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Hello! I want to create a new 1x1 roleplay, but I don't have anyone to actually roleplay with! Thought I might as well create this and find a new roleplay partner for the roleplay.

First, some quick information about what I want to see in my roleplay/s:
1. Straight/Heterosexual romance only
2. As long as posts are a couple paragraphs long, I'm happy.
3. Please be able to post at least once or multiple times every day. I am not the most patient individual, unfortunately...and I apologize for that.
4. Anime pictures for your character, please.

Those are just some basics...and we can discuss other guidelines later.

Current subjects I'd be interested in roleplaying:
1. Furries
2. Slice of Life
3. Something where your character finds mine half-dead in the middle of nowhere, with no hospitals nearby.

I would prefer to be the female character if romance is involved.

If you're interested, please PM me or request access to this search! That's all I have to say for now!


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