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[center [size10 A journal place for me to talk about shit and to write my love letters to Mukky. Apparently.]]


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It's fine. It's just the one I wanted since I saw it. The one I pointed out day one that no one else really cared about cause she was sleeping. The runt that's now the only one left. The one the lady didn't grab for me and I was stupid enough to not make sure she got the right one. It's just the one I was most excited about. So who cares right? Like those people at petsmart say, it's only a mouse right? Maybe she'll get fed to a snake or better yet, maybe a big lizard that'll grab her and start slamming her around before finally killing her. I'm sure that'll be fun.
  Jotunn / 4d 15h 43m 55s
[Center [size10 Honestly though, I'm only fucking kidding myself. Yeah right, Mun. Yeah right.]]
  Mun / Jotunn / 27d 5h 8m 13s
[Size10 [center We shouldn't have come here yet. This is fucking rediculous. I'm sick of having to rely on everyone else to get us to places and then constantly backing out or having something come up. Most important thing to get done here and nobody will fucking take us to do it. These people are all bullshit.]]
  Sage / Jotunn / 47d 10h 23m 31s
[Center [size10 A few days after the divorce and I'm.. half falling apart, half doing okay. It hurts so bad. My heart has never been in so much pain, not even when I lost my brother. I miss him so much and I wish I had the guts to have said goodbye to him in person but I knew I would have begged and pleaded for things that could never be. Yet somewhere in all the pain and tears, there's a light. A small little twinkle of hope that I feel I almost snuffed out, but I just had to be sure. But the light is a comfort and I know over time, it will grow and grow until the pain dies down little by little. I couldn't do it without that light. I know I'll trip and fall alot.. but in the end, I also know I'll make it.]]
  -ᴏᴛʜᴇʀs- / Kneel / 53d 12h 1m 25s
[Size10 [center I got to spend my birthday with Rami, JaVante and Setka and it's been pretty great. I wanted to choke Setka but I got myself to stop. I had heart pain after so I think my soul was telling me I should have done it but oh well. Anyway, just relaxing with Setka and enjoying however much time we have left today. Pizza rolls and coke. Mm. Im full.]]
  Mun / Kneel / 63d 11h 46m 9s
[Center [size10 Honestly we've been feeling lately like we don't much care to have the pokemon games anymore. Which is sad but we're always the type to want to sell them if we know we just aren't gunna play em. And maybe if Daveys side lived here 24/7 we'd play together sometimes but right now, just with WoW consuming us and with wanting to do so many other things when they do visit, we just have no reason to play them. Maybe we'll talk with them about it and see what to do. In other news, Davey's mom ruins everything as usual and it hurts seeing them not able to see that everything she does is for her benefit not theirs. She neglects them and only helps them if it'll in turn make her look good. Yet we have to smile and act like everything is okay when we see her. Act like she doesn't manipulate and control the fuck out of them. It's just so fucking sad.]]
  ᛚᛟᚲᛁ / Kneel / 70d 1h 35m 35s
[Center [size10 So apparently Loki likes to help us play WoW. The other day, I was waiting for a que to pop for over 2 hours. Tanks would constantly leave then once we'd have 2 tanks qued, heals would leave. It was constant back and forth. So eventually I was like "Yo, Loki. I hear you like sweets, especially super sweets like pixi stix. We've got giant pixi stix. So if you help the que pop in the next few minutes, I'll have a pixi sticx dedicated in your name." And not even a minute later it popped. I'm fairly convinced he was excited for a fucking giant pixi stix, and I indeed gave him such. Theb we've been wearing his cologne lately and when we went out with Alana, she bought our cokes and dogfood. Like what? I'm wondering if Loki had some part of that in helping us cause honestly that was a bit of a surprise. Tho it was also prob just Alana being cool too.]]
  ᛚᛟᚲᛁ / Kneel / 71d 3h 41m 9s
[Center [size10 We're at that point where we feel we have enough animals to care for. Of course we always want more cause we have enough room to love every animal that ever exists, but more so.. we feel content with having as many as we have. That being said, there's still ONE more snake that we really want to own and aside from that one, we likely wouldn't feel up for getting any more at this point. Only problem being, they're expensive. Honestly more expensive than even Bakari and she was fucking 375. Though, to be fair, they're not much more than she was. Typically being around 400 then usually 50 shipping. But fuck are they beautiful. They also are known for their terrible attitudes but to be frank, so were carpet pythons, yet we have 3 and have only been bitten by one of them once and another of them twice. So a total of 3 times for young carpets is a damn 180 from how most people describe them to be. So I'm not too worried about their apparent "attitude". Can't be worse than Zafir. And Zafir would most definitely bite us again if we didn't handle him correctly. But thankfully our knowledge of proper handling/movements and reading their body language has kept us from a Zafir bite for probably a year. Anywho, maybe one Christmas or bday we can get one, as it's been one of the snakes that Aleks has always wanted growing up. Even when he was told how mean they were and stared one down on the other side of a glass tank, face to face as a small kid, as intimidating as that motherfucker looked, Aleks was in love. He knew he wanted one one day. And now we just gotta play the waiting game lol. Green tree pythons. Fuck they're gorgeous. What an amazing creature.]]
  ᛚᛟᚲᛁ / Kneel / 74d 1h 3m 20s
[Center [size10 So much to do and will it even all get done? Who knows. Doubtful? Yes. Too much to do with too little help to get it done. Just my opinion though.]]
  ᴀᴅᴍɪɴ / Kneel / 75d 7h 6m 21s
[H3 ]
Hibachi! Hibachi! In an hour I get Hibachi!
  -ᴏᴛʜᴇʀs- / Nezumi / 89d 17h 10m 55s
[H3 ]
What does a guy have to do to get some Hibachi. I swear, I'll do anything just please. Friends. Family. Please. So hungry. My stomach can be filled but only Hibachi can fill my soul.
  -ᴏᴛʜᴇʀs- / Nezumi / 90d 12h 56s
[Center [size10 6 hours is enough to make our point. Fuck that bitch but also like fuck anyone that stands between me and Hibachi. Bitches bout to start droppin.]]
  ᴀᴅᴍɪɴ / Nezumi / 91d 4h 33m 25s
[H3 ]
[Center [size10 And with that they walk out, being dragged away by a woman who only cares because of her need to control. Leaving their mates midway through the day after a night full of hardships and new beginnings, not even able to fully enjoy the accomplishment of getting through such a hard time. Damn us for hoping one day they'll come to visit and just never go home. Maybe though. Maybe one day.]]
  -ᴏᴛʜᴇʀs- / Nezumi / 92d 14h 51m 27s
[center [size10 Oops, he found me out. My picture search goes in vain.]]
  -ᴏᴛʜᴇʀs- / Nezumi / 93d 2h 24m 23s
[Center [size10 I was gunna make the joke that I hated waking up next to Rami in the morning but thsn he started running his fingers against my scalp and I felt heaven. Why am I such a hoe for head scratches? I've already paid him a buck for 5 minutes of scratches. If he was full time he'd be making 12 bucks an hour. Why me?]]
  ᴀᴅᴍɪɴ / Sadist / 103d 19h 38m 51s

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