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[i His blurred eyes looked up at the female and he blinked a couple times as he looked and let out a small gasp] [b "'s you.I didn't expect to see you here either.but i'm the head guard of the bunkers"] [i he says and looks at her]

[i He let's out a muffled groan and stands up, slightly swaying from the alcohol and beer in his system. He laughed and let out a large burp into his arm. He then looked back at her]

[b " must be leaving, I believe? Iwoudln't stop your adventures"] [i he says and examines her
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Kynthia continued to walk closer to the bunkers so she could pass through, wondering how much farther it was to the next town. She glanced around at her surroundings, noticing some guards here and there. Suddenly, she thought she saw one that she recognized. "Wait a second..." The mage girl mumbled to herself.

"That's the man I had conversed with the other night!" She exclaimed, although only at a whisper. She strolled up near him and walked over to him, realizing that he was definitely drunk. "Hey, I didn't expect to see you here! How are you, sir?" She asked, hoping that the man was at least coherent enough to remember who she was and to answer her question.
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[i Virus laughed as he had a cup of beer in his hand and his arm around Dolten] [b "Hahaha! Yea right! Any way guys, I gotta go watch the front of the bunkers"] [i he says and burps, clearly drunk]

[i He stood up and drank the rest of his drink and walked out. Trying his best to keep his eyes straight. He managed to get out and sat down on a chair that was outside out of the bunkers door]

[i Taking in a huge breath of air and he calmed down. His eyes adjusting and he looked around. Still a little blurred ]
  Virus / NightSkyFox / 1y 306d 1h 38m 50s
Kynthia woke up, stretching. "That was a nice rest..." She got out of the bed and yawned, rubbing her eyes. She sat around for a few minutes until she felt more awake. Afterwards, she put on the rest of her robes and clothing that she had taken off the night before. "There we go...I guess I must be going, now." She said, grabbing her staff and exiting the inn.

"I believe that the next town is north of here..." She said as she strolled down the streets once again. The light outside was still on the dim side, but it was brightening more as she continued to walk on. "I believe I must pass the guard bunkers of this town to get where I need to go..." She said, looking up and noticing the bunkers ahead.
  Kynthia Sapphire / AskTheStaff / 1y 306d 7h 3m 17s
[i Virus opened his eyes, looking around with a slight groan. He stood up, K'jaar already up and playing games outside with other people. Normally, Virus can't take care of the little one so he depends on his neighbors, who gladly accept it.]

[i Virus mumbled under his breath and slipped his fingers through his hair and grabbed his eye patch that was on the table next to him, slipping it on. It's funny how K'jaar is the only one who knows what's under the patch. He laughed softly]

[i He stood up and walked over to the kitchen. Having a note from KJ, he read it and crumbled it up. He didn't eat much except for some bread and cheese together. Swallowing the last bite, he grabbed his armor and slipped it under his clothes. Then he grabbed his dweilding daggers and his bows and arrows]

[i He looked around, seeing if he forgot anything and shook his head. Walking out of his house and down the street. Luckily, his job wasn't that far. He got to the guard bunkers and walked into the building and was greeted happily by a few of the town guards.]

[b "Virus! Nice to see you, how are you this morning?"] [i they ask. Virus groans and slips his fingers through his hair] [b "Mmm, tired, tired annnnd"] [i Virus says and puts an arms around Dolten. Who grinned] [b "I need a beer"] [i he made a 'ugh' expression]
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"Okay...there has to be an inn around here somewhere..." Kynthia mumbled to herself as she walked around the town, wanting a place to stay for the night. 'I probably shouldn't have been so quick to leave from that one man...he most likely found it rude. Then again, I'm horrible with goodbyes.' She thought to herself, reminiscing upon the man from earlier.

Soon enough, the mage girl found a decent inn to stay the night at. She walked in, paid the fee for a night, and walked up the stairs to her room. It looked a bit small, but Kynthia didn't mind. As long as the room had a bed, she was happy. Luckily, this was no different. The room had a bed, yes...but there were also a couple chairs and one table near a window. She took off some of her access clothing from her robes...which was mostly just her armor plates, boots, cape, and wrist gloves. Kynthia finally got into bed and snuggled up with her blanket comfortably. Eventually, exhaustion won out and she fell asleep.
  Kynthia Sapphire / AskTheStaff / 1y 306d 15h 18m 59s
[i Virus watched the female leave and watched the sway of her hips.rude. She didn't give a proper good bye. But, due to the lack of exhaustion, he shook his head, turned around, and started walking home]


[i Virus didn't know how fa he ran to find the patch, but it took a long time. He finally got home after and hour to find a little boy on his couch. He yawned and walked over, shaking him slightly]

[b "K'jaar.hey, wake up. Let me sleep too"] [i Virus says to the little boy. Virus's brother groaned and let Virus lay down, K'jaar laying on top of him. Virus usually hated this, but he was too tired and hugged his little brother, falling asleep and the boy fell asleep as well]
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After seeing the man's fangs and his glowing eyes, it was obvious that he was part wolf or something. "It is getting quite late, isn't it?" Kynthia looked around at the slowly dimming sky. "I guess we should get going on our separate ways, sir." She shook the man's hand, said a few goodbyes, and slowly started to walk away. "Have a good evening." She strolled away into the darkness of night.
  Kynthia Sapphire / AskTheStaff / 1y 307d 3m 50s
[font "letter" [ i He looked up at her and nodded "Yeah, they always are asking me for the coin around here, you know?" he winked to her and grinned, showing his big toothy grin. Having wolf fangs]

[font "letter" [i He then licked his lips and yawned. "Thanks for finding this though! It's the only one I got sadly, I really should get more" he says and looks at his hands and wipes away a little bit of dirt on his hands]

[font "letter" [i He lets out a tired yawn and stretches. Opening his eyes and they suddenly shined, which meant it was time for bed " seems its time to go to bed" he mumbles and lets out a sneeze]
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Kynthia watched as the strange cat-men walked up and left just as soon as they came. She was a little confused, but it was at least obvious that the three of them knew each other. That was enough information for her to comprehend the situation decently. "I assume that you are...acquainted with those men that came up to you?" She inquired, tilting her head.
  Kynthia Sapphire / AskTheStaff / 1y 307d 26m 47s
[font "letter" [i He thanked her and looked at the wolf next to him] [font "letter" [b "Aha! I see you have seen my fellow companion, yes, yes. He can be annoying, his name is Ame"] [font "letter" [i he says and smiles]

[font "letter" [i Letting out another heavy sigh, he listened quickly and flicked his ears slightly and looked behind him. Two male's suddenly coming out of the bushes. Two twins that are cats to be exact]

[font "letter" [b "Do you need something, Trip? Toue?"] [font "letter" [i he says, not looking at them. But the female]

[font "letter" [i the two males grinned and put an arm around Virus] [font "letter" [b " 'bout some gold? Hehehe....."] [font "letter" [i they say with a nervous chuckle.]

[font "letter" [i Virus frowned and looked at them] [font "letter" [b "If you want to see your life flash in front of your eyes, I suggest leaving me"] [font "letter" [i Virus says and looks at them. They blink and clench their jaws, saying 'see you bro' and leaving him alone]
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Kynthia looked over the man as he requested his eye-patch back, noticing that he seemed to be keeping one particular eye closed. "Of course, sir." She handed the eye-patch to him and watched as he placed it over the eye that he had been keeping closed. "I see that you have a companion, young sir." She chuckled and looked down at Ame for a few seconds before looking back up at the man she did not know.
  Kynthia Sapphire / AskTheStaff / 1y 307d 44m 58s
[font "letter" [i Virus heard a call from a distant and he covered his eye and quickly ran to find the person that yelled. He found the noise and looked]

[font "letter" [i He let out a small gasp as he looked at the female. Examining, since he was part wolf, he was good at closing one eye. Closing it, another wolf came up next to him. Growling]

[font "letter" [b "Ame! Hush.Heh, hello miss! Yes, someone did loose an eye patch and that seems to be me. Umm.may I please have it back?"] [font "letter" [i he asks politely]

[font "letter" [i He examined her again and let out a small huff. By her smell, she's a mage, an adventurer to be precise. He looked at her and he did a small chuckle, a mage who seems to like the color purple.]

[font "letter" [i He shook his head and kept the same eye closed as he crossed his arms, waiting for her response.]
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Kynthia's ears twitched as she thought she heard someone yelling. "What the?" She looked around and didn't see anyone that looked like they were yelling. "Must be nothing..." She settled herself back onto the bench before something black flew into her face. The mage girl quickly pulled it off and realized that it was some kind of eye-patch. "Hmm?" She looked at it thoroughly and then stood up, glancing around to see if anyone had lost it or something. "Hey, did anyone lose an eye-patch?" She said, realizing how awkward that sounded.
  Kynthia Sapphire / AskTheStaff / 1y 307d 1h 14s
[font "letter" [i Screaming, yelling, groaning, all in between as Virus sat in the bar with a cup of fireball whiskey in front of him. He never took interest in the drama around him.]

[font "letter" [i Finishing the rest of what was in his cup. He placed it on the counter, threw some gold and then walked out. Yawning slightly as he felt a sudden gust of wind and his eye patch flew off.]

[font "letter" [i He gasped and covered his eye, quickly running off to find it.] [font "letter" [b "Ah shit! Where the hell did it go!??!"] [font "letter" [i he says in a mad tone as he looks around]

[font "letter" [i Letting out a sigh he took his hand away, reveling his other eye. Instead of a brilliant yellow, it was a light pink. He looked around, trying to find the patch. Not knowing where the thing would float to]
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