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Kynthia chuckled lightly as Virus chopped at the air. "Well, I don't really have anything planned for the night. If you want to show me where you sleep and show me the antiques that are all there, go ahead!" She coughed for a second before continuing. "I like antique I'd definitely want to go check it out." She smiled.
  Kynthia Sapphire / AskTheStaff / 1y 241d 7h 1m 31s
[i He blinked and stared at her, he usually not gave a fuck when staring so he examined her and then looked around] [b The only other thing I cans how you is where we sleep, but it smells like farts"] [i he laughed and cleared his throat] [b "But it also is pretty cool due to all the antiques we collected through most of our fights and adventures...."] [i he says and thinks for a moment]

[i He then sneezed and sniffed] [b "Damnit, must be from the stupid dust"] [i he says and karate chops the air]
  Virus / NightSkyFox / 1y 241d 7h 4m 27s
Kynthia stared for a second, noticing his seemingly blushing cheeks. With the way Virus was acting, she couldn't tell what kind of blush it is...or if it was from the alcohol. 'Oh shoot, I'm staring...' She quickly looked another direction, blushing out of embarrassment. The mage girl hadn't intended to stare...why did she do that? She sighed and looked back to Virus. "I don't think I'd know."
  Kynthia Sapphire / AskTheStaff / 1y 241d 7h 22m 46s
[i He blinked and swayed, he shook his head] [b "I don't think I I?"] [i he says and looks up at her with a slight confused look on his face, the alcohol went to his cheeks, making him look like he was blushing, but he wasn't]
  Virus / NightSkyFox / 1y 241d 7h 26m 38s
Kynthia chuckled and moved over towards Virus, noticing his still obvious drunkenness. "Well...since it seems that we're both done eating...are you supposed to show me anything else around here?" She looked towards the door and then back to him.
  Kynthia Sapphire / AskTheStaff / 1y 241d 7h 36m 17s
[i He took another bite] [b "It sucks, I never get any time to eat due to my job"] [i he says and sighs, leaning against the book shelf that held all the food. He then took another bite and sneezed. Spitting out the food, he pouted as he saw the food fly away. He waved sadly] [b "Be free"] [i he does a fake cry as they scatter across the floor. He blinked and looked around, he was still drunk, so he didn't see his surroundings very well
  Virus / NightSkyFox / 1y 241d 7h 40m 45s
Kynthia laughed and pat Virus on the back. "There you go, now that's what we call a good apple." She grinned and grabbed an apple for herself, seeing that it was good and munching on it. After another minute or two, both of them were done eating their fruit. "Alright, I think that's enough food for now." The mage girl smiled and tilted her head happily.
  Kynthia Sapphire / AskTheStaff / 1y 242d 4h 35m 12s
[i Virus laughs as he let himself stand up. Grabbing an apple and checking if it were good. He took a bite and it tasted better] [b "Mmmm, much better"
  Virus / NightSkyFox / 1y 242d 4h 37m 42s
"That was a rotten apple, Virus. Normal apples taste a lot better than that garbage..." Kynthia sighed and helped him back onto his feet. "You really are right about being bad with food..." She chuckled, although not too much. After a couple more minutes passed, Kynthia tilted her head. " that that's all dealt with...what should we do next?"
  Kynthia Sapphire / AskTheStaff / 1y 242d 4h 39m 50s
[i He opened his eyes and looked around as he shook the water off] [b "I hate those apples! nasty!"] [i he says and shakes his head, his hair fluffy]
  Virus / NightSkyFox / 1y 242d 4h 43m 3s
"W-what the?" Kynthia quickly knelt down in front of Virus and her eyes went wide. She looked at the apple and realized what had happened, finding a small container of water. The mage girl swiftly splashed the water onto his face, seeing it wake him up.
  Kynthia Sapphire / AskTheStaff / 1y 242d 4h 45m 32s
[i He looks down at her and grin. He then yawns slightly and bites into the apple. Sooooo.....good? He chewed slower as he looked into it and fainted. The apple was completely black inside, making Virus faint from how nasty it was]
  Virus / NightSkyFox / 1y 242d 4h 48m 46s
Kynthia looked over to Virus after finishing up her homemade sandwich, chuckling. "Honestly, I don't really know how I do it myself. I don't even have any special culinary experience at all!" She smiles and goes over to him. "Anyways...thanks for letting me in here to eat. That was a good meal."
  Kynthia Sapphire / AskTheStaff / 1y 242d 4h 57m 9s
[i Virus looked over, how the hell can women do this!?!? I can't even make soup! Virus exclaimed in his mind. He then took another bite of his food and swallowed] [b "I'm good with what I usually eat"] [i he says and finishes his food, full. He usually doesn't eat much due to his bad stomach. He decides to grab an apple as stick with that, taking a bite] [b "Honestly, I don't know how you ladies do it. I sure the hell can't make food"] [i he says and frowns]
  Virus / NightSkyFox / 1y 242d 5h 22s
Kynthia walked into the pantry and smiled, looking at the decent variety of foods spread around. "Trust me, I'll definitely eat whatever." She chuckled, grabbing some bread and an assortment of other nonperishable ingredients. The mage girl made a pretty tasty looking sandwich, taking a big munch right out of the end of it. "Delicious!" She exclaimed after swallowing the bite of food she had taken.
  Kynthia Sapphire / AskTheStaff / 1y 242d 5h 16m 49s

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