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[center [size10 A journal place for me to talk about shit and to write my love letters to Mukky. Apparently.]]


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[Size10 [center How many wishes on a shooting star would it take for us to die in our sleep?]]
  Apathetic / 12d 1h 35m 47s
[Center [size10 And this is why no one cares to hear her side. It's either listen to me and my side or I'll insult you and everyone you love to the point where why the fuck would anyone WANT to hear your side? Our main thing in not caring about her side anyway was because Alex and Asher are getting their lives together. No more drugs and bs like that where as SHE wants to live a life of drugs and alcohol. And we don't care what the side of some drunk ass druggie has to say over someone who is actively trying to make something of themselves. There's not even a point in trying to hear her side when we don't agree with her current lifestyle of that shit that she's said she ISN'T going to stop.]]
  .:ᴠɪᴀɴ:. / Apathetic / 13d 11h 14m 7s
[Size10 [center Made my peace, said what I had to say and then blocked. That's the es way right? All the children like to feel like they got the final word then block the person so they can't have a conversation like normal adults. Fine, we'll join in the "es way". Would love to not be tempted by seeing any of her bs anymore so it's a win win. Probably only going to use es for our personal journal and our story now anyway so we can stay away from all the drama shit completely this time. We wanted to just be on the sidelines and just stay out of JE but now I'm just done all together since it's Tallys way or the highway. Well, I'd gladly take my car OFF the highway if it meant getting away from Tally so good on ya~]]
  .:ᴠɪᴀɴ:. / Apathetic / 13d 12h 38m 5s
[Center [size10 We finally finally have everything set up to get those pesky wisdom teeth and broken molar taken out and with someone else other than fucking aspen dental. Fuck those guys. We have a waiting list tho since it needs to be done in the hospital so It may not be till March or Feb. Hopefully Daveys side will be able to come for that so they can baby the shit out of us and also to meet all their puppo and reptile children finally.]]
  .:ᴠɪᴀɴ:. / Apathetic / 16d 14h 35m 25s
[Center [size10 We wrapped all the gifts this year so they didn't have to. We are pretty proud of the job we did. Also the sosig has a name finally. His name is Saral. It means honest or simple. Fucking cutie. Also Pippy and Misha actually got presents this year. Good puppos.]]
[Center [size10 -V]]
  WetRain / 30d 16h 30m 42s
[Center [size10 If this is what being a mom is, it fucking sucks. Alaire may be used to the martyr thing but I'm not. Whatever. I give up.]]
[Center [size10 -V]]
  WetRain / 34d 22h 42m 38s
[Center [size10 Update: The sand boa for now will only eat live pinkies, BUT hes atleast eating now. Merry Christmas, he doesn't have to die.]]
  - / WetRain / 36d 4h 43m 13s
[Center [size10 We're done with Petland. We should have gotten what they said about the sand boas eating in writing cause now we found out they lied and he hasn't eaten in 3 months after we got him when they told us he eats every week. Fuck that place. They only care about the money. Well now they aren't gunna be getting any of mine anymore.]]
  - / WetRain / 37d 15h 26m 12s
[Center [size10 Fucking hate winter.. Power went out so now the reptiles are without a heat source. All I can do is keep the towels on the tops to try to retain the heat already in the tanks and once thats gone, start putting hot water bottles in there and hope the power comes back on soon. Three days.. on the extreme end, I have maybe three days before things could possibly start dying.. Fuck winter..]]
  - / WetRain / 44d 16h 43m 59s
[Center [size10 So 4 snakes wasn't enough for me apparently, I had to get one more. Honestly I had reached an amount of reptiles that I was comfortable with, even if I eventually wanted one of two more types of snakes one day later on, but after special circumstances, I ended up with another. Admittedly, I have never been interested in Kenyan sand boas, but after I was told that the one at petland had been there for 4 months and no one seemed even remotely interested in him, I decided I'd atleast take a look at him. I told myself that I wouldn't even consider getting him if he was nippy since I wasn't paticularly interested in the first place but as soon as he was placed in my hand, my heart was warmed over and I fell in love. I couldn't see how nobody had wanted such a tiny, sweet little thing and I immediately felt so fucking bad that such a calm and mild tempered baby had been there for 4 whole months with no interest in him. Though I thought I'd never convince Rami's side that I should get him, after more research, they eventually fell in love with the idea more than any other reptile we've gotten before. With only getting 20 inches to maybe two feet and being such an easy to care for snake, they jumped on board and fell in love with his beady little eyes and sausage body. And, the next morning we went and bought him, finally giving him a loving home that he deserved to have long ago. We still aren't super in love with sand boas, but this little thing stole my heart right away and atleast this one sand boa is the best and cutest one we've ever seen. So merry Christmas, little guy. You got a family for Christmas this year. No more spending months waiting for someone to take you home. Now all we have to do is find the perfect name. Welcome home, sweet sosig.]]
  Kara / WetRain / 52d 6h 20m 58s
[Center [size10 Finally, a conversation with him. Short though it might have been. It's been too long. I don't like his profession all too much. If only I could finally show him those vids. But that may be a bit too much to ask for right now. I'll take what I can get I suppose.]]

[Center [size10 Still good to speak to him again though.]]
[Center [size10 I don't mind trying a group rp with him in it. But I still want a 1x1 with him too.]]
  ⋰ʜᴜsʙᴀɴᴅ⋱ / WetRain / 60d 1h 46m 1s
[Center [size10 BHB reptiles is gunna have a black friday sale where everything in their store is gunna be up to 50% off and I'm just sitting here eyeing the scaleless snakes like fuck, some would only be like 100 and the Scaleless leucistic texas rat could be 300. So wish that they haven't said no more snakes but honestly they can't do much if I get it anyway. No one has to come into the room and see them and I've had snakes for 3 years and his grandmother has never once accidentally seen them so I've done a good job keeping them a secret. But, I'll restrain myself and not get one even though I want that wet paper towel alot. They did say I could get a praying mantis which its been a year since we had one so maybe I'll do that but I'm not sure yet. We'll see.]]
  ⋰ʜᴜsʙᴀɴᴅ⋱ / WetRain / 61d 21h 59m 54s
[Center [size10 Ohh lookie who's back on es. Hide your friends, folks. She might go catfishing again.]]
  ⋰ʜᴜsʙᴀɴᴅ⋱ / WetRain / 62d 3h 19m 15s
[H3 ]
[Left [size11 Love Letter 2]]
[Center [size10 Missin Mukky a bit too much for my liking. Ever since that day, I've wanted to share some videos with him and talk to him about something but he's been being an invisible man. Lil shit. I'll eventually get my time with him. Lol guess this is what a one night stand feels like.]]
[Right [size11 Yours Grossly, Mun]]
  ⋰ʜᴜsʙᴀɴᴅ⋱ / WetRain / 62d 3h 16m 43s
[h3 ]
[size12 Love Letter 1]
[center [size10 I guess anything to do with Mukky that I write will be considered a love letter now since he wanna say I already write him love letters. Okay bitch, I'll play this game.
Anywho, last night was great. Honestly, I never thought when Mukky and I first became friends that we'd be as close as we are now. As I've told him, I'm not usually able to become close with people outside of the few I talk to every day. Everyone else in the world, even if I'm friendly towards them, I'd be fine if I lost them. I'm not able to hold attachments for people like that. But he came in and fucking flipped that switch like a bitch and turned all that upside down. Now I'm finding myself actually.. somewhat afraid of if I lose him one day. A feeling I've never felt with anyone before. So thanks, asshat for making me feel shit I don't wanna feel.
Though I guess I can't complain since I've already told him it actually is a kinda nice feeling. He's the one and only in this world that could be this to me. My perfect little victim. I feel like we should have some kind of pet names for eachother but idk most people don't have pet names when it's a killer and their victim.
Either way, it seems like we keep getting closer and closer and I'm not mad about it. We have a sort of symbiotic relationship. He gives me things no one else can and in return, I do the same.
These days, people who want relationships want the person to be their one and only or to be stuck to them 24/7. And while I can come off as needy cause I'll always try to talk when I know he's there, I would be perfectly fine if distance is needed. So there's no set in stone commitment like with a relationship. I give him whatever good parts of a relationship he wants without the hard shit, commitment, or any other part of it that he isn't ready for.
That's why we work so well I guess. And with a normal relationship, with how commitment works, if the relationship is broken then usually everything is broken and that's the end of it all. But with our relationship, there's no "relationship commitment" so if he doesn't want it anymore, he doesn't have to worry about me just leaving and it all being over. There's not the fear of losing everything we have over one part of it. Though despite there being no relational commitment, I am however completely committed to being there for him no matter what we are. Each others, friends, brothers, husbands, anything he wants. I'm cool with whatever. I'll be here for him either way.
But I can't lie that it's nice that at least for now and however long it lasts, he's mine. Till he doesn't want it anymore, he's mine and I'm his, in a way most people wouldn't be able to ever understand. But that's just fine with me, they don't have to understand.
At the end of the day, if one day we are no longer each others, are just friends, or even if we part ways and decide separation is needed, one thing will never change. No matter if we are together or not, he will always be my perfect victim. No one can take that title from him.]
[right [size12 Yours Grossly, Mun]]
  ⋰ʜᴜsʙᴀɴᴅ⋱ / WetRain / 67d 3h 27m 22s

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