Enchanted Christmas

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Interior designer Laura Montoya is sent to her hometown in Utah to remodel a landmark hotel in time for a Christmas Eve benefit dance performance. As Laura dives into the renovations, she discovers that a former love is the star of the benefit. Laura is a widower that moved to Los Angeles with her daughter after the loss of her husband....

Ricardo Archuleta and Laura were high school sweethearts. He runs into Laura during rehearsals and they both feel that spark again. Ricardo left Laura when they were seniors in high school, he went on a dance tour... she had been his partner and he left without her.... will she forgive him?

There will be drama and romance and an unexpected pregnancy in this rp/

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[#af18ae “I don’t dance for shows or charities. If I’m not in the kitchen in my home in my underwear I don’t dance…”] she whispers.

When Ricardo plants a kiss on her she backs away. She looks down. tears began streaming down her face. [#af18ae “Rick I can’t… I know my husband is dead but…I’m sorry I need to go…”] Valentina left after that. Her assistant stood there.

“Give her time. She loved him. The news of his death took a toll on her and she lost the baby. She was five months pregnant. If you need help with anything I can help. Valentina loves Ferrero Rocher the chocolate. I know she’s been wanting to get some, but if she does she’ll eat them all and then feel guilty and fat.” She says laughing towards the end. She leaves when her phone vibrated.

Valentina went for lunch early to go hang out with Angelina and her dad. Her father ordered some food. Val hasn’t been to his woodshop in forever. She looks around and got an idea. He could help her. It’ll be a win, win situation for them both. She’s going to have to ask him later. However, she did tell her dad what happened. He didn’t have anything to say about it. After lunch Val went back to work. She was in the party room planning, emailing, and making phone calls. Her assistant went to go take a late lunchbreak. Valentina heard it was snowing again so she went outside to watch it snow again. Her tongue stuck out to taste the snowflakes.
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"I am working Vallie.... I needed a partner for the finale dance and no one can dance like you.... this shows it... your keeping up with my fox trot steps without even knowing the dance... we flow." He said leaning in and planting a gentle kiss on her lips. They're dancing was perfect, like they knew how the other one moved and how the dance flowed. Even after years apart, they still clicked like no other.

Her assistant watched and smiled, she knew that Valentina and Ricardo needed each other even if they were both too blind or stubborn to see it themselves. "Dance with me, practice three times a week until Christmas and then the show."
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Valentina was talking to someone in Spanish. Things were going wrong. How can things go wrong when it hasn’t even started? She had her assistant following her. With the holidays coming close, things are falling apart because of it. She stops hearing someone. She looks at her assistant and her assistant nods towards Ricardo. She looks at him. [#af18ae “A little too forwards. I’m busy right now… I can’t…”]
“Nonsense. Mr. Archuleta I am a huge fan! I think Mrs. Rosser needs a relaxer.” She says winking at him. It is a sign for him to just pull her in for a dance. It could possible help her relax and refresh her. Val’s assistant left to go finish the call.

[#af18ae “Rick I can’t I need to…”] she stops when he twirls her around, [#af18ae “…work. Shouldn’t you be working too? Our meeting isn’t until tomorrow.”] she says following his steps staring into his eyes.
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"I won't have her twerking... I don't consider that dancing." he said flashing her a smile and kissing her cheek as well. "Thank you for giving me a chance." He knew her favorite flowers and would have them waiting on her when she met him to go to lunch. He knew her favorite everything. He loved her.

Ricardo was in the hall practicing his dance and picking our the music for the kids dance when he saw her walk in. "I know this might be a little forward but Valentina will you dance with me in the show... I mean I don't have a partner now since we haven't found anyone and your an amazing dancer... and we need an amazing finale..."
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Valentina was watch the snow fall down. It is making her smile. The memory of playing in the snow sent a shiver down her spine. She turns her head to look him. [#af18ae “It can only be a date if you manage to get my favorite flowers.”] she says throwing him a challenge. Her head turns to watch the snow fall some more. It’s like a winter wonderland. [#af18ae “I guess you can say that. We dance a lot and she enjoys learning knew movies. I better not see my child twerking. She’s too small for that.”] she says doing some cumbia moves. When it was over she shimmies. [#af18ae “I’m not rusty. I get better and better.”] she says laughing. [#af18ae “You should go before the snow gets worse. Good night Rick.”] Valentina walks towards the door and plants a kiss on his cheek before he left. It didn’t take long for her to fall asleep sometime after he left.

In the morning her dad was up getting ready for work. Valentina was getting ready to do the same before waking up Angelina. They got breakfast before Val had to go to work. Angie was staying with her dad. It would be a good life teaching lesson. Valentina used to go to work with her dad too. Something happened overnight that made her had to work now.
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"Our favorite place moved to the corner of Sycamore and Elm... so lunch Wednesday is fine with me." he said smiling, "meet at the hotel and I can drive us over and drive us back.... its a date then." He said as he headed toward the door. Ricardo wasn't sure what to think about Valentina being back in his life... hell he wasn't sure what to think about himself being back in Rosemont, Utah let alone her. All Ricardo knew was he was still in love with her.

He turned around before leaving and said, "By the way, Angelina is the best dancer in my class for the show... is she in dance classes? If not I'd love to teach her... free of charge."
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[#af18ae “I don’t know how you can do that. The no string attached thing…”] she says intrigued. That is something she could never do. It would be so weird! Someone who slept with once would know how you look naked. It’s just weird. He is brave for doing something like that. It made her thankful to have met her late husband. Despite it being an awkward way weird way. Her dad never liked how they met but he ended up loving him within time. [#af18ae “Hey my feet were hurting, and I wanted to hit you without hitting you. Don’t judge me.”] she says chuckling.

Valentina couldn’t tell him her husband is dead. Not when she’s wearing his shirt. Not right now. It will happen though. Her hometown will find out. she looks out the window to see snow falling from the night sky. [#af18ae “It’s snowing. I haven’t seen snow in years. I went to New York when I was pregnant to do Demi Lovato’s condo.”] Val gets up to go look out the window. The snow was sticking to the floor. She missed making snowman and stuff like that in the snow. [#af18ae “I promised Val that I’ll have her attention tomorrow during my lunch break but the day after that we can have lunch together. I saw our favorite place to eat is no longer there, so we may have to eat somewhere else.”]
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Ricardo chuckled, “Not mine.” He said smiling at her. “A thing...more like a fling but like I said not my kid...sadly I’m kid free and love less.” He muttered staring at the ground. “Like I said my relationships never worked out. I’ve been lied to, cheated on, beat up....yeah a girl actually hit me because she was abusive and you know me. I wouldn’t hurt a fly. Hell you threw your heel at my head and I didn’t even react...I couldn’t....what was I going to say? I didn’t deserve it? I did deserve it and the years of heartbreak that came along with it. I’m glad you found someone but I never did because every time my thoughts would go back to you.”
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Valentina wasn’t ready to talk about the past. What he did was selfish and it hurt her. Her family hated him for what he did. Most of them still does. [#af18ae “I did get married. Our love story is weird. We met online. It was a long distance friendship. We stopped talking for a few weeks and then it turned out we both moved to the same place, sort of, and when we met it person we clicked really well. Everything happened so fast. We got married a year after dating. Years later and two miscarriages later we found out we were pregnant again and it was unexpected. That was my life. And then there’s my career that skyrocketed since I moved.”] she says shrugging. Valentina couldn’t bring up the fact she’s now a young widower or the fact she still has his clothing in her house. It was true love. She loved him so much. She always fell in love with everything easily. [#af18ae “Question, so in Dancing with The Stars, Alexa your dance partner is it true that you two were a thing and she had your baby? Because apparently she gave birth to your child a month ago. True or false?”] she asks him.
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"Touring wasn't really something I wanted anymore... I don't think I really wanted it in the first place but when you 18 and someone offers you a European dance tour... you don't think before you accept it. I'm sorry how things ended with us and I'm sorry for being so forward but lunch would be great." He said smiling. "So you got married and had Angelina...."

Ricardo had been in one relationship and it was short lived in the 8 years since he had seen her. It had lasted a year before she cheated on him and that was it. She had been a french girl and of course Ricardo fell in love fast and hard. Like had always did.
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Valentina playfully rolls her eyes. She crosses her legs. She smiles when her dad finally showed. He always popped up at the worse times but this time she’s really happy he did. [#af18ae “You do realize my last name has changed?”] she knows he doesn’t know that her husband died. She sets her mug down to put Angie’s flowers in a vase as well. [#af18ae “Bold move though. You were always one to express your feelings without a problem.”] she says making him a cup of coffee. [#af18ae I’m actually busy the next few days. I need to set a few things in order but we can possibly do lunch.”] she says handing him a mug. Along with the plate filled with snickerdoodles. Valentina grabs one before getting her mug and sits down at the dining table. [#af18ae “So what made you accept the offer and come back home?”]
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“A peace offering...making amends....bringing the most beautiful girls in the world flowers.” Ricardo said holding up a bouquet for Valentina and a small bouquet for Angelina.

He looked up to Valentina. “I came to say...I still love you...and I don’t think I’ll ever stop loving you....so will you go out with me again?” At that her father walked into the kitchen...Ricardo had been the only boyfriend that Valentina brought home that he had approved of.

Her father turned around to leave the room. "I'm sorry for interrupting, I'll go and wrap some presents that I bought earlier today."
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The longer they were out the chillier it got. Neither of them was ready for a chilly weather. [#af18ae “My love, we used to like each other but then life happened.”] she says shrugging. They managed to hit three stores before getting a ride from Gabby’s wife. They met a few times but never when they were dating. Gab called to tell her about Valentina and she managed to find her because of how descriptive Gab described her. Apparently when she gets home Gab is going to show her pictures of what Val used to look like. Yea the ‘glow’ up was real with Val.

Angelina still believes in Santa. She thinks people should still get gifts from other people besides Santa. Val already got over a dozen gifts wrapped and ready for Angelina. It’s at one of her best friends house back at home waiting to be dropped off. Her friend drives to their destination to bond with the family and they need to pass her home town. It must be nice to have an RV. Her dad wasn’t home so she got to make dinner for the family. She FaceTime her friends to chat. Her dad was a no show but she since it’s his house she’s not going to ask him where’s he at or if he’s coming home. Angelina went tinned early. It was good because she can put up decorations for the holiday up. Her dad normally puts simple things since her mom left him and was the one who used to do it. She took a break since she was doing it alone and went to go make some coffee. Before she can sip her freshly brewed hazelnut coffee the door bell rang. Val was in her husbands pajama shirt that fits like a dress and black leggings. [#af18ae “Hey.”] she laughs seeing him just staring at her, [#af18ae “... why don’t you come inside? I just made some coffee and there’s snickerdoodles that Angelina and I made.”] she close the door when he enters and takes the flowers to go put it in a vase with water. [#af18ae “So what’s this surprise visit?”] she asks holding her mug with both hands leaning against the counter.
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Ricardo wanted to make things right with Valentina and was taking a gamble but figured she was staying at her father's house... where he had picked her up many times in high school. It was a few hours before he was able to head home after finally picking the right music and making sure the hall was locked up. He headed to the store and bought her roses.... he still loved her but she had no idea. He had made a mistake all those years ago.

Angelina skipped along beside her mother, "Do you like Ricky?" She asked smiling... Later that night there was a knock at the door. Ricardo might be a little forward but he knows what he wants.... he had rehearsed what he was going to say to Valentina a million times and as soon as he saw her, his mind went blank. Just like now. Here he was standing in front of the most beautiful girl in the world with flowers and he didn't know what else to say.
Valentina worked her way from the last floor to the middle. Most of the higher levels were emptied and going through the normal changes. Eventually Michael joined them to approve, throw in suggestions and his ideas of how he would like to see the hotel be mixed with the owner’s vision. They want each floor to be different and look more luxurious than the previous floor. It may be tough to do so, but she likes a challenge. The contractor leaves, which meant she can leave as well since she technically doesn’t have to be there for another two days. It didn’t hurt to get a head start doing her job.

Michael companied her to the party room to get Angelina. They arrived a few minutes early. It made her daughter smile seeing her mommy there. The mother waited at a corner talking to Michael about the hotel and showing him four ideas she thought of a few hours ago. Now that she knows what is wanted she can plan better. Soon enough other parents came to pick up their kids. Not a lot of people knew who she was because of how much she changed, but she is definitely okay with that. Angelina skips to her mom all excited. Ricky was talking to someone. She couldn’t tell who, but she didn’t want to interrupt so they began to leave. Outside the hotel Gaby stops them because she recognized Valentina. They were best friend but lost contact with one another two years after Valentina left. They reconnected instantly and made brunch plans for tomorrow to catch up. When Gab left Michael quickly approaches her to hand her a packet sent from the boss. All she did was smile before stuffing it in her bag, taking Ava’s hand and walking towards Main St to check out a few stores to get some last-minute holiday gifts. Her daughter has a heart of gold because she wants to get Ricky a gift as a thank you for teaching her how to dance. Luckily for her, Valentina knows or knew what he likes so it won’t be too hard to get him something.
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