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"I apologize for misunderstanding, dear. I will go fetch you some clothing and order for a new bed to be brought in after we are done talking here." Kaedin nodded, wanting to continue to help Alyce. He lightly smiled before hearing her ask what time it was. "What time is it? Well..." The Prince looked up at the night sky and the stars all over it, inspecting them. "I would say that it is around an hour after midnight, mi'lady."
  Prince Kaedin / AskTheStaff / 1y 185d 11h 57m 39s
"Well, I meant out of the castles stock.. " she rubbed the back of her head "I was going to go to the store when i was sent into town tomorrow.. but no stores are open right now.." she explained. "so i was hoping you could get me some dry things at least until i clean and dry these things.."

"What time is it anyways.. how long was i unconsious for?" she asked, eating some more.
  • Alyce Mikela • / Sequester / 1y 185d 12h 1m 5s
"Do not worry, dear!" The Prince said as he pulled out a couple of coins and handed them to her. "Use these to go buy yourself what you need, mi'lady." He smiled and cocked his head to the side. "Take it as a gift from me to you." Kaedin's smile widened and he lifted Alyce's face away from her hands. "As I not worry. Ask anything and I will help to the best of my ability."
  Prince Kaedin / AskTheStaff / 1y 185d 12h 4m 10s
"W-well.. These will never dry in time for morning.. and i was told not to ask for anything that had already been handed to me by the headmistress.. But If i.. could have new bedding.. and perhaps a nightgown and uniform..?" she murmered.. feeling bad for even asking for these things.

"I'm sorry.. I really shouldnt of asked.. she placed her face in her hands
  • Alyce Mikela • / Sequester / 1y 185d 12h 8m 9s
"I'm sorry, dear." He said, holding the food in his hands as she took her time eating what he gave her. He chuckled lightly, knowing that the mood of things was lightening up a bit. He let her eat for a minute or two before replying to what she had said. "You're not taking advantage of me if I [b want] to do anything to help you." He smiled and tilted his head.
  Prince Kaedin / AskTheStaff / 1y 185d 12h 33m 31s
"Y-you dont have to do that you'r highness.. " She spoke but he had run off, so she set the wet stuff down and sat on the edge of the fountain. When he returned she took one piece but before she could eat it he was handing her more "P-please not so fast! I cant eat that fast" she gave a small smile as she slowly began to eat the food he was giving her

"I don't want to ask anything of you.. I dont want to seem like im taking advantage of your or anything.."
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Once the Prince heard that Alyce hadn't even eaten, his worry spiked even more. "Oh, my! Dear, I still have some leftover food up in my room. Let me go get it for you, please!" He objected, quickly running off and coming back a couple minutes later with the leftovers of his food from earlier. "Please, eat this!" He handed the varied pieces of food to her with tears in his eyes, still wanting her to be happy. "Please tell me anything else I can do, Alyce."
  Prince Kaedin / AskTheStaff / 1y 185d 12h 40m 13s
When she saw the locket she quickly took it "Y-you found it.." she sniffled wiping her eyes with the back of her hands some "I was told i wasnt allowed to wear it.. it put it in the nightstand drawer next to the bed... but they must of gone through everything.."

slowly she moved to pick up the rest of her wet things, trying to move slow so she didnt look dizzy. she didnt want to worry him, even though she felt like she could still collapse again any moment. "I.. haven't eaten since breakfast because of them making me late all day either..which is probably why i passed out..."
  • Alyce Mikela • / Sequester / 1y 185d 12h 44m 29s
Kaedin quickly hugged Alyce again, having a large urge to just be able to soothe her and make her happy again. "I-I'll help you dry everything off...and I'll do anything for you, dear. Anything to make you happy right now..." He sighed, closing his eyes while tears welled up in them as well. He hated to see Alyce cry...and it was making him cry as well. He reached into his pocket and pulled the locket out, showing her that he had gotten it and dried it off.
  Prince Kaedin / AskTheStaff / 1y 185d 12h 47m 23s
Tears filled her eyes again "I only have one nightgown, a-and one set of betting, and they even took the locket and threw it in there! H-how am i suppose to go to sleep when everything is wet!?"

Alyce placed her face in her hands. the girls were obviously getting to her now, no matter how much she put it off and said not to hold them accountable. She didnt want to treat them the way they treated her, she was better than that..
  • Alyce Mikela • / Sequester / 1y 185d 12h 51m 24s
The Prince closed his eyes, trying to recall anything. He didn't remember any recent fires in his kingdom, but he did remember one from another kingdom far away. "Actually, I do remember..." He admitted gently. "There was a fire weeks the closest kingdom to the north of here." He sighed, rubbing her cheek with his hand for a few seconds as silence almost engulfed them. "Everything is alright now, Alyce. I will help in any way you need." After she had mentioned the other maids causing her troubles, a quick flash of frustration went over his face before he calmed down again. "T-they'll learn to be good one day...don't get angry..." He told himself quietly.
  Prince Kaedin / AskTheStaff / 1y 185d 12h 54m 9s
"It was so vivid.." She shook her head "Nothing ive dreamed until now had been that vivid.." The girls breathing was shaky. "I could feel the heat, there was so much detail in that house.." she pursed her lips trying to remember more, anything that could help "Has there been any fires recently..?" she asked, taking a deep breath to calm herself before looking up "If not in your kingdom, but in the surrounding kingdoms?"

Alyce wiped her eyes, and shivered some, looking to her wet uniform and then to her other wet clothing and bedding.. "The other maids did this, thats why i was even in the fountain..
  • Alyce Mikela • / Sequester / 1y 185d 13h 19s
Kaedin continued to embrace her, trying to calm her down as much as possible. "It was a dream, Alyce! Calm down, please! Are you truly sure that this actually happened? If so, how long ago was it?" Even though he knew it was just a dream, he had a nagging feeling that Alyce was being truthful. "If you're completely sure that this is real, tell me what I can do to help." He said gently, unsure of what to really do in this situation.
  Prince Kaedin / AskTheStaff / 1y 185d 13h 4m 31s
"The whole place was on fire! a-and these people were creaming "alyce!" I knew they were screaming for me! I.. I just ran! how could i do that!" she began to cry "Why did i run!" she didnt know who was screaming for her, or where she was that was on fire.. but atleast she had one solid clue, her first name.

"I- i have to find them.. They sounded in pain!"
  • Alyce Mikela • / Sequester / 1y 185d 13h 8m 10s
The Prince quickly got up and put his arm on her, stabilizing her and keeping her from swaying. "Dear, what are you talking about? You aren't making any sense! Please explain to me!" He was slightly worried and confused, wondering what had been in Alyce's mind while she slept. "Wait...did you dream about your memories?" He was suddenly very intrigued, having to continue to hold her. He calmly put his arms around her and hugged her soothingly, calming her down enough for her to explain things.
  Prince Kaedin / AskTheStaff / 1y 185d 13h 10m 41s

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