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Lucas, after seemingly sleeping for decades, finally was starting to stir. His eyes fluttered open and he saw Alice in her wolf form up ahead. He rubbed his eyes, got up, stretched, and glanced around for a few seconds. 'Oh, right...we're still lost.' The Drake thought to himself, remembering what had happened the night before.

The Drake slowly walked over to Alice and got her attention calmly, making sure not to startle her. "Good morning." He stated gently as he chuckled and looked out into the clearing with her. "You look like you've been up for a while...have you looked around while I was asleep?" He inquired her.
  Lucas Mui (Shadow Drake Ver.) / AskTheStaff / 2y 188d 22h 41m 30s
Alice continued to hum softly, but more for herself as she lost herself in her thoughts for a bit. Glancing at Lucas again she watched him for a bit before deciding he was still out. Standing up she decided it was time to stretch in her other form. Untying the tie from the back of the dress she let it fall to the ground before folding it and placed her shoes next to. Her kind tended to never be embarrassed when it came to shifting. They were use to having to be naked to shift otherwise they would ruin their clothes. Letting out a soft sigh she relaxed her body as the shift took over and her form began to change into a wolf. The change was fast and painless and a wolf now stood where Alice had been. Shaking out her fur, Alice stretched and yawned as she looked about and sniffed the air. She was definitely bigger then an average wolf which gave it away that she was a shifter and not a wolf. That was usually the only way to tell the two species apart. Getting up she padded over to Lucas and sniffed him just to make sure he was okay before walking the clearing and getting an idea of what may be nearby to them.
  Alice Woods / MushroomTurtle / 2y 190d 20h 43m 47s
Alice was definitely right about one thing. Lucas [b was] in a deep sleep, completely unaware of any of his surroundings and only being able to feel the comfort of slumber. His breathing was loud, yet slow and calm at the same time. The placidity of the Drake's sleep seemed to almost emanate off of him, even calming Alice to a degree. If only things could always be so calm and peaceful. Sadly, that life was now over for both of them.
  Lucas Mui (Shadow Drake Ver.) / AskTheStaff / 2y 190d 20h 49m 32s
Alice continued to make her way down and once she felt the earth back under her did she sigh in relief and untied her dress. Glancing over at Lucas she noticed he was still asleep and he seemed to be in a deep sleep. Seeing as what happened yesterday she couldn't blame him. Walking around she stretched her muscles and contemplated what to do next. She was still worn out and seeing him asleep tempted her to go back to sleep, but she wasn't sure if they truly lost the aura or not and didn't want to rush it. Sighing lightly, she decided to sit against a tree close to where Lucas was and hummed again but it was a different tune the lullaby.
  Alice Woods / MushroomTurtle / 2y 190d 20h 54m 37s
Lucas' dreams were normal during his slumber, which was an extremely rare thing for him when something bad has happened. He continued to sleep soundly even after Alice had gotten up to scout out the area, his breathing slow and steady despite what had happened. The Drake's eyes were tightly locked shut...and he had no idea of when he would wake up. Then again...he was asleep, how would he even be able to think about waking up in the first place? Either way, Lucas continued to sleep for much longer.
  Lucas Mui (Shadow Drake Ver.) / AskTheStaff / 2y 190d 20h 58m 52s
Alice hadn't realized she fell asleep, but the smell of fire and her brother calling her caused her to wake up and sit up. Looking around she took in her surroundings as everything that had happened came back to her. There was no longer a fire and her brother was gone. Reminding herself of this she glanced up seeing it was dusk and it had gotten a bit chilly. Not letting it bother her she got up and stretched as she scented the air for anything unusual and checked their surroundings again. Lucas was out, but it seemed they both needed sleep pretty badly. Her body still seemed like it wanted to rest more, but she ignored it knowing after that nightmare she wouldn't be able to fall back to sleep. Instead she tied her dress up and decided to climb a tree that seem to be pretty tall. She was curious as to where they were and her dress was already ruined. Making sure the dress was tied in place she began to climb the tree.

Once she reached the top she looked out around their clearing. To her left she could see a bit of the burned remains of their town. To the right she glimpsed another town not to far away, but she wasn't sure if that town had been destroyed too. The houses all seemed intact though from her view point and if she listened really hard she though she could hear the sound of people beginning to move about. Figuring they should head their next she began her descent back down to the ground. Though she had to make sure she watched her footing. A few of the branches she noticed were old and brittle and would break easily under her weight if she didn't watch it.
  Alice Woods / MushroomTurtle / 2y 190d 21h 5m 34s
Lucas continued to sit up for a few more minutes, watching how Alice laid down and slowly drifted off to sleep. He sighed, looking up into the stars yet again and contemplating everything that had happened that day. After a few minutes, Lucas laid down as well...closing his eyes and listening to the serenity of his surroundings. Soon enough, the Drake could feel himself falling asleep as well. It was definitely the one thing he needed after such a long, horrible, and stressful day.
  Lucas Mui (Shadow Drake Ver.) / AskTheStaff / 2y 190d 21h 14m 10s
Alice listened a bit longer to everything around them before sitting down herself. Looking up at the stars she couldn't help, but agree about being lost, but he also made a good point about losing the aura thing back there. Taking a deep breath she exhaled and laid back in the grass. "I would much rather be lost then to continue having that thing following us." She said lightly. Alice couldn't help, but yawn again as she felt her eyes close. She still listened to their surroundings though the best she could not realizing that she was drifting to sleep from being exhausted from all the events of today and that night.
  Alice Woods / MushroomTurtle / 2y 190d 21h 17m 40s
Lucas sat down in the grass, sighing again. He was just happy that they were finally away from the aura for now. "We are definitely lost, Alice." He admitted, slowly looking up into the sky and staring at the stars. "At least we're away from that aura, though..." He chuckled solemnly, knowing that both of them were exhausted. "Should we rest up here and continue our journey in the morning?"
  Lucas Mui (Shadow Drake Ver.) / AskTheStaff / 2y 190d 21h 22m 23s
Alice continued to follow behind as they walked in silence. She could feel how close he was to breaking and she was holding her own breaking point back as she continued to zone out. Once they hit the clearing she looked around to see if she knew where they were. After a bit she just shrugged and yawned. "I am not all to sure where we are or heading. I zoned out a tad. I'm sorry." She said as she glanced about again and fidgeted with her hands. Her nerves were on edge and she couldn't help, but twitch slightly at any little noise now as she tried to listen to their surroundings to make sure nothing was waiting for them. "I don't hear anything out of place." She muttered as she twitched again when a squirrel fled from a bush and into a tree.
  Alice Woods / MushroomTurtle / 2y 190d 21h 26m 20s
The next few minutes were very silent as Lucas led Alice through the woods. They moved about at a decent speed, still shaken up by all of the previous events. The Drake was trying to keep his composure as much as he could...because he wanted to break down from all the stressful events that had happened that day. However, he was holding it back...barely. Soon enough, both Lucas and Alice entered a clearing in between the trees. "Where do you think we are...or where we're going?" He asked quietly, looking over to her.
  Lucas Mui (Shadow Drake Ver.) / AskTheStaff / 2y 190d 21h 30m 48s
Alice watched him take a seat next to her as they both tried to catch their breath. She pondered over everything they just saw and tried to understand what it was. She felt Lucas looking at her and looked over at him to see his emotions seemed to be everything she was feeling as well. After a few moments Lucas stood up and helped her back to her feet. Feeling tired to her bones she followed him further into the forest to put distance between them and the aura. Alice was trying to stay alert as they walked, but her mind was drifting and she was on auto pilot as she continued to follow Lucas as she stayed close to him.
  Alice Woods / MushroomTurtle / 2y 190d 21h 34m 6s
Lucas nodded gently, understanding that Alice was correct. "Yes...we definitely need to get as far away from that aura as possible." He sighed, setting himself next to her. A couple minutes of rest wouldn't hurt...although they would definitely have to get moving very soon. He looked into her eyes, seeing the mixed emotions flowing through them. The same could be said about him. They were both obviously confused, scared, alone...and worried. After a couple minutes of silence, the Drake stood up and helped Alice up as well. "Alright...we should get going."
  Lucas Mui (Shadow Drake Ver.) / AskTheStaff / 2y 190d 21h 38m 14s
"I better be right or we are dead." She breathed as she watched the aura warily. Her wolf was still right under her skin, ready to come out. Seeing it finally leave she heard Lucas let out a sigh in relief,she too felt relief. Enough relief that she went to the edge of the water on the opposite side of where the aura was an sat down as she still tried to catch her breath. "We need to keep moving before it finds a way to come on this side." She muttered as she looked up at him.
  Alice Woods / MushroomTurtle / 2y 190d 21h 43m 15s
Lucas, being stopped by Alice as they entered the water, looked behind them and noticed that the aura had stopped its approach. "You're right...it did stop..." He stated as the misty presence continued to float around the edge of the water for a few more minutes. Soon, it went away...and Lucas breathed a large sigh of relief. "What the heck [b was] that thing, really? Besides the fact that it was an aura...what was it truly?"
  Lucas Mui (Shadow Drake Ver.) / AskTheStaff / 2y 190d 21h 46m 42s

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