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He was silent as the child spoke her words and nodded slowly. The man was not at all happy to hear it and was not exactly taking it lightly either. Could he say anything about it? Of course not. At least not until she trusted him. But that did not stop the look that he gave the woman that asked "what the hell do you stay around him for if he does thar?"

Draco had been fixated on the words that Rebecca had spoken that he was a bit late to realize that she was struggling against him and had hopped down. As soon as both she and Felicity took off, the man went after them. For a moment, the Malfoy had been afraid that they both would be hit by the car that went past them.

[b "Perhaps we should all stay on the sidewalk...?"] He asked quietly. Clearly he was still thinking about what had been said. But they were just across from the themed restaraunt and he motioned to it. [b "After the two of you."]
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Rebecca leaned her head against Draco's neck, whining softly as her eyes stayed on her mother's. Seeing the quick flash of panic across Felicity's face, Rebecca hid against Draco more. She whimpered softly, a pout on her lips. [b “I seeded him grab mummy last night...and..again when she say we come see you..”] Rebecca said in a soft whimper.

Felicity bit into her lip, refusing to look up at the man. [b “It's not what you think, Draco..”] The woman said quietly, trying to keep herself calm. She knew Draco wouldn't react well to the news. She wouldn't look at him.

Rebecca didn't like this kind of stress. She jumped down from Draco's arms and took off running down the road toward the restaurant. [b “Becca! Get out of the road!”] Felicity called as she took off after the child, quickly scooping her up and moving to the sidewalk just before a car passed them. [b “I told you about being in the road, missy..”] She said gently.
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Draco had to bite his lip to stop a soft moan slipping from him. He would not have meant to let it, but his hair had always been one of many things to get to him. The man knew the child didn't know that. And it also for a moment flashed him back to the last night he has been with Felicity. The night her fingers combed and tugged his hair and she had had him all but begging her. Even he turned red as he had let those thoughts so freely flow into his head.

He had to quickly look away himself and let his eyes roam the alleyway. It was when they had landed on the theme one did he hear the woman say that was her choice. [b "Then to see the princesses and knights we'll go, m'lady."] The man said with a soft smile to the child as she was amazed by the place and squealed how she wanted to see the princess.

As soon as he heard Rebecca's words, the man stiffened. [b "Has it happened more than once? And what else has he done?"] The words were soft as he asked. He had looked over to Felicity but somehow knew she would not tell him. And instead he asked it of her daughter.
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Rebecca reached up and threaded her fingers in Draco's hair, tugging gently. [b “Softs!”] She squeaked out as she looked over at her mother. Felicity blushed as she remembered the last time she had touched his hair..Pulled it..Made him beg for her. She blushed even darker and quickly turned away from him. Rebecca giggled softly and looked over to her mother. [“ Mummy reds!”]

Felicity looked down the street full of different restaurants. [b “That one, the themed one.”] The girl finally decided on as she looked to the man and her child. [b “Rebecca would love to see the princesses and knights.”] She said quietly as she looked to Rebecca, who's face had frozen in amazement. She wanted so very badly to go see princesses. [b “I want princess!!!”] The child squealed out in pure excitement.

Rebecca shook her head. [b “No likes Geoge...He means to mummy..”] She said in a whine. Felicity instantly looked away. [b “He is not mean, honey..He is just..I don't know..”] She whispered, unsure of how Rebecca knew. George had only grabbed Felicity once, and she was sure the child had been asleep when it had happened.
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Draco couldn't help chuckling at the little girl's antics. Adorable, simply adorable. [b "Yes, it really is. Perhaps one day you can ask your mummy."] He whispered, eyes traveling to the woman who had now put her daughter on the spot, causing the child to go a bright red. [b "Even more beautiful when hearing your whole name."] He whispered as he kept the child close.

He could see that Felicity was confused and also annoyed as he had seemed to win over her daughter so quickly. And if he were to be honest, Draco thought it would be harder as well. She really had seemed a shy little one, but perhaps that had been what had drawn him all the more. A reminder of his past with her mother in the VERY beginning when they had been for lack of better words getting a feel for the other. Before they had become so close and even gotten together.

[b "I'm sure it'll just take time..."] He tried to be encouraging and then motioned to the shops around them. [b "All are good. Just depends what you might be in the mood for."]
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Rebecca blushed a dark red, eyes went to the ground. [b “I-it is?..”] She asked, tilting her head to the side. She looked over at her mother, who smiled kindly. [b “What is your full name, little swan?”] Felicity asked, making Rebecca blush even darker at being put on the spot. [b “Rebecca Lynn Chambers.”] She whispered bashfully, hiding her face against Draco's neck.

Felicity watched the two of them together, unsure as to how quickly he had won her over. [b “She won't even go to George..And he is around every day..”] The annoyance was clear in her voice. Rebecca began shivering. [b “Geoge Scawy...”] Rebecca whined.

Felicity sighed softly. [b “We can take her to lunch, she needs to eat something other than sweets.”] She said quietly, a soft smile on her lips as she tapped Rebecca's nose gently.
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Draco smiled to the child. [b "Rebecca is one of my favourite names. And a beautiful fit for you."] He said gently as she came out from behind her mother and made the grabby hands for him. None of what the man had said had been a lie. He did find her name beautiful and she was a beautiful little girl.

Gently, Draco picked her up and had the girl on his hip. Grey eyes went to Felicity as she seemed to be staring and his own head tilted the faintest bit. He didn't know how to explain it to her. The best way he could was he did have a soft spot for children. The part he could not say was he did still think about the futures that they had once planned for themselves when everything had been said and done.

[b "So did you want to get this little girl ice cream or lunch?"] The man asked. This time he didn't say anything about being his treat.
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[b “I can't afford lunch and I'm not letting you throw your money at me anymore..”] She said quietly as she looked away from him. She bit into her lip, trying to keep herself from saying anything she would regret. He knew how she felt about him offering her money, but then again...God she needed it.. She looked down at Rebecca who stuck her bottom lip out as her mother denied them lunch. The child was starving. She quickly looked to the man and blushed faintly.

Rebecca pushed her red hair behind her ears, poking out her lip more as he knelt down and made a sucker appear. The girl squeaked, obviously wanting the sucker but she wouldn't move towards it. She let her eyes shift up to her mother and tried to see if she was able to take the sucker. Her mother nodded and she quickly took the lollipop. [b “R-rebecca...”] The child whispered in a soft whine. She slowly moved out from behind Felicity's legs and made grabby hands for Draco. He had already won her over.

Felicity tilted her head as she saw Rebecca instantly taken to Draco. She was very confused by it. The girl still hadn't warmed to George. She was amazed, honestly.
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Seeing her again made his heart leap into his throat. He was so used to the strong and vibrant girl she had been. But he could see how the years had broken her and she seemed more a shell. And seeing the dark circles and how thin she was hurt. However, the Malfoy pulled his gaze away from the woman and the child for a moment and looked up at the shop. He then returned his gaze to Felicity and her daughter. [b "You know we could always get lunch first and then come back here. It would of course be my treat."] The man said quietly, a gentle undertone to his words.

Grey eyes then went to the two year old who was hidden behind her mother's legs, a softer smile slipping to his lips. [b "Well hello there. What's your name, beautiful girl?"] He asked as he made a lolli pop appear and offered it to the girl. He wanted her to know he was a friend and had no intents to hurt her or her mother.
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Felicity sat, biting her lip as she heard the boy snap about Draco. He had been snapping more often lately. She flinched back, almost scared that he would actually harm her. [b “This isn't your decision, George..It's mine. She is my daughter and I have to find a way to take care of her.”] She whispered gently, trying to hide the fear from her voice.

Felicity rushed over to the bed and picked up the child, smiling faintly at George before she vanished. She appeared in the street holding the child. She was beyond worn down. She had dark circles under her eyes, her body was shaking from exhaustion. She hadn't slept or eaten in a while. She couldn't afford to do either. All of her focus was on keeping her child happy.

Her eyes shot up and locked on Draco. She swayed just a bit but kept the child close to her. [b “W-want to go in?..”] She asked quietly, rocking Rebecca gently. She gently put the two year old on the ground and took her hand, leading the little brunette child over toward the man. Rebecca stayed hidden behind Felicity's legs, shaking slightly. She was very skittish.
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[#9251c1 "You know mum wouldn't mind. She loves you both and thinks of you as family. And I still have the joke shop."] The man was again trying desperately to get her to see sense. He had seen how ruined she had been after Malfoy had just dropped her and disappeared. He also believed that Draco had turned her over to the Death Eaters.

[#9251c1 "Have you forgotten what he had done to you? How could you say he isn't bad?"] His brows were raised at her defense of Draco.

The young man had set both his mother and father off and so was staring blankly ahead. He could definitely hear them. Hell, the dead and deaf would be able to hear them both. But he was not listening to them. His mind was still thinking back to Felicity. Maybe he could try and talk to her. Maybe he could explain all of this was what his parents were wanting and needed. Not him but after losing her he had had nothing left and went along with it all. All of that was the truth.

It was the tapping on the window that had gotten his attention and he went to let the owl in. His eyes scanned the note and he then looked to his parents. [b "A friend has asked me to meet with them...We can finish this later."] And before even giving his parents a chance to speak, Draco had vanished and appeared in an alleyway by the ice cream shop and had gone to wait outside the shop.
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Felicity looked at the letter on the nightstand. It was simple really, all it said was 'I accept your help.' She didn't want to send it. She didn't want to accept help from others. She wanted to be able to care for her daughter on her own. [b “George...Your mother doesn't have enough money to support all of you, there is no way she could afford two more mouths to feed..I can do this on my own. He..You know he will help us..He isn't a bad guy, really he isn't.”] She slowly explained, not sure how to make him understand.

[i 'Maybe I could win him back...convince him not to marry Astoria..Wait..Felicity what are you thinking?! You can't do that...He is getting married..He doesn't want you, get over him..'] She had to scold herself.

The girl looked up at George, forcing a smile on her lips. [b “George..I can do this..We can do this..I will be fine..”] She said gently, trying to keep him happy. She bit into her lower lip, looking over at the child who fell down on the bed and huffed. [b “Want to go into town, my love?”] She asked gently. She quickly went to the table side and wrote on a different piece of paper. 'Meet me in town at the ice cream shop.' She quickly put the letter on the owl's leg and sent the owl off.
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The blonde haired male couldn't believe anything he had done. He had only meant to speak with her. He had only meant to apologise and to let her know some of the truths he felt she deserved to know. But instead he had opened up to the young woman and it had gotten them both hurt. And now he bloody well could not get Felicity out of his head. It was both a blessing and a curse all in its own. However, Draco never spoke of the encounter though it was obvious to at least Blaise and his mother that he was not the same and something had changed.

Draco sat with his mother but did not seem to be paying attention to her words. Or wasn't until she slammed her hand down on the table to get his attention. "Draco, I asked if you had a date in mind for your wedding? We have been putting this off." The woman reminded him.

A hand ran through his hair and he sighed. [b "No, mother. I do not have a day in mind. I honestly had been trying to put it out of my mind until I had to think of it."] He muttered but that was all he said, earning a glare from his father.

George Weasley looked at Felicity as she spoke her words. He had been trying to help her but for the last few weeks she had been denying his help. And now it seemed as if she was running low on funds. He was trying to be supportive. He really was, but there was no way he wanted her around that filthy Malfoy.

[#9251c1 "You could always move into the Burrow with us. Just until you get on your feet. You can even borrow the money from me. Do you really have to go to him?"] The Weasley man asked, almost pleaded with Felicity.
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Felicity looked to Draco as he began to shut down. He had been opening up to her, but she could tell that he was shutting down on her. She didn't like it. She wanted him to open up, to stay open. She couldn't tell him that though. She couldn't be weak..Not again. [b “I...I have a daughter to get to and you have a life...One I'm not a part of anymore.”] She said quietly, not looking at him. Her heart was racing.

When she felt the bag slip into her hands, she immediately began to protest but he was gone. She stared at the spot he had been. How could he have done this?...She couldn't get him off of her mind as the time went by.

Weeks later, Felicity sat in her bed in the hotel room. She had lost her job, lost her home..She sat on the bed with her head in her hands. She eyed the now near empty bag of money on the table. She had used it all to pay for them to stay in the hotel room. She watched as the child bounced on the bed, giggling quietly. [b “I..I have to see him, George...There is no other way..”] She said quietly, looking up at the red head.
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Her words had hurt him more than any of the scorn from the rest of their world ever could. To him no opinions matter but hers and perhaps that of his mother. But at that moment, Draco could not and would not tell her that. He had already opened up way too much and only to have her tell him how he never gave a famn about her. What had he honestly been thinking?

The cold grey gaze never did falter nor did it leave the young woman. He could see her struggling to even find an answer for him. Which if he had to be honest he hated but it also gave him an almost smug feeling. It appeared his words happened to be getting to her just as much as her own seemed to be getting to him. And it was at that moment did the saying "All's fair in love and war" come to mind but only for the briefest of moments.

[b "It is late and I have kept you past the hour. Just remember this conversation and what I've said. You know how and where to find me."] The man said as he moved to her. And before she could object, Draco had slipped a small bag of galleons into her hands and closed them around it before he brought her hands to his lips. Once he had, the Malfoy vanished.
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