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Again with the miss? was he raised in etiquette school? So annoying. This mission is going to take forever. No matter what she kept smiling. Maybe playing this shy, nervous girl is actually going to work. He could watch her so call blossom. Guys like that right? [#af18ae “Well you’re the only face I know. Besides a Ben, Todd, and Kenny who said hello and wanted to know if I’m DTF. What I’m earth is that? I said no...”] she says trying to stop smiling. Her cheeks hurt so much. It’s annoying. [#af18ae “So... come here often?”] she asks jokingly.
  Leah - / Simply_Random / 1d 17h 57m 55s
Kaedin listened to her scramble for some words to put together before hearing her finally say something. He nodded slowly as she had said it. "I apologize for appearing all of a sudden, but you were also the only semi-familiar face around here as well. It seems that none of my friends have shown up, unfortunately." The boy sighed slowly, closing his eyes for a few seconds and opening them up again. "And do not worry about your nervousness, miss. I completely understand that feeling." He said reassuringly, rubbing his hand through his hair.
  Kaedin Myst / AskTheStaff / 6d 4h 57m 50s
Hearing Kaedin scared her. The girl sat up quickly. She was baffled. [#af18ae "Finally... I... uh.... hey... Hi Kaedin."] Leah quickly gets up and pats the dirt off her ass. The her hands were quick enough to tuck hair behind both ears. A smile grew on her face. [#af18ae "I was hoping to see a semi familiar face... I'm sorry I've been awkward both times... I'm new and shy-ish at the beginning."] Mavis crosses her arms, not sure what else to do or say.
  Leah - / Simply_Random / 8d 6h 56m 30s
Kaedin continued to watch Leah for a few more seconds as she seemed to lay down on the grass. "Huh...that's definitely her." He mumbled to himself as he continued to contemplate things. Should he approach her? Well, he [b was] curious to know more about her. The only things she had told him the first time they conversed were so random and simple, like she had been in a rush. If she was at the party, that meant that she must have some more time than before.

He nodded to himself and decided to approach the girl, soon walking over to her general area. Kaedin got her attention by reaching his hand over her and waving a bit, which seemed to work. "Hey." He said gently to her, wondering if she remembered him or not and if she even wanted to talk to him.
  Kaedin Myst / AskTheStaff / 10d 18h 38m 3s
Leah was ready to go home or just sneak into his house to see what he's up too. This party thing isn't her style. Four boys approached her just because they wanted to have sex with her. She hit one of them because he wouldn't quit and leave her alone. By then she had two beers. There is a naked patch of grass next to her from pulling them. Maybe he's not coming... Leah lays down on the grass to stare up into the dark sky to see the stores. She already spotted the ursa minor and orion. She even traced it with her fingers.
  Leah - / Simply_Random / 11d 7h 55m 14s
Kaedin had arrived at the party a few minutes after it started, and he somehow blended in with the crowd for a few minutes before everyone noticed who he was. Soon, a good handful of other students had started to converse with him...asking him about this and that. He quickly answered their questions and shooed them off after a while, walking to the backyard to be to himself for a few minutes.

"Oh my...I swear that if someone asks me another stupid question..." He mumbled to himself as he leaned himself against a tree and pulled out his phone for a few seconds. Kaedin answered a couple texts before putting his phone away and then he started to glance around. There were only a few other students that he could see, and most of them seemed to be chatting about random things. Suddenly, he stopped and looked at a girl who was sitting relatively nearby. "Wait a second..." He whispered to himself as he started to recognize her.
  Kaedin Myst / AskTheStaff / 11d 10h 5m 7s
Leah did arrive to the party an hour after it was suppose to start. She did bring a bottle of henny and some chips just in case. She always gets hungry in any type of events. The chatters she heard is just as loud as the music. The girl went to go get a beer and jump in a few conversations. It did work. At times it didn't. She would just get glared at It would've been best to leave before she breaks their face for looking at her the wrong way. It's going to be hard not hit people and be this nice and innocent girl. Eventually she was sitting in the backyard on the grass with her back pressed against a tree. Where is her target?
  Leah - / simply_random / 12d 10h 53m 11s
Kaedin decided he would go to the party, but only because of his parents' suggestions and the hope of something good coming out of it. "Alright, I'm going to the party." He had told them before he went to his room to decide what to wear.

The boy went through his wardrobe, looking through each piece of clothing and not really thinking very many of them would be suitable at the moment. Soon, however, he found a good combination of items that would look decent on him. He chose a purple leather jacket, some black pants, his normal black shoes, and a plain green shirt. "This will do." He said as he put the outfit on and tried it out, looking in the mirror. "Yeah, this is good." He continued to speak to himself.
  Kaedin Myst / AskTheStaff / 14d 14h 5m 16s
Leah began writing in a journal. It isn't her secret journal or diary. It helps for when she needs to back track and see what went wrong. If it did. It is also well hidden.

As her parents continued to tweak up the house, Leah got ready for the party. This is going to be her first party. She didn't know what to wear. All she knew was that kids her age dresses a little to provocative. That is something she won't do. It's not her. It doesn't seem right for people her age. What she chose is simple, casual. Her plan is to show up 90 minutes later. By then things would be in full swing. She'll even bring two bottles of Henny.

[center [https://data.whicdn.com/images/228269613/large.jpg Outfit]]
  Leah - / Simply_Random / 15d 10h 12m 57s
Before Kaedin had any time to react, the girl had questioned his sense of humor and introduced herself before leaving quickly. Even after she had completely left, he was still standing in the same spot with a confused expression spread across his pale face. "That was...interesting." He said to himself as he looked around for a few seconds. 'That Leah girl...she seems kind of strange, but now I'm really curious.' He thought to himself as he closed his eyes. He didn't truly know why he was curious, because he would normally just let things go and forget about them. However...with this girl, he was definitely curious and it was sticking with him.

Soon enough, Kaedin arrived back at his home and greeted his parents. They seemed to be busy with a bit of paperwork at the moment, but they welcomed him back before he went to his room to contemplate some things. After a few minutes of thinking about different things that had happened that day, including seeing Leah, his mind came to the party. "Y'know...maybe I should go..." He told himself slowly.
  Kaedin Myst / AskTheStaff / 20d 5h 5m 42s
[i “Why is he looking at me like that?] she asked herself. Leah kept smiling. [#af18ae “I’m assuming this place doesn’t have a sense of humor... it was a joke and apparently I bad one. I apologize.”] without knowing she began to blush. [#af18ae “It’s nice to meet you Kaedin. I’m Leah, the new girl. I would stay and chat but my dad needs these to finish making our new home more homey. See you around...”] Leah slowly turns around to power walk away. She felt like she messed up already. He probably doesn’t even want to talk to her anymore either. There will be no looking back to see if he’s confused or following

When she got to the house she gave her parents the requested items before running up to her room to finish unpacking. Perhaps she shouldn’t go to the party now. She embarrassed herself enough already. Plus is any tries to bully her she won’t hesitate to fight. She needs to conforto that side of her...
  Leah - / Simply_Random / 21d 9h 28m 48s
Kaedin just looked at the girl with an extremely confused expression on his face. Why had asked about him being a serial killer or not? Why had she said something about having to kill him if he knew her name? He tried to ignore the questions going through his mind as the girl said she wanted to know his name. "Well, my name is Kaedin. Kaedin Myst, to be exact." He said calmly, wondering what the girl's response would be.
  Kaedin Myst / AskTheStaff / 23d 2h 35m 5s
Crap. What should she do? Leah tucks chunk of her hair behind her ear sighing. [#af18ae “I’m new. I would tell you but then I have to kill you...”] she smiles at him, [#af18ae “How do I know you’re not a serial killer?”] she begins to talk slowly. What should she do? This isn’t a part of her plan! And she has four. Crap! [#af18ae “If you tell me your name I’ll tell you mines.”]
  Leah - / Simply_Random / 24d 16h 2m 0s
As Kaedin approached the girl, she seemed to start talking about a handful of random information. The only thing he could really make out clearly was the part where she said "I can use some help." He picked up some of the things for her and helped her put them into the other bag, at least glad that he was doing something for someone. "Alright, then." Was all he could manage to say at the moment. He looked up at the girl afterwards, still somewhat confused. "I do not believe I have seen you around before. What's your name?" He cocked his head to the side.
  Kaedin Myst / AskTheStaff / 24d 16h 52m 38s
Crap. Crap. Crap. She saw a pair of shoes coming her way. Crap! How is she messing up already when she didn’t start yet? Okay, focus. She whips up a smile and looks at him. [#af18ae “Please don’t call me that... my sweet 15 is coming up and my family is excited because I’ll be a women or whatever... it’s bad enough they’re teach me how to cook, clean, and drive. Although I swear it’s doing chores... umm hi and thank you and yes I can us some help.”] Leah mentally kicks herself in the ass. What was that? You’ve practiced so many times and this is what comes out? What happened to being strong and confident and join the cheerleading squad so she can be invited to everything like him? Her parents are going to kill her!
  Leah - / Simply_Random / 25d 18h 30m 7s

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