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High school, held in both high and low esteem. In a world of creatures like vampires and werewolves, there is one thing that keeps it peaceful: Soulmates. Connected by fate, everyone is born with a mark that connects their fate with their special someone. Where that leads them is unknown, but one thing is for sure: Soulmates are destined to be together, one way, or another.


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"C'mon, lets go to the cafeteria." He led her out of the office, and to where all the teens were playing and eating. He sat at the one empty table, trying to avoid everyone else. "Here we are. Line to buy food is over there." He pointed to a rather long line of teens waiting for mediocre food.
  Vern Knuckler / RamaAmor / 1y 63d 20h 11m 1s
"well you shouldn't really skip class you know, and your father shouldn't be excusing it either. your education is important." Rosaline explained with a smile. When he mentioned food, her eyes widened. "It's lunch time? " she asked "I'm starving." Rosaline looked to the door "C-can I go there with you?" She asked nervously. He was the only one she knew, no one else had spoken to her, which wasnt the worst thing in the world, but still she didn't have any friends of familiar faces around
  • Rosaline White • / sequester / 1y 63d 21h 2m 49s
"Don't worry, I skip all the time. Another perk of having a guidance counselor dad." He held up multiple excused absence and tardy passes. "I can visit whenever I want. Plus, it's lunch time." He let out a laugh.
  Vern Knuckler / RamaAmor / 1y 63d 21h 7m 39s
Rosaline gave a small laugh "I understand, Your secret is safe with me." the blonde spoke before remembering they were in school "Aren't you going to be late for class?" she asked "we've been in here awhile, but I haven't head any bell ring. I don't want to make you late"
  • Rosaline White • / sequester / 1y 63d 21h 9m 44s
He sighed. "Yeah, my pop helps people with their problems. He gives good advice, and I hope to be like that when I'm older. Don't tell him that I said that, he'll start acting all proud and shiz. It's incredibly embarrassing." He gave a small smile.
  Vern Knuckler / RamaAmor / 1y 63d 21h 13m 9s
"my people believe there is a purpose for everyone. " Rosaline spoke gently "You're not a nobody." The blonde looked up at him, seeing that he was staring at her. her cheeks flushed a soft pink as she adverted her eyes "You mentioned your father is the guidance councilor? " she said "Is that what job you want too?"
  • Rosaline White • / sequester / 1y 63d 21h 15m 16s
"Emo kid. I'm basically another nobody. I'm gonna live an average life, and die like any other person." He stared at her. She was basically a princess, a future ruler. He was basically a grain of sand compared to her.
  Vern Knuckler / RamaAmor / 1y 63d 21h 20m 19s
Well, I already mentioned I come from the Elven main land.. But what i didn't mention is i'm the Keepers Daughter. Meaning i'll one day be in charge of keeping my clan safe. It's my job to learn the entire history of my people, and study the forgotten magics of my race." she explained "I didn't want to tell anyone, I didn't want people to think im weird or something" Although she wasnt a "princess" Her title still held high ranking in social status. The girl took a small step forward "and.. You?"
  • Rosaline White • / sequester / 1y 63d 21h 26m 36s
"Y-you haven't done anything wrong! No one knows where the marks originate from, they just...are. They tell you who your soulmate is, who you would be happiest with. Why us? Honestly, I wanna know too." He sighed. "We're apparently soulmates, so we might as well introduce ourselves, where are you really from? If you were from a normal family, you wouldn't have such great manners."
  Vern Knuckler / RamaAmor / 1y 63d 21h 38m 5s
When they got to the private room, Rosaline was silent for awhile. she had tons of questions, she just didn't know what one to ask first. Taking a deep breath "I just.. I don't get it. " she said with her eyes on the name on her wrist "Is this some sort of magic? " was her first question "A-and how does it know, and why did you seem upset?" Rosaline bit her lip some "Have I don't something to cause you not to like me?" She knew that she was most likely odd, she was eloquent, and dainty from being raised as she was while most here were what she would call 'normal'

"Why me..? " she shook her head "And why you?"
  • Rosaline White • / sequester / 1y 63d 22h 30m 38s
Vern sighed, last thing he needed was attention. "Fine." He headed to the counseler's office, and went to the private room off to the side. "My dad's the counseler. What's your first question?" He looked at her. Was this really the person he would spend his life with?
  Vern Knuckler / RamaAmor / 1y 63d 22h 36m 2s
Rosaline stood there, her eyes wide with even more confusion. He was telling her they were soulmates, and now he was walking away "H-hey!" She called after him, her voice a bit annoyed "You cant just throw all this on me and then walk away!" The girl began after him grabbing the sleeve of his shirt, she looked around to see students staring at them. Rosaline let fo of the sleeve and looked to the floor "Maybe we should find somewhere to talk thats less... crowded?" she suggested
  • Rosaline White • / sequester / 1y 63d 22h 38m 35s
"Arranged marriages that aren't with your soulmate? Sounds like shiz to me...but that's my name on your wrist. I'm Vern Knuckler..." He threw up his arms and started to walk away. "This cannot be happening!"
  Vern Knuckler / RamaAmor / 1y 63d 22h 43m 2s
Elaine again looked down at her wrist, reading the name as she spoke it "Vern Knuckler" She said, her blue eyes now looking up at him. This was news to her, She came from the Elven mainland, who generally kept themselves hidden away from the other races of the world for the safety of their history.

"Until now.. I thought this was just a birthmark. Where I come from we.. arrange our couples to better the clan. " she explained to him, rubbing the back of her head "I'm not from around here, I from the elven mainland." Hoping that would be a good enough explanation of her ignorance to the marks
  • Rosaline White • / sequester / 1y 63d 22h 45m 48s
Vern looked at her as if she had asked what color the sky was. " know that's the mark that connects you to your soulmate...right? Whatever, what's the name?!" He looked at her nervously.
  Vern Knuckler / RamaAmor / 1y 63d 22h 50m 20s

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