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The Prince sighed pleasantly before Nikki had to go get food. "Alright, mi'lady. Do whatever you need." He said with a big smile across his face.
  Prince Kaedin / AskTheStaff / 12h 12m 53s
Nikki returned the kiss, coming up for air after a while. She giggled as she rubbed off the small amount of lip stick from Kaedin's face. She sighed, happy. "I should go get food, I'll be back in a bit."
  Nikki Fenrira / RamaAmor / 1d 9h 28m 52s
Kaedin's face flushed a shade of red as he leaned in and started to kiss her again, putting his arms around her tightly as well. He couldn't explain how great it felt as their lips came into contact, it was so magnificently pleasant and good.
  Prince Kaedin / AskTheStaff / 1d 9h 31m 57s
Her answer was a simple nod, though the last thing she wanted to was go too far. Her ears flattened again as her face grew red.
  Nikki Fenrira / RamaAmor / 1d 9h 34m 46s
Kaedin grinned a bit, glad to see that Nikki was in a good mood again. Her smile seemed to just be a big source of joy to him, somehow. "S-so...do you...wanna?" He asked flirtatiously, wanting to feel her lips touch his again. "If not, I understand...this is a very awkward situation, after all..." He stated gently. "And we'll h-have to find a w-way to have this work out, too..." He sighed again.
  Prince Kaedin / AskTheStaff / 1d 9h 37m 10s
Nikki nodded, giving a smile. Her ears went back up, and her tail slowly wagged. At least she had an excuse to be alone with him, seeing that she was his maid.
  Nikki Fenrira / RamaAmor / 1d 9h 40m 22s
The Prince tilted his head slightly, wanting to be able to lean in and kiss Nikki again. However, even after leaning in a bit, he knew that she would most likely not want him to. Furthermore, although he was still leaned in, he didn't kiss her yet. He just wanted her to feel happy again right now, and she looked nothing like it. "T-there has to be some way to have this...w-work..." He sighed.
  Prince Kaedin / AskTheStaff / 1d 9h 44m 45s
Nikki sighed, hugging back. She didn't know what to do, but at least now she was calm. She closed her eyes, trying to think of what to do.
  Nikki Fenrira / RamaAmor / 1d 9h 46m 50s
"Everything is going to be okay..." Kaedin reassured her quietly as he continued to hug her tightly and rub her back soothingly. The Prince gave off a slight smile, trying to use it to help her calm down and gain control of herself.
  Prince Kaedin / AskTheStaff / 1d 9h 52m 38s
Nikki growled and struggled, before giving up and sighing, letting out small whimpers. Her eyes went from a soft red glow to blue, as she simply accepted the hug. She honestly didn't know what to do.
  Nikki Fenrira / RamaAmor / 1d 9h 55m 8s
Kaedin quickly ran up to her and hugged her tightly, before she could actually hit her head hard enough to damage it. "Nikki don't do that to yourself...p-please..." He pleaded before she stopped struggling in his grasp and he was able to fully hug her. "I...I know how you f-feel, Nikki..." He sighed.
  Prince Kaedin / AskTheStaff / 1d 9h 59m 35s
Nikki started to panic. She grabbed her head, not knowing what to do. "I-it's not that I didn't like it...I mean I didn't mean to...We're not supposed to be...UGH!" She started to hit her head on the wall repeatedly, as if trying to wake herself from a dream.
  Nikki Fenrira / RamaAmor / 1d 10h 2m 25s
Kaedin felt ashamed of himself after he came to, but he knew that he still wanted more...and that he wanted Nikki to stay with him. "I-I'm so sorry, Nikki..." He apologized gently, making it obvious that he thought that she didn't like what had happened.
  Prince Kaedin / AskTheStaff / 1d 10h 8m 36s
Nikki was taken by surprise, as she kissed him back. She pushed him back after a while, breathing heavily. "N-no, this isn't right!" She got up, heading for the door, pausing when she got to the door. Why wasn't she able to move? She knew it wasn't magic...but why? Her tail was curled up, and her ears where flat.
  Nikki Fenrira / RamaAmor / 1d 10h 12m 11s
While they were hugging, the Prince could feel Nikki lick his cheek. Funnily enough...he wanted [b more]? Why did he want more? He was pulling her in and had started to kiss her, not even knowing that he was doing so as he blushed and emotions were taking over.
  Prince Kaedin / AskTheStaff / 1d 10h 17m 12s

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