Worlds Largest Dungeon!

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You read that right! I have all of the books! I will literally be playing directly from them. I also have the maps so don't you worry, you will not get lost!

From the back of the book...
Prepare for the adventure of two lifetimes!
Still pining for the dungeoneering days of your youth? Yearning for one epic adventure that can take your party from lackey to legend?
The ultimate challenge has finally arrived...
Over 1600 encounters - A mammoth dungeon unlike any other! Every monster in the SRD - and a few you’ve never heard of before! 16 poster sized maps - Enough to cover the entire game room wall! 840 pages of fantasy entertainment - Enough for an entire party to grow from levels 1 to 20, or enjoy 15 challenging dungeon adventures.

[ Player's Handbook]
[ Monster Manual]

Everything will be in 3.5 because that is the version I have. If you have never played DND then feel free to message me, most people who are in anyway competent can grasp the concept well. I grasped it at 15 when my mom and dad introduced me so come on people lets play!

/roll makes a six sided dice roll.
"/roll Number" make a Number sided dice roll. Eg /roll 100 will give you a random number from 1 to 100.]

So in the chat when I say roll percentage, you will roll "/roll 100", and rolls for hide, sneak, knowledge, ect.. Will be "/roll 20" in case the above didn't make sense. Rolling damage for items that are d4, 10 and 12, will follow the same idea.

[p [center The Party]]
[ The Druid]]

I will add more info later

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