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When he told her not to thank him, Felicity huffed. She wouldn't say a word against him, but her glare said it all. Even though she was frail and broken..She was still her. Still the her that he had fallen in love with during the Triwizard Tournament. She wished she could go back to such simpler times, before everything had fallen apart..Between them...Between the world..Just..Better.

Felicity averted her eyes after his words. Of course he didn't know. How could he? He had dropped all things in relation to her. She finally looked back at him and opened and closed her mouth several times to decide what to say. [b “My mother is dead..”] She finally decided on. [b “It happened just after you left school..Just before Crabbe found me. She..She didn't suffer to much.”] She settled on her words, but never looked away from the ground.

His question made sense. It would make it harder, on her.. But if Rebecca didn't see her mother, maybe it would be easier on the child. It would tear Felicity apart, seeing the child but not being able to be with her..But Felicity had to make sure Rebecca was able to cling to Draco, rather than being with Felicity. She had to make sure her daughter was safe. [b “It's worth it, if she is safe..”] She whispered.
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His hand stayed on her cheek as ahe leaned against it. God she was so beautiful and for those few seconds he allowed himself to think of their past. [b "Don't thank me..."] He whispered. Almost had he added that this was his fault and that he was trying to help set things right, but refrained. He didn't want to fight with her and definitely not in the restaraunt.

Of course he knew it would not be easy and knew the child would not understand. But he also knew that Rebecca deserved the truth from Felicity. That IF anyone else told her, the little girl would think her mother hated her and wanted nothing to do with her. Or that was how he would feel. [b "I know...but you would want it from your mother and not a complete stranger.."] Draco whispered as his eyes were still upon the child.

It was a few minutes more and soon Rebecca had run back over and her mother told her what she was going to be doing. And as was expected, she did NOT take it well and had to be put into sleep to calm her down. And watching it all, hearing it all broke him. But there was nothing he could do or say that could make the pain stop or to make it better. [b "Won't that just make it harder..?"] He whispered as he had gently taken the sleeping child, eyes locked with Felicity's.
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When he kissed her back, her heart surged from pure happiness. She had missed him for so very long that she couldn't help but to let her emotions over flow. She pulled back from his lips, panting softly. Her cheeks were a dark red as she looked up into his eyes. When she felt his hand on her cheek, she closed her eyes and leaned into it. [b “T-thank very much..”] She whispered in a whimper, looking up at the man with tear filled eyes.

The woman shook her head, biting into her lower lip. [b “I..She won't understand either way, Draco..I don't...I don't know how..”] But he was right. She had to do this. She had to talk to the child, explain why she was doing this.

When Rebecca came running over to the woman, Felicity quickly rubbed the tears from her eyes and picked the child up. She slid her hand into the child's, rocking her gently. It took a long while for her to get the child to calm down, to understand. She eventually put the child to sleep to calm her. Her eyes slowly moved to Draco's, her own full of tears. [b “Draco...I...I will come by and see her..But..she can't know that I'm there..I..keep her safe..”] She whispered in a whimper.
  Felicity Marie Chambers / Kat_Attack / 340d 19h 50m 2s
He was so lost in those swirling blue eyes that he had not noticed her move until her lips were gently pressed to his and her fingers in his hair. The man knew better than to act and yet he couldn't help it. When it came to her, Draco was almost always powerless to listening to logic. He was lost to his emotions and found himself returning her kiss, relishing in it if only for those few seconds. It was stupid and he knew it. But it had been heaven in the middle of the hell he knew that would be raining down on them both.

When she had pulled back, he too was panting and had almost let out a whimper. God how he had missed her. But he was quick to regain himself and a hand came up to stroke her cheek. [b "I promise you...I will protect her with my life. She will be taken care of.."] He whispered, keeping her eyes locked to his so she knew he did mean what he said.

Slowly he lowered his hand from her cheek and looked to Rebecca as her eyes went to the little girl and she choked back a sob. [b "You should tell her....she won't understand unless you do.."] He whispered, fighting his own emotions.
  xSCARSx / SheDevil / 340d 19h 37m 7s
Felicity blushed darker as she saw his eyes go to her lips. She couldn't help it. She knew she shouldn't do this. She shouldn't give in to her feelings. She moved closer to him and pressed her lips gently to his, tangling her fingers in his hair, tugging gently as she deepened their kiss, her entire body trembling from her sorrow and her feelings toward him.

The woman slowly pulled away from, panting softly. [b “You have to protect her..”] She whispered through her tears. She was trembling against him. [b “You have to promise...”] She whimpered out, sobbing hard.

The woman looked up at the man. There was nothing else to say. She pulled away from him and took one last look at Rebecca, choking back a sob. That little girl was all that she had left..And she was giving her up..
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Her eyes when she cried always looked like the storming of oceans, but they were one of the most beautiful things he had seen. Just as they had before, her eyes seemed to take his breath away. Seemed to bewitch the Malfoy. That like his feeling for her had not changed. And he had had to perhaps focus on her words harder than he should have because even after all this time his feelings for her could and did cloud his thoughts.

Briefly, did Draco allow his eyes to dart to her lips and then back to her eyes. He had to fight everything in him to not kiss her. To not pull her into his arms and to tell her how he did really feel. It was hell being so close but yet so far.

[b "You have my word that she will be protected. And safe.."] He finally whispered, dark grey orbs still locked with swirling blue.
  xSCARSx / SheDevil / 342d 3h 23m 7s
When she felt his hand touch her chin, she looked up at him. Swirling blue eyes met deep gray ones. Her eyes looked like oceans when she cried. She sniffled as she listened to his words, her body beginning to tremble. She placed her hand on his hand, her eyes never leaving his. [b “Please...I-It's not permanent..I..just can't let her live like I have..”] She whimpered out quietly.

When his hand dropped, a pout formed on her lips but she never looked away from him. She wanted to kiss him. To tell him how she really felt about him. But she couldn't do any of that. [b “Draco...I..I will never be able to pay you back for this..I..Thank you..”] She whimpered out through her tears. She finally broke their eye contact, looking over toward Rebecca. It broke her heart, thinking about leaving her child behind. [b “P-Promise me you will keep her safe..”] She whimpered out quietly.
  Felicity Marie Chambers / Kat_Attack / 342d 3h 46m 5s
The man at one time would have gone to hell and back for the woman who sat beside him in the chairs. And honestly now he still would. He was going to be hearing it from his mother and father when he got back. But to him just as she had always been , Felicity was more important. The thought of her not getting it or not knowing how much she still meant killed him. It was literally heart wrenching and tore away at him. Just as to see her sat before him crying did.

A hand slowly went to her chin as he raised it so she would look at him. [b "I said I couldn't because I didn't want to separate a child and mother. I know she is all you have left and your only true reason for living... That was the reason I said I couldn't do it... But I owe you and even said I would do anything to try and right what I've done... And even if I haven't known her long, that little girl has already got me wrapped around her finger and I find myself caring for her just as I do her mother.. So if this is really what you want...and what you need of me I will do it."] Draco said quietly, gently with his own eyes having tears that he was fighting back.

After he spoke, he let his hand fall again and sat back up. But grey eyes were locked to hers. He wanted her to know he meant all that he said.
  xSCARSx / SheDevil / 342d 3h 18m 15s
His visible flinch made her smile slightly. He remembered her well, even after all of this time. He could tell she could barely control her anger. She bit into her lip to calm herself down and looked over to Rebecca, the only person these days who could make her truly smile. She watched the child, who seemed to be enjoying the show with the other children.

She cut her eyes over at the man, growling slightly just to make him know that she didn't like his words. She was trying to hide a smile though. Even though she knew that he was willing to take anything she could throw at him, she didn't want to. She didn't want to see the pained look on his face. She still loved him, for some stupid damn reason that she would never understand.

When he said he couldn't take her, her heart shattered. He couldn't even do this for her? [b “She has no one else, Draco..Just me. I..A new job won't keep him away from her. Either of them. George...I think he is out to get her..To get anyone who is close to me..And Crabbe...If he finds out about her the only one who can protect her is you. Draco..I can't do this. I can't put her through all of this hell just because I'm not fit to be her parent..She deserves so much more..She deserves you..”] She whimpered out through her tears.
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Oh he was in for it and he knew it fairly well from the look that she gave. The fact that she bit her lip and took a breath meant she was trying to keep her temper reigned in. Yes, Draco remembered the actions quite well having faced their fury quite a few times. But the man simply kept his gaze upon her as she spoke, visibly flinching. If she hadn't realized it he was more than aware of the details she had so very graciously reminded him of.

[b "For that not being the intent.. It seems that you chose to do so. But I do owe you for all the hell you have been through. And perhaps deserve it."] There was no acid bitterness to his words as they were spoken. Instead there was regret lacing them as his eyes followed hers to Rebecca.

Her next words had his heart literally sink to his stomach and grey orbs immediately drawn back to her. [b "I cannot take her. She doesn't know me. You are all she knows...If you want I can help you figure something out. A new job.. but I cannot separate her from you."] He said quietly.
  xSCARSx / SheDevil / 342d 13h 43m 41s
The woman bit her lip and took a deep breath as to not blow up at him. [b “You hurt me..I stuck around..”] She said quietly. She immediately regretted it. [b “I'm sorry..I didn't call you here to take shots at you, I really didn't.”] She whispered, keeping her eyes focused on Rebecca. Her eyes were puffy and red. She was trying her best not to cry. She didn't want to admit this to herself.

Tears built up in her eyes as she began to blink rapidly to keep herself from letting her tears fall. [b “I..I need you to give her the life I can't...”] The woman choked out through her tears. [b “I can't put her through this...I..I can't...”]
  Rebecca Lynn Chambers / Kat_Attack / 342d 18h 10m 18s
[b "I wasn't going to lecture you about your choice in friends. Do I have any right in that department as it stands. I just wondered if he hurt you why you would stay around.."] The man said quietly, his eyes too on the little girl as she played with the other children. For the time she did seem happy enough, which was nice to see.

He sighed as the words left her lips. He could only imagine how hard asking it of him of all people was. Afterall, Draco had been the one to literally rip her apart. It had been meant to save her but as he had found a few weeks ago that it had not done anything. Instead she had been tortured because of him. Slowly did he take a seat in a chair nearby.

[b "So what exactly are you asking of me here, Felicity?"] The blonde male asked, grey eyes finally coming to rest on her.
  xSCARSx / SheDevil / 342d 20h 45m 54s
Felicity held the child close and brushed her hair back before putting her down and letting her go off with the other children. She kept her eyes on her though. [b “Don't say anything, Draco...I didn't ask you to come here for you to lecture me on my friend choice...I came to you because...”] She took in a deep breath. [b “Because I need your help..”] She whispered, god it tasted horrible coming out. She hated asking for help.

She watched as Rebecca played with the other children. She sat down heavily in the nearest chair, she had been swaying just a bit. [b “I..I can't afford to keep staying in the hotel room...And..If I don't figure something out..I'm going to end up living with them..I..”] She brushed her hair out of her face and looked over at Rebecca.

[b “She needs somewhere stable...And..I..I can't give her that..”] The young woman was on the verge of tears.
  Rebecca Lynn Chambers / Kat_Attack / 342d 20h 55m 43s
He was being incredibly stupid in being around the woman. Everything in him wanted to hold her and to tell her how sorry he was. But on the flip, Felicity didn't even want him or his help. That SHOULD have been clear to him weeks before. And yet she had written that note. Had asked him to meet her here. Why? He could have ignored it. Ignored her but he had come and internally was paying the price for that decision.

The man only stayed silent and he watched the woman with her little girl. And he realized he had just met her, but even he cared about the child. That realization alone scared the hell out of him. He was being stupid to be here. Against his parents and the arrangements they had been making and made. Yet he couldn"t say no if he wanted. Never could he when it was Felicity involved. The woman should have known that and remembered it.

The idea of hurting or disappointing both scared him. But he didn't know what to do. [b "They usually have shows in the back for the children before the meals..."] He said once they had entered and he motioned to a small stage with children sitting before it
  xSCARSx / SheDevil / 342d 21h 8m 48s
The look the Draco had given Felicity pissed her off. She knew that it shouldn't have, but it did. As if he was asking her why she would stay around him. She never had a choice! He had made sure of that when he left her behind weeks before. When he didn't fight for her. She didn't know why she expected for him to..She shouldn't have gotten her hopes up. She bit into her lip and looked away to try to hide the anger she felt.

Felicity picked up Rebecca and scolded her gently, rocking the little girl. [b “You have to be more careful, little Swan..You are all I have..”] She said gently, stroking the child's bright red hair. She kissed her head gently, looking over to Draco for just a second. Why did she even ask him to come out?..Why did he come? Why was this her life?...

She waited for the cars to pass before moving across the street, Rebecca never looked away from Draco. She obviously liked him, and that scared Felicity..Because if he left this time..It would not only hurt her, it would hurt Rebecca..Then she would have to kill him.
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