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Kynthia rolled her eyes in a friendly manner. "It was already quite obvious that you were drunk, you know." She stated and smiled, noticing that it was already getting too late for her to leave the town on that night. "Looks like the day is already too close to ending for me to leave for the next town, thanks to this little incident." She chuckled a bit. "I think I'm alright with that, though." She reached her arm down towards Virus to help him up.
  Kynthia Sapphire / AskTheStaff / 2y 196d 44m 18s
[b "DIain't druNK"] [i he says and coughs slightly] [b "And Odaahving knows what to do, he usually does"] [i he says and looks at her with a smile and lightly pets the dragon and hops off, falling on his butt and laughing and looking at Kynthia] [b "Shit, Dolten gave me to much to drink. I guess yer right"] [i he says and smiles]
  Virus / NightSkyFox / 2y 196d 49m 38s
Kynthia sighed and blushed out of utter embarrassment. "O-oh..." She looked down for a second before looking up at the dragon and Virus. "Odaahving, eh?" She tilted her head. "Every dragon I've ever seen has tried to either scorch me into some cooked flesh or rip my insides out. Sorry for my misunderstanding, Virus." She did a little bow out of respect, as she always did when apologizing to someone. "I do have to admit, though...that really is quite neat!" She chuckled lightly and started to notice Virus' slurs in his speech. "I wouldn't suggest riding on your dragon right now, though. As drunk as you are, you'd end up killing yourself." She said, revealing to him that she knew of how drunk he was.
  Kynthia Sapphire / AskTheStaff / 2y 196d 57m 13s
[i Virus calmed down and put a hand in front of her] [b "Oh, I know the dragon. It's mine"] [i Virus laughs and bolts to the dragon. Kynthia should have noticed why no one else was going crazy. He ran to the dragon and jumped onto it and rubbed the top of the dragons head and it's horns] [b "His name is Odaahviing! (OH-dah-ving)"] [i he says and looks at her as the dragon walks to her, stopping in front of her as the dragon bows it's head slightly] [b "So, I have a wolf and a dragon! Pretty neatright?"] [i his words start slurring, which meant the alcohol got to him]
  Virus / NightSkyFox / 2y 196d 1h 4m 4s
"Oh, of all the days for a feral dragon to come flying in!" Kynthia shouted with a groan and some nervousness as she ran over to Virus. Noticing that he was extremely pale, she tilted her head in concern as another roar could be heard. "Prepare yourself, Virus. We might have to fight this thing." The mage girl said hastily as the dragon landed a few yards away from them.
  Kynthia Sapphire / AskTheStaff / 2y 196d 1h 12m 50s
[i He watched her leave until there was a sudden sound, making Virus go pale as snow and he slowly moved his head up to the sky. And there it was, a giant dragon roared and soared through the air.]
  Virus / NightSkyFox / 2y 196d 1h 17m 36s
Kynthia also gave off a small smile as they shook hands, happy to see that she was giving a more proper goodbye than the night before. "I'm sure of it, Virus." She chuckled and sighed a bit before turning towards the path she needed to walk on. "Well...may the heavens bless you, young sir. I must be off." She slowly started to walk away before suddenly hearing something strange. "Wait a second...did you hear that, Virus?" She turned back towards him and looked around.
  Kynthia Sapphire / AskTheStaff / 2y 196d 1h 20m 41s
[i He looked at her then her hand and he took it gently, wow. Who knew females hands were so soft. He hasn't had many experiments with the opposite gender, since he had to do more things than sit with a female and do whatever. He shook her hand and spoke out] [b "Maybe we'll meet again someday, ate?"] [i he says and looks at her with a small smile]
  Virus / NightSkyFox / 2y 196d 1h 27m 17s
Kynthia nodded, understanding that Virus had a job to do and that she may start distracting him from it. It was a simple job, sure...but she knew that she shouldn't keep him from his work. "Yes...if I want to get to the next town before nightfall, I will need to leave really soon. I do not want to get into the way of your job, so I guess I will be going on my way." She smiled and reached her hand out to shake Virus', as a form of goodbye.
  Kynthia Sapphire / AskTheStaff / 2y 196d 1h 32m 30s
[i He listened to her as his words haven't slurred.....yet. He took in a breath as he started speaking] [b "Mmm, I wouldn't judge, traveling around constantly would put a lot of pressure down on you"] [i he says and coughs slightly as a cold brush of wind blows down his spine]

[i He looked at the sky as it was turning about in the mid afternoons about 3 o clock or something. He looked at her and spoke out] [b "It's getting said you have to leave? I'd love to stay and chat, but all I have to do is sit here and wait for people to come by and yell at 'em if they do shit wrong"] [i he grins]
  Virus / NightSkyFox / 2y 196d 1h 37m 39s
Kynthia listened to Virus' words intently, taking everything he was saying into consideration. "Yes, yes...I have heard of the recent rise in criminal activity. It is quite sad to see what this land is coming to nowadays..." She looked down for a second and sighed before lifting her head up once again.

The mage girl was quite surprised to see how coherent Virus was while drunk, so she decided to continue talking to him. "Being a mage is a hard life sometimes, but I enjoy it nonetheless." Kynthia chuckled lightly and made her staff glow a deep purple color for a brief period of time. Once the glow dimmed and went away, she continued to converse with Virus.
  Kynthia Sapphire / AskTheStaff / 2y 196d 2h 15m 28s
[i Virus slightly swayed again] [b "Hmm, nice to meet you, Kynthia"] [i he says and looks at the staff, he thinking she was trying to show off. Of course, he didn't know much right now, due to his intoxication. But he let out a small sigh as he sat down and propped his head up on his hand]

[b "A traveler mage.a lot of people would get the wrong idea, you know"] [i he says and continues speaking] [b "Most mage's on the roads are there to kill and steal people's stuff. And to be a female, there are even worse causes with the 'victims'"] [i he says]

[b "Your lucky i'm even letting you pass by, there would be terrible things if your were a male. None of my guards ever accept male mages due to the recent killings and thefts....."] [i he mumbles to himself]
  Virus / NightSkyFox / 2y 196d 4h 49m 1s
As Kynthia listened to Virus talk, she heard the question that she had asked him being returned. "My name is Kynthia. Kynthia Sapphire to be exact." She said with a smile on her face. The mage girl held out her staff and did some little twirls around it. She stopped once she saw how Virus was looking at her. "Sorry, I do that sometimes." Kynthia shrugged and blushed a little bit out of embarrassment.
  Kynthia Sapphire / AskTheStaff / 2y 196d 18h 10m 54s
[i He looked at her and then his swaying stopped. She was leaving? Well, he wouldn't judge, she was a traveler. He was about to leave and continue his job when he was stopped by her voice, asking a question.]

[i He blinked, a little embarrassed but he shrugged and mumbled out] [b "My name is Virus, the wolf is Ame"] [i he says in a calm voice and does a 360 degrees turn towards her]

[b "May I ask your name, miss?"] [i he says to her politely] [b "And no need to thank me, anyone is free to come and go when they want to or feel like it"] [i he says]
  Virus / NightSkyFox / 2y 196d 20h 59m 25s
Kynthia watched as the man got up out of his chair and swayed from side to side. 'Wow...he really is quite drunk...' She thought to herself as he was speaking. "Yes, sir. I actually [b am] leaving." She turned her head and coughed for a second, clearing her throat. "Anyways...thank you for allowing me to be able to pass through." The mage girl smiled and swept her hair out of her face.

"This may be random, sir...but...what's your name?" She tilted her head and looked at him, realizing that neither of them had ever really introduced themselves.
  Kynthia Sapphire / AskTheStaff / 2y 196d 22h 57m 37s

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