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[Center Hidden in a village of commoners and peasants, a dark haired girl laid asleep in her bed, not knowing that on this day she would be returning to the world of Royalty. Her temporary caretaker, a Catholic Priest whom also ran an orphanage, had received a letter from the Mercian King stating that it was time for her to come back to the kingdom to fulfill her duties in marrying his son and finally taking rule over her kingdom.]

[Center Softly knocking on the chamber doors of Miora's room and gracefully walking in with a brown basket lined with red silk, Seraphine, a pale, auburn beauty, smiled as she saw her queen in a peaceful slumber. Seraphine had been told few days ahead that they were to be headed back to the Mercian Kingdom upon request of the King. Miora was still unaware, and convinced that she was still stuck in the wretched village. On the other hand, Seraphine loved it here. The women were nice and baked them lots of sweeties, even her favorite apple pie with extra sugar on top, and their children were delightful. The men, however, seemed convinced that they could put their hands on whatever they please and she often found herself stuck in situations that she didn't like. All that mattered was she still had her innocence.

[b [#ffcda3 "Miora, it's time to wake up!"]] Seraphine smiled as she walked over to the windows of the small room that Miora slept in, pulling them open and letting the warm sun bathe the room. Hearing a muffled groan and sheets ruffle around behind her, Seraphine turned and greeted the jaded girl. [b [#ffcda3 "Good morning, Miora!"]]
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[b Spade's eyes glowed a effervescent blue as she eyed the bustling servants scurry in and out of her bedchambers, trying to get everything properly set for the golden bathtub settled in the center of her bathroom.] "[#5deae1 Don't you lots know how to hurry up and set a proper bath?]" [b Spade scowled disgustedly as they dropped several bath bombs into the water, sending a sweet fragrance in the air. One of her handmadiens helped her off of her sitting chair and slowly slid her robe off for her. Spade slowly stepped in the blue water, sinking down until all of her darkened body was surrounded by the water except for her head, which was being worked with along with her hair.]
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