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Her words had come out as snark as she spoke them. All he had done was ask what she had ordered because he wanted to know if she had taken his words seriously in getting what she wanted. But she mouthed off and it took everything in him to not snap at her for it. He could NOT afford to lose his temper or he would lose her. And so he bit back his own snarky comment for the moment.

[#9251c1 "I'll eat up if you do. Because I know you don't tend to let yourself indulge yourself with treats like this."] The man muttered. It was in its own way pay back for her having snarked earlier. And he again took up his drink when it had been refilled, covering what they had already had.

Brown eyes locked on Felicity and he watched to see if she would eat and drink. She was still seeming reluctant to even be on this "date" with him. Which he was still internally fuming over because he KNEW her mind was on that wretched child and Malfoy.


Demetri had been walking past the room that Astoria had been in with Lucius. He knew that he should not have been, but the man did stop and listen. And what he had heard had his blood boiling. She was the one he loved and she was NOT someone who should have been treated like that. But he could not every well go in and mouth off to the master. If he did, Astoria would pay even more. And so he was stuck to be patient and to watch her leave the room.

It was when she did, did the man fall into step beside her. He knew for the time it would be safe since the elder Malfoy went off to do god only knew what and the younger was in the garden, which was where she seemed to be heading to. "So..that's the way of it then? This arrangement was made more for Lucius than it had been Draco? Why do you let it go on..?" The man muttered quietly to her as they walked.
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Felicity's head was spinning. Everything was far to bright. She had to focus. She could feel a migraine coming on. She blinked away her thoughts and looked up to George, a tilt to her head. He seemed eager for her to drink her drink. She didn't understand it, but wouldn't question it. She knew better. The girl sat her glass down and brushed through her hair, pushing it out of her eyes. [b “You will see when it gets here, now won't you?”] She countered, not really wanting to sound snarky but that's how it came off.

The waitress was soon back, bringing more drinks to cover what they had drank. She dropped off a basket of bread sticks and some mozzarella sticks. [b “Eat up..”] She said quietly.


Astoria was very nervous now. A private meeting in the garden? This couldn't be good. When he had left to go do whatever he was to do, Astoria made her way to her bedroom. She had to put her things away.

She bit her lower lip when she placed her bags on the bed. Immediately, she got to putting away her things. The clearing of a throat made her squeak and turn around quickly to see Lucius standing in her doorway. She was terrified of the man, that was obvious.

Her blood ran cold when he entered the room. She could see his hungry eyes follow her. It was unnerving. [b “You may be marrying my son, but remember who you truly belong to girl..”] He threatened, gripping her by her chin and forcing her to look him in his eyes. She was shaking. She hadn't seen Demetri pass her bedroom. She didn't know that he had seen the exchange. [b “Yes sir..of course sir..”] She muttered in obedience. The man quickly left before he was caught.

The girl quickly made her way to the garden, but she was far to pale. She hoped he wouldn't notice. She couldn't let anyone know what her mind was going through.
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She seemed a little suspicious of him and his intentions. There was very good reason for that. But the fact that she had not noticed that her drink was a bit off was good for him. It meant she would drink the potion that he had gotten specially for her and there would be no trouble in getting her to do so. He knew that it would not take affect right away. Hell, he would be shocked it if had. But the fact that it would in the morning was good enough to him. He had waited this long and he could wait ONE more day, right.

The man sipped his own drink as she had taken yet another drink from her own. She happened to seem to be thinking up something. The storm in her eyes as she asked the waiter for a specific item said volumes. He had watched her enough to know subtle signs of her plotting things.

[#9251c1 "What did you end up asking for?"] George asked her as he had ordered a simple steak and potato meal. Brown eyes were locked on the young woman as he asked his question. He wanted to see if she would be answering him honestly.


Draco wasn't the man he had once been. The war had changed him. But before that, Fel had. He knew the look of true love and longing that had passed between Astoria and Demetri. It was the same way that he felt for Felicity. Though he could not let that be known. At least not before his father who would make it a point to torture her.

Again his hand gave Astoria's a small squeeze what she happened to stiffen and to freeze. [b "I promise you are not in trouble. I just wish to walk and to talk."] He muttered as he was at least trying to calm her. Like he had said multiple times.. He felt something for her, BUT not at all what he did what he did for Felicity.

And when it came time for them to meet in the garden as he had asked, Draco was pacing back and forth before the fountain. How the hell we he supposed to do this?
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Felicity looked at the cup and tilted her head. It who was she to question it? She had never had this kind of drink before. She picked up the glass and put it to her lips. The smell made her nose turn upward. If she had been paying attention, she would have seen the discoloration. The swirl of magic..But she hadn't been paying attention. She slowly sipped from the glass.

Nothing happened at first. She looked over the menu, reading the different options. She tapped her chin as she looked, not really sure what she wanted. The potion was a slow acting potion. It wouldn't take full effect until the next morning. She huffed as he said it was his treat. She didn't want him to pay. But if he was going to insist..She would comply.

She took another sip of her drink and smiled faintly when the waiter came to the table. [b “Sir, could I have this item, please.”] She asked, pointing to the second to most expensive item on the menu. Anything to turn George off.


Astoria immediately pulled away from the men. She wanted to be as far from Lucius as possible. He had crossed the line only once before with her..But she would not allow it to happen again..Not that she allowed it before..

She calmed slightly when his hand slid into her. She smiled faintly at the man. She felt something for the boy, but it wasn't love..It wasn't what she felt for Demetri... She bit her lip and kept her eyes on the ground. [b “As you wish, my lord..”] She said quietly.

She had hoped the he hadn't seen the longing expression she had had for Demetri. She wouldn't look anywhere near him now. His whispered words made her freeze. Did he know?..WOuld he punish her for it?.. [b “Yes sir, of course sir..”]
  Felicity Marie Chambers / Kat_Attack / 17d 22h 10m 14s
It amazed him how she didn't know him as well as she thought she did. When it came to the things he wanted, George put A LOT of effort into it. And she was no exception. She was something that he REALLY wanted and had for a very long time. Before it had been that damn Malfoy that had stood in the way and then it became her little brat. This was one of the only times that he would be able to do this and so he had to make it count. He HAD to manage to slip the potion into her drink that would make her forget them. And when she did, it would be more than easy to make her see things his way.

[#9251c1 "I can see that you are leaving me no room to argue desert.. So I guess that will be okay."] The man said with a lazy shrug as he had decided on what he wanted while she had been mulling over her own menu for the last god only knew how long. And it had been hell to play nicely.

The moment that she looked away, the man slipped the potion into her drink. And when she looked back he only gave the faintest of smiles. [#9251c1 "Oh look, there's the waitress. Make sure to tell her what you want. And DON'T be afraid to. Remember this is my treat."] He said, lifting his glass to her and taking a drink. His way of inviting her to join him.


Draco had been keeping his eye on Astoria. He really didn't mind them being familiar and almost friends. It made their arrangement almost bearable. His father's look at the young woman had only brought a coldness to his own eyes.

[b "I do wish for your help in keeping the child safe, my love. And for you to meet her."] The words he spoke and the way he moved his hand into hers was done to spite his father. He did care about the woman at his side despite himself But he did not love her the way she deserved.

He saw the way Demetri and Astoria had looked at one another. [b "We need to talk..but not around my father.. Meet me in the garden after dinner.."] Those words were just over a whisper.


Fallen and having fallen hard was how the man felt. The young woman who now stood at the master's side had stolen his heart in high school. They always said they would marry. But here she was promised to the Malfoy heir.

He could not let his eyes linger long, but Demetri Slader did steal a glance. And she was still the most beautiful woman in the world to him. He still wanted her more than he had ever wanted anyone else.
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Felciity sat across from George, looking over the gorgeous scenery. She hadn't really thought that George would put this much effort into making her his. She knew that was his ultimate goal, but not how far he would go to do it. She picked up the menu and held it in front of her face, reading over the items. What should she get?.. Everything looked delicious, but expensive. She was already in so much debt with him...
[b “I...I can't afford this, George...”] She said with a sigh before shaking her head. She knew he would not agree to it. [b “Fine..I suppose I will get the honey pepper chicken fetichini alfredo..”] She said slowly, knowing that George would not agree with her not getting anything. [b “But I will be paying for desert.”] She was not taking no for an answer.


The fondness is what alerted Astoria. [b “If you are certain you want her here, then you must assure that no harm comes to the child.”] She said quietly, stepping to his side. She slid her hand into his and gently stroked his hand. [b “I will do as you wish, Draco...”]

His simple, quiet request made her nod. [b “Of course, my love. I will do as you desire.”] When she saw the look she got from Lucius, she corrected herself. [b “I am your loyal servant, my lord. I will do as you ask.”] As was a wife's place...

Astoria nodded and smiled faintly at the man, but her eyes were attracted to another as he walked by. Demetri Slader...He stole her heart in high school, but she was quickly arranged to be with Draco. Now he was an attendant at the manor..Lowly..Not supposed to be worth a glance..But boy did she glance... She quickly looked away and bit her lip a bit harder. [b “I will meet her when you wish, my lord..”] She spoke quietly.
  Felicity Marie Chambers / Kat_Attack / 31d 14h 22m 21s
His mother had gone off on him. She knew that he had been up to something. But he had managed to get her to believe him, or so he thought. So he had not even known when Felicity had seen the woman. He had just thought she was staring for staring. The young woman did tend to do that and so he did not think much of it.

When at the restaurant, George and she were seated and she was across from him. Again he noted the way she took everyhing in. It was a gorgeous place, chosen to TRY and win her over. And he was trying to make this seem as little against her will as possible. He wanted this to see like an actual date before she was to say good-bye to her memories.

[#9251c1 "You know it's not sir."] The man muttered and soon was ordering the steak dinner.


She was frozen for far too long. It was known she was not exactly fond on children, but he hoped that since she "loved" him she would help. [b "As long as she needs to be. She is quite a sweet little dove."] His words were quiet, laced with a fondness that he happened to hold for so few.

And he did listen to her words. Grey eyes traveled the room and then landed on the vase. For a moment he did picture it shattered and Rebecca cut by the glass. So much would have to be done. [b "Perhaps you would help?"] He asked, simply..quietly.

[b "She is alseep right now. If not tonight it will be soon, my love."] Draco found himself saying. Seeming normal were his words, but he felt a hollowness as he spoke. She was not the one he wanted..all of this had been am arrangement. His heart was still Fel's..and slowly becoming stolen by her daughter as well.
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Felicity forced a smile, looking at the man. She didn't want him to see how uncomfortable she was around him. He was angry enough without it. She bit her lip and looked down at the ground. She kicked her feet back and forth and tilted her head as she saw a pair of shoes in the doorway. When she looked up to the door, she saw Molly. The woman looked very concerned. She knew her son didn't know she was there. [i 'I will be fine..'] She thought with a gentle smile before vanishing with George.

Felicity sat at the table across from George, looking all around the restaurant. It was a nice place. Had she not been here pretty much against her will, she would have had a good time here. [b “Yes sir..”] She said automatically, picking up the menu and reading it over. After a few minutes, the girl finally picked something and told the waiter her order.
Astoria tried to put the backpack in the back of her mind, but it was proving to be difficult. A child? The woman didn't really care for children. [b “How long will she remain in your care, love?”] She asked as she walked over to the man.

She let her eyes scan the place and shook her head. This simply would not do. [b “Love, pardon my intrusion but..This house is not set up for a child, particularly a young child. There are a number of things that she could get hurt on. For instance, this vase could fall and break. The child could step on the glass. This certainly will not do..”] She said, simply an observation.

After a few more moments, the woman looked to the man. [b “When do I get to meet the little Cherub?”] She asked with a sweet smile.
  Felicity Marie Chambers / Kat_Attack / 61d 8h 39m 59s
The man nodded to her, a smile crossing his lips when she said she guessed she was ready. He was determined for this to work. To put his new plan into action. [#9251c1 "A simple little grill and bar. Place close to the joke shop and thought it sounded good for tonight."] He explained as his hand took hers. He was not at all aware of her owl or WHAT she had been up to.

And soon, he took them to the place he mentioned. There was already a table for them. Clearly he had been planning this for awhile as they were led to their table [#9251c1 "Get anything you want. Know I will."] George said, having his menu open and already looking it over.

Of course his father would see fit to make things difficult. The fact that he liked to call Rebecca a creature was irritating enough. But the attitude that his farher exhibited was even worse. He would have argued more had he the time, but as fate would have it, the young man did not. The doorbell rang and it was time to fall into the act. Time to play into the role expected of him.

[b "Hello, love. Lovely as always to be having you here."] The young man said, closing the door once she had come in. And then it seemed hell froze over when the small backpack had been seen. He had not thought this out. But he would keep his promise and he would deal with whatever came.

[b "The daughter of a dear friend. I was asked to watch her. You've nothing to worry about, my love."] He muttered as he moved to her side and picked up the bag. God he hated this, but he had no choice. This. Was. His. Life.
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It was a relief when he agreed to go tell Molly were he went. She quickly sent off the letter before he came back. [b “I guess I am ready...”] She said slowly, biting into her lower lip. She fidgetted with her hands and couldn't stay still, hoping he couldn't tell she had crossed him. That was the last thing she needed. [b “Where are we going, George?..”] She asked quietly. She saw the owl land in the window and wanted to make sure that the man did not see it. She could not be caught!


Lucius rolled his eyes and shook his head. [b “You are insane, boy..Absolutely insane.”] He said with a sigh. He looked to the door when the doorbell rang. A smirk crossed his lips. [b “Enjoy explaining the little creature.”] He said before walking away.

Astoria looked at the man as the door opened. [b “Hello, my love. It is nice to see you on this fine evening.”] She said with a soft smile before walking past him into the house. She stopped dead in her tracks as she saw a small backpack sitting in the middle of the floor with the name 'Rebecca' embrodered into it. [b “Rebecca? Who is Rebecca?”] She asked, looking over to Draco.
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He didn't why she wanted him to tell his mother so badly. They were all grown and could do what they wanted. Sure she was his mother and she worried but she also let them have their lives. So it was funny to him.

[#9251c1 "Yeah, sure. I'll let mum know. Just be ready when I get."] The man said. He again was TRYING to keep his temper and annoyance with the girl under wraps. And soon, George was off to find Molly. Actually didn't take him too long as she was in the kitchen and so he told her what he had planned. Well the dinner and the drinks..NOT the potion and the trying to make Felicity his.

[#9251c1 "Ready?"] The Weasley asked about ten minutes later. Brown eyes were locked on the girl as she looked a tad flustered. But he shrugged it off. This was the first she was without the little brat.


[b "Longer than you think. She is not what you and everyone else call her. But this is NOT about Felicity, father. This is keeping a child who needs it safe. And I will not be ruining anything for mother."] Draco muttered. He was already so on edge as it was.

And soon, the doorbell rang and he was forced to play the host. He hadn't the choice and was only thankful his mother had Rebecca.

The woman was getting pecked again and again by the little owl that was in her son's room. It would not leave her alone until she undid the paper and read it. The woman was quick and took a quill out, getting a second small paper. [#e515cc [i 'The promise is will be given.']] And Narcissa sent the little owl back after she wrote the words. She WOULD tell what she had learned to Draco.
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Felicity took his hand and let him allow her to pull him up, trying not to flinch from his touch. She kept her distance from him as she dropped his hand once they left the room. [b “Let your mother know that we are heading out, we do not want her to worry.”] She said as gently as she could manage. He was up to something, she could feel it.

Once he went to find Molly, Felicity went through the desk and found a scrap of paper and a pencil. She quickly scribbled down a note before attaching it to the owl to send it to Draco. If something happened to her, he needed to know, for Rebecca.

[b [i George has something up his sleeve, I just know it. Keep her safe, Draco..Don't forget your promise.] ]


Rebecca yawned again and whined as she hid against the man, trying to stay as far away from Lucius as possible. [b “No like him...”] She whined softly through a yawn before falling asleep in his arms. Narcissa looked between the two men and gently took the child. [b “I will put her to bed in your room, Draco. You boys play nice.”] She warned.

[b “We will see about that, boy. You won't own this house for much longer.”] Lucius reminded him before turning from him. [b “She is definitely a whore. How long did it take her to give it up to you, boy? Keep her away from this house, if you want the child to remain here. Your mother worked very hard for this dinner tonight. Your bride will be here any minute, Goyle shortly afterward. Do not mess this up for her, boy. Or you will have to face your mother's wrath.”] Just as he began to walk away, the doorbell rang. Astoria had just arrived.

Sitting on the bed in Draco's bedroom was a small owl with a note wrapped around it's leg. When it saw Narcissa holding Rebecca, it began to peck her hand persistently. It gently touched it's beak to Rebecca's hand, checking on the child before looking back to Narcissa, pecking her hand again. It needed her to read the note before it returned to Felicity.
  Felicity Marie Chambers / Kat_Attack / 65d 15h 24m 45s
He didn't want anything to do with the child. So he let it go when she said she didn't want his help there. If he had his choice she would have never had that little brat. She would be his and she would have had a child with him

For a moment, George thought she would decline and he would have to make her regret it. But she was a good girl and agreed. And his hand took hers to pull her up. [#9251c1 "Not too many, promise. I know you have to check on her."] He said and soon took her to a bar and grill he was fond on. Why not kill two birds with one stone?


[b "It's okay, little dove. You need sleep and shouldn't have been fighting it so long."] The man whispered to the child as she leaned into him. He cared about her. Not just based on her being Felicity's daughter...but because he had always had a soft spot for children despite himself.

Grey gaze locked on his father again. The man had NO power but loved to act like it. [b "This house no longer is yours. It is mine and so what I say goes..No matter she is welcome and you will not touch her."] He muttered and then visibly stiffened. [b "She is not a whore!."] Draco snapped.
  xK.A.Tx / SheDevil / 65d 15h 44m 47s
She quickly looked away and bit her lower lip. God he was terrifying. His words made her huff. [b “That's different, George. Draco owes me. He has money. He can give her the life that you can't. He is better for her.”] Better than George would ever be. She didn't say it, but it was implied. She placed her hands in her lap, trying not to fidget too much. She didn't want him knowing just how afraid she was.

She slid slightly to the side, trying to get far away from him without him noticing her movements. She didn't want him to get angry, but she also didn't want him touching her. [b “I...I guess..”] She felt like his words were not an option. If she didn't have dinner with him, she would regret it. He would make her regret it. [b “But not too many drinks..I have to drop by to check on Becca later..”] She said quietly.


Rebecca blushed as she heard the nickname he gave her, nuzzling gently against his chest. A soft yawn slipped from her lips as she leaned against him. The sleeping spell was still in place and she had been fighting it for far to long. She was exhausted.

Lucius adapted his usual sneer when he looked to the child. [b “So be it...But if the little creature messes up anything in the house, that will be the end of her stay here.”] He said firmly. He had no real power, but he would still act as if he did. He tilted his head as he observed the child. The child had Goyle's eyes, how strange...And she looked so much like...His face turned sour. [b “Is this that French whore's child, Draco.”] He nearly snarled.
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[#9251c1 "Funny that you say you don't need help. Wouldn't have gone to Malfoy if that was true. So want to try that again? If you can ask him, then you can ask us. Yoh have been with us for awhile ans mum thinks of you like a daughter. Doesn't that count as anything?"] He muttered, trying to keep the sneer from his words. He really was angery and jealous were the better words to describe how he felt.

His hand continued in her hair. He knew she was afraid. Everything said so. But he was trying anyway. He needed to. And that was when it hit him..he would use a potion to make her forget it all. [#9251c1 "Want to have dinner with me and then some drinks? A peace offering."] George said and smiled as he stood and held a hand out to her. This had to work.


A cool gaze met an equally cool gaze. He was no longer afraid of his father and no longer cared what the man thought. Out of the family, Draco had been the only aside from his mother to semi regain their name. It wasn't perfect but it was better than the dirt his father had dragged it through.

[b "She stays with me. There will be no time where the little dove is out of my sight. So you have to get used to it, father."] He muttered as he kept Rebecca close. He had no idea Goyle was her father. But he had ever intend to keep her safe. Every intention to keep his promise to Felicity.
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