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[b " are already pushing your luck in his eyes and in some way he will make you pay for coming here and making these arrangements."] She didn't need to day it. Just her words and the way they had been spoke was enough to clue him in. One thing was that even though the pair of them would NEVER admit it, they still knew the other well. Perhaps better than anyone else did. A double-edged sword in itself when it was thought about.

When her eyes narrowed and she went into her words of French, Draco could not help a chuckle and shake of his head. He had forgotten how she sounded when she switched like that. Just as beautiful and fiesty as ever. [b "I didn't think that through when I asked. Of course you wouldn't want to be near the slut."] The man said quietly. Yes, he had spent time learning how to both understand and speak French. And he gave her a faint smirk.

[b "The wedding is more for show...she and I were pushed into it by our families. Truly she had no REAL feelings for me...and I've not for her. That is my heart isn't in this. There is an agreement we have that our parents don't know of. Behind closed doors we are free to do what we want..."] All of the words were quiet as they had been spoken, grey eyes never leaving the storming blue
  xSCARSx / SheDevil / 16h 3m 26s
He was right, of course. That was exactly why she had said her words. But then again, he was wrong. Sure, she wasn't welcome there because he was not free..But also..His family knew of her blood status. His mother loved her, sure..But his father..The last time she had seen him he had left her broken and bloody in the dungeons after teaching her the place of someone with a blood status such as hers. The woman had never come clean about what Lucius had done to her, she probably never would. But she was far from welcome there.

His question made her think for a second. How much time? [b “That's hard to say..His temper has shortens every time I leave. I..”] She wouldn't meet his eye. She couldn't explain why she couldn't just stay away from George..She really didn't know herself. She had no feelings toward him, but she didn't want to hurt him. At one time, he was a very good guy.. Before he had lost his brother..

His question made her narrow her eyes as they shot up to his. [b “You have to be fucking insane. Why in the hell would I want to stay in the same place as your future wife?”] She asked in a growl. God him and his damn charity! She was not a fucking charity case! She immediately withdrew from him as much as she could without stirring Rebecca. She crossed her arms over her chest and looked away from him, fuming. [b “Tu dois être folle si tu penses que je resterai n'importe où près de cette salope folle ... Putain tu es fou! Qu'est-ce que tu penses ?!"] The woman ranted on in french, which she only did when she was severely angry.
She was hurt and he knew that. She could hide it from others but not from him. It may have been years and they may not be close anymore, but it became apparent that they could still read the other. They knew the other better than others knew them. And sometimes better than they knew themselves. It was both a blessing and curse. But at this very moment it seemed a curse as the Malfoy knew exactly what her commoent of "No..I'm not.." meant. To her she was not welcome because he was not "free". But to him she always would be.

A sigh escaped him as those stormy blue eyes were upon the ground. [b "How much time do you have left before he will overreact? Because he's nothing to worry about..."] Draco said quietly. He knew she was fearful of the Weaaley boy. He was no longer the boy he had been. The war had changed all of them. Some for the better and others for the worse. Draco had talked to some who had been with George and even they feared the man. If he were honest he did not want her to go back to that.

[b "Why not stay at the manor?"] Fuck he had spoken without thinking. And now he was sure to pay for it.
  xSCARSx / SheDevil / 5d 3h 19m 32s
The woman couldn't deny the fact that feeling his ring had hurt her. It had hurt her so deeply that she didn't know what to do now. She had wished she was in his life the way Astoria was. But, of course she wasn't. She wasn't even close to him anymore.

Honestly, Felicity was scared to stay away from George for too long. She knew he would get angry and he would probably hurt her, if she gave him the chance. George terrified her. She also didn't want to be too close to Draco for too long. Her feelings were coming back, she didn't like it. She wanted to shut them all off. Cut him off entirely, but she couldn't do that. [b “I..Okay..”] She whispered slowly. When he glanced at her, her eyes were on the ground. She had a pained look on her face as her eyes stayed on the ground. [b “No..I'm not..”] She replied to his 'welcome any time' remark. She couldn't help but to glance at his ring before quickly looking away. God this hurt. It was emotional, but it felt physical as well.
  Felicity Marie Chambers / Kat_Attack / 5d 10h 31m 15s
By how quickly she had withdrawn her hand, Draco knew that she had felt his ring. It was only after the briefest of touches of it had she withdrawn so completely. And he knew from the way she bit on her bottom lip that it had hurt her. Hell it still hurt him to wear it and to know this was not where his heart truly lay. But he could not speak out against it either. He could make things more difficult and prolong it though. A sigh escaped him as he heard her words. It was true, they both had people waiting on them.

[b "We can let them wait a little longer. I'm honestly tired of being their puppet and playing at being what they want and expect... Besides, if you want me to take her you still have to show me the things she likes."] Draco said gently, chancing a glance at the woman. [b "As to letting me know before you don't have to Felicity...she is your daughter and you are welcome any time."] Those words were much softer, but he meant so much behind them.
  xSCARSx / SheDevil / 5d 7h 21m 38s
Felicity looked away from the man and bit into her lower lip, hearing the words so many people had told her when her mother had passed. [b “Thank you..”] It was automatic response. She watched as Rebecca curled up to Draco, his shirt was wrapped up in her little hand. Felicity blushed faintly as she felt Draco squeeze her hand. She slowly slipped her hand into his and laced their fingers together. It was out of habit, but it felt incredibly right.

His whisper made her nod. Yes, all she could do was hope. [b “I suppose it is..”] She whispered, tilting her head as she felt the cold metal against her finger. His ring... She quickly pulled her hand from his and bit her lip to stop her whimper. [b “I'm sure they are waiting for you..And I have to get back to George..”] She said, trying not to roll her eyes at the thought of George waiting on her. As if she would ever be interested in the Weasley boy in any way. [b “I..I'll contact you before I drop in to see her..Please keep her safe..”] The woman whispered, refusing to look at him.
  Felicity Marie Chambers / Kat_Attack / 5d 22h 38m 33s
Another glare had been given to him when he had said not to thank him. She may have been broken but she was still her. Still remained some of the girl he had fallen madly in love with. Was still madly in love with. Like Felicity, Draco had his regrets. And he too wished for simpler and better times. Now being older, the Malfoy wished he would have never turned away and that he would have fought more. But he had been a coward and at the time had done what he believed what would keep both her and his family safe. Of course the man had found later it was all in vain. There was NO way to keep anyone safe from Voldemort and the madness that followed him.

His eyes were immediately drawn to the woman when she mentioned her mother. He had not known of what had happened. He couldn't have because of his cutting all ties has he had. [b "I'm sorry for your loss..."] Draco whispered as he kept Rebecca close to him but used the other hand to move to her hand and give it a small squeeze. And he was sorry. Even though he and his mother got into A LOT, Draco knew she loved him. And he could not imagine what it would be to lose her.

The man had not meant his next words. The question had simply slipped before he had been able to stop it. [b "Which is all you can hope for...I promise she will be safe with me..."] He whispered. Though he was still torn with all of this. Now more than ever did he wish he was not a coward or going through with the wedding for his family. He wished to break away from it all. To try and start over with Felicity and to make things right with her. And to be there for both her and Rebecca. But of course he had to keep those thoughts to himself.
  xSCARSx / SheDevil / 5d 14h 32m 32s
When he told her not to thank him, Felicity huffed. She wouldn't say a word against him, but her glare said it all. Even though she was frail and broken..She was still her. Still the her that he had fallen in love with during the Triwizard Tournament. She wished she could go back to such simpler times, before everything had fallen apart..Between them...Between the world..Just..Better.

Felicity averted her eyes after his words. Of course he didn't know. How could he? He had dropped all things in relation to her. She finally looked back at him and opened and closed her mouth several times to decide what to say. [b “My mother is dead..”] She finally decided on. [b “It happened just after you left school..Just before Crabbe found me. She..She didn't suffer to much.”] She settled on her words, but never looked away from the ground.

His question made sense. It would make it harder, on her.. But if Rebecca didn't see her mother, maybe it would be easier on the child. It would tear Felicity apart, seeing the child but not being able to be with her..But Felicity had to make sure Rebecca was able to cling to Draco, rather than being with Felicity. She had to make sure her daughter was safe. [b “It's worth it, if she is safe..”] She whispered.
  Felicity Marie Chambers / Kat_Attack / 6d 23h 4m 33s
His hand stayed on her cheek as ahe leaned against it. God she was so beautiful and for those few seconds he allowed himself to think of their past. [b "Don't thank me..."] He whispered. Almost had he added that this was his fault and that he was trying to help set things right, but refrained. He didn't want to fight with her and definitely not in the restaraunt.

Of course he knew it would not be easy and knew the child would not understand. But he also knew that Rebecca deserved the truth from Felicity. That IF anyone else told her, the little girl would think her mother hated her and wanted nothing to do with her. Or that was how he would feel. [b "I know...but you would want it from your mother and not a complete stranger.."] Draco whispered as his eyes were still upon the child.

It was a few minutes more and soon Rebecca had run back over and her mother told her what she was going to be doing. And as was expected, she did NOT take it well and had to be put into sleep to calm her down. And watching it all, hearing it all broke him. But there was nothing he could do or say that could make the pain stop or to make it better. [b "Won't that just make it harder..?"] He whispered as he had gently taken the sleeping child, eyes locked with Felicity's.
  xSCARSx / SheDevil / 7d 9h 31m 7s
When he kissed her back, her heart surged from pure happiness. She had missed him for so very long that she couldn't help but to let her emotions over flow. She pulled back from his lips, panting softly. Her cheeks were a dark red as she looked up into his eyes. When she felt his hand on her cheek, she closed her eyes and leaned into it. [b “T-thank very much..”] She whispered in a whimper, looking up at the man with tear filled eyes.

The woman shook her head, biting into her lower lip. [b “I..She won't understand either way, Draco..I don't...I don't know how..”] But he was right. She had to do this. She had to talk to the child, explain why she was doing this.

When Rebecca came running over to the woman, Felicity quickly rubbed the tears from her eyes and picked the child up. She slid her hand into the child's, rocking her gently. It took a long while for her to get the child to calm down, to understand. She eventually put the child to sleep to calm her. Her eyes slowly moved to Draco's, her own full of tears. [b “Draco...I...I will come by and see her..But..she can't know that I'm there..I..keep her safe..”] She whispered in a whimper.
  Felicity Marie Chambers / Kat_Attack / 7d 9h 54m 58s
He was so lost in those swirling blue eyes that he had not noticed her move until her lips were gently pressed to his and her fingers in his hair. The man knew better than to act and yet he couldn't help it. When it came to her, Draco was almost always powerless to listening to logic. He was lost to his emotions and found himself returning her kiss, relishing in it if only for those few seconds. It was stupid and he knew it. But it had been heaven in the middle of the hell he knew that would be raining down on them both.

When she had pulled back, he too was panting and had almost let out a whimper. God how he had missed her. But he was quick to regain himself and a hand came up to stroke her cheek. [b "I promise you...I will protect her with my life. She will be taken care of.."] He whispered, keeping her eyes locked to his so she knew he did mean what he said.

Slowly he lowered his hand from her cheek and looked to Rebecca as her eyes went to the little girl and she choked back a sob. [b "You should tell her....she won't understand unless you do.."] He whispered, fighting his own emotions.
  xSCARSx / SheDevil / 7d 9h 42m 3s
Felicity blushed darker as she saw his eyes go to her lips. She couldn't help it. She knew she shouldn't do this. She shouldn't give in to her feelings. She moved closer to him and pressed her lips gently to his, tangling her fingers in his hair, tugging gently as she deepened their kiss, her entire body trembling from her sorrow and her feelings toward him.

The woman slowly pulled away from, panting softly. [b “You have to protect her..”] She whispered through her tears. She was trembling against him. [b “You have to promise...”] She whimpered out, sobbing hard.

The woman looked up at the man. There was nothing else to say. She pulled away from him and took one last look at Rebecca, choking back a sob. That little girl was all that she had left..And she was giving her up..
  Felicity Marie Chambers / Kat_Attack / 8d 12h 48m 6s
Her eyes when she cried always looked like the storming of oceans, but they were one of the most beautiful things he had seen. Just as they had before, her eyes seemed to take his breath away. Seemed to bewitch the Malfoy. That like his feeling for her had not changed. And he had had to perhaps focus on her words harder than he should have because even after all this time his feelings for her could and did cloud his thoughts.

Briefly, did Draco allow his eyes to dart to her lips and then back to her eyes. He had to fight everything in him to not kiss her. To not pull her into his arms and to tell her how he did really feel. It was hell being so close but yet so far.

[b "You have my word that she will be protected. And safe.."] He finally whispered, dark grey orbs still locked with swirling blue.
  xSCARSx / SheDevil / 8d 17h 28m 3s
When she felt his hand touch her chin, she looked up at him. Swirling blue eyes met deep gray ones. Her eyes looked like oceans when she cried. She sniffled as she listened to his words, her body beginning to tremble. She placed her hand on his hand, her eyes never leaving his. [b “Please...I-It's not permanent..I..just can't let her live like I have..”] She whimpered out quietly.

When his hand dropped, a pout formed on her lips but she never looked away from him. She wanted to kiss him. To tell him how she really felt about him. But she couldn't do any of that. [b “Draco...I..I will never be able to pay you back for this..I..Thank you..”] She whimpered out through her tears. She finally broke their eye contact, looking over toward Rebecca. It broke her heart, thinking about leaving her child behind. [b “P-Promise me you will keep her safe..”] She whimpered out quietly.
  Felicity Marie Chambers / Kat_Attack / 8d 17h 51m 1s
The man at one time would have gone to hell and back for the woman who sat beside him in the chairs. And honestly now he still would. He was going to be hearing it from his mother and father when he got back. But to him just as she had always been , Felicity was more important. The thought of her not getting it or not knowing how much she still meant killed him. It was literally heart wrenching and tore away at him. Just as to see her sat before him crying did.

A hand slowly went to her chin as he raised it so she would look at him. [b "I said I couldn't because I didn't want to separate a child and mother. I know she is all you have left and your only true reason for living... That was the reason I said I couldn't do it... But I owe you and even said I would do anything to try and right what I've done... And even if I haven't known her long, that little girl has already got me wrapped around her finger and I find myself caring for her just as I do her mother.. So if this is really what you want...and what you need of me I will do it."] Draco said quietly, gently with his own eyes having tears that he was fighting back.

After he spoke, he let his hand fall again and sat back up. But grey eyes were locked to hers. He wanted her to know he meant all that he said.
  xSCARSx / SheDevil / 8d 17h 23m 11s

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