotel. Yes Tsuki might be the youngest and most childish, maybe except for Yatsu, but because of all those drunken outings she'd managed to gain street knowledge which none of them held.

Andreana definitely needed some more one-on-one moments with Tsuki, only now realizing the time gone by and missed.

And just to rub it in further, not on purpose, Tsuki easily acquired a room along with keys to access it. It would not do well to hang up on this feeling, the past already had gone its course. But the future, one could change the future.

As they travelled upwards to their room Andreana spotted water inside the building with many humans either surrounding or inside it. That needed to be examined, but maybe later since kersplatting against the ground from jumping was a bad way to go out.

In Andreana's opinion she dislikes their room's aesthetic. She enjoyed the more natural aesthetics, hence her room looking like the middle of a forest, all this artificial stuff just too bright and dead. No room for life to take hold, bloom and grow. But she might as well adapt to this lifeless form since most humans lived like this, the creatures they'd been sent to study.

[+purple "So since the female's are split half-and-half, then maybe the beds should be shared like that?"]
  Andreana Elenora / NorthernWolves / 314d 9h 49m 46s
Already accustom to their voices Ra had shifted his body weight against the counter as he heard the loud show off of a samurai from the peace pact side of the group man handling a table as rumors flew around the shop quickly about him across the street in another shop. Doing what the humans called a high five to the face the creature started headed towards Yatsu to stop half way across the street. Seeing dust in his eyes and having a load noise blaring in his left ear he saw that it was a car, but indented like it hit a wall of some sort. From there an ever annoying growth of chirping from the humans that exited the car with the ruby red liquid of blood running down his arm and a bit of his face. Screaming something about his car and how Ra shouldn't have been in the way, but his body language more seemed dazed and confused how the creature came out unharmed.

Was the cause of the dent him? Probably but it didn't matter to the less then amused Xirn. Closing the gap between him and the entrance to the shop the small group was forming in Ra heard Alicia introduce herself, along with a questioning of the other creature's name like she wanted to make sure she pronounced the other women's name correctly. Ylva Grimhildsdottir, He had heard of her before, she was a Vlykrie and like her sisters worked along side death in collecting the souls of the dead, their job however had more description to it and more requirements. Of course it was also still a very active job.

Stepping up next to Alicia a smile across his face. [#0a71d1 "Hello Lady Ylva. I am Ra. Also a member of the DRF. This makes four of us, but where have our other two companions seem to have disappeared to?"] turning to Yatsu he motioned with his finger the downward motion. [#0a71d1 "You know that lifting tables is not a sport for humans. So you man handling the thing like its a feather isn't keeping us hidden."] Had completely forgotten the extensive damage he himself did to the car in the street the male took a seat that had not been picked up and pulled a water bottle from the bag he carried and took a few sips.

Ah water from the Springs of Morkar was refreshing to the supernatural, but if a mortal was to get ahold of it they would feel revitalized almost like the peak of their body's abilities. It was a sight the xirn did not wish to see...a second time. Taking a few of the clothing he had gotten Ra had followed his fellow super naturals to the hotel they would be staying at.

At first the words seemed confusing to what was going on he would catch a few here and there in the other languages of the guests around but it was being spoken to fast to or low for even his own ears to get them all. Ra had felt more comfortable when the party returned with keys to the room. Cramming himself inside the metal box and hearing the creaking made him wary and very claustrophobic which made it even worse when the box started moving. Grabbing the railing he kept his stone face, but inside his gut was wrenching left and right and into knots.

Getting to the penthouse room he felt more comfortable to be in the open space of the shared commons area. The only separation was males and females slept apart and their bathrooms were also separate. [#0a71d1 "That puts it four of you in one room and myself and Mr Yatsu in the other."] Looking to the other male of the group he nodded. his agreement to the idea.
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Tsuki delayed announcing her plans when Azrael asked for a moment and walked back through the store. This gave Alicia's mind a moment to run. Despite quietly enjoying the clothes, Alicia still couldn't get used to not having her wings. They've been with every moment of her life. Although it may sound reasonable, that fact was odd since Tengu were able to transform. Yet, there were a couple of reasons for that.

She'd hate to admit it, but transformation was always a struggle for her. Not wanting to hide her wings was honestly a secondary reason to it. Bringing her wings in and out was something she should have mastered when she was little. She eventually stopped trying. Without taking the time to practice transformation, she exchanged it to excel in other abilities.

Regardless of how she had played it off, missing out on other transformations was embarrassing. However her failure over the mere basics was evident. These consequences ate at her pride. [#c99013 [i What kind of tengu had to have some adhesive spray suppress their wings?]] She couldn't go through the whole trip so shamefully. Here in the human realm, she needed to explore without feeling so trapped and having this weighing over her.

Getting her thoughts back on track, Alicia noticed she couldn't locate Azrael at all anymore. So, Alicia started scanning through the store to see if she could locate their missing angel. She ended up finding Yatsu making his purchase. The cashier properly had some fear in his eyes after Yatsu picked up the table. For this feeble species, such a simple task was almost impossible without aid. She disregarded their conversation to return to her search for Azrael, just to find Andreana rushing back through the store as well. Judging by how she went right by entire racks, she seemed to be looking for something specific to add to her clothes. Alicia made sure to keep an eye out for her as she continued her own search. She didn't want to lose track of two teammates.

Although he was an Angel of Death, Alicia was getting worried. They wouldn't have him escorting souls during this mission. So, it didn't make sense why he would suddenly disappear. If those subnaturals did something to him… This mission would conclude very he l early with their entails scattered around. Her gaze went back to Yatsu as an unfamiliar figure approached him.

Alicia left Ra and Tsuki to make her way over there, cautiously surveying what was around them and herself. The figure finally walked out of the maze of clothes racks and reached Yatsu. She had long silver hair and wore what was called 'business attire', at least based on the signage in the store. After hearing her introduction to Yastu, Alicia finally relaxed a bit and walked over to them. She was taking over for Azrael. Even if something happened, that meant the Council stepped in and have Azrael back.

When there was a break in their conversation, Alicia asked, [#c99013 "Excuse me for interrupting. Ylva Grimhildsdottir, right?"] She noticed a moment before saying that that Yatsu was in the middle of flirting, but Alicia didn't feel too bad. He could easily continue during their upcoming meet and greet. Relocating to their space away from humans was her first priority. She could ask about Azrael then. [#c99013 "It's nice to meet you. I'm Alicia Kazeki, also from the DRF. We're about to regroup at the place we'll be staying. So, I'm glad you arrived now."]

When everyone was set to leave, Tsuki took them to a place referred to as a 5-star hotel. She stepped up to a long desk with multiple humans behind it and started talking to one. A minute later, she was back with key cards for their suite and rooms. They entered a cramped metal box that uses cables to carry people up and down the building. This 'elevator' took them to the top floor.

The doors opened directly into their living quarters. They walked into an open room with a table and chairs and a kitchen sectioned off to the back with a bunch of metal appliances and drawers. On each side of this area was a door. Tsuki explained that one room was for the girls and the other was for the boys. Each room had their own bathrooms, but the rest was shared. Tsuki really knew how things worked here. While everyone was looking around, she picked up this bulky combination device and ordered for a bunch of drinks to be brought up.

While Tsuki did that, Alicia went to the bedroom the girls were sharing. There was a window at the back of it. It was already nighttime. The soft glow of the moon beckoned her to join in the skies. Looking down, the tree leaves danced to a light breeze that flowed through. Instead of the artificial cold air being pumped into the room, She could almost feel the cool, refreshing air around her. She decided to back away from the window. There were two beds that seemed big enough for two people to be comfortable.

There was a little pamphlet on a small table with pictures and diagrams about different styles for rooms and what they came with. Apparently this suite had two king size beds in both rooms, fully-equipped kitchen, comfortable seating and amenities, three 40" flatscreen TVs and complementary WiFi. There was more, but stopped reading after whatever that WiFi thing was. [#c99013 [i So these are beds sized for kings?]] According to the paper, there were also queen and twin sizes.... Humans were so backwards... After setting the brochure back onto the table, she walked over to the windows again and closed the curtains. In order to mark it, Alicia set her bags next to the closest king bed on the side that faced the window. Although she wanted to go outside and fly, Alicia took out the Blend spray at set it on the nightstand to her right. It wasn't safe to go out, but she'd at least breathe in the room. She wiped off the Blend, instantly freeing her dark wings from its suppression. It was so reassuring to have them. Finally taking in that they were on the Surface, she sat down on the corner of her spot. With that moment over, she went into the living area to meet up with everyone and start their group meeting.
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[center [h3 Valkyries and Demons]]

[center [b "Salutations fellow human being" Yatsu turned while he looked the women over with a light laugh. He wasn't exactly subtle but the way she was talking? Yatsu found it hilarious and a bit charming too. He offered a light whistle with a grin as he shook her hand.]]

[center [+darkred A replacement for that stiff huh? Guess that puts in different factions huh? Doesn't mean we can't get a friendly drink together though huh?]]

[center [b He didn't have a defined loyalty to the peace corp. Honestly how he felt about humans? He wasn't even entirely sure he was half human after all but that hardly affected his preference either way. He grinned at Ylva though it was meant to be a flirtatious grin it came off a bit insidious with a strange aura. Maybe if one was perceptive enough they could tell he was checking her out not trying to eat her. Though on a surface level? He almost looked like he was more so trying to pick a fight rather then take her out for a drink.]]

[center [+darkred Hey the names Yatsu Chikushou but Yatsu's just fine! A pleasure to make your acquaintance Ylva!]]

[center [b After shaking her hand aggressively he stretched his shoulders out. Regardless if he'd be going alone or not he was dying to go out and get some Sake.]]

[center [h3 OOC]]

[center [b Sorry if the post is a tad short been a bit since I played Yatsu so trying to get back into character!]]
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[font "Times New Roman" [size14 Ylva stretched her wings and back as she made her way towards the Hall of Divine Retribution. Having been one of the original Valkyries, most of the Norse pantheon knew of her, as did most of the other Valkyries. As she approached the Hall, Valkyries, Tengu, Jötunn, and even a Serpopard fled her path. Whispers fluttered through the frigid air about her being on a war path. Passing a skin walker, she made her way into the Hall. Looking towards a very regal looking Tengu male. [#24f0d1 "Renkoku!"] Her voice boomed across the Hall, conveying her annoyance and frustration. [#24f0d1 "Why in Odin's name has all of Azrael's duties been dumped upon myself and my ladies?! You know Valna has been worked to the bone. During peak war season, no less."]]]

[size14 [font "Times New Roman" Renkoku merely stared at Ylva as she brought her production his way. His posture was composed and his eyes were steadfast with authority and reason. [#85f067 "Ylva. No need to worry. Azrael had to be recalled to his post due to some unfortunate circumstances with his replacement. You are the most qualified person to take this on in his stead."] Renkoku did not need anymore complications. He was already on edge with the nature of this mission as much, if not overshadowed by the personal risk involved. Azrael's failed replacement sent everything into utter chaos, and more was still being added. He took a deep breath that came out almost as a sigh. [#85f067 "As for Valna and the rest, the outcome of this mission will be a determining factor in their upcoming workload. So this, not only lies in your jurisdiction, but will be in your favor to have a hand in it."] He paused for a moment to let her ponder his words. [#85f067 "Nevertheless, the decision is final and you'll be leaving at once. Cieron will direct you from here."]]]

[size14 [font "Times New Roman" Receiving the news with grace, Ylva nodded to Renkoku. [#24f0d1 "Thank you, Renkoku. I shall depart immediately."] After getting instructions to Cieron, and a written set of new orders to give to Azrael, she turned on her heel. Making her way out of the Hall, she flapped her wings and took off towards Cieron. After a short and concise discussion with Cieron, and a quick spray of the Blend, Ylva found herself on the surface world.]]

[size14 [font "Times New Roman" Watching humans walk around, not killing each other was kind of refreshing and unsettling in it's own right. For over a thousand years, all she had seen of these creatures were their blood thirsty and wrathful side. Attempting to ignore them, and her senses not alerting her to nearby deaths, she made her way into the store. Hunting Azrael down wasn't that difficult, especially with that hell hound of his. Giving him the orders from Renkoku, Ylva got a quick briefing and rundown as to what the plans were currently, before heading off to do a little shopping for herself. Not quite sure how these things worked, she wanted to make it clear to the other five representatives that she was here on business, not for leisure.]]

[size14 [font "Times New Roman" It took Ylva a bit, but she found what she was looking for. In a shop a few stores down, they were selling formal wear. The man behind the counter was more than happy to assist her, if only to get the oddly dressed woman out of his store as soon as possibly. Ylva didn't mind it though, as she didn't want to interact with such a lowly being any longer than possible. After taking some quick measurements, and choosing a style, she was brought out five jackets, each with matching blouses and skirts. Handing the man her card, she watched as the lowly being pushed some buttons onto a box, and jumped a little as it beeped. Seeing the man not react to the beeping, she relaxed a little, watching the numerical value increase with interest. Not quite understanding the connection between the number displayed, she vaguely heard the cashier mention a "sale", and the number decreasing. Handing over the plastic card when prompted, she completed her purchase. Borrowing a changing room, she quickly changed into a white blouse, black skirt, and black jacket. Gently taking the rest of her clothing, and a briefcase which she bought quickly, she headed towards the front of the other store.]]

[size14 [font "Times New Roman" That was when she spotted the odd looking human lifting a table with one arm. Coming to the conclusion that such a person not only being supernaturally gifted, being in this general area, and not being a part of the representatives were very low, Ylva made her way over to the musclebound creature. [#24f0d1 "Salutations, fellow human being. I am here to replace our companion, Azrael. My name is Ylva. You may call me Ms. Grimhildsdottir."] She offered the creature a handshake, as she was informed was a customary greeting Topside.]]
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[center [h3 Start Of A Journey]]

[center [b "So this is the human world huh?" Yatsu wouldn't struggle fitting in. The only thing was his right eye being of demonic nature. It seemed the humans had ways of changing eye colors sure... But the way it appeared? Maybe that couldn't easily be explained away? Except.. The council had ways of hiding such things it appeared.]]

[center [b The first thing Yatsu wanted to do? Was get a drink. Perhaps it was the wild swordsman in him but he was curious if humans had found anyway to grow stronger since last he met one. His father was a strange case who used to combat with the demons. needless to say his father's thoughts on the matter changed when he met Yatsu's mother. Still Yatsu was curious... He was here as the peace corp though wasn't he? He shouldn't be trying to pick any fights with "Tough" opponents. So a drink it was! The others however seemed more curious to get clothes.]]

[center [+blue Nice Samurai outfit man! Is that Edo period?]]

[center [b A man called to Yatsu as he strolled. He chuckled lightly offering a simple wave but no exchange of words. So that's how his outfit appeared? An edo period "Samurai" he's heard of Samurai and the code of Bushido. It was a class of warrior like many others he respected. The "weapons" these cosplayers had? Along with their "armor" seemed... Impractical and frail. "It must be ceremonial yes?" than again he understood some of humans from his childhood. The humans liked to dazzle and wonder on the supernatural. Despite not knowing it truly exist.]]

[center [b Yatsu didn't ponder on it long. It was hard for an idea to keep his attention long. It seemed they had been given the humans currency to make purchases such as clothes. Yatsu had gotten nothing but long jeans both torn and not. With a few plain T-Shirts, he barely even paid attention to all he got he'd look later as he packed it tight into a suitcase. Yatsu looked around the store before finding a nice marble table.]]

[center [+darkred How much for this? Hmm.. Maybe I shouldn't.. But I like the style. I could just carry it till we find a place..]]

[center [b The table was rather large and unwieldy and the shop keep had only tilted his head. Yatsu had grabbed the table with one hand lifting it up under his arm. Even by other supernatural creatures standards? Yatsu's physical prowess was immense. On the negative side he couldn't wield or cast magic. Even by Demon's standard Yatsu's never met one with more brute force than him. The shop keep had stammered a bit as Yatsu blinked tiling his head confused.]]

[center Your.. Oh I get it! Your a magician right? Is this for a new tv show? You guys get me every year but this takes the cake! How'd you do it?]

[center [+darkred Magician.. You have magicians? So you can use magic now huh..]]

[center [b Yatsu put the table to catch up with the others. Interesting.. If humans can use magic now? Maybe they weren't so hopeless. Was this part of the mission? To learn such things? Maybe he should tell the others of the "Magicians" he's learned about. First though.. He grinned looking back to see Andreana was going back for more.]]

[center [+darkred I see she's enjoying the humans shops well huh? Isn't strange how many humans try to mimic the appearance of her and Tsuki? The ears and the tails? Do they mourn not having such things? I for one enjoy not having either one in the way. So how about we look for a tavern and get a drink?]]
  Yatsu Chikushou / ShieldHero- / 1y 46d 4h 8m 7s
The land of the humans, the upper world. It was a change of scenery to the usual supernatural world which somehow badly coexisted under the natural world. Whether the change was for the better was debatable, on the one hand you had something different to look at while on the other hand you were living within a society where people had an aptitude combined with a high tendency for violence. An interesting combination, existing in a world which had beauty but every second faced the threat of total annihilation. And there was the question their group of six, seven if you asked Andreana’s opinion, had come to solve, whether by convincing the humans or going exterminatus on them.

Now Andreana had in the past traveled to the human world so she wasn’t completely lost, but those inter-world travels had been few and mostly consisted of visiting various temples and churches to have theological discussions with human priests, popes, and whatever other name for all the religious positions there were. If one wanted a long and interesting debate about the religions of the human world then Andreana would be the best bet amongst the group, but that was her limit of the understanding of the human world.

Andreana eyed around, meticulously scanning everyone and everything as her nose took in the smell of the place. The humans, every single one of the what seemed millions of them, wore costumes which either have them an animalistic appearance or something even Andreana could not comprehend. Even though her understanding of the human world was shitty, Andreana knew enough that this place hosted one of those human things where they dressed up completely out of the norm. A good starting location to find more suitable clothing to help blend, for the six, [i [+purple Seven you idiot narrator]], looked out of the ordinary and being in a place which was all about existing out of the norm would divert all suspicion.

And now they were issued a quest, to get some more suitable clothing. Evidently inside this building no such clothing could be bought, the only clothing in this place would be helping in making oneself look even more out of the ordinary instead of more ordinary. This meant walking outside of the building and exposing all six, [i [+purple Seven!!!!]], as looking out of the ordinary. But that didn’t mean anything, it appeared as if the people outside the building who hadn’t or couldn’t get inside enjoyed watching those inside come out.

They all followed Alicia’s lead, the six, [i [+purple SEVEN, not six but SEVEN!]], entering the same clothing shop. That’s where they split up, each finding their unique taste in human fashion to wear.

As Andreana walked around, her curiosity focused on a particular set of clothing. [+purple “Interesting and curious”], clothes which purposely had holes in them. Andreana felt them over, the smoothness of the countless pants and T-shirt’s interrupted by sudden holes. She nodded her head, accepting the curiosity to wear these purposely, partially destroyed clothes. Picking out six, [i [+purple Sev...]], please excuse me for a moment.

[i If you continue to be triggered by the word six, I will shut your mouth.]
[i [+purple You wouldn’t dare. ]]
[i Oh I will. You are causing me great annoyance and distracting my audience from what I am trying to write. Interrupt me one more time and you’ll be silenced faster than snapping fingers to wipe out half-a-world’s-worth of population.]
[i [+purple ...]]
[i Good]

Six pairs of pants with holes, three pairs of blue jeans and three pairs of hiking jeans, and six T-shirts, all with various metal band logos. Before leaving, the council centaur had given them each those plastic card things which humans used to make purchases, giving the six of them exactly the same way to purchase things. Along the way to the cashier register, Andreana snagged a baseball cap, all black with a silver hellish design to go all with the rest of the clothing. All these clothes made the cashier mention something about a punk girl, which Andreana did not want to pursue for it sounded as if a ‘punk’ wasn’t exactly a good thing. But Andreana didn’t give a damn because she was no ‘punk’, whatever the word meant, she was a dangerous priestess.

After changing out into a pair of jeans, a single hole around the right knee, and into one of the T-shirts, Andreana joined the others to discuss what would happen next. Before the next word could be said, Andreana ran back quickly to buy a brown belt for humans usually wore belts with the blue jeans.
  Andreana Elenora / NorthernWolves / 1y 55d 15h 21m 36s
Pride, that was his sin and that would be forever his vanity. Ra knew of it and so did the other council members. Of course his unlimited knowledge on the world around them meant that he had a slight up on the other members of the group. Even with that access to the human world Ra kept to himself on tendencies and those who's jobs would force them to come here to the world were other matters. The Angel of Death, And the more frequent visits of other members; it was to be expected others would have more insight into the specifics of areas they would visit while on their travels. Ra had a vast knowledge indeed, but not into minor details such as language, frequented spots and areas to avoid during the day or night or even areas to avoid all together.

Appearing at the front doors of the convention the group at first went in to walk around only to have several point them out and guess what it was they were trying to "cosplay" as. Many Guessed Ra had dressed up to be the character Harley Quinn the King of the Fairies. It had mostly bothered him to know he looked a lot like the little bugger who he hadn't seen in nearly three centuries much less spoken to the thing for differences in opinion on important matters. Before he could say a word the others were off towards the exit and hopefully to a more peaceful part of the mission and away from all the eyes.

It wasn't until the Xirn had ran into one of his companions that he noticed she had stopped. Rubbing his noise a little bit he followed Alicia's gaze and had it fall upon nothing less then Wings. Brutal...Savage creatures humans were Harvesting things from creatures that had no way to defend themselves from humans and even less to defile them with paint and god knows what else, even less to have them glued back together to form the wings that were on the person's back. Watching as the person made the wings move through some kind of mechanical works set inside the wings themselves he had half a mind to go up and rip them right apart, but like Alicia kept walking as it was better if he did not.

Having the odd feeling crawl up his spine across his sholder blades where scales and wings alike would be began to settle in the back of his head Ra closed the gap between him and the others as they went into clothing stores close by. The store owner made a comment about how they must have just come from the Con looking up and down the group at their clothing and how he could understand why they would want to stop and get "normal" clothing instead of walking around town in their customs all day. Paying the shop owner no heed the creature walked around the male's section to find what he was looking for. His usual attire while within the human realm, the suits. Of course instead of dawning on his usual business man full three piece suit he instead put on some black jeans that would work just fine if they had to fight or run. He also placed upon himself several different shades of button down shirts only to settle on two black, one white, and a silver gray tone. As he walked towards the counter to pay for his items he picked up one more thing, a crown of sorts or a wreath of golden wire shaped in the form of vines.

Placing all his items on the counter the shop keeper rang up all the items and looked towards Ra. [b "I hope you found everything to your liking. We have limited dress cloths, but I'm sure they look nice on you."] Nodding he paid for his items and stepped into one of the dressing rooms like Alicia had. Glad with his choice of cloths Ra took a wet rag and wiped away the Goo that was left over from the mist spray they had used. It felt good to have his wings free for even a moment. Shifting his body around his wings folded into his back with a few popping noises coming out of the dressing room he was changing in. Having now his wings tattooed on his back the only notable difference was his eye color was now a golden hue instead of a natural brown, hazel, or amber.
  R&R fused / Colorful_insanity / 1y 59d 6h 25m 17s
This was it. The Surface. The land where those humans dwell. The place that cut down her father. Yet, here she was among them, with their smiling faces, dressed as if they were some form outside of their kind. Though, that was putting things nicely. The outfits looked as if they were made of low quality scraps. Their weaponry looked so easy to snap in half, one flick of her pinky would decimate them all. [i 'Was this some sort of mockery? A mere ruse to make themselves feel more powerful? These creatures and their arrogance...']

They would gaze at one another from far away, pointing, smiling and laughing. Many of them gathered together in little pockets. Some would separate to join other groups and use this rectangular device and face it towards each other. It looked really awkward to keep and hold. The bulky thing was about the same size as their entire hand. They all had one too… [i 'Is that a new human requirement?'] They always kept it somewhat accessible. Maybe that was some type of mass system they used to control the collective.

Listening in, none of it was in nt'gri. Of course it wouldn't. There was no way mere humans would know the unidimensional language common among all supernaturals. As she continued to pay attention to them, she began to feel this soothing energy flow into her. She could feel how it started from the bag gently resting along the side her back, then traveled along the strap that crossed to her opposite shoulder, up her neck & made a home within her mind. As they continued to talk, Alicia could understand them. This enchanted backpack was teaching her their language—Spanish.

Alicia was wondering if the rest were experiencing this as well. However, Tsuki was sharing that she knew some things about this area and could find place for them to stay in. Deciding it would be a better topic for their gathering, she didn't bring up the language thing.

They agreed to look around before heading out. Azrael also suggested they get new clothes to blend in. Alicia added [#c99013 "That all sounds good. We can also get a better idea of our environment and take note of any spots to check out later on. It's convenient to have you here, Tsuki."]

Continuing through the convention, Alicia noticed some humans walking around in colorful fuzzy encasements with enormous weird-looking eyes and features that could at best be described as animal inspired. The more she saw, the more she noticed how much their ‘cosplays’ varied from one another. There were even some wearing bright capes and holding signs.

As she listened to their comments about each other, she heard them getting excited to see ‘a good Capt’ or arguing about who another human was supposed to be. When it came to comments about her group, it was a lot of the latter. They kept trying to identify what they were supposed to be and each kept defending their guess. Of course, no matter what their minds could come up with, it'd be wrong. Yet, they were all adamant that they were right. It was funny how flustered they got even though they were all wrong. Funny, but not. Greater versions of that were why they were here.

Since Azrael said the clothes sold at the convention wouldn't work well outside of it, they made their way to the nearest exit. On her way out, she noticed two distinct cosplayers with poor excuses of wings strapped onto them. The were just painted feathers adhered in the shape of wings… bird feathers. Those were actual bird feathers! Those subnatural ingrates defiled so many of their pride and joy, and morphed them into [I that] like it was nothing. How many died for this? They're not even as trophy pieces, just senseless debauchery.

She stared them down, ready to tear out their throats. There was no way they got all of them from molting. Humans were too greedy and crude for that. Just like— Alicia looked away from them & continued out the door with the rest of her group. She couldn't afford to finish that train of thought. Back. To. The. Mission. Back to. The mission. [I Or there wouldn't be a mission to go back to.]

They didn't have to go far before finding suitable shops. There were a few stores to look through and these clothes weren't going to make them stand out. Alicia's main goal was to find something bearable where her back could be out. Although her bare skin felt weird without her wings, it would be worse to feel trapped by having it covered by fabric.

Surprisingly, they had workable options. There was this deep orchid colored dress with ribbons for sleeves. The front stretched just below her neck and wrapped around while the back of the dress ended along the middle of her back. The skirt went a bit past her knees and had enough material to flow in and out as it wrapped around . So if she needed to run or jump, she could without being impaired.

As she continued to look, she noticed that they called tops that close off around the neck were called halters. During her search for more halters, she found a 'jumper' that also matched it. It was both a shirt and pants in one. The jumper was black with countless narrow streaks surrounded by small strokes of white, powder blue, and aqua. Each one reminded her of flowers stretching out along a tree branch. The top of this one scooped to the top of her chest and had long thin straps that tied behind her neck. A wide strip of fabric was set around her waist to adjust the fit, also done by tying. The legs of it went straight down, but the outsides were slit open, allowing for more air, room, and convenience.

Including some 'strappy sandals' and a few other items, Alicia liked what she found. It would be weird to admit it, but she it was hard to deny. Humans could make some nice outfits. She grabbed a few variations of certain styles, and headed to the counter. Although she could understand what they were saying, Alicia hadn't tried speaking yet. So, when the worker asked if she found everything okay, Alicia attempted her first reply. It was a bit awkward and it felt weird, but the words really came forward.

There wasn't any dialogue until after the transaction ended. He thanked her for shopping as he handed her the 'receipt' and a bag of her new clothes. She tried speaking again, [#c99013 [I "Is there a place to change?"]] It sounded more natural since she had a better idea of what to expect. He directed her to use the changing room or the bathroom. She wasn't ready to visit where humans relieved their waste. She would go in if she needed to for some reason, but that wasn't the case. After entering the fitting room, she changed into that jumper she tried before, wanting to leave the dress for later.

After everyone finished and met back up, she took note of everyone's style. It was interesting to see what they all chose. As they headed out, she turned to their most capable guide. [#c99013 "Hey, Tsuki. Did you something to drink or are we going to have to find some alone the way? Also, does anyone have a food requirement?"]
  Alicia Kazeki / Yoruneko / 1y 62d 7h 45m 41s
Most of the group seemed to agree with Tsuki’s idea, and Azrael was no exception. “Remember to keep an eye out for more appropriate clothing while we explore. We won’t exactly blend in outside of the con.” Azrael said.

He looked down at himself. He was still wearing his large black robe, which would certainly not be appropriate for their mission. He felt a little ridiculous in it now, even at the comic con, where people wearing ridiculous outfits was encouraged. The robe was out of place, but it wasn’t as if he could escort people to Death’s door in sweatpants. His job earlier that day seemed very far away now.

Azrael was used to suppressing his natural appearance in the human world but this was his first time using the Blend. His wings were of course fully hidden but there were more subtle changes as well. His true eye color was disguised, going from solid black to a much softer brown. His skin lost its grey hue and as a result he looked more alive and he looked human.

The group wandered around the comic con for a bit, taking it all in. At first, they were mostly silent as they walked through the convention among the humans. In their own individual ways, they were adjusting to the transition from their world, to the less familiar human world. Azrael had done it countless times, but every location brought something new. He hadn’t spent much personal time in Bogota, so he was relieved when Tsuki spoke up.

They didn’t have much luck finding any suitable clothing at the comic con. There were t-shirts and costumes but they needed more than that. Azrael suggested they move on and search for shops outside of the con. They stayed near the convention center though so that they wouldn’t stick out. They found several shops with clothing that would suffice for their mission. Azrael purchased one formal black suit, as well as some more casual clothing. He changed into his new clothes before he left the shop. Now he wore a pair of dark jeans, a black t-shirt, and a button-up shirt that he left open to look more casual. Of course, his robe had to come with him one way or another, so he stuffed it in one of the clothing bags he’d gotten from the store. They were beginning to look more like tourists with all their shopping bags and their matching kit bags that Cieron had given them.

Now that their disguises had been taken care of, it was time for them to secure a place to stay. What came after that, Azrael did not look forward too. Drinks were fine, but it was the expectations that came along with it that worried him a little. They would finally sit down to attempt to figure out how they worked as a team, and what was needed to be done to drive the mission forward. He was eager to make progress, but teamwork was not exactly a skill he had needed to perfect in his line of work. Fortunately, it seemed like some of the others were more skilled in that area. This knowledge reassured Azrael as Tsuki led the group to the place that they could stay.
  Azrael / Aangskate / 1y 178d 18h 12m 53s
[center [h3 Setting Out]]

[center [b Yatsu had the others prepare and head through the portal. Yatsu had decided to pass on the spray. All he had to hide was his red eye and he did that with his hair. If needed he could hide it with an eye patch. As for the black markings? He could write that off as tattoo's easily enough. Even though Yatsu's father was human he didn't know exactly a ton about them. Probably more than most demons but that didn't mean much really.]]

[center [b He saw the foxy woman had given the dark-haired male some reassurance that he would fit right in. Even though they were part of different factions she seemed kind to the man all the same. Well, Yatsu didn't feel the need to exactly be nasty to the other side. He wasn't even exactly sure where he stood despite his placement. He knew the old man had something to do with this like when he was first spared ages ago. What was the reason though? Yatsu had decided to not think about that as he saw the woman use the spray herself. Her rather attractive tails and ears were at the blink of an eye gone. Yatsu had walked up right beside her as she started talking about a plan to get some drinks and get to know each other. He had nodded agreeing with her but he had decided to comment on the spray she had used.]]

[center [+darkred It's a shame the humans can't appreciate your more... Foxy attributes.]]

[center [b Yatsu had given her a playful grin this time, less threatening than the last. He hadn't meant to before and really hadn't realized it. Though he may have seemed like he was just hitting on the girl. That was also his way of sharing he didn't enjoy her and the others had to hide who they were. Funny considering he was part of the peace corp huh?]]

[center [+darkred I'll gladly take you up on those drinks. I wouldn't mind taking the chance to look around and see how the humans spend their time.]]

[center [b He said agreeing with her plan she seemed to have an idea of what to do. Yatsu was glad it meant it wouldn't be up to him to come up with an idea. So far everything she said seemed pretty reasonable. Yatsu almost felt bad that he really didn't wanna go on this mission. He was more suited for combat missions. The last thing he could go around doing was going around slicing people up. He'd have to find other ways to spend his time. In a way, it was a simple mission, right? Just observe the humans and give his honest opinions on them. It seemed there was a lot of rules about not losing things and such but all in all it didn't seem too bad. This mission would only be stressful if you really had strong beliefs one way or the other. So Yatsu thought maybe it could just be a fun vacation though he wasn't the type to let himself get rusty and lay back and relax. Even so taking one break couldn't hurt right?]]
  Yatsu Chikushou / Knight- / 1y 200d 10h 51m 52s

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