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[b "I think she only did because she didn't want the complains based on our families and the reputations that still plague us. But she has always known you to be quite a sweet young woman and exceedingly talented in the greenhouse."] Draco pointed out to her and then smirked. [b "You mean sit in on every class because he loves it so much." And yes, Pansy did finally get what was coming."] He muttered. He did hate her and have his regrets about some...relations he had had with the pugdaced girl in their youth.

"So..we are to be careful of this new prophecy? And yes...I did have a fondness.." He said quietly.

When she asked to speak freely, Draco took a glance around and then nodded. [b "That's just it.. I haven't the faintest idea. No one knows what happened.. So tonight I need to go and see for myself."] He said quietly, pain lacing the words as he spoke. He had been more than worried but thought she had..not fprgotten but was trying to keep things hidden as always. [b "I have kept you and for that I am sorry. And I wpuld love to have you accompany me back before you go. Promise to be careful my love."] He said and held an arm out to her. He knew sober her was fine... drunk was another story. It was why the promise
  Draco Malfoy / MourningGlory / 31d 4h 6m 23s
As Draco spoke of her new position, a smile graced Astoria’s face. [b “I was truly surprised when she came to me with the position. I was sure I would be looked over, again.”] She said with a soft, musical giggle. [b “Neville is sad about leaving the greenhouse though, I told him he could join me in any classes he wants.”] She said with a slight shrug. [b “The snooty bitch got what was coming to her.”] She hated the Parkinson girl.

Another giggle slipped from her lips as Draco mentioned her thumb. [b “But I don’t see any green on my finger.”] She said with a soft pout. [b “She does tell me to alert you of Trelawny’s newest prediction. Apparently we are going to have a son who will be friends with the Potter’s child. Headmistress McGonagall remembers how fond you were of the Potter boy.”]

[b “My love, if I may speak freely…I believe something is off. She has been here for weeks with no contact from her mother. And, as I understand, there has been no contact with you either. Is her mother in some kind of danger?”] She asked quietly. She was aware of who her mother was, but she would not dare speak the name. [b “Ah. Look at the time. Neville will have my head if I leave him alone with Hagrid for too much longer. He still seems to believe that he can outdrink me. How laughable.”] She said with a giggle. [b “I can walk back inside with you before I depart.”] She had no intention of actually visiting Demetri…But drunk her was not so predictable.
  Astoria Greengrass / Kat_Attack / 31d 6h 57m 41s
Dracon nodded to her when she said that the help should stay close. But everything in the clipped tone and body language told him she was flustered. And though he shouldn't he did enjoy mildly teasing her.

[b "You've always wanted to be a full professor, so that's good. And it's time Longbottom had something more 'fun' to do." And Pansy now has something befitting of her"] He said, thoughtfully and chuckled at her thumb comment. Grey-eyes went to her hands and he smirked. [b "No, my love. I think that Professor McGonagall was quite right. Your thumb is quite green"] He had turned it so as they had been talking.

And her next words took him by surprise. He had not known that she knew of the meeting. [b "My mother is watching her. Well attempting to bake with her.."] He said, his own affection lacing his words as he looked her way. [b "And yes, I do..thank you."] Came soft words and a gentle smile. He KNEW she had somewhere else she wanted to be as well.
  Draco Malfoy / MourningGlory / 31d 19h 9m 7s
Astoria’s cheeks lit up in a dark flame as the man leaned over and whispered the whereabouts of Demetri. She looked to the man and let out a quiet huff. [b “That is good news. The help should be close in case of emergencies..”] She said quietly, obviously flustered.
She looked back to the man as he asked about her work. [b “Ah, right.”] She said quietly. [b “I may be promoted to Professor in Herbology soon, Professor Longbottom has been asked to step in as Assistant Headmaster. Pansy has taken Filch’s job.”] She said the last part with a snicker. [b “Headmaster McGonagall said I have a green thumb, but I’m pretty sure my thumb is the same color as my other fingers.”] She said with a giggle.

[b “So where is the little monster this evening?”] She asked affectionately. She tilted her head. [b “Don’t you have somewhere to be, my love?”] She asked quietly. She knew of his meeting with Felicity. She wanted to go see Demetri, even if it was just to see him from afar. Most likely, she would visit the pub first. Hagrid owed her a drink…or twelve.
  Astoria Greengrass / Kat_Attack / 32d 7h 10m 58s
This was their usual game. Play as if they had little interest or care in what the other said when it came to topics that could very well get them into troible. For free as they were for the most part, that did not stop the reach he knew his father to still have. The so called friends who would not hesitate to take them down. Living in these times were still dangerous even if The Dark Lord was gone. Just for very different reasons.

A ghost of a smile slipped to his lips when he heard the question asked. She wanted to know where the man stayed. Draco knew where Demetri stayed and it was often not on the grounds if it could be helped. And in response, the Malfoy shook his head.

[b "Most of the help does...but the one you are asking after does not. He has not for a while. You know the small inn in the village...That is where the help stays."] He whispered so only she heard. And then he turned away from her to look at more of the flowers that were nearby. [b "You said you had more news about how work is going for you?"] Anything to make this look normal. Or as normal as possible.
  Draco Malfoy / MourningGlory / 33d 4h 11m 19s
A soft sigh slipped from her lips as she kept her eyes averted from his gaze. She didn’t want him to see the panic that still remained. She willed her heart beat to slow. Anything to keep the tale tale signs of her panic from being seen. Lucius always had this effect on her.

[b “I am aware of that fact… But I am also aware of the power he still holds everywhere.”] She stated quietly, chewing on her lower lip. The man’s glare still burned through her. Lucius may have lost most of his pull in the world, but he was still terrifying. The fact that Draco had spotted the bruise made her freeze. She prayed that he did not point it out or ask. She couldn’t tell.

Her cheeks lit up as his words came. [i ‘He watches me?..’] She thought, her heart skipping. She shook her head quickly. She couldn’t think like that… She smiled as the lily stayed put, but her eyes wandered around the garden. It wasn’t safe to talk like one could know of her infatuation for the boy who was so beneath her… She let out a soft sigh and chewed on her lip. [b “That is too bad…does the help still stay on the grounds?”] She asked, trying to show little interest but really she was asking him where the man lived so that she could possibly visit him. She knew that Draco would never turn her in..but others would.
  Astoria Greengrass / Kat_Attack / 36d 11h 26m 3s
A beautiful young woman no doubt. Sweet at heart as well. Any man would be lucky to have her. But he wasn't that man. Not really. There was a care for Astoria, but he was not in love with her. She was more a very good friend and sister to him. Both were pushed into this arrangement. Chains and shackles, but they did try and make the most of it.

[b "It does become my concern when you end up hurt while here at the manor. You know this is no longer my parents' home. It belongs to me."] He said quietly as he moved closer to get a better look. But he stopped himself and stepped back.

Her actions said offended but her cheeks said flustered. And he could not help but be amused slightly by it. It seemed her heart was elsewhere just as his own was. The irony of this was not lost on him as both were "beneathe" them in the views of their families. [b "Unless you are around. He watches you... As to if he does his job well. Demetri is one of the best at what he does... He had been locked away as well. Used as a pet and as a threat in very much the same ways as Fenrir had been. But never had he been near you in those times..."] Draco said quietly, brushing some of her hair back from her face and behind her ear that helped to hold the Lilly in her hair.
  Draco Malfoy / MourningGlory / 207d 23h 29m 26s
The woman looked away from Draco, biting her lower lip. He knew her too well. [b “It's not your concern, love..”] She said quietly, kicking her foot. She knew that if Draco had found out about his father, he would go after him. She could not allow that to happen. He would be hurt..She didn't love him, but she did care for him. It was a strange relationship they had. She twisted the ring on her finger. It felt like shackles...Hell it was shackles.. She sighed softly and blushed when he mentioned Demetri.

Astoria only blushed darker as he motioned to her. [b “Or what?”] She asked, feigning being offended. She had to put on a show. She could NOT care for the man. [b “Does he do his job well?..”] She asked, only blushing darker. The woman picked a single stargazer lily, putting it in her hair. [b “Where has the boy been?..”] She asked quietly, almost too quietly.
  Astoria Greengrass / Kat_Attack / 228d 5h 12m 19s
From her words and the sigh, Draco could see past it. It was one thing she and Felicity were similar on. They could lie to him and tell them that they were fine..Or that all was well, but he could see it. And the bruising to her chin told another story. [b "For the moment I will take your word...but I would like to know the truth later.."] His words were quiet as his mother was out and watering the flowers. He knew she would not tell his father..but there were still too many eyes and ears around for him to be comfortable to push the subject.

[b "Demetri... He came back about a year ago...When things began to settle completely. Not very often do I see him around. He prefers to stay in the background unless needed...Or..."] And he did make a motion to Astoria herself. Draco had noticed the glances between the two.
  xK.A.Tx / SheDevil / 339d 10h 9m 39s
Astoria sighed as Draco saw her. [b “Nothing is wrong, sir..All is well..”] But there was a slight bruise coming up on her chin from where Lucius had gripped her. She bit her lip and looked away from him. The garden...It was so lovely out here. Narcissa was watering flowers. A soft sigh slipped from her lips as she looked from the woman to Draco.

She kept thinking about Demetri though...The past wouldn't remain as such. [b “S-so...when did the servant boy return?..”] She asked, trying not to show any true interest in him. She was trying to remain calm. Her hands brushed across the flowers, the color springing to life in the flowers. Though it was winter, her touch could make nature come alive.
  Astoria Greengrass / Kat_Attack / 339d 10h 51m 42s
Her words stung like hell. But after seeing what he did, how could he blame her? She clearly did blame him and had been fed their lies for so long. He knew all about the manor. Knew all about the way they got into their heads.

"If that is really what you want...then the past will remain as such." It killed Demetri, but she seemed dead set on it. He would of course be watching and helping. But why tell that to her?


Draco had been pacing back and forth as he waited for Astoria. He couldn't place it but the man had a sinking in the pit of his stomach. And after he did this, the Malfoy would have to meet with Felicity. Go over how best to take care of Rebecca.

Grey eyes went to the woman as she came towards him. One look and he could see that she was upset. [b "Astoria...what's happened?"] He asked her quietly.
  xK.A.Tx / SheDevil / 339d 11h 4m 43s
So many things flashed through her mind as she tried to focus. She didn't want to upset him..She really didn't mean to blame him like this. After all..It was the past, wasn't it? The woman sighed softly and stepped away from him. She shook her head, not wanting to listen to his words about Bellatrix.

She shook her head again, dabbing her tears away. [b “Just...I know you work here..But leave the past where it belongs.”] She said quietly before walking away from him.

His words made her bite her lip. [b “Well..It's a good thing that you taught me pretty early that I need to look out for myself, now isn't it?”] She said quietly before leaving the room to go find Draco in the garden.
  Astoria Greengrass / Kat_Attack / 339d 11h 28m 55s
[#9251c1 "Just something to make sure I finally get to be with you. Not that this will matter when you wake."] George said as his arms crossed and his eyes were locked on her. She was barely awake which meant that the potion he had slipped into her drink would be working soon.

His eyes went to his sister when she had been in the doorway. The look he gave her was a "say something and I will make you pay" sort of a look. And when Ginny had left, George again looked to Scarlett who whimpered Draco's name. [#9251c1 "Already told you it's no use."] The man said right before she was out.


Demetri's eyes were on Astoria and he could see the emotions dancing in those bright eyes. All of them killing him as it was mostly pain and fear. It wasn't as if she knew he could read the emotions and he would be damned to let her know that. She was already so angry with him and confused.

"We had been children and wanted to run away... But I had never lied. I did go to meet you. When I got there you were gone...and Bellatrix was there." Like she had become Lucius' little friend and locked away.. He had with Bella. She had him under her control and it had taken until recently for him to be normal again.

When she said she didn't need him, it felt like his heart had been stabbed through and he looked down. "You need someone...Draco won't always be there..." Those words were quiet and then she brushed past hlm. The moment she did, he stiffened and looked at her, seeing it ALL through her view. They had controlled him and made him the villain of her story.

"I...He probably is waiting. Good luck, my lady.." The man said quietly.
  xK.A.Tx / SheDevil / 347d 3h 48m 52s
Astoria wanted to run..To hide. This man had hurt her more than anyone had ever hurt her before. He had broke her. He had told her he wanted to marry her, when they were teenagers. Children... Foolish childish thoughts. He had told her to pack her things, that he was going to get her out..That they would run away together..Things didn't go as planned..

They had come up with a time and a place to meet so that they could run away together..But Demetri hadn't been there when she arrived. Instead it was Lucius. She was chained up in the basement for a year because of him! Not that Draco knew any of this.. But Demetri knew. He was who came down to treat her wounds. To feed her, though only once a week. Lucius wanted to keep her shape in tact. She found out later that the entire time, her parents had known where she was.

When this deal had come up, her parents told her that if she didn't agree to become the young Malfoy's wife..She would be locked back up in the dungeon..She couldn't do that..Not again..So she agreed. None of it mattered anymore though. Her path was set in stone. Nothing would change it, certainly not the lies that Demetri was trying to tell her now to clear his conscious.

[b “Stop lying! Admit what you did!”] She yelped out, tears in her eyes. She would not let them spill over. God forbid she ruin her make up. Her parents would be furious. [b “It..It doesn't matter..I don't need you..”] She whimpered before she had pushed past him.

The moment he touched her arm, everything flashed in their minds..What had happened from her point of view. She immediately flinched back. [b “I had to go meet my fiance, if you don't mind.”] She said, completely emotionless. She had to be...


Felcity laid on the bed. The ceiling was swimming above her. She was so very dizzy. His words made her whimper. She wouldn't know him? What did that mean?.. [b “W-what did you do to me?...”] She whimpered out softly, but her words were slurred.

The girl gripped onto the sheets to stead herself, one foot on the floor. She felt as if she was going to be sick. She spotted Ginny in the doorway. The girl looked worried, but she didn't say a word, just left. [b “D-Draco...”] She whimpered out before everything went entirely black. She was out.
  Astoria Greengrass / Kat_Attack / 355d 59m 50s
Why didn't her anger and hurt surprise him? Because his father and Lucius were so very much alike. Both of them did something and then seemed to leave him and Draco to deal with it. This seeming to be one of those things. He had NEVER turned her over like she thought.

"It was my father who did this...Not me. I tried to stop it..and I paid for it." The man muttered. But he DID know how much trouble she had gotten into for trying to get out. They had found the poor girl. Taken her and even locked her up, torturing her.

"Because it's not pretending...I do care for you." Not that she would believe it. Her words and her want to just walk away from him proved as much. The smart thing...let her go...But for the moment being smart was not his concern. And that beint the case, Demetri DID move forwards and take her arm. He wanted her to understand.


George looked to the server and nodded. He could tell the woman was still worried about Felicity and what was seen. But with a few more words and assurances AND the fact of the girl not doing well he was able to take her. And take her he did.

[#9251c1 "You have to make things difficult, don't you?"] The man muttered as she sat on the bed and fell back on it, whing the Malfoy's name. [#9251c1 "Soon you won't even know him."] Those words were quiet as well. He had NO idea that she had arranged to meet Draco as soon as he had things back home sorted out. Or that they would meet at the Burrow
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