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Alice stayed quiet and listened to him as she continued to eat a bit of food and drink he water. Once he stopped talking as well she just decided to listen to the few people in the inn with them to see if she could get any information about what was going on. Though she did feel extremely tired and even though she was fighting it, it seemed like it wouldn't go away. So instead she bit the inside of her cheek and it helped push away some of the sleepiness as she continued to concentrate on the voices around them wondering what they could do.
  Alice Woods / MushroomTurtle / 2y 188d 21h 49m 32s
Lucas stayed silent for a bit longer until a server gave him his meat that he had ordered. "Thank you." He said to the man before ripping a portion of the meat off of itself and eating it. He turned his attention back towards Alice as she spoke, listening to her words intently. The Drake simply nodded to most of what she said, knowing that it was true. "I'm not really sure, Alice."
  Lucas Mui (Shadow Drake Ver.) / AskTheStaff / 2y 188d 21h 58m 5s
"True, but this town is untouched and I don't think they would have even heard of what happened to the other two towns yet." She said softly as she nibbled on her food and had her eyes cast down thinking about it. "I don't want what happened to happen here too." She whispered more to herself as she continued to think it over. "Plus where we could we even start searching for answers?" She asked both herself and Lucas as she continued to ponder it all while stifling another yawn.
  Alice Woods / MushroomTurtle / 2y 188d 22h 1m 45s
"Well..." Lucas sighed and took in a breath for a second or two. "Besides getting some proper rest..." He closed his eyes and placed his hand on his forehead, thinking for a bit. The Drake opened his eyes and continued what he was saying afterwards. "I'd say that we should figure out a way to find the source of that aura that tried to kill us. Maybe someone has some information...and if not, we can go looking for its source ourselves." He coughed, clearing his throat as he ordered a piece of meat. He sipped from his glass of water before waving his hand when Alice offered him some food. "No thank you. My meal should be here any minute now..."
  Lucas Mui (Shadow Drake Ver.) / AskTheStaff / 2y 188d 22h 5m 31s
Alice looked over at Lucas who was sitting next to her. "So what do we do next?" She asked curiously wondering what the next step should be for them. It wasn't long till some water was placed down in front of them. She absently ordered bread and cheese just to get something in her stomach. She was also still pretty tired, but she was too nervous to sleep after her last nightmare. Taking another drink of water she looked at the bread and cheese and started to much a little bit offering a bit to Lucas in case he wanted some of what she had.
  Alice Woods / MushroomTurtle / 2y 188d 22h 11m 17s
As his hand was grabbed, Lucas almost gasped out of surprise. She had taken his hand so suddenly and led him into the nearest inn. The smell of fresh food flowed into his nose and he sighed, desiring some. He turned towards Alice as she went over to some empty seats, watching her sit in one of them. The Drake swiftly moved over to the closest seat near her and set himself in it.
  Lucas Mui (Shadow Drake Ver.) / AskTheStaff / 2y 188d 22h 19m 18s
Alice looked about as they walked into ton. She was trying to see what would be a good building to stop at. She paused as she heard Lucas's stomach growl and stilled a laugh as she continued on. She finally spotted an inn and out of excitement grabbed Lucas's hand and went quickly went to it and stepped inside. The smell of food made her own stomach a little upset as she looked about the inn seeing it was slow and quiet. Sighing in relief she let his hand go and looked for a spot to sit at. Finding one out of the way she went for it hoping Lucas was behind her.
  Alice Woods / MushroomTurtle / 2y 188d 22h 24m 3s
Lucas was extremely relieved to find the town up and going, unlike the ones he had been at yesterday. He glanced around at all of the different buildings, looking for somewhere to eat and get some rest. He knew that both himself and Alice were hungry. Neither of them had eaten dinner...and they hadn't had any breakfast either. As if almost on cue with his thoughts, The Drake's stomach growled a bit.
  Lucas Mui (Shadow Drake Ver.) / AskTheStaff / 2y 188d 22h 26m 56s
"I'm fine really. Just tired." She stated as she started walking again with him. It was the truth though and a lot had happened in the last day. It didn't take much longer to reach the town and as they entered it, it was obvious the town was alive as people walked about going on with their normal day. Sighing in relief she glanced around wondering if there was a tavern here or somewhere they could sit and listen for possible information. "At least this town is okay." She said as she watched some kids run around and play.
  Alice Woods / MushroomTurtle / 2y 188d 22h 31m 1s
Lucas lightly nodded, still worried for Alice. "Alright, I understand. I will not pry." He admitted as he turned back towards the direction they were supposed to be going. "Just...please tell me if anything actually is wrong. We can't afford for anything bad to happen these days." He added lightly as he started to follow her once again. After a few minutes of walking together, they finally reached another clearing and could see the town.
  Lucas Mui (Shadow Drake Ver.) / AskTheStaff / 2y 188d 22h 33m 53s
Alice heard him ask if she was okay and then he stopped her and had her turn to look at him. Looking at him she just shook her head and smiled. "I'm fine just a lot has happened is all." She said trying to ease his worry as she watched him carefully. "We should try to get to the next town soon though and see if we can find some food and maybe catch any information." She added lightly as she watched him.
  MushroomTurtle / 2y 188d 22h 37m 14s
Lucas started to follow Alice, nodding as he agreed with what she had said. "Lead the way, then." He said as they entered another part of the forest and walked. Soon, the Drake glanced towards her and noticed that she seemed very...energy deprived. She looked as if she might pass out in a few minutes. "H-hey, are you alright? Alice, you don't look so good..." He stopped her for a second and turned her towards him. Her face was on the pale side. "Is everything okay?"
  Lucas Mui (Shadow Drake Ver.) / AskTheStaff / 2y 188d 22h 40m 40s
Alice nodded as she pulled a couple of hair ties out from the pocked of her and dress and pulled her hair up into a pony tail. "It's worth a shot to see." She replied and smiled again at him with how he was trying to shift the mood. Yawning again she took a step in the direction of the town and nodded. "It was in this direction." She stated as she started walking hoping everyone was alive. Yawning again she realized she felt very tired and drained as they walked through the trees.
  MushroomTurtle / 2y 188d 22h 46m 16s
Lucas yawned again and stretched once more before noticing Alice move towards her clothes. He was slightly surprised at the fact that she had shifted almost right in front of him, but he tried not to think of it too much. After all, he knew that she was a shifter and that shifters were used to different things than normal people. "So...everyone isn't dead this time?" He said in a half-serious but half-funny tone, making the situation feel a bit different. "If so, I think we should head that way. Don't you think?"
  Lucas Mui (Shadow Drake Ver.) / AskTheStaff / 2y 188d 22h 54m 2s
Alice's ears twitched and shifted as she listened to the sound of Lucas stirring. It wasn't long till he was up and moving about and walked over to her. She looked up at him from her place on the ground. She let out a short bark in reply to his good morning as she watched him look about. Standing up she shook her coat and stretched before walking back to where her clothes sat. Without much thought the sound of bones popping filled the air as she turned back to her human form her back to him and her hair being long enough that it covered her. Stretching again she picked up her dress and slipped it back on before turning to him.

Alice wasn't in the least bit shy and didn't think what she did was wrong. Shifters usually shifted naked so they didn't destroy their clothes, but she tends to forget that non shifters aren't use to it. Smiling, she nodded as she walked back over to him. "There is a village a bit further and I could faintly hear the sound of people and could see some movement." She told him and she yawned a bit.
  MushroomTurtle / 2y 188d 22h 57m 56s

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