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- looking for some who wont back out or take too long to reply. I get that people get busy with work school and everyday life I understand this just let me know if you wont be able to reply and I will do my best to do the same.
-semi-literate and someone who is patient as i am semi new and not very literate my self.
- no text talk please.
-semi correct spelling i know some words are hard to spell as i have a hard time myself. I am not a grammar Nazi.

So you have the good girl, who's only ever had like, one or two non-serious boyfriends, she has practically no life outside of school/work, and she comes from a very conservative type home. Well she finally decides to let her best friend hook her up with this guy the friends has been saying for months would be perfect for the good girl. Naturally, the good girl doesn't expect anything to come out of it and makes her friend promise to stick around the first time she's introduced to this guy. So one night her friend picks her up takes her to her house and tells her to dress nice, then they go out to where they're going to meet the guy. The good girl is shocked when they pull up to a massive group of people in the road; its the street racing scene. CUE BAD BOY. We can have them hit it off from the start or clash, its up to you. Either way, the good girl starts running around with the bad boy behind her parents backs and maybe her grades start to slip or something, or she misses her period , or she gets caught with him doing something illegal and her parents find out... Its very flexible. Drama packed. Quite fun.

I was thinking to add a little more drama maybe the bad boy could be older, like early 20s and the girl is still in high school. Its entirely up to you. Also for this role play I prefer to be the good girl. Just thought you ought to know
Name: Amy Rose Valaskin
Height: 5'3
Hair Color: Red
Eye Color: Hazel

Status: Single

Bio: TBD


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Chuckling to himself as her attitude shot towards him and then even more as she failed to drink the beer. [b “The name is Enzo, redhead, and it looks like you’ve never had a drink in your life.” ] He took the beer that was handed back to him and finished off the bottle. He tossed it into the trash. His attention turning to the race ahead. He smiled to himself as Anthony easily pulled ahead. He then sat back and relaxed. Not really paying attention to the race. Instead he watched her. Enjoyed her excitement that came from the race. He chuckled quietly as she starting shreiking.
[I “Fuck.”] he whispered to himself as he stood up. She hadn’t bumped into the nicest person in the booth.

The man turned to face Amber [b “What the fuck is a bitch like you doing up here?”] The man went on with profanities. His face turning red from the lack of air getting to his brain as he spat off words.

Before he could touch her Enzo was behind her, hands on her waist as he pulled her to his body. [b “You should have sat beside me, redhead, not in front of me.”] he whispered as he quickly turned around and grunted as a fist smashed into his back. His grip tightened on her waist for a moment. He took a deep breath. Looking up, he met eyes quickly with one of his friends. [b “Paul, take her to Anthony. I dont Want her here.”]. His friend instantly came towards her and motioned for her to leave with him.
  Enzo Jay / Seachelsita / 2d 19h 23m 34s
Rolling her eyes Amber sits in front of him.. [+maroon okay smartass what’s your name??] She asks Snarkily while turning around to look at him. She takes his beer from him when he offers and she takes a big gulp coughing and gagging on it before handing it back to him and wiping her mouth.. [+maroon oh my god that was nasty] she says. She watches as the race starts and Anthony shoots off in the lead.. she holds her breath as Anthony rounds the corner and crosses the finishing line. She jumps up shrieking and dancing around when suddenly her body crashes into someone else’s.
  Amber / RenegadeAngelJuniper / 3d 3h 24m 35s
Enzo chuckled and shook his head, [b "Would you really have followed me up here if I hadn't carried you?" ] He smirked in her direction before he turned to look at one of the boys. [b "Hand me one of those?"] He asked, soon to have a nice cold beer in his hands again. Turning back around, his eyes glancing in the redhead's direction.

[b "Now I don't remember you ever asking for my name, redhead, so how would you have caught it?" ] He shot back at her, looking at her through the corner of his eyes, the smirk covering his face. He started to pull out the money that had been collected. Muttering to himself a little bit and taking a good swig of his beer. He organized it quickly before slipping it all into his back pocket. [i "We got some good money tonight."] He thought to himself.

[b "You know it's alright to sit beside me. I don't bite..."] He paused for a moment as a chuckled escaped from his lips. [b "Hard."] He added on just a little more quietly. He motioned his beer towards Amber, offering her some.
  Enzo Jay / Seachelsita / 3d 4h 1m 1s
Amber struggles against him as he picked her up and took her somewhere higher so she could see the race better when he put her down she whirled towards him and glares.. [+maroon next time let me walk got it? And I didn’t plan on leaving I’m excited for this race and their is no way in hell I am going to miss it.] she gasps as she hears the other guys talking about how the mystery guy never brought women up here to the box.. she turns towards them and shoots them a dirty look before turning back to the guy who brought her up there. [+maroon You know I never caught your name ?] she says softly..
  Amber / RenegadeAngelJuniper / 3d 6h 42m 5s
Chuckled softly to himself as he felt the pressure of her trying to push away. [b "Amber."] He spoke softly as if they were in a library. Her name seemed to just roll off his tongue, a smirk growing across his lips as she spoke. [b "Oh my boy Anthony? Well in that case, let me get you the best seat in the house."] He told her as he gently ran his fingers through the ends of her gorgeous red hair. [b "Only the best for the best friend of the best racer and money maker I have."]

His gaze lifted above her head as he heard the engines of the car revving. It was about time. He looked down at the redhead in his arms and smiled, [b "We better hurry."] He told her, swiftly reaching his arm down and picking her up bridal style in his arms. He knew she would be fighting, how she spoke told him she wouldn't come easy. If that at all. He held onto her tightly, he wasn't letting go of her. She could leave after they got there, but till then she was stuck in his arms. Picking her up was the best way to get her where he wanted her, and he knew that she was going to enjoy.

It really was the best seat in the house, not only was it beside Enzo, but it was above heads. No need to move around the see the action, they would be able to sit back and relax.

As they got to where Enzo was taking her there were a couple of guys that gasped. And joked about how Enzo never brought a woman to theirs seats before. They teased him, but he ignored it. He finally put her down in front of an empty seat. [b "Leave if you want redhead, but you won't be getting a better view anywhere else."] He told her as he sat himself down, his eyes watching her.
  Enzo Jay / Seachelsita / 5d 9h 26s
Amber gasps as she is pulled to the guy collecting the bids placing her hands on his chest she tries to move away smelling the beer on his breath. ”[+maroon My name isn’t Redhead there pal It’s Amber and I’m anthony’s best friend and he wanted to show me the scene now will you kindly let go of me so that I can watch my best friend win this race?]” She says struggling to get away from him but freezes when he puts a strand of her hair behind her ear.
  Amber / RenegadeAngelJuniper / 6d 5h 27m 22s
The words seemed to come out of her mouth so easy, it made him smile. [b “Now wait just a minute there Redhead,”] he muttered as he quickly closed his hand around hers along with the money she placed in her hand. Us in his free hand he simply pulled the money and placed it with the rest of bets. He pulled her arm in such a way that would turn her body to face him. [b “I havent seen your face around here before. And trust me, with a face like yours I’d remember.”]. He smirked as he slid his free arm around her waist to pull her a little bit closer to his body. Letting go of her hand he lifted his and pushed some of the loose strands from her face.
  Enzo Jay / Seachelsita / 9d 12h 49m 47s
Amber makes here way over to the starting line and walks over to Anthony’s car and bends down. [+maroon Anthony hun don’t fuck this race up I’m gonna be betting on you to win 400$ so don’t mess up please.] Amber says turning towards the guy who was collecting bids. [+green Amber what the shit where did you get 400$ are you crazy??] Anthony says out his window but Amber can’t hear him.. [+maroon 400$ on Anthony to win.] Amber says placing the money in his hand and turning around with a flick of her hair..
  Amber / RenegadeAngelJuniper / 9d 18h 27m 41s
Smirking to himself as he heard the last car pull up to the line. [b “Anthony my man! Way to show up. I was worried you were gonna leave me hanging!”] Enzo shouted over the roar or the cars, grabbing Anthony’s hand before a short hug was shared between the two of them. [b “Now that Anthony has shown up, anyone else want to place their bets? We all know who is gonna win this race so let your people know it. Show your fucking support!”] he yelled over the crowd, more people placing their bets with him. A smirk filling his face.

His lips twitched a bit as a redhead caught his attention. But he quickly regained his composure and took another good swig of his beer, finishing the bottle and tossing it into the trash. Finding the closest girl to him, [b “Hey baby cakes, be a doll and get me another beer?”] he asked with a wink as he saw her face turn red then watched her turn and head towards the beers. His eyes finding the new face in the crowd, the red head. He ran this hand through his hand, looking her up and down, shamelessly.
  Enzo Jay / Seachelsita / 11d 11h 14m 22s
[+green Amber I swear to sweet heavens if you don’t get your ass out here in five minutes I’m gonna come in ther——Holy fucking shit!] Anthony says in shock as Amber steps out of his bathroom in a tight black shirt black short shorts and Knee high flat boots.. Her hair is straightened and she’s wearing heavy eyeliner and red lipstick, essentially a little goth looking.. She blushes at her best friends comment and does a little twirl.. [+maroon Do I look okay Anthony? Not to much right?] she says walking towards him smiling. [+green you look fabulous darling now let’s get going okay?] he replies grabbing her hand and running out the door and to his race car.
~[+purple TimeSkip]~
Amber and Anthony have arrived at the race and Anthony kicks Amber out of his car so he can go get to the starting line.. Looking around Amber sees a really handsome guy walking around with a beer in his hand and she can’t help but stare at him gawkingly... Suddenly she’s bumped into and next thing she knows is she’s on the ground looking up at some drunken couple making out.. She gets up and dusts herself off [+maroon Hey assholes watch where you are going and quit swapping spit in public] Amber says snarkily and pushing them away.
  Amber / MidnightJuniper / 12d 4h 4s
Chuckling to himself as the pot filled with money, [b "Anyone else placing a bet tonight, get in now or never."] He shouted through the crowd of people, over the revving of the cars that were lining up. [b "You all know who you want to win, show it by betting on them!"] He continued, smiling to himself as a couple more people put in there bets and he took note of who they wanted. He nodded and moved on, soon finding someone that could get him another beer. Since his job was too important to pause to go find one. Not until the race started. Then it was all easy for him.

He smiled [b "Thanks baby girl."] He muttered and kissed the girl on the cheek that handed him a freshly opened beer. The girl squealed and ran away to her friends. It was his third beer or so, and it definitely wasn't his last. This one he took his time, there wasn't a big rush to get alcohol in his system, he could start to feel the slight buzz.
  Enzo Jay / Seachelsita / 15d 3h 34m 56s
Amber... She was 5’2 and only 100 pounds. She has red hair and gorgeous blue eyes and she’s super innocent.. She’s never went out and drank.. She’s never partied and she was 100% pure.. Her friends called her a prude but she just wasn’t the type to do crazy shit.. Until tonight that is... Tonight Amber’s gay best friend Anthony has convinced her to come out with him to a street racing party.. she’s super nervous and doesn’t want her parents to freak out so she told them they were going to see a movie and then she was going to stay the night with him.
  Amber / MidnightJuniper / 22d 15h 2m 39s
Enzo. There was no real way to describe Enzo. But everyone that knew him, knew not to get in his way. He does what he wants when he wants. He gets what he wants, or who he wants. And he isn't afraid of kicking someone's ass to a bloody pulp. Enzo has lived the long life of twenty-three years old, and you better betcha his has done a damn good job at living it to the fullest.

Street racing. A fun pass time, most the time he wasn't behind the wheel. He was usually drinking and winning all the bets. And that was the plan again tonight. Showing up to the scene was always an uproar. He chuckled and shook his head as all his people greeted him. [b "Yes yes, now I seem to be missing something."] He mentioned after a moment of greeting everyone, his eyes dropping to his empty hands. One of the people jumped slightly before running away from the newly formed group.

It was only a minute or two before he came back with cold beer bottle, handing it over to Enzo. A slight nod was the thank you the fellow received from him before he lifted it to his lips and chugged half the bottle. [b "Alright, that's better. Now lets get this thing started. Who's gonna be the winner tonight?!?"] He shouted the last part, getting the crowd yelling and getting their betting money ready for him to walk around and gather it.
  Enzo Jay / Seachelsita / 30d 7h 6m 51s

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