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Alice racked her mind for ideas as they continued to run. She was beginning to feel like she was being dragged behind Lucas as her legs started to give. They were approaching the river they had been at earlier and Alice felt like she was done for as the cold water met them. It wasn't until they were in the middle that she glanced back and after a moment stopped running and tried to stop Lucas. "I....it.stop....stopped." She said panting from running as she pointed behind them to the purple mist figure behind them at the rivers edge. Her legs felt like jello and she used the energy she had left to stay standing so she didn't end up soaked from the water.
  Alice Woods / MushroomTurtle / 2y 190d 23h 11m 47s
Lucas looked over to Alice as she spoke and then back to the aura as they were running. She had been telling the truth...the presence wasn't stopping. In fact, it almost looked like it was getting slightly faster...which probably meant that it was. "What is a horrifying presence out for our souls afraid of?" He inquired as they ran as fast as they could. The Drake didn't have the slightest idea as to how they could deter the aura...and he knew that they would probably both die if they didn't come up with something fast.
  Lucas Mui (Shadow Drake Ver.) / AskTheStaff / 2y 190d 23h 18m 4s
Alice nodded as she followed Lucas's lead. Her wolf was strong, but she wasn't use to having to be a dominant wolf since her brother had been the dominant. It was knew to her so instinctively she turned to the next possible dominate, which happened to be Lucas. It wasn't till the thing started trailing them and then picking up speed that she truly felt scared. If it hadn't been for Lucas taking her hand and taking off in a run she would have probably froze from the fear she felt. Even though they were running pretty fast, she could hear it behind them as well and it did not seem to be slowing down. "It doesn't see to be giving up." She stated as she ran behind Lucas, his strides being a lot bigger then her own. Looking around she tried to figure a way they could lose it. "It has to be afraid of something." She muttered as she looked around.
  Alice Woods / MushroomTurtle / 2y 190d 23h 23m 8s
Lucas slowly followed Alice back, his fear increasing more and more by the second. "Yes, it would be a great idea to get out of here...wouldn't it?" He asked quietly in a hastened voice, seeing how the aura was theoretically looking at them. As they started to walk farther and farther away, the presence slowly trailed them. Soon...after it had figured out enough about the two of them, it's speed increased. It found who it was looking for. "Run..." The Drake said as he turned around, grabbing Alice's hand and leading her into a sprint.
  Lucas Mui (Shadow Drake Ver.) / AskTheStaff / 2y 190d 23h 28m 13s
Alice could hear the nervousness in his voice, but she didn't respond as she watched the wispy figure getting closer to them before stopping before them. Alice felt like she was ready to shift any second as Lucas asked it what it wanted from us. At first it didn't seem like it was going to reply, but then a couple of light blue orbs came from the bakers wife and daughter. They seemed to float there for a second before the purple misty figure reached it's hand out and seemed to absorb the two blue orbs.

"Souls.I need souls." It said in a voice that wasn't a male, but also wasn't a females. Alice took a step back as the malice in the air seemed to intensify and even though it didn't have a real form she felt like it was looking at them to their very core. "I don't think we should stay here." She muttered as she took another hesitant step back. She could smell fear thick in the air before she realized that it was her own fear she was scenting.
  Alice Woods / MushroomTurtle / 2y 190d 23h 32m 35s
Lucas noticed how Alice had moved closer to him...and how the aura was also getting closer. It seemed to be taking its time, which may be a good thing or a bad thing. "I don't know, Alice...but I wouldn't trust it. It was the last thing I saw before my house bursted into flames..." The nervousness in his voice spiked when the aura stopped right in front of them. He wondered what it would do...but had no idea if this was just a simple hallucination or a real presence. "What do you want from us...?" The Drake asked the aura, wondering if it could actually reply.
  Lucas Mui (Shadow Drake Ver.) / AskTheStaff / 2y 190d 23h 46m 11s
Alice heard Lucas and looked over to see him touching a boy who was long gone. Her body felt hot as her wolf rose close to the surface from all of her emotions. This had become the closest Alice has ever come to losing control over herself since she was a learning pup. She could hear the pain in his voice and looked up when he mentioned the aura he saw before. She studied it as it maneuvered though the bodies and seemed to be heading their way. Not sure what it was she moved closer to Lucas as she tried to hold her shift at bay long enough to know if she needed to fight or not. "What or who is that?" She asked a slight tinge of fear had entered her voice as she spoke.
  Alice Woods / MushroomTurtle / 2y 190d 23h 51m 28s
Lucas quickly followed her, gasping at the sight of all the bodies...dead. "They're all dead...every single one of them..." He knelt down in front of a small boy, rubbing his hand against the boy's face. It was cold...lifeless. "W-why...? Why is all of this happening?" He clenched his fist as he stood back up, looking around and noticing a strange purple color in the distance. "A-Alice...that's the...aura I was talking about..." It appeared almost like a presence rather than a mist, having a soft glow as it maneuvered through the multitudes of the dead.
  Lucas Mui (Shadow Drake Ver.) / AskTheStaff / 2y 190d 23h 56m 30s
Alice could started to smell something off. After walking a bit further the scent she caught was something all too familiar for her. Next thing she realized was her body had started to run towards the scent of blood. She could smell so much blood and death the closer she got. She didn't stop till she hit the edge of the town. Only then did she stand still and looked at the mess that was before them. Blood was everywhere as well as the bodies it came from. From the scent and the looks of it all, it was very fresh. Not sure what to do she took a hesitant step forward, but stopped when she saw a familiar figure on the ground. The bakers wife and daughter lay there curled together. Their eyes seemed to be staring in their direction as she tried to protect the younger girl. The people her brother died to save where now also dead. Her mind and body froze as she just looked at them not seeing anything but what was before her.
  Alice Woods / MushroomTurtle / 2y 191d 1m 21s
"Glad to see that we both have the same idea, Alice." Lucas stated as they had first started to walk off into the night, hopefully to reach the next town. Soon, he started to hear her humming the lullaby she had used to calm him earlier. Whatever the melody was...he absolutely loved it. As the Drake walked and looked at his surroundings, the humming was the most peaceful thing of that walk. The night was so beautiful...despite the tragedy that had occurred.
Stretching, Alice nodded to him as she studied him and looked him in the eyes. "I really do plan to find out what caused this." She stated simply. Her eyes held a promise in them and that promise would be to make them pay. This promise alone stirred her wolf up causing a slight growl to slip from her. Looking away she coughed a bit to cover it knowing that he most likely had heard it. "Well shall we go then?" She asked her voice lighter as she walked in front of him knowing that everyone that had survived had started heading to the next town a bit ago. Lucas and Alice seemed to be the last two leaving the clearing, but both were adults and could handle themselves. Alice was happy they had gone, that way all of the kids would get their safely before anything not so friendly decided that they would make a good snack.

As they walked Alice began to hum again more to herself, but loud enough that Lucas could listen if he wanted to. She was slightly in front of him even though she knew he was bigger and stronger then her, her wolf felt protective at the moment and wanted to be able to sense the danger before it happened. But so far the night was quiet and the moon bright as it lit their way. So Alice kept humming the lullaby from earlier as she looked up at the stars.
  Alice Woods / MushroomTurtle / 2y 191d 15m 27s
Lucas grinned slightly as Alice reached over to help him up. He was quite grateful for even as simple of a gesture as that, gladly accepting the offer and standing back up with her help. After standing up again, he brushed himself off as well. "After that, we wake up and find out what the heck caused all of this...right?" The Drake asked, seemingly reading Alice's mind. He had a look of solemnity in his eyes, but there was confidence behind it.
Alice looked over at Lucas and studied him for a bit. She didn't have to tell him that she lost someone today too. She had a feeling he understood without her talking about it. But thinking back he had a much bigger family then her and he lost them all. With how much grief he went through, rest would be a welcomed bliss. Alice herself felt tired, but at the same time she was unsure if she could sleep. Her wolf had calmed down, but now her wolf wanted to know who caused this and to seek revenge for her brother. Revenge was not something foreign either for her, when her parents died, they told everyone it was an accident. In all honesty though her parents had been murdered while out in their wolf form. Alice and her brother went hunting that night for their prey and eventually they found them and returned the favor.

Looking away from Lucas she felt nothing but a need to find who did this and repay the favor for everyone that had been taken today. Standing up, she brushed off her dress and turned to Lucas holding out her hand to help him out. She knew he was bigger then her and weighed more, but she didn't want him to feel alone and her wolf agreed with her and refused to let him think he was. "Sleep does sound good." She admitted and smiled.
  MushroomTurtle / 2y 191d 27m 23s
Lucas continued to sit with Alice in the pure silence of night for a few more minutes, breathing slowly and letting the last of his tears trickle down his face. He looked around, seeing almost nothing anymore except for Alice and the stars up above that were shining bright. There was also the moon, of course. "I guess we should...get some rest and prepare ourselves for tomorrow..." The Drake said gently, although loud enough for Alice to hear him.
Alice listened to him as she watched him. Tucking light brown hair behind her ear she continued to ponder it over. "I Wonder what the aura was that you had seen." She muttered as she spoke what she was pondering over. Looking down at the grass she tried to figure out what the aura could have been and why their town had to be burned down. Alice had remember seeing some odd people around the last few days, but they had all left by today. Thinking back on those odd people she remembered her brother warning her to get nowhere near them, that their scent was full of malice and hate. She had remembered scenting that whenever she saw them, but now she wondered if they had been connected to the fire. Looking up she studied the surroundings across the river not sure what she had felt, but for a moment she though she could smell malice and hate in the air again, but she wasn't sure if she had been imagining it since she had been thinking on it and her mind could play tricks.

The shadows on the other side of the river seemed dark, but she didn't see anything moving or out of place. Now that night had fallen the only light was from the moon and it couldn't reach every shadow that was around them. Alice couldn't help, but feel silly now since nothing seemed out of place and all she could hear was the whispers of the towns people and she smelled nothing off.
  Alice Woods / MushroomTurtle / 2y 191d 4h 35m 15s

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