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So you have the good girl, who's only ever had like, one or two non-serious boyfriends, she has practically no life outside of school/work, and she comes from a very conservative type home. Well she finally decides to let her best friend hook her up with this guy the friends has been saying for months would be perfect for the good girl. Naturally, the good girl doesn't expect anything to come out of it and makes her friend promise to stick around the first time she's introduced to this guy. So one night her friend picks her up takes her to her house and tells her to dress nice, then they go out to where they're going to meet the guy. The good girl is shocked when they pull up to a massive group of people in the road; its the street racing scene. CUE BAD BOY. We can have them hit it off from the start or clash, its up to you. Either way, the good girl starts running around with the bad boy behind her parents backs and maybe her grades start to slip or something, or she misses her period , or she gets caught with him doing something illegal and her parents find out... Its very flexible. Drama packed. Quite fun.

I was thinking to add a little more drama maybe the bad boy could be older, like early 20s and the girl is still in high school. Its entirely up to you. Also for this role play I prefer to be the good girl. Just thought you ought to know
Name: Amy Rose Valaskin
Height: 5'3
Hair Color: Red
Eye Color: Hazel

Status: Single

Bio: TBD


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Taking a deep breath as she yelled at him, his eyes never leaving hers. He held a straight face, keeping the smirk off his lips that oh so badly wanted to come out. [i "Damn she is fucking sexy when she's mad. Makes me want to just grab her, pull her in, and kiss her."] He thought to himself, his eyes showing that hint of lust in them. He watched her walk away, not giving him a chance to explain that he probably just saved her pretty face from an angry group of people.

As Anthony came over to get the money, Enzo held him there for a moment. [b "You better take care of her, people might think she is mine, but that doesn't make her completely safe. I want you to make sure she gets into her house without a problem."] He said before he let go of the money and allowed Anthony to walk back to Amber.

Enzo's eyes hadn't left her figure, as she opened the car he finally spoke to her. [b "I'll see you around you Redhead."] He shouted just loud enough for her to hear him from where she had left him standing. He smiled a soft genuine smile as the car door shut and she couldn't hear him anymore. There was something about her that caught his attention, he wondered how long she would keep it.
  Enzo Jay / Seachelsita / 1y 7d 22h 29m 49s
Rolling her eyes Amber covers Anthony’s mouth with her hand silencing him. [+maroon Anthony will you shut up a minute damn, you know for a best friend you sure don’t act like one sometimes constantly nagging me and shit.] Amber says. She removes her hand from Anthony’s mouth and looks at him Anthony goes to say something else but Amber hold up her hand silencing him again, She rolls her eyes and sighs before focusing her attention and slight annoyance towards Enzo. Glaring at him she walks up to him and slightly shoves him. [+maroon What the hell was that back there]? She exclaims looking at Enzo with her blue eyes flashing. [+maroon You think just cause I’ve flirted and shown that I cared about you in front of you that you get have some moronic claim to me? Without even asking me properly first]? She states getting all heated. She huffs and turns her back on Enzo not letting him even explain before she walks back towards her best friend. [+maroon I would like my winnings please]. She says to Anthony holding her hand out and impatiently tapping her foot waiting for it. [+green U-uh Enzo still has it hun.. I was gonna let him give it to you so you didn’t think I took any of the money or that he shorted you any.] Anthony says nervously before walking over to Enzo and grabbing the money from him and handing it to Amber. Amber takes it from Anthony and huffs. [+maroon I’m ready to go home now Anthony so can we get going before my parents wake up and find me not I’m my bed]? She states matter of fact like and climbs in the car shutting it hard.
  Amber / SpookyPumpkinPrinces / 1y 8d 19h 19m 13s
Taking a deep breath as he felt the redhead’s body tighten a little before leaving the scene. He shook his head slightly but didn’t turn to watch her leave. He continued talking to the crowd. Calming down those that needed to calm the fuck down. He didn’t have the strength for another fight. Not tonight at least.

It took a while to find her. But he sighed as they finally did. He chuckled to himself silently as Anthony went off on her. Enzo stayed silent, watching the two of them from behind Anthony. He didn’t have anything to say, but he was sure that she would have words for him.
He was just glad to know she was safe. It wasn’t the best crowd, especially when those that have lost their betting money have had a little too much to drink.
He sipped on a beer that he found in a nearby cooler, a smirk on his lips.
  Enzo Jay / Seachelsita / 1y 121d 9h 13m 11s
[+maroon w-what?] Amber says as she hears Enzo claim her as his. She blushes and hides her face before sliding off the car and fast walking away from her best friend, Enzo and the crowd. Reaching Anthony’s car she gets in and slams the door locking herself in... she must have dozed off cause next thing she knows Enzo and Anthony are banging on the window asking her to unlock the doors... Amber glares at the two boys before reluctantly unlocking them and crossing her arms.. [+green Amber what gives?? Why did you take off like that?? We spent three hours searching for your bratty ass just to find you asleep and in the car.] Anthony says getting after her scowling.
  Amber / CrystalDemoness / 1y 128d 4h 53m 16s
Enzo looked around at the crowd forming, he didn't realize that they were there till Amber had pointed it out. He took a deep breath as he felt her small figure slide behind his, he was glad she did so. He wasn't completely sure what was happening or if something was going to happen. One of his arms reached back slightly as he rested his hand against her hip, silently telling her that nothing was going to happen.

Chuckling softly at the question of her being his girlfriend. He wasn't one to get girlfriends, he didn't like being tied down. He'd rather not have to worry about someone else other than himself. It was easy to survive that way. [b "Yes, she is mine and if any of you fuckers mess with her, no one will be able to find your body." ] The words seemed to come out of his mouth before he could even think about what he was saying. But at the same time, in this instances he felt like claiming her and his would be the best option for her. They could fix it later, but for now all he cared about was getting her out of her safely. It was weird, caring for someone else.
  Enzo Jay / seachelsita / 1y 136d 18h 54m 57s
Amber looks at Enzo and slowly leans towards him almost in a daze until her best friend placed a hand in his shoulder and it made Enzo suck in air as the pain sheeted through him. Jumping back Amber looks around and turns red as she sees a crowd ignoring people gathering around her Enzo and Anthony..."[+maroon U-uhh why is there a crowd gathered around us like this??]" Amber asks hiding beside Enzo.. "[+blue Enzo who is this girl with you? Is She your girlfriend?]" people shouted out to Enzo asking all these questions about him and Amber.
  Amber / RenegadeAngelDemon / 1y 128d 4h 53m 43s
Enzo held still as she moved closer to him. Taking a deep breath as she reached towards his face, he was preparing for the pain. He could already feel the pain pulsating through his face and other spots on his body that had been hit. Though there wasn’t any extra pain from her touch, just the warmth from her skin upon his. He watched her, his eyes studying hers. He wanted to grab her, pull her close. He wanted to run his hand all over her, through that fire colored hair. He had almost forgotten about the pain until he felt the pressure of Anthony’s hand on his shoulder. He winced and quickly pushed his hand off. [b “Fuck man... you know not to touch me after a fight.”]

He shook his head as he rolled his shoulders back, causing him to stand up a little taller and straighter. Breathing through the pain of the sore muscles.
  Enzo Jay / Seachelsita / 1y 275d 8h 7m 12s
Blushing Amber slides off the car and walks over to Enzo with a flair about her that Anthony had only seen once or twice in his whole life since he had known her and that was the flair of determination and a slight sliver of lust. [+maroon Enzo sit down and let me look at these cuts and stuff and then we will discuss the whole car topic unless you were joking then I will totally just ignore what you said to me.] Amber says lightly touching his face. [+green Damn bro I’ve never seen her like this you best feel special she’s trying to look out for you cause she’s normally an Ice Queen and normally just tells me to quit my bitching and grow a set.] Anthony says walking closer to them and laying a hand on Enzo’s Shoulder.
  Amber / RenegadeAngelJuniper / 1y 276d 9h 31m 49s
Getting the money sorted out just in time. He sighed softly to himself, handing the money to Paul. Now he had the chance to relax a moment, wait for the others to come his way. He chuckled as he saw Anthony. [b “Great run today! Making the big bucks today.”] he was about hand him the money he owed the redhead only to have th invitation to give it to her himself. In fact, Anthony insisted. He nodded told Paul he’d return and to have the last winner to wait for him or come find him before the end of the night.

He grabbed an open bottle of beer and chugged half the bottle. It helped the pain a bit settle in his face. [b “Alright, lets go.”] he muttered as he pushed her money into his back pocket. And they made their way to where Anthony had left her.

A smile spread across his lips as he saw the redhead, though only for a second, for he shook it off turning it into a smirk. He couldn’t be soft. [b “Hey redhead,”] he muttered as they now stood in front of Anthony’s car. [b “You look great on top of a car, maybe we could try mine next.”] he joked, though part of it was truth.
  Enzo Jay / Seachelsita / 1y 293d 23h 18m 2s
Anthony smiles at Amber and picks her up and sets her on the hood of his car. [+green Sit right her beautiful I’m going up and collecting your winnings from Enzo don’t go anywhere okay?] he turns around and takes off leaving Amber on his car. [+maroon Hey! Anthony wai-] what she says falls short as he is no longer in ear shot. “[+maroon I wonder if Enzo is going to come back with Anthony or not]” Amber says to no one in particular.. she looks down and plays with her hair when she hears her name being called she looks up and see Anthony coming towards her along with Enzo and she gets a big smile on her face which slightly falters a bit when she sees the bruises and cuts on his face.
  Amber / RenegadeAngelJuniper / 1y 289d 7h 45m 18s
Enzo sighed as he watched Paul leave with Amber. She didn’t need to see this part of the races. He took a deep breath before he turn back to the man that seemed to only know how to yell, since that was what he was doing the whole time.
[b “You may shut the fuck up now, get out of my face and never come back to my box again.”] he told the man. Not raising his voice, for he knew his place and the man was outside of his own. He was sure there would be fists flying but hell it wouldn’t be his first or last.

The man, in front of him, face changed colors quickly. Bright red from loss of breath as he didn’t know what do say or do. So as all dumbass boys do he threw the first punch.

The fight broke out. People watched, others cheered, others ran from the sight. Enzo blocked, dodged, got hit a few times but in the end he won. Grabbing the guy by the collar of his shirt and throwing him down the stairs from his sitting area.
[b “I dont ever Want to see your mother fucking ugly face up here again!”] he shouted before brushing himself off, fixing himself and allowed himself to fall back into a chair for a moments rest. He would need to get the betting money sorted soon.

Paul was glad it was easy to find Anthony and get this girl off his hands. [b “Take care of her man, I dont wanna be on Enzo’s hit list next.”] he told Anthony before turning and leaving to go see how Enzo was doing.

Enzo sorted the bets out quickly. The ones who bet the most were himself, Redhead, Paul, and someone he didn’t know. He had to have their money ready for when they came to him for their winnings. He wiped the side of his lip, removing the blood that dripped from his lip. He could feel the tender parts on his face. He got hit pretty well. He figured he’d have a black eye, bloody lip, and maybe a goose egg on his cheek. But that wasn’t bad. He has had worse.
  Enzo Jay / Seachelsita / 1y 294d 6h 43m 35s
Amber looks shocked and overwhelmed and scared. She follows Paul and goes up to her best friend smiling and hugging him tightly. [+maroon Anthony congrats I always knew you were a good street racer! I wouldn’t mind racing with you once or twice]
  Amber / RenegadeAngelJuniper / 1y 294d 19h 52m 59s
Chuckling to himself as her attitude shot towards him and then even more as she failed to drink the beer. [b “The name is Enzo, redhead, and it looks like you’ve never had a drink in your life.” ] He took the beer that was handed back to him and finished off the bottle. He tossed it into the trash. His attention turning to the race ahead. He smiled to himself as Anthony easily pulled ahead. He then sat back and relaxed. Not really paying attention to the race. Instead he watched her. Enjoyed her excitement that came from the race. He chuckled quietly as she starting shreiking.
[I “Fuck.”] he whispered to himself as he stood up. She hadn’t bumped into the nicest person in the booth.

The man turned to face Amber [b “What the fuck is a bitch like you doing up here?”] The man went on with profanities. His face turning red from the lack of air getting to his brain as he spat off words.

Before he could touch her Enzo was behind her, hands on her waist as he pulled her to his body. [b “You should have sat beside me, redhead, not in front of me.”] he whispered as he quickly turned around and grunted as a fist smashed into his back. His grip tightened on her waist for a moment. He took a deep breath. Looking up, he met eyes quickly with one of his friends. [b “Paul, take her to Anthony. I dont Want her here.”]. His friend instantly came towards her and motioned for her to leave with him.
  Enzo Jay / Seachelsita / 1y 308d 12h 58m 48s
Rolling her eyes Amber sits in front of him.. [+maroon okay smartass what’s your name??] She asks Snarkily while turning around to look at him. She takes his beer from him when he offers and she takes a big gulp coughing and gagging on it before handing it back to him and wiping her mouth.. [+maroon oh my god that was nasty] she says. She watches as the race starts and Anthony shoots off in the lead.. she holds her breath as Anthony rounds the corner and crosses the finishing line. She jumps up shrieking and dancing around when suddenly her body crashes into someone else’s.
  Amber / RenegadeAngelJuniper / 1y 308d 20h 59m 49s
Enzo chuckled and shook his head, [b "Would you really have followed me up here if I hadn't carried you?" ] He smirked in her direction before he turned to look at one of the boys. [b "Hand me one of those?"] He asked, soon to have a nice cold beer in his hands again. Turning back around, his eyes glancing in the redhead's direction.

[b "Now I don't remember you ever asking for my name, redhead, so how would you have caught it?" ] He shot back at her, looking at her through the corner of his eyes, the smirk covering his face. He started to pull out the money that had been collected. Muttering to himself a little bit and taking a good swig of his beer. He organized it quickly before slipping it all into his back pocket. [i "We got some good money tonight."] He thought to himself.

[b "You know it's alright to sit beside me. I don't bite..."] He paused for a moment as a chuckled escaped from his lips. [b "Hard."] He added on just a little more quietly. He motioned his beer towards Amber, offering her some.
  Enzo Jay / Seachelsita / 1y 308d 21h 36m 15s

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