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Ricardo started his class and sighed, he had messed up all those years ago with Valentina... he would have to make that up. Angelina, snapped him out of his daydream smiling, "Mr.... I love to dance, can we dance?" Ricardo nodded and knelt down in front of her. "You love to dance like your mom, thats great, you will be great in the show.... ALL of you will." He said standing up and having the kids line up from tallest to shortest so he could sort where each child would be standing in the show.

He was surprised Valentina had a daughter as he had never heard of her getting married or being with anyone but then again he had been away awhile. Handing out the antlers for the kids to wear in the show he smiled. Angelina looked so much like Valentina, he couldn't help but smile.

"You never liked kids much Ricardo." His aunt who was in charge of the Christmas show said stepping out into the room. Ricardo shrugged, "Things change... people change... I grew up."
  Ricardo Archuleta (Ricky) / polkadotrocker / 1y 305d 13h 48m 47s
Valentina runs a hand through her hair and then leaving her hand on the back of her neck. It did feel a little awkward with Michael talking about the hotel and benefit while have her ex who left her for a stupid tour. In her head she was pleading for him not to leave. [#af18ae “Likewise… you left like your life was in danger and never looked back.”] he hurt her, but her life gotten better within time. She’s now successful, is rich, was married and has a kid.

Valentina looks down hearing what he said. How could one forget one of the worse things that ever happened in her life? Yes, within time it wasn’t as bad as a few things like losing her husband or being sexually assaulted by an old boss who in jail. Before she could say anything, she heard Michael talking to her father. She turns around to see her dad and her daughter. [#af18ae “Excuse me…”] she walks away to go say to bye to her dad. Michael went to go take Angelina to the other kids. [#af18ae “I’ll leave you to it…”] she says pointing to the kids.

It would give her time to think of what to say. Should it be water under the bride? Could she make him suffer and win the forgiveness? Looking back before going back to the lobby she looks her daughter and Ricky. Sighing, left to go meet up with a contractor to talk about ideas and pricing.
  Valentina / Simply_Random / 1y 305d 13h 54m 48s
"Michael... I don't mean to be rude but can Valentina and I have a word in private?" Ricardo asked hopeful. Michael nodded. Ricardo turned to Valentina, "I never thought I'd see you back in Rosemont...." He muttered his deep brown eyes looking into hers.... "The hotel asked me to be in the show and choreograph the kids dance... so I'm back for awhile... maybe for good." He had grown tired of the dance scene but the offers for tours and shows were still pouring in. Ricardo and Valentina had been the best.... but when he got offered his first tour he had to take it.

"I'm sorry how things ended but I'd like to start over... a clean slate...." He said clearing his throat. They had dated for years and then it was suddenly over and she threw a shoe at him at the fountain outside of the hotel. He hadn't wanted to end it but it was an offer he couldn't refuse. Out of the corner of his eye he saw her father holding hands with a little girl who couldn't be over 6 years old.
  Ricardo Archuleta (Ricky) / polkadotrocker / 1y 305d 17h 56m 45s
The lunch ended up being back at the hotel. Her father wants to reminiscences the good old days of the hotel before it changes. He’s excited for the change, but he’ll miss it. They would get stopped because people would greet her dad and then her after realizing who she was. Valentina changed so much. She was a little towards the chubby side and didn’t care about fashion and girly things. Now she looks like a model with her perfect skin complexion and clear face. The girl tried to make each chat quick before of her dads lunch breakfast and her phone keeps blowing up. The minute they entered the lobby she got pulled away. Her father is going to drop Angelina at the first rehearsal before he goes back to work.

Michael the new hotel manager walked around with Valentina by his side. She has her tablet with her showing him details of what she has so far and talking about what they upgrading and how long it’ll take. They don’t want to push the deadline back. The grand opening is going to be a grand opening. Everything has to be perfect. Michael is a charmer. He would flirt with her and when he heard the piano only to ask her to dance. She shook her head no laughing but he began leading the way. She knew what to do so she went along with it. He stops seeing Ricardo. He clears his throat. “Well, sorry about that. I assumed it was just the music over the loud speaker. Ricardo this is Mrs. Valentina Rosser our interior designer. Mrs Rosser this is...”
She cuts him off. [#af18ae “Ricardo. Ricardo Archuleta...”] she crosses her arms.
“So you two know each other?”
[#af18ae “Many, many years ago. But now we’re strangers... in a way..”] Michael began talking to them about the plan. He wants everything to be perfect.
  Valentina / Simply_Random / 1y 305d 20h 51m 49s
Ricardo sat at the piano in the hall where practice for the Christmas Benefit would be taking place and he was waiting on the kids to practice for the show. The kitchen in the hotel had made snacks and refreshments for after practice and it was only a thirty minute practice.

He started to play some of the Christmas songs that they would be using in the show. He was supposed to be meeting with the woman who was in charge of the rennovations of the hotel today and hear her thoughts on the Christmas Benefit and show. He still needed a partner for the grand finale.... it was a hometown boy returns home sort of thing.

Ricardo heard the door to the hall shut and turned around. "Val....Valentina....Vallie..." He muttered seeing her...
  Ricardo Archuleta (Ricky) / polkadotrocker / 1y 306d 18h 12m 51s
Valentina’s life has changed drastically since she moved out. yet again, her life changed drastically. Her husband died from internal bleeding when the craziest gang bang happened when he was at a red light. The story is unbelievable. There is proof, so she never rejected such propitious story. Not only did she become a young widower, she became a single mother to Angelina Mari Rosser, a now six-year-old girl.

It’s been almost a year since her husband Antony died. To get away for a few she was quick to accept the first assignment that would allow her to travel. Luckily for her it was her home town. It would be good to spend some time with family. Both girls arrived two days early to enjoy some time with family and reminisce of the past. It even gave her time to check out the hotel and get it inspected. Whenever she couldn’t sleep, which is often now and days, she would sketch out ideas on her tablet and search up furniture’s that matches her idea to give them estimates for each idea. Normaly she would do go beyond expectations to please her customers, but since this is home she needs to top everything and make this the world’s best hotel.

Angelina walks up to her mom with a flyer for Christmas Even Benefit Dance. Angie loves to dance. It is something she inherited from both parents. It would be good to have Angie do something while she works so she signed up her daughter to but a part of the dance. Renovations began early thanks to her people. A few things needed to be upgraded before she could start remodeling the landmark. Since its about lunch time, the girls left the hotel to go bring lunch to Valentina’s dad aka Angelina’s grandpa aka papa [Dominicans way of saying grandpa] some lunch at one of his stores. They owe a wood shop, art store and a fabric store, which is why she is good at what she does. She learned from watching him work.
  Valentina / Simply_Random / 1y 307d 12h 48m 51s
Ricardo got off the plane from London, he was heading home to Rosemont, Utah where he was born. He had been asked to choreograph the annual Christmas Show and it was the 50th anniversary so this one was special. Ricardo or Ricky as many who knew him when he was little called him, hadn't been back to Rosemont since he left his girlfriend and went on a dance tour. She had been his partner since they were 4 years old and when he was 18 he got the offer to dance on a tour and for the last 8 years, thats what he had been doing until now.

He pressed a few buttons on his phone and called and Uber to take him to the resort where he would be working. It was under construction but he would still have to rehearse with the kids and whoever he found to be his dance partner before the show. He had a month to pull this all together. Sighing he got out of the uber and grabbed his luggage and headed inside.
  Ricardo Archuleta (Ricky) / polkadotrocker / 1y 307d 13h 38m 41s

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