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Looking for a couple of partners to get back into roleplaying with. If interested please let me know.


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"Let's go." She commented as she got up and stretched. She headed for the door and then down the stairs to leave the inn they had found. Once outside she figured maybe wandering about would help them figure something out of find someone with information. Soon they came across a storyteller and she paused as she caught the sound of the fire being an unusual color.
  Alice Woods / MushroomTurtle / 1y 289d 23h 45m 52s
Lucas listened to Alice and slowly nodded, understanding what she was meaning by everything. "Yeah...walking through the town sounds like a good idea." He said calmly, agreeing with her. The Drake was glad that Alice was stepping up and being the dominant one for once, since people usually just assumed that Lucas was always the strongest. The truth was...he probably wasn't. He'd do anything to get his mind off of his crowded dreams, so a stroll sounded like the perfect thing to do.
  Lucas Mui (Shadow Drake Ver.) / AskTheStaff / 1y 301d 9h 47m 6s
Alice shook her head and smiled. "It will be okay." She said as she felt his pain. "It isn't easy to deal with losing your family." She added knowing all too well how much it hurt since she lost her parents when she was younger and now her brother was gone too. "All we can do it focus on what's ahead and what we are going to do to help focus." She stated as she thought over things. "We could wander the town and see if we hear anything that may be what we are looking for." She added. She wasn't use to being in charge or being so dominate since her brother was the one to be that way. But looking at Lucas he didn't seem like he could take charge at the time and he was soft for a dragon and was in pain. She was in pain herself, but she was driven for her vengeance over everything else and let that help her move forward.
  Alice Woods / MushroomTurtle / 1y 301d 9h 53m 18s
Lucas sighed lightly and looked up at Alice. "Well, my dreams are troubled mostly due to what's been happening recently. Sometimes my mind still can't accept the fact that my family is dead...and then it doesn't want to think of anything to do to get out of this mess. I just...don't know what we're going to do, Alice." He explained as best as he could, although he thought it sounded stupid.
  Lucas Mui (Shadow Drake Ver.) / AskTheStaff / 1y 301d 10h 6m 44s
Alice watched him as he spoke. "Why were they cramped and troubled?" She asked curiously as she studied him from her side of the bed. She didn't dream of anything herself once she had fallen back to sleep thankfully. Though she would have been happy to dream of the past when her whole family was still alive.
  Alice Woods / MushroomTurtle / 1y 301d 19h 35m 38s
Lucas sighed in relief, glad to hear that she had slept much better. Maybe his prayers had worked...or it was just convenient that she was able to sleep well. Before he knew it, Alice was asking him how well [b he] slept. "Although I slept well, my mind and dreams were a bit cramped...slightly troubled..."
  Lucas Mui (Shadow Drake Ver.) / AskTheStaff / 1y 301d 19h 38m 58s
"Hey." She replied before looking out the window again to the busy streets below. "I slept better that time, thank you." She added as she wondered where to start first. "How did you sleep?" She asked as she went back to her bed and sat down.
  MushroomTurtle / 1y 301d 19h 57m 34s
After a few more minutes of being in slumber, Lucas' eyes slowly opened and he sat up. He glanced over to Alice and gave a slight nod. "Good...afternoon." He said after glancing out the window to make sure of what time of day it was. "How are you doing now?" He inquired calmly as he rubbed at his eyes and got off of the side of his bed.
  Lucas Mui (Shadow Drake Ver.) / AskTheStaff / 1y 301d 20h 9m 44s
Alice continued to sit there as she thought things over and tried to figure out what the best solution would be. Stretching once more she stood up and walked over to the window noticing it was busy in the town as everyone walked about going on with their day. Glancing at Lucas she wondered if he was okay since he had seemed to be sleeping a lot recently, but then again they did go through something pretty rough.
  MushroomTurtle / 1y 301d 20h 14m 7s
As Lucas continued to sleep, he snuggled up into a different position for more comfort. Even during sleep, his mind wondered what Alice and himself should do next. There were so many ambiguous directions they could go with their plans, but how would they know which one would be the correct one? More thoughts scrambled through his mind as he slept, not knowing that Alice was already awake.
Alice looked over to see Lucas was still asleep. Stretching again, she finally sat up and glanced to the window seeing it was only the afternoon. She pulled her hair out of it's pony tail and ran her fingers through her hair as wondered what to do next or where they should look. Walking around would be a start, but they didn't have a guarantee they would find something.
  Alice Woods / MushroomTurtle / 1y 302d 9h 41m 12s
Since Lucas had stayed awake a good bit longer than Alice this time, he was still asleep. He looked quite calm and comfortable in his sleep, his chest rising and lowering slowly. Funnily enough, his dreams were about himself and Alice. It was another one of his little visions, whether he realized it or not. The dream consisted of himself and Alice walking through some kind of hallway...but that was all he could remember before the dream ended.
  Lucas Mui (Shadow Drake Ver.) / AskTheStaff / 1y 302d 17h 45m 14s
Alice continued to sleep for a while. She was in a deep enough sleep that it was making up for her lack of sleep last night. Her dreams continued to be nothing and her nightmare stayed at bay. She hardly moved as well during her sleep. It wasn't till a while later that she began to wake up and come too. It took her a bit to wake up more and as she did she rubbed her eyes and slowly let the world come into focus. Yawning, she rubbed her eyes again and laid there for a bit letting herself wake up.
  Alice Woods / MushroomTurtle / 1y 302d 17h 51m 32s
Lucas had stayed awake until after Alice had fallen asleep again. He hopped off of his bed again and walked over to her as she slept. He breathed a sigh of relief as he noticed that she was sleeping calmly this time. Out of all the things he could have done, he started to pray for her. He prayed for her to not have anymore nightmares, and afterwards for her well-being in general. "If anything bad happens...I hope you know that I'll be here for you." He said to Alice-although she was asleep-gently as he walked back over to his own bed and laid on it. Soon enough, he fell asleep as well.
  Lucas Mui (Shadow Drake Ver.) / AskTheStaff / 1y 302d 18h 4m 8s
Alice felt him begin to calm and settle down. Eventually he was okay again and had gotten up to go back to his side of the bed. "You don't have to thank me Lucas." She said quietly. She yawned as she laid back down and nodded tiredly about needing more rest she just hoped she would stop having nightmares. After a moment she drifted off back to sleep with no fire being these to greet her, just a blackness of sleep greeted her.
  Alice Woods / MushroomTurtle / 1y 302d 18h 10m 41s

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