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Alice heard his breathing change as he woke up. It was only a few more minutes until she heard him speak to her. "Hey." She replied as she turned and glanced at him while trying to hide how she was feeling, though it was obvious she failed since Lucas noticed something was wrong. Feeling his hand touch her back in a soothing manner she just shook her head as she looked past him to what remained of the people from their town. "It's nothing really. It's just clear that not everyone escaped from the fire." She said softly as she looked at all the drawn in expressions and tears from the people that were here. Alice didn't want to speak about her brother. It was still registering with her and she wasn't ready to openly talk about it.

Looking back to Lucas she focused on him hoping he wouldn't push it. "If your feeling a bit better I recommend trying to drink some water from the river." She commented as she glanced past him again seeing someone else had made it from the town. "I would have brought you some, but there aren't really any cups lying around." She added trying to lighten the mood a bit.
  Alice Woods / MushroomTurtle / 1y 305d 3h 8m 20s
Lucas soon woke up once again, noticing that Alice was sitting right next to him. "H-hey..." He repeated what he had said earlier. His voice sounded much stronger and clearer, although still weak. He looked at her face as she turned to look at him, seeing the mixture of astonishment and sadness. "What's wrong, Alice? What's troubling you?" The expression on his face turned into worry. Despite his decreased strength, the Drake reached over and pat Alice on the back soothingly.
  Lucas Mui (Shadow Drake Ver.) / AskTheStaff / 1y 305d 3h 14m 56s
Alice glanced to Lucas again and noticed he had gone back to sleep. Smiling a bit she got up and stretched before glancing at him once more to make sure he was okay before venturing around the clearing. She used her nose to see if she could find her brother's scent. It wasn't until she got to a mother with a child that she paused. Both were covered in soot from the smoke and smelled like they had been close to the flames. Seeing their tear stained faces and how they held each other gave her what she needed to know. Her brothers scent was strong on them both and as she walked up to them, the mother looked up. Alice recognized her an owner of a bakery that had been down the street.

"I'm so sorry Alice. Your brother, he saved us and had gone back in for my husband. Then the next thing we knew the building started to collapse and they..." The bakery owner didn't finish before she hugged her daughter again and fresh tears fell from her eyes. "I'm glad your both safe." Was all she could say and the realization settled in for her. Her older brother was gone, the remaining family she had, was now buried under debris with the shop owner. Feeling numb she ventured back over to where Lucas lay and sat down with the back to him as she stared out at the river. Alice could hear his breathing was even and he was going to be okay.
  Alice Woods / MushroomTurtle / 1y 305d 3h 21m 16s
Lucas nodded slowly as Alice explained things to him. Afterwards, he looked around and watched all the other people moving about. They were all scared...hurt...and probably much more. "T-thank you, Alice..." He stated gently as he tried to settle into his spot, resting up. The Drake lightly yawned and took in his surroundings once again before closing his eyes and falling asleep.

In his own mind, Lucas saw a group of glowing auras. It was definitely some kind of dream, but he wouldn't realize what it meant until much later. During the dream, he suddenly saw all of the aura's go red and then disappear...leaving behind a red liquid that appeared to look like blood. That was the last thing he saw in the dream before everything went dark again. Throughout all of this, he appeared to be sleeping calmly.
  Lucas Mui (Shadow Drake Ver.) / AskTheStaff / 1y 305d 3h 29m 18s
Seeing to his minor wounds weren't infected she failed to notice that Lucas was coming to. When she heard him talk to her she looked up at his face a bit surprised. "Hey there. You shouldn't talk much your throat is probably raw from the smoke you breathed in while you were trapped." She commented as she took the piece of cloth off his forehead just so she could dip it in the river again before putting it back on his forehead. "Just relax and take it easy." She added with a small smile. Alice was a bit shy and was never sure how to act around others, but she knew she should be strong at the moment since many of the others seemed to be lost or out of it.

Glancing back in the direction of their town, her light brown eyes took in the smoke that was still hanging above the area they fled from. Since they had been there a few more people had arrived, but it also seemed like a lot of others hadn't made it. Looking back over at Lucas she decided he wasn't in any danger of infection. "You should rest a bit more." Alice said lightly as she glanced up again as she tried to see if anyone else had gotten away since her older brother didn't seem to be here and she hadn't caught his scent either since she got here.
  Alice Woods / MushroomTurtle / 1y 305d 3h 37m 33s
Although Lucas had been unconscious, he could definitely feel himself being lifted up and to a safer place. Soon, he also felt something wet being laid on his forehead. It was a few more minutes until his eyes fluttered open and he saw Alice in front of him, tending to his minor wounds. "H-hey, Alice." He said gently and weakly, not having much energy from the entire ordeal that had just happened.
  Lucas Mui (Shadow Drake Ver.) / AskTheStaff / 1y 305d 3h 46m 55s
The smell of burning flesh and the sound of others screaming filled Alice's senses. The flames were hotter then any flame she had ever felt and the color was the traditional color of a fire. Though her mind didn't have time to ponder this over as she tried to help others get away from the burning buildings. Continuing to run between the burning buildings she noticed a figure stuck under debris of a fallen home. Alice headed for the figure as they seemed to reach out to her. Getting closer she realized it was Lucas.

Seeing he had passed out she tried to see how much debris was on top of him. Gritting her teeth she braces herself under some of the debris and using all her strength moved it enough that she could pull Lucas out. Seeing no severe injuries, Alice tried to pull him away from the fire just as some people were running by trying to escape. Luckily they came over and helped her get Lucas away as they quickly headed out of the village. The town was close to a river and everyone seemed to be heading there to take in who may be missing. Helping set Lucas down by the river, Alice went to the clear stream and ripped the end of her dress to soak it in the water. Wringing it out, she went back to Lucas and laid it on his forehead as she looked around to see who had made it.
  Alice Woods / MushroomTurtle / 1y 305d 9h 31m 49s
The last thing Lucas could remember was a glowing flame...and something burning. Now, he was half-passed out on on the ground with debris all over his body. People of the town were running this way and that, screaming for their very lives as the entire town burned. The Drake had no real way of moving...and couldn't seem to get anyone's attention to receive help out from the trap he was in of the collapsed house.

Suddenly, even with his dimmed vision and disoriented mind, Lucas thought he could see someone he recognized. He reached out his arm slowly with what strength he had, watching the person run towards him. That was the last thing he saw before he fully passed out.
  Lucas Mui (Shadow Drake Ver.) / AskTheStaff / 1y 305d 18h 3m 3s

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