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- looking for some who wont back out or take too long to reply. I get that people get busy with work school and everyday life I understand this just let me know if you wont be able to reply and I will do my best to do the same.
-semi-literate and someone who is patient as i am semi new and not very literate my self.
- no text talk please.
-semi correct spelling i know some words are hard to spell as i have a hard time myself. I am not a grammar Nazi.

So you have the good girl, who's only ever had like, one or two non-serious boyfriends, she has practically no life outside of school/work, and she comes from a very conservative type home. Well she finally decides to let her best friend hook her up with this guy the friends has been saying for months would be perfect for the good girl. Naturally, the good girl doesn't expect anything to come out of it and makes her friend promise to stick around the first time she's introduced to this guy. So one night her friend picks her up takes her to her house and tells her to dress nice, then they go out to where they're going to meet the guy. The good girl is shocked when they pull up to a massive group of people in the road; its the street racing scene. CUE BAD BOY. We can have them hit it off from the start or clash, its up to you. Either way, the good girl starts running around with the bad boy behind her parents backs and maybe her grades start to slip or something, or she misses her period , or she gets caught with him doing something illegal and her parents find out... Its very flexible. Drama packed. Quite fun.

I was thinking to add a little more drama maybe the bad boy could be older, like early 20s and the girl is still in high school. Its entirely up to you. Also for this role play I prefer to be the good girl. Just thought you ought to know
Name: Amy Rose Valaskin
Height: 5'3
Hair Color: Red
Eye Color: Hazel

Status: Single

Bio: TBD


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Anya is in her room getting ready for bed when there is a light tap on her window jumping she goes and opens the door to see her Best friend Gemma standing there in all black clothes which means she’s going to the races. [+Green Anya get changed into something cute cause you are going with me.] Gemma says playing with her hair [+blue Okay fine give me 10 mins] Anya says going and changing into a short back long sleeve dress and flats leaving her hair down and putting in contacts instead of putting her glasses on. She walks out her bathroom and does a little twirl. [+blue lets go before we get caught okay?] Anya says climbing out her window and rushing to the car. Gemma gets in and let’s Anya in and they head off to he races getting there they both get out and observe the scene.
  Anya / RenegadeAngelJuniper / 101d 20h 40m 50s

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