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[i Virus blinked and thought for a moment and tried a bronze one and turned it in the lock. A click sound being made. Ren laughed and walked off with a smirk on his face. Virus walked into the pantry] [b "Alright, eat whatever!"] [i he says and walks over to the bread, grabbing some cheese and bread and making a small.whatever you wanna call it. He bit into it and chewed it, swallowing and letting himself smile] [b "That's good"]
  Virus / NightSkyFox / 1y 309d 21h 8m 54s
Kynthia took the keys, examining the small one that Ren had picked out. She got Virus and Ren to move away for a few seconds, allowing her to put the key into the lock for the pantry. She tried to turn the lock and open the pantry, but nothing happened. "You're not an idiot, Virus. Even Ren chose the wrong key!" The mage girl laughed, handing the keys back to Virus.
  Kynthia Sapphire / AskTheStaff / 1y 309d 21h 21m 11s
[b "Awww, but why not? Virus seems to be in a troubled state at the moment"] [i he says and stand in between her and Virus, he watched as Virus roared and threw the keys. Virus growling deeply] [b "Vrus, did you tryyyyy this one?"] [i Ren says, picks the keys up and shows him the most smallest. Virus then blushes and flattens his ears] [b "I'm an idiot"] [i Virus says and puts a hand on his head.]
  Virus / NightSkyFox / 1y 309d 21h 24m 27s
Before Kynthia even knew it, Ren had pulled her close to himself and was teasing her. She pushed him away with one hand, a slightly annoyed expression on her face. "No thank you, sir." The mage girl said lightly, trying not to get angry or anything. She had already been warned about Ren's perverted nature, so she decided to try to ignore it. She wondered how long Ren would keep trying to do this...
  Kynthia Sapphire / AskTheStaff / 1y 309d 21h 28m 53s
[i Virus let out a growl of annoyance, his eyes slightly glowing red. He continued fumbling with the key's]

Ren P.O.V

[i 'He can't even get the key's right' Ren snickered and laughed, going back to examining Kynthia's body 'Daamn, who knew Virus would get her' he smiled and decided to tease the female, reaching over and putting a hand on her waist and pulling her close] [b "Heey? How about I show you around the bunkers?"] [i he says and smiles]
  Virus / NightSkyFox / 1y 309d 21h 33m 22s
Kynthia glanced over to Ren, a little annoyed at his snickering. She looked back towards Virus, who was still fumbling at the keys. The mage girl continued to stand where she was patiently, waiting for him to find the right key.
  Kynthia Sapphire / AskTheStaff / 1y 309d 21h 46m 8s
[b "Course!"] [i Virus says and takes her arm, walking to the pantry and started fumbling with the huge ring of keys. Having trouble at which one was which and they were right next to Ren. Ren snickering]
  Virus / NightSkyFox / 1y 309d 21h 48m 31s
Kynthia took a sip out of the cup, letting it's contents flow through her mouth and down her throat. It was quite refreshing. "Thank you very much!" She said happily as she turned to Virus. "So...lead me to the pantry, please." She chuckled and tilted her head. "I'm starving!"
  Kynthia Sapphire / AskTheStaff / 1y 309d 21h 51m 1s
[b "Well sure thing!"] [i he says and pours one for her, walking back to her with two cups, handing Virus one and her] [b "Drink up, drink up! You need your strength! Only, I don't think this will help. The food is in the pantry. go ahead and give Ren a beating if he tries doing anything to ya, alright?"] [i he laughs and winks as he gives Virus the key to the pantry and Virus smiles] [b "Thank you, sir!"] [i he says and grins]
  Virus / NightSkyFox / 1y 309d 22h 11s
Kynthia watched the whole thing and chuckled a bit. "Could I have a drink, please?" She tilted her head and smiled lightly. "I haven't had much of anything all day." She admitted as she looked around the room once again, analyzing each of the guards and waiting to see if she could receive a drink.
  Kynthia Sapphire / AskTheStaff / 1y 309d 22h 3m 5s
[i He took her hand and shook it. Letting go and took off his helmet] [i "I just got back from doing some business with a few thieves and fights"] [ii he says and laughs while grabbing a mug and taking a little bit of the drink] [b "Refreshments"] [i he says and grabs his dagger and throws it at the dart board just above Ren's head as he slightly jumped and stayed seated]
  Virus / NightSkyFox / 1y 309d 22h 6m 20s
Kynthia gave off a little smile and replied to the commander. "Do not worry about it, sir. I think they should know that none of them are getting a piece of me." She glanced around with a stern expression on her face, making sure that the guards knew she was serious. "Anyways...nice to meet you!" She chuckled and put her hand out for a handshake.
  Kynthia Sapphire / AskTheStaff / 1y 309d 22h 12m 50s
[b "Aye! Ren! Keep your paws down"] [i Virus heard the Commander of the Head guard, which was Virus. Virus stood up straight as the commander walked over and smiled slightly]

[b "I'm sorry about my men, they always get like this when a female walks in. They normally try to 'show off' if you know what I am saying"] [i the commander laughs]
  Virus / NightSkyFox / 1y 309d 22h 17m 48s
Kynthia hadn't been expecting to be pulled into the guard's bunkers to meet anyone, but she went with it. She slowly looked around at all of the guards, seeing mixed reactions from them. She could most noticeably make out the perverted guard...but decided to ignore him, whoever he was. "Hello, my name is Kynthia Sapphire." The mage girl said as she bowed for a greeting.
  Kynthia Sapphire / AskTheStaff / 1y 309d 22h 22m 55s
[i He let out a laugh and took her arm, pulling himself up and looking at Odaahving] [b "Fly my *belch* friend! Take flight and leave!"] [i Virus laughs and pushes the dragons head lightly as he flew away. Virus letting go of her arm] [b "Ah? Staying another night? I might need to get home and watch K'jaar. Or he might stay with his friend. Who knows, he'll do anything"] [i Virus says and scratches the back of his head] [b "Come, come! Meet my boys!"] [i he says and brings her in the guards bunkers. Most of the guard were sober and they all looked at the door.] [b "Hello fello men! I have someone ya'll should meet"] [i Virus says and gets a disgusted look from Dolten]
  Virus / NightSkyFox / 1y 309d 22h 26m 51s

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