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Nikki awoke and stretched as she went to get dressed and brought back the same breakfast as the day before. As she got to the room and set down the food, she felt a sharp dagger dig into her back. Some of the dead princess' last few assassins were still at the castle, and this one was tring to kill Nikki. She managed to deal a fatal slash to the attacker's neck, as everything seemed to go black...
  Nikki Fenrira / RamaAmor / 1y 85d 20h 29m 42s
"I dunno...but I'm glad you like it. You're pretty warm, too...like a nice blanket..." Kaedin said, trailing off as he had fallen asleep. This was one of the most pleasant nights of his life, and his dreams were pleasant as well until the next morning.
  Prince Kaedin / AskTheStaff / 1y 85d 20h 39m 3s
Nikki laughed, putting her head on Kaedin's chest. "How is your chest so warm?" She laughed as she went into beast form, curled up, and fell asleep.
  Nikki Fenrira / RamaAmor / 1y 85d 20h 40m 44s
Kaedin kissed Nikki back with just as much passion, enjoying it until they needed air and their lips separated. "No." He paused for a second. "Thank [b you]..." He said deeply, and with a smile spread across his face.
  Prince Kaedin / AskTheStaff / 1y 85d 20h 47m 29s
Nikki sat up, feeling rather sore as she kissed Kaedin rather passionately. She tried to make the kiss last as long as possible, until air was needed for both of them. "Thank...you..."
  Nikki Fenrira / RamaAmor / 1y 85d 20h 49m 24s

Kaedin looked down at Nikki, and was breathing heavily. He then heard her speak, chuckling a bit afterwards and smiling. "Y-yeah..." He grinned a little more when she stuck her tongue out.
  Prince Kaedin / AskTheStaff / 1y 85d 20h 56m 20s

Nikki looked up at Kaedin, breathing heavily. She smiled up at the prince, not regretting what they had done a single bit. "Hah...hah...I...wish life had...allowed you to...be my first...but...at least I...was your first..." She stuck her tongue out playfully.
  Nikki Fenrira / RamaAmor / 1y 85d 21h 21s
Kaedin looked down at her, and he smiled. "I don't think you'll need this right now." He said as he pulled on her dress, starting to take it off of her. The Prince blushed as he did so, and he soon was taking off his own clothing as well.

  Prince Kaedin / AskTheStaff / 1y 85d 21h 7m 7s
Nikki started making small noises as he rubbed her ear, her tail curling up as he did so. She looked up at Kaedin, her breathing hot and heavy.
  Nikki Fenrira / RamaAmor / 1y 85d 21h 9m 58s
"I'm not going to ask who it was with." Kaedin said, chuckling as he began to kiss her again. He slid one hand down her side seductively and started to rub by her ear with his other hand.
  Prince Kaedin / AskTheStaff / 1y 85d 21h 15m 35s
Nikki nodded, smiling. "Surprisingly enough, this isn't my first time, I'm ready when you are."
  Nikki Fenrira / RamaAmor / 1y 85d 21h 18m 9s
The Prince held out the kiss for a long time, as his grip tightened ever so slightly. Once their lips parted, he smiled and looked at her. "So...you're sure that you're okay with this?" He asked, just wanting to make sure of things before anything else happened.
  Prince Kaedin / AskTheStaff / 1y 85d 21h 22m 23s
Nikki happily kissed him back, her hug tightening as her tail began to calm down a bit.
  Nikki Fenrira / RamaAmor / 1y 85d 21h 24m 52s
The Prince rolled both of themselves over a bit and he chuckled at her remark. "I didn't say you couldn't lead it, but I'll go ahead and lead it for you." He said with a silly smirk and an extremely red face. He pulled her closer...and started to kiss her passionately.
  Prince Kaedin / AskTheStaff / 1y 85d 21h 29m 31s
Kaedin's tone caught Nikki by surprise as she laid her head in his chest, blushing crazily as her ears flattened and her tail went at inhuman speeds. "I'm not the one leading this, y-y'know!"
  Nikki Fenrira / RamaAmor / 1y 85d 21h 32m 9s

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