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"Do I remember anything? Well..." Lucas closed his eyes for a few seconds, trying to remember what he could. "I remember a strange kind of aura...and then everything had suddenly started burning seconds after I saw it." He sighed, nodding his head. "Yeah...that's all I can recall."
  Lucas Mui (Shadow Drake Ver.) / AskTheStaff / 2y 191d 4h 11m 29s
Looking back over at him she nodded. "It was definitely an odd color. "She stated agreeing with him. "I was close to it when I was trying to get you out." She added. She continued to watch him seeing him thinking it over. "Do you remember anything before you got hurt?" She asked curious to see if he may know anything about it.
  Alice Woods / MushroomTurtle / 2y 191d 4h 14m 43s
Lucas listened to her intently, taking in every word. Suddenly, she had said something about the fire's color. "Wait...the color of the fire? I thought I was just hallucinating when I thought the color of it was wrong..." He was now very interested in the subject of the fire, thinking about it as he spoke. "So...you really think the fire looked wrong as well? I truly thought I was the only one..."
  Lucas Mui (Shadow Drake Ver.) / AskTheStaff / 2y 191d 4h 21m 10s
Alice felt him look at her, but didn't say anything at first. She was grateful he didn't pry, she didn't need anyone prying at the moment. Watching the sun finally vanish as the night fell she glanced at him as he spoke up about what to do. Looking away from him to the others around them she noticed they were beginning to help one another and knew that the town would band together. "Well it seems everyone is considering going to the neighboring town and staying there until everyone figured out what to do." She stated before looking back at him. "I do not know what to do either besides going with them to figure things out." She added as she looking away from him as she thought things over. "Could go back to the town and see what's left is another option, but the fire was not the right color. So I don't think there will be anything left there." Alice was at a lost herself as she pondered their options.
  Alice Woods / MushroomTurtle / 2y 191d 4h 25m 0s
Lucas looked over to Alice, clearly seeing how she was holding something back. He decided not to pry at her, though...since he knew of how she dealt with grief. He looked back up at the sunset until it finally ended, bringing the beginning of the night. "What are we going to do now?" The Drake repeated solemnly as he glanced to Alice. "Both our families are gone and now we only have each other. What are we going to do?" He repeated it yet again, almost praying for an answer.
  Lucas Mui (Shadow Drake Ver.) / AskTheStaff / 2y 191d 4h 29m 47s
Alice continued to sit where she was and felt a little off once Lucas let her go. She didn't mean to make him feel like he had to, she just wanted to make sure his throat would heal up alright and drinking water would help that. She looked over at him as he drank from the river smelling the pain still radiating off him. Alice didn't stare for long before looking to the sunset again and trying to sort her own emotions out though she still felt nothing, but the numbness that was blocking it all out. Grieving was something need to heal and to do to remember someone, but Alice didn't feel like grieving at the moment. It would be something she let herself do once she was alone. That was just how she was, it had been the same when her parents had passed on and her brother worried about it. He worried about the fact that she could shut it all out and not let it faze her. Now he was gone too and she was not ready to accept it. Alice glanced at Lucas as he came back over and sat down to look at the sunset too. Before turning her tired gaze back to it.
  Alice Woods / MushroomTurtle / 2y 191d 4h 35m 57s
Lucas hesitantly let go of Alice, not really wanting to let go of her but having to anyways. "T-thank you for your understanding...I appreciate it." He said as he went over to the river slowly and cupped his hands together, dipping them in the water. Afterwards, he lifted his hands and brought the liquid to his lips, drinking it. The Drake did this multiple times before returning to Alice, some tears still trickling from his eyes. He set himself down next to her, looking up at the ironically beautiful sunset. After a long moment of silence, Lucas spoke up. "What are we supposed to do now...?"
  Lucas Mui (Shadow Drake Ver.) / AskTheStaff / 2y 191d 4h 43m 6s
Alice slowly felt him begin to calm down though the tears didn't stop. She couldn't blame him though. Her wolf wanted nothing to do, but to mourn her own lost. So she continued to hum as she let the drake cry out his pain and frustration. Once he quieted down further and she felt him relax ever so slightly did she stop humming to speak. "I'm sorry Lucas for your lost." She said softly, not sure how else to say it. "You're still recovering though too and I think you should really try to drink some water to soothe your throat." Alice didn't want to be mean though either as she sat there. "Take your time though, I am in no rush." She added not minding that they sit here as she watched the river and the sun that had slowly gone down and cast a sunset that would have been breathtaking id not for the tragedy that had happened.
  Alice Woods / MushroomTurtle / 2y 191d 4h 49m 41s
Lucas continued to let the tears fall down his face as he grieved over his family, unable to speak for a while. Once Alice started to hum, The Drake slowly calmed down over time. He still sobbed, hugging her tightly. She was now the only person he hadn't lost...even if she wasn't family. Eventually, his breathing was much slower and he was much calmer...even though he was still crying. "T-thank you..."
  Lucas Mui (Shadow Drake Ver.) / AskTheStaff / 2y 191d 4h 54m 9s
Alice watched him still not sure how to help as he clutched his chest and kept whispering that he didn't know. She could smell the salt wafting from him as his tears started to fall from the agony of losing his family. Seeing them she saw how he was grieving in a way she couldn't. All she felt was a numbing pain in her chest that left her detached from what was happening around them. Suddenly Lucas was hugging her as he cried on her about the realization of what he lost. His emotions and everyone else's were thick in the air that she could almost taste the pain, agony, fear, sorrow among many other emotions. Alice had stiffened when he hugged her, but relaxed after a moment seeing that he needed it. She hugged him back as she tried to find a way to help soothe him. Only thing that came to mind was doing what he mother used to do when she was scared or hurting. Alice started to hum a soft tune of a lullaby she knew as she continued to rub his back.
  Alice Woods / MushroomTurtle / 2y 191d 4h 59m 12s
Lucas continued to clutch at his chest, feeling the agony of his family ties being completely obliterated. "I don't know...I don't know..." He said, tears welling up in his eyes. Unlike Alice, he already had full proof that his family was dead...since the feeling in his heart confirmed it. Lucas quickly pulled himself up and hugged Alice, putting his head over her shoulder and crying. He may not seem the most emotional on the outside...but he is actually one of the most emotional dragons out there.
Alice watched as he tried to explain the pain and what was wrong. She knew every species had a unique tie to their families. Dragons were no different and as she looked up once more and tried to see if anyone he knew was here. Alice could tell no one was here from his family meaning the pain he felt was the pain of losing them. Continuing to try and comfort him she glanced once more to the broken town wondering what had cause all this pain and suffering. The fire just happened and was suddenly everywhere. Now they were all hurting since it seemed everyone was missing someone. Alice had no idea how to help soothe him besides just rubbing small circles on his back. "Is there anything I can do?" She asked. Not really sure if there was anything she could do as she watched his pain.
  Alice Woods (Wolf Form) / MushroomTurtle / 2y 191d 5h 9m 25s
Lucas couldn't really explain what was wrong when the pain in his heart was so excruciating. His breathing became quick and shallow as the feeling continued to get worse. "M-my instinct of connection...to my family..." It took a few more seconds before he could speak again. "It feels...broken...shattered into tiny pieces..." He went into a coughing fit for a small while. "This is the same way I felt when my Dad died...except worse..." The Drake had no idea that more than one of his family members had died, which was the cause of the increased pain.
  Lucas Mui (Shadow Drake Ver.) / AskTheStaff / 2y 191d 5h 13m 37s
Alice appreciated him not pushing it. Her wolf wanted nothing to do, but to run and keep running, but her human side restrained the wolf and instead tried to deal with it as it was. She remembered how it was when she lost her parents, so she knew she could handle this too. Getting up, she planned on helping Lucas to the river so he could get something to drink to soothe his throat. As she was helping him to stand his emotions seemed to change before he clutched his chest and sunk down on the ground. "Lucas whats wrong?" She asked as a bit of fear entered her voice not understanding what was happening. Kneeling next to him she put a hand on his back as she tried to figure out what was wrong.

Alice wasn't dumb she knew he had family too. She had seen him around before and knew him from living near him. Looking around again she felt herself go a bit cold. She had been so busy looking for her brother that she didn't notice anyone from Lucas's family being in the area as well. Looking back at him she tried to figure out what to do as she stayed beside him with a hand on his back.
  Alice Woods / MushroomTurtle / 2y 191d 5h 49m 2s
From the tone of Alice's voice when she had mentioned 'not everyone making it out of the town', he understood what she was talking about. "It's alright, Alice. I won't push the subject." He said gently, continuing to pat her on the back...trying to calm her.

Suddenly, Lucas had a horrible feeling in his heart. No, it wasn't health related...not even close. However, this feeling was actually the connection he felt with his family members as they lived. It was a dragon thing that others wouldn't understand at first glance.

Instantly, The Drake clutched his chest and had to kneel down with one of his arms on the ground. His eyes widened as realization struck as to why his heart had suddenly dropped so much.
  Lucas Mui (Shadow Drake Ver.) / AskTheStaff / 2y 191d 5h 55m 20s

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