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To say Mason was excited to move out of his mother’s apartment was a complete understatement. He was elated! New city, new people, new everything, it was like breathing slightly populated fresh air! And okay sure he would miss his mother, seeing how they were practically joined at the hip, but it wasn’t as if they couldn’t visit each other, and she had Aunt Kay to help at the pharmacy.

But really could you blame him? Sure after a really horrid breakup, often left one feeling right pathetic, especially if it was their first. Yet here he was, only twenty five, practically the mere definition of youth and he sure as hell wasn't going to waste his life away like Old Man Norris, who lived up the way.

Wishing you had done better in life wasn't what Mason had in mind. So as soon as humanly possible he applied to what seemed to be a hundred different jobs trying to find one that fit his qualities, finally getting hired at a elementary school six hours away.

It was only part-time , but it paid well enough that he wouldn't be starving. Getting the apartment seemed to be the easiest part.

He had only been up there two times; the first to check it out, the second to sign the papers and get his set of keys. Apparently he would be sharing with another person, which Mason didn't overly mind too much, he had never lived by himself, and probably never would.

After that it had nearly taken a week to pack up his clothes, empty the oak bookshelf into three boxes. It was around that time that he realized just how small his room was, because the only thing he had left was his. It was sad. He almost cried.

The next day found Mason kissing his mother, all five aunts, his cousins getting two hard back pounds by his uncles and refusing the large aluminum tray of barbeque chicken plus ribs from the party they threw him as if he weren't capable of cooking himself.

After that Uncle Jeb drove him to the bus station, and proceeded to give him the same speech his mother did almost nine years ago before he went to college. It mainly consisted of, “‘f all things please don't do drugs, you'd make your mother feel as if she fail you” and what seemed to be his personal favorite by far “For Christ’s sakes Mason if yer going to have sex, make sure the other guy is safe!” Then after a tedious five minutes of flustered caveman grunts and awkward finger tapping, the man stuffed five dollars change into his much smaller hand for hot chocolate and promptly told him to get out so he wouldn't miss the bus.

Snagging a sit in the back of the coach, Mason sent a quick text to his mother that he had made the bus and he would call her when he got to the apartment. He placed his ear buds in his ears, skipping through songs until he found his new current favorite, ‘I’m not famous’, by his also new current favorite band AJR, then proceeded to read ‘Mr. Monster’ by Dan Wells.

It had taken Mason about a whole hour in a half to reach chapter five, his mind racing through different thoughts, almost all concerning his roommate, enough to make him quit while he could.

Thoughts like whether or not his roommate could cook, did they like cheese, what about Venus flytraps? Because Aphrodite, Cupid, and Pete weren't going anywhere thank you very much, and it wasn't as if it took much to mind them.

Other than doing laundry and washing dishes, Mason didn't mind keeping the apartment nice and clean by himself, but then came the personal space stuff. One way was cleaning his roommate's bedroom, never mind the fact that he was a selective clean freak.

Before he knew it, they entered the main tunnel of the city, and made it through to the bus station seven minutes flat There wasn't even the usual amount of traffic that came with the rush hour, that meant he'd be able to hail a taxi with no trouble at all.

By the time Mason made it to the apartment, it was nearing early dinner time and wished that he had at the very least picked up something to eat. While he didn't know his roommate, pizza was neutral enough that nobody would freak. Unless they were one of those poncy vegan people.
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