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[h3 Storyline:]
The humans are at it again. Another World War is brewing and this could easily mean the end of all life on Earth. This time, the supernatural community cannot just watch it unfold from the sidelines. Within this society of various creatures, monsters, specters and more, many are divided on what to do about this imminent threat. Two factions in particular uphold the leading solutions for this. One is the Peace Pact Faction, which is create peace and equality through diplomacy among the paranormal and humans to rid this world from the notion of war. The other is the Divine Retribution Faction , which believes the humans are incapable of being anything but destructive on their own and need to be enslaved in order to learn their place.

Both factions want to live in peace, but ultimately have different viewpoints on how to achieve it and find the other idea idiotic. The Peace Pact Faction calls the those from the Divine Retribution Faction DVRs, DV from divine & R from retribution. DVRs record and playback things that have already aired and the Divine Retribution Faction wants to enslave the humans. Since slavery is an extremely old concept, this would be like calling their solution a rerun. In exchange, the DRFs call the Peace Pact Faction members peace preachers.

Ultimately the leaders of the society have decided to send 3 representatives from each faction to go out and investigate the proper course of action. Once they've reached a decision, the rest will move accordingly. Time is of the essence & each representative must keep in mind that the humans have no clue they exist.

[h3 Rules:]
1) Minimum cursing
2) Romance is fine, but it's not the main thing in this rp
4) There will be a posting order, and if you don't post within a week you are likely to be skipped. If it may be longer, just communicate that & we can work something out. Stuff happens.

[h3 Skelly:]
If you're interested in joining, pm me a filled out version of the skelly below

[b Puppet-master:]

[b Character's Name:]

[b Character's Picture:]

[b Gender:]

[b Age:]

[b Supernatural Race:]

[b Faction:] Peace Pact or Divine Retribution

[b Personality:]

[b Role in Faction:] This is pretty much why your character was chosen to represent. In other words, what does how does your character stand out from the other faction members? For example, having some connections to the faction leader, being an active force in the cause in a specific way, having a huge following of creatures that support the way you go about spreading your factions cause, etc.

[b Misc:] If there's anything else that needs to be known, put it here.

[h3 Cast:]

[b Peace Pact Faction: - FULL]

Puppet-master: NorthernWolves

Character's Name: Andreana

Character's Picture: [pic]

Gender: Female

Age: 24

Supernatural Race: Wolf Hybrid

Faction: Peace Pact

Personality: Most of the time she's calm, collected, and very thoughtful. But when she's on her spiritual journeys, don't disturb her or else you might find yourself facing a wrathful priestess.

Role in Faction: Andreana is a priestess, who preaches the path of negotiation and non-violence. She has built up a pretty strong following, especially from those who had participated in previous wars and knew what sort of destruction happened during the wars.

Misc: When she goes on her spirit journey, one of her eyes goes to a lilac color while the other one stays the same light blue. She also grows very sharp claws over her fingers.

Puppet-master: ProcrastorMastor

Character's Name: Most know him only by the rather obvious title of "The Goblin" However he has been known to simply go by "Golby" at times.

Character's Picture: [pic]

Gender: Male

Age: 32

Supernatural Race: Goblin

Faction: Preachers / Peace Pact

Personality: Golby exhibits a curious and adventurous nature and attitude to most every situation, crisis and obstacle he encounters in life. Rarely is he seen without some sort of goofish grin or otherwise ecstatic expression on his face. He isn't the kind of person to hold a grudge and heavily believes that anyone, no matter how twisted or far gone, can be redeemed.
While Golby expresses an outward dislike of inciting violence or getting caught up in it needlessly, he can also sometimes be prone to using it as a first measure against acts of hostility towards himself or friends.
He lives strongly by his own code and often talks fondly about the "Old Man" who raised him.

Role in Faction: Due to his incredible affinity and nigh mastery over manipulating lightning magic and deceptively formidable combat skills, Golby is a mash up of something of a battle-messenger. By channeling bolts of Lightning through his legs/feet Golby is able to blaze through the sky leaving a trail of electricity behind him disguising his movements as a natural phenomenon. It allows him to travel to and fro key Preachers bases to convey vital information or quickly assist those under attack.

Misc: While he operates and does help enforce the flippant ways of Peace Pact. Golby harbors more resentment towards mankind than he would care to admit, not to the extent that he wants harm to come to them, but he also recognizes their capacity for destruction and corruption as a threat to all supernatural kind.

Puppet-master: [ tw-ache]

Character's Name: Roh Medlin

Character's Picture:[pic]

Gender: Female

Age: 24 years old physically; 225 years old realistically

Supernatural Race: [ Siren]

Faction: Peace Pact

Personality: тaмe; тнere ιѕ a degree oғ naιveтe and ιnnocence тнaт ѕeeмѕ ιnтrιnѕιc тo нer ѕocιal ғυncтιonѕ, ιт ιѕ noт a мaттer oғ вeιng υnιnтellιgenт, ѕιмply мore aѕ ιғ ѕнe ιs ѕo υттerly ғocυѕed and ιn love wιтн нer own world тнaт тнe worldѕ oғ oтнerѕ are oғ мagnιғιcenтly lιттle ιnтereѕт тo нer. ѕo тo мany land-dwellerѕ, ѕнe мay ѕeeм ιgnoranт or υnĸnowιng. ѕнe ιs ғree oғ мany oғ тнe careѕ and worrιeѕ oғ lιғe тнaт we мιgнт eхpecт. нer ιnnocence and roмanтιc naтυre leadѕ aѕѕυмpтιon тoward вeιng eaѕιly мanιpυlaтed, вυт caυтιon ιѕ warned ιn тнaт once dιѕcovered, ѕнe can вe vengeғυl. wнen ѕнe ιѕ in good spirits, ѕнe can be extremely affectionate with one another, to the point of making others nervous or uncomfortable.

Role in Faction: Roh exists in both the demonic and human world as she chooses. Being a siren has it's ups and downs. She can blend in seamlessly with the humans or choose to look upon them from the waters. Even though she is a siren, she wasn't a normal siren, she didn't feed among the men, she fed among the already dead. It was something her parent's didn't approve of, but she felt better causing no harm. She has a variety of abilities that help her complete tasks given to her, or to simply help someone out

Misc: [pic] This is her mermaid/siren form. Her tail extends to about 10 feet long

[b Divine Retribution Faction: - FULL]

Puppet-master: YoruNeko

Character's Name: Alicia Kazeki

Character's Picture: [pic]

Gender: Female

Age: 24

Supernatural Race: Tengu

Faction: Divine Retribution Faction (DRF)

Personality: Very protective of the entire supernatural community, proud, willful, finds being carefree as a luxury but enjoys the calming feeling of flying in the air

Role in faction: Her uncle is one of the DRF leaders and she’s been an impactful voice to the people to take their place above the humans. Since the humans can’t ever find harmony among themselves, Alicia truly believes that the best way to save their world is assert their superiority and keep them in check.

Misc: Besides the community, her wings are her pride and joy

Puppet-master: Aoki-chan

Character's Name: Earth

Character's Picture: [pic]

Gender: Gender neutral but leans towards being male.

Age: 250

Supernatural Race:Dragon

Faction: Divine Retribution

Personality: Selfish, lax, quick to assume

Role in Faction: Earth wants to reclaim the lands of the humans. Watches humans interaction with the forest and is disgusted by it, so he believes it their time to return to leading the humans to the right path.

Misc: 3 forms: female and male human and dragon.

Puppet-master: kirito

Character's Name: Aiko

Character's Picture: [pic]

Gender: None

Age: Lost count after 659

Supernatural Race: Demon

Faction: Divine Retribution

Personality: Joker, he laughs at everything and treats everything as a joke. Being one of the main demons in hell he has tortured so many souls his mind went nuts and treats most as insects.

Role in Faction: Got recruited after being cast out from hell, his methods of torture were too personal, and for his own entertainment. Needless to say, the faction took a liking to him for the simple reason of being exiled from hell. A demon... exiled from hell for being "too impulsive." was a good point in the curriculum.

Misc: Don´t piss him off.


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